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Idle Mars Colony: farm tycoon 0.8.1
Are you ready to go on a real interplanetary trip? Then you willhave to help develop the red planet and provide the Martian colonywith supplies. Adapt to surviving in extreme conditions and earnpassive income! Become the firstspace millionaire tycoon💰💰💰FEATURES ★Automate work at the farm by using robots, and earnincome even when the game is off🤖 ★Upgrade the greenhouses, MarsRover and space base to improve business efficiency🚀 ★Grow variouscrops and provide the inhabitants of the planet with the necessarysupplies🥔 ★Complete various tasks and get rewards🏆 ★Invest wiselyby making well-weighed business decisions💸 ★Enjoy the incrediblelandscapes of Mars☄️ Idle Mars Colony: Clicker farmer tycoon is afree simulator game of the clicker genre, where you cantry yourhand at being the owner of a space farm. Earn money, automate thework and enjoythe exciting gameplay! Build your farming Empire onMars and become the greatest tycoon in the Galaxy!!💰💰💰 Do you haveany problems or suggestions? E-mail us at Wemake sure to carefully read all our e-mails! Sincerely, MatryoshkaGames Team 💛
Rescue Dash: time management 2.6.1
Madness struck the township when all of the animals escaped fromthe zoo.🐒🦘 The town's new hero, Jessica, must bring the rescueagencies up to par in unique and tricky crisis situations.👩🏻‍🚒Rescuers are needed everywhere, so get to work in the hotel,supermarket, cruise liner, restaurant, movie studio, and farm!There's not a moment to lose! How fast can you help the rescueteams restore order? TONS OF LOCATIONS -Township🏡 You'll have torestore the township to its former glory. Put out fires, collectthe garbage, get the power back on, and return escaped animals tothe zoo. Become a true hero in this rescue simulation game. -Farm🐔Harvest and grow crops, gather hay, and help out the farmers. Haveyourself a fun day on the farm! -Hotel🏨 Ever wondered what it'slike to be a doorman? A riveting hotel adventure awaits!Attend tovisitors, help out the doorman, and make sure everything's done ontime. -Diner🥩 Fix the electrical wiring and experience cookingmadness! The customers keep on coming, so you'll have to be both awaiter and a chef. Try your hand at this exciting dinerstory!-Supermarket🍔 Catch petty thieves, assist customers with theirpurchases, and help out the cashiers in this supermarket adventure.Casual game with classic time-management gameplay that never getsboring! Your great adventure starts now! FEATURES - Unlock newlocations one by one. - Get tap happy on over 900 levels. - Regularupdates and constant support from our tech team. - Each levelfeatures a completely unique puzzle. - Follow engaging storylines.- Gather resources to complete quests. - Receive amazing rewardsfor completing levels. - Build your own team and compete with otherplayers for the championship title. - Make new friends and yourteammates will always come to your aid if you run out of lives. -Tons of options! Customize and enhance your character faster,thanks to additional resource and bonus packages. Rescue Dash isthe only free-to-play resource & time management game. Downloadfor free and join the rescue team today! Before rushing headfirstinto battle, take the time to carefully consider your strategy. Thekey to achieving your goals is a great plan and its preciseexecution.But don't waste too much time because every secondcounts! What are you waiting for? Become a real rescuer today! Ifyou have any questions, contact tech support We read every email carefully.📨 TheMatryoshka Games team.💚
Farming Fever - Cooking Games 0.9.0
Torn between farm games 👨‍🌾 and cooking games 👨‍🍳? You don't haveto choose between being a farmer and being a chef. Embark on acountry escape and experience cooking fever right on the farm!You'll love this exciting time management game 'cause you can keepboth your chef's hat and your pitchfork! Put yourself to the testin this exciting farming simulator game with a business side.Harvest crops, cook food, and take care of your customers. Travelthe world and get a taste of rural life! Go from being a familyfarm owner to running all kinds of unique businesses and dinerdashes: ● Golden Farm: harvest fruit and berries to make sweetpastries and jam. Open an authentic village bakery! ● Fish Farm:hone your culinary skills at the House by the Lake. Surprise yourcustomers with exquisite seafood options! ● Township: build a barnand raise all kinds of animals, from chickens and cows to fluffyalpacas! ● Green Farm: grow rare flowers and make your ownflowerpots. Become a gardening legend! ● Be a mountain farmer,start an apiary in a flower field, or launch your own uniquebusiness at a seaside resort. Cooking and entrepreneurship havenever been this exciting! Enjoy classic TIME MANAGEMENT gameplay.Harvest crops and cook delicious meals in just a few taps. Give ita try—it's easy and fun! Farming Fever - Cooking Games ● Cookingand farming in one casual game! ● Real farmers will fall in lovewith the serene backdrop of this country escape! Spend the day inthe sun enjoying village landscapes sprinkled with wildflowers,rustic barns, and bales of hay. 🏡 ● Stay on your toes 'cause you'reabout to experience real cooking fever during peak business hours!🍳 ● Cook tasty meals made exclusively from natural ingredientsgrown on your own farm. Make sure nobody ever leaves hungry! 😋 ●Earn tips by fulfilling orders quickly. 💲 ● Modernize your farm,upgrade your equipment, and maximize profit to take your farmsteadto the next level.🌾 🏭 ● Go on a farm adventure with an enterprisingmain character and open new farms across the globe! 🌎 ● Try yourhand at everything from diner dash management to gardening andbaking! 🍩 ● Treat your customers to mouthwatering candy apples! 🍎 ●Play hundreds of exciting time management levels. 🔥 Develop yourown strategy and make it big in this unique farming simulator. Setoff for the village and start your very own farm adventure! 👨‍🌾👨‍🍳Do you have any problems or suggestions? E-mail us We make sure to carefully read all oure-mails! 📨 Matryoshka Games Team.