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Ball of Destruction - Knock Down Game 1.1.7
Moonlight Gaming
Your destruction mission is simple - knock the ball into all kindsof objects like cars, houses, tanks, trash cans and even spacerockets so they smash into the burning barrels and knock them offthe ground. Use forces like explosions and magnets to empower yourdestruction ball and giving you the extra advantage required toknock down the burning barrels and conquer the level. Remember tobe precise! If you hit the burning barrels, your destructionmission has failed! Hundreds of destruction levels available inmultiple themes, providing you casual and addictive knock down gameplay. Ball of Destruction is an easy knock down game to learn butwill as you progress become more challenging as the number ofburning barrels required to knock down tend to just increase innumbers.
Quiz Travel - A Geography Travel Trivia Game 1.0.5
Moonlight Gaming
Choose a famous route, road or journey in the world and set out onageography travel trivia adventure that will put your skills tothetest. Challenge yourself in a race to the destination,travelling bybike, train or air, where success is determined byyour triviaknowledge about the geographical places you'll bevisiting along theway. * Explore the world and travel tointeresting cities all overthe world in this geography traveltrivia! * Earn cash bydemonstrating your geography travel triviaknowledge * Reach thedestination quicker by spending your earnedcash on faster modes oftransport * Can you beat your own besttravel trivia score? Compareyour current trip with your all-timebest * Will you be fast enoughto earn the 5-star rating? Routesavailable: * Southeast Asia *Hippie Trail * Australia (Premium) *Route 66 (Premium) * Cape Townto Cairo (Premium) If you purchasePremium, all journeys will beunlocked!