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Perfect Store 3D 1.3.2
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Customer service superstar! That’s you! In Perfect Store 3D,it’stime to take your place behind the till and check-outthosecustomers. Ring-ring! Hear that till beep as you rake in thatsweetcash. Service with a smile, and they’re like putty in yourhands.But it’s not all smiles and service. You better give thecorrectchange too. Otherwise, the boss is gonna get mad. Work thetill andmake it until payday in the surprising addictive shoppinggame. TryPerfect Store 3D today.
Beat Maker - Rhythm Game 1.4
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This is Beat Maker, an ultimate drum pad game app that gives youtheopportunity to have fun, perform beats and play amazing musictrackson the go. Turn your music experience into something reallyfun -tap drum pads timely and enjoy beats with multiple effectsrightaway. Compete with others and become the best player! Makehot beatsand music easily while playing games with Beat Maker.Enjoy awesometracks from our game library. The library offers themost recenttracks in different genres: - Trap - Dubstep -Drum-n-Bass - Rave -Hip-Hop and more! Get the most out of BeatMaker: - Entertaining anduseful interactive game will help toimprove listening skills andplay rhythm patterns accurately. - Thepossibility to unlock newchallenges after completion of theprevious ones will give you asmooth gaming experience. -High-quality tracks are made byprofessional sound producers anddedicated EDM musicians. Thispartnership helps us keep the appup-to-date and provides you witheven better stuff on a regularbasis! - Compete with friends andother users for the highest scorein the leaderboard! Beat Maker appis fairly fun for players of alllevels and easy-to-use forbeginners! This music game contains onlyuseful and awesome features— just start the app and feel the magicof beat making! Follow ourinteractive tutorial and plunge intostriking beat making game rightnow! It’s time to drop some beats!
Climbing Fever! 1.0
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Meet the all-new block puzzle game that you're never going tobeable to put down. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to climbtothe top because you're going to catch Climbing Fever!Yourobjective in Climbing Fever is simple, but it isn't easytocomplete! It's down to you to take your specialized climbingcubeand climb to the top of the block ladder. To do so, you'regoing toneed pin-point reaction times, logic, and a whole lot ofskill!Have you got what it takes to beat the ladder, and reach thetopwithout falling or running out of time? If you're struggling,youcan activate 'Climbing Fever' which gives you a considerableboostfurther up the ladder, but try to hold on tight because yourblocksare going to get speedy! However, Climbing Fever isn't justfun andgames! On your climb, you're going to need to dodgeobstacles, turnat precisely the right moment and try to collect asmany coins aspossible! Thankfully, this is a 3D block puzzle that'severy bit asstraightforward to play as it is pretty to look at.Every cube andplatform has been lovingly rendered in stunning 3Dgraphics in thisbeautiful, action-packed game, and it plays like adream! Fun gamesshould be beautiful games, and every level ofClimbing Fever is atestament to this. You'll explore a variety ofdifferent styles andlocations as you become a master of thecontrolling the blocks! Getready to climb, dodge and make your wayto the top of leaderboardsin this near-endless puzzle game that'salways enthralling.Climbing has always been fun, but now, you'regoing to get ClimbingFever, and nothing beats that!
Don't Get Busted 1.3.0
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Oh, no! It’s the cops! Time to make your great escape in Don’t GetBusted! Get in the car! This is a race for your freedom. Can youbecome a master of the road, use all your features and skills, andget away from the cops? Play to win! Because if you don’t, you’llend up behind bars. Drive like your life depends on it. If youdon’t want to be wearing an orange jumpsuit, that is! Can you winthe chase and beat the cops? Play Don’t Get Busted and find out.
Gearbox Racing 1.2.0
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Put your foot on the gas, and let’s kick this baby into action!Welcome to Gearbox Racing, your awesome manual transmission racinggame. Forget about manual. It’s all about the gears here! Switchthem up to increase your speed and win the race. Think it’s thatsimple, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how challenging it can be.But in no time, you’ll be whizzing your way around the track.ZOOOOOM!