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Taxi Fare GPS 4.3.1-g
MoviliXa SAS
The Taxi Fare GPS allows you to estimate the cost of the taxiwithout internet requirements. Initially it is available for thecities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali in Colombia and New York in theUnited States. It has the following functionalities * Calculationof taxi fare * Costs and surcharges * History of trips * Share thetrip with friends * Travel Summary If you have doubts about whethera taximeter is tampered with, you can try to see the approximatevalue that you should be charged. Write us in which cities youwould like us to add the taximeter.
Personal Trainer 1.5.0
MoviliXa SAS
Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle because itprevents health problems, develops resistance, provides more energyand helps to reduce stress. With our application you can get yourbody in great shape without using expensive machines. You can doexercise anywhere you wish, no equipment needed. With text tospeech engine included, you can perform the entire workout withoutinterrupting the exercise. Additionally, you can activate a soundguide per second for best rhythm in the exercises. Each exercisecontains an illustrative detail to facilitate their execution. Ithas warm-up workout and final stretch workout to improve trainingresults. Additionally, we have the option to create custom workoutsor custom the workouts that the app provide. All workouts are madeby professionals and you can do them in the comfort of your home.You start your training with 200 trophies, and you can earn moreburning calories. Trophies helps you to unlock more workouts. Somefeatures are: * Challenges: You can challenge yourself withchallenges of 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. * Short workouts: Workouts tokeep you fit that spend only a few minutes per circuit. * Gainmuscle mass: Workouts focused on muscle toning and gain strength. *Cardio: You can burn fat with these workouts. * Mark the abs: Absfocused workouts. * HIIT: High intensity interval trainingworkouts. Before starting your routine remember: Ask your doctor tolet you know the best exercise for your physical condition. Gethydrated before, during and after physical exercise. Perform awarm-up of 15 minutes, to avoid muscle injuries. Perform 10 minutesof stretching, after finishing your exercise workout.
Speedometer GPS 1.2.21
MoviliXa SAS
Know your speed and large amount of additional information ofyourtrips by car, motorcycle or bicycle with GPS Speedometer.Collectand save the statistics of your trips with our application.Itcontains the following features: ✔ Can be used to measure speedandstatistics of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or jogging.✔Exchange between KMH and MPH for speed measurement. ✔ Twodifferentspeed scales for slower or faster movements. ✔ Compasswith degreesand direction. ✔ Google map display. ✔ Share travel andtripinformation with friends. ✔ Maximum speed data reached. ✔Averagespeed. ✔ Total distance. ✔ Altitude. ✔ Geographiclocation(latitude and longitude). ✔ Race history with statisticsand graphsof speed and altitude. ✔ Authentication through Facebookor Googleto store data in the cloud. ✔ Works without internetrequirements.Except the map of google maps. ✔ Works in horizontalor verticalview. NOTE The permanent use of GPS and the screen onwill causethe battery to discharge faster. You can configure theapp toperform background tracking by disabling the option to keepthescreen on from configuration.
Dollar in Colombia. Official exchange rate. 2.3.0
MoviliXa SAS
Application to know the official exchage rate of the dollar inColombia. It has the following functionalities: * Visualization ofthe official exchange rate of the day with historical data sinceNovember 27, 1991. * Summary of currency behavior. * Daily pushnotifications. * Dollar <-> Peso equivalency table. * Searchfor historical value of the dollar. * Calculator for exchange rate.* Graph for the last 20, 40 and 60 days. Tell us what functionalityyou would like us to add to the app.
Metro de Medellín 2.5.5-g
MoviliXa SAS
Metro de Medellín busca por ti la ruta más óptima para moverteenlos sistemas de transporte integrados de Medellín. Conestaaplicación accede a la información de cada una de lasrutas,incluyendo estaciones, buses, horarios y mapas. Conoce lasrutasdel sistema integrado de transporte público de medellín(metro,metrocable, metroplús y tranvía) y visualiza mapas.Aprovecha elGPS y google maps para encontrar la estación máscercana. Hemoshecho el mayor esfuerzo para permitir que la mayorcantidad defuncionalidades se puedan usar sin necesidad de tenerInternet oplan de datos. Calcula la ruta Origen - Destino parallegar acualquier lugar del sistema integrado SITVA con el menornúmero deintercambios y la menor distancia recorrida. Se puedeelegir el díay hora sobre los cuales se desea hacer el recorridopara que puedaplanear su viaje desde antes. Para cada ruta semuestran todos loshorarios y se resaltan los horarios activos.Lista defuncionalidades: * Búsqueda de mejor ruta dada una estacióndeorigen y una de destino. La búsqueda se puede hacer por nombredeestación, google maps, troncales y mapa en imagen. * Costodelpasaje para el sistema. * Medición de tiempo de trasbordogratuitocon alertas. * Troncales del sistema. * Búsqueda deestación porpalabra y por cercanía basada en información GPS. *Búsqueda deruta. * Visualización de ruta de bus con mapa derecorridoincluido. * Integración con calendario de festivos.Muestra quebuses se encuentran en operación en el momento de laconsulta segúnel día. * Mapa general del sistema. * Consulta deestaciones desdeel mapa. * Noticias de movilidad Nuestrasinterfaces, animaciones yopciones las hemos adaptado para seguirparámetros de diseñomaterial design. No dudes en contactarnos sitienes informaciónacerca de nuevas rutas o cambios en rutasexistentes. Puedesayudarnos enviándonos correos con este tipo deinformación orecomendándonos a tus amigos. Puedes seguirnos ennuestra comunidadde facebook en ytwitter en Si la aplicación te presentaalgúnerror y quieres ayudarnos, puedes reportarlo desde la opcióndereportar el error que automáticamente se abre, y en elcomentariopuedes indicar que te encontrabas haciendo cuando sepresentó elerror. Si encuentras problemas con rutas, o que faltaactualizaralguna información, nos puedes contactar a nuestrocorreoelectrónico o a nuestra comunidad en facebook indicándonoselproblema. Hemos recibimos comentarios como por ejemplo"faltaactualizar rutas" los cuales no nos son de mucha utilidad, sinonos indican cuales rutas son (si conoces y nos envías la páginawebdonde está la información actualizada mucho mejor). Nota:Laaplicación Movilixa Medellín no tiene relación alguna conningunsistema integrado del SITVA (Sistema Integrado de TransportedelValle de Aburrá). Tampoco tenemos relación con moovit.Lainformación de la aplicación es la información pública quesedestina para los usuarios del sistema. Somos una app moviliXa.
Active Pause 1.6.3
MoviliXa SAS
Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle because itprevents health problems, develops resistance, provides more energyand helps to reduce stress. With our app you can prevent healthproblems due to repetitive work or prolonged static positions inyour workplace. You can do exercise anywhere you wish, no equipmentneeded. With text to speech engine included, you can perform theentire workout without interrupting the exercise. Additionally, youcan activate a sound guide per second for best rhythm in theexercises. Each exercise contains an illustrative detail tofacilitate their execution. It has warm-up workout and finalstretch workout to improve training results. Additionally, we havethe option to create custom workouts or custom the workouts thatthe app provide. All workouts are made by professionals and you cando them in the comfort of your home. You start your training with200 trophies, and you can earn more burning calories. Trophieshelps you to unlock more workouts. Some features are: * Weightcontrol: Track your weight within the application. * Challenges:You can challenge yourself with challenges of 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.* General Pauses: These are exercise routines that help you tomobilize different parts of the body. * Visual pause: Helps yourest your eyes by preventing irritated eyes and visual fatigue. *Hands: Helps prevent diseases such as carpal tunnel. * Neck:Focuses on movements and stretches for the neck. * Hip: Helps youmobilize the middle and lower body. * Shoulders: Mainly mobilizethe arms and shoulders. * Abdomen and back: Helps you prevent backpain. * As a couple: Helps to integrate work teams while preventingoccupational diseases. * In a chair: This short break helps youexercise and mobilize your body without further interruption ofwork tasks. Before starting your routine remember: Ask your doctorto let you know the best exercise for your physical condition. Gethydrated before, during and after physical exercise.