OEM_ Приложения

com.oem.chameleonrunner 1.8
Do you believe you can live like a chameleon? Jump and change thecolor of the chameleon, have the longest path and get the highestscore. As you play the chameleon runner game, you can collect morepoints than all your friends.
The Ball Escape 1.4
How many times can you take the ball out of free spaces. You getthe ball out most of the time, and have the highest score amongyour friends.
Stack the Blocks 2.4
Do you believe you can build the highest stack? Put the blocks ontop of each other properly, have the highest score. As you play theblock stacking game, you can collect more points than all yourfriends.
Draw and Meet 1.9
Do you like physics? Draw anything you want and meet theballs.Complete all levels by using all physics rules. Compete withyourfriends and beat them all. Improve your creativity.
Flappy Hero 1.7
Touch the screen to raise Flappy. The higher flying player winsthehigher points. Can you score higher than your friends?