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Chinese Version Available OnlyFEATURE HIGHLIGHTS● Absolutely Unique Mahjong GameThe game uses 13 tiles of Mahjong with no flowers. Our rulecombines the characteristics of China, Taiwan and Japanese rule. Anew era of Mahjong game playing now begins. We created a brand newstyle of game-play thinking not only limited to the tedious handslike "Mixed One Suit", "All Triplets". With the revolutionizedrule, you now have totally 47 types of winning hands. You may pickthe most efficient one(s) using your wisdom to create the best,fastest and most flexible way to beat the computer opponents.※ Some players reported that they cannot win. Please read our rulesfirst. Insufficient point of the hand cannot claim to win. Fordetails, check out the whole list athttp://www.pocketmj.com/info3.php (Chinese version only)● Statistics & LevelsThe game records every results of the game. You are always ready toshow your friends how great your achievements. You can easily tellhow many times you got "Grand Four Happiness", "Superior NineChain", "Eighteen Lohan", etc. You can also gain experience tolevel up!● Elegant Illustration & Easy ControlYou'll be blown away by the traditional Chinese style of graphics.We've designed the game to make it simple and user friendly. Whenyou hold down on a tile, you can see the enlarged view and withjust a gentle push forward, the tile is played. Other frequentlyused actions are placed in the center of the screen as big buttons.So you will never take an unexpected move with regrets.
麻將 1.5.0
PICK Technology Limited
★★★ 《麻將天下》總下載量高達380萬!★★★遊戲特色● 絕對獨創的麻將玩法十三張的麻將,無花,規則綜合了中國、台灣、日本規則的特色,打造出嶄新的麻將遊戲思維!遊戲從此不再局限於「混一色」、「對對胡」這些單調的組合裡,您可以隨著自己拿到的手牌,發揮智慧來隨機應變,結合多達47款不同變化胡型,嘗試「七對子」、「全帶么」、「五門齊」、「一色三同順」的組合,運用各種技巧,以最快、最強、最靈活的手段,與電腦對手一較高低!※有玩家指遊戲不能胡,很可能是他們沒讀過胡型規則,不夠分數便不能胡。詳細的胡型,請查看 http://www.pocketmj.com/info3.php● 成績統計、官位升級遊戲會一直記錄著玩家的成就和排行,隨時可以秀給朋友看自己吃了多少次的「大四喜」、「九子連環」、「十八羅漢」等等。還可以累積經驗升級,來當個達官貴人吧!● 華麗畫面,輕鬆操作畫面構圖以完全的華美中國風展現,使人眼前一亮。輕按麻將便會放大顯示,然後位上一推便可以打出,而其他碰上槓等常用指令,也到變成大大的按鈕放到中間,讓您絕不會點錯牌叫冤。
VF外送美食 1.0.6
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VF外送美食Veryfood Canteen 外賣點餐應用程式本應用程式可供用戶查閱餐單,餐廳資訊,並提供外賣點餐等功能VF food deliveryVeryfood Canteen outside selling food applicationsThe applications available for users to access menus, restaurantinformation,And providing meals and other functions outside selling
Arcade World 1.0
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Do you have dream to build a Arcade GameCenter?Come to manage your own Arcade Center and try to upgrade to 5Star.Develop your own arcade game and serve for your customer.Build specific combination games, will increase games popularand revenue.Hire talented staff and train them to develop their ability.When your center keep improve the grade, you should investdifferent project to expand your center, attach more customer andstaff.Work hard and you should reach the top of the arcade center onthe world!#### Highlight:- Building Arcade Games and Facilities- 5 star Arcade game center you should reach- Expand building limited as investment- Hire staff to increase popular and help to develop newgames- Develop own new Arcade games base on existing games- Over 100+ client waiting to reach your arcade game center- Try to reach 100% let all client be your fans- Hidden client and staff, should you see them? like Zombie,Hero... etc- Good combination increase your revenue and popular- See your sales report, are your arcade game center richnow?- finally, this is cute pixel art, we think you love it :DAvaliable language: Traditional Chinese and English
Magic Trick 1.0
Magic Tricks is an application forperformmagic,which can let you perform magic about soul by a fewsimplesteps.You can perform it for anyone to bring out a happilyambienceeasily.Magic Tricks do not require you any technique ormaterials,also you do not need to know how does magic work, you need amobilephoneand Magic Tricks only.Open Magic Tricks, click the tutorial at theright-bottomside,you can know the logic about Magic Tricks.Download it at once! You can also become a magician.
Text Emotion Keyboard 1.0
PICK Technology Limited
\^o^/The use of emotion icons (emoticon) can be traced back tothe19th century.(゜Д゜)Now you can use "Text Emotion Keyboard" on your Androiddeviceeasily for using our Text Emotion Keyboard.└(^o^)┘Let's come with enjoy emoticon as soon as possible now.(=^ ^=)Wish you enjoy it!\^o^/ ^o^y (^ω^)(^人^)If you have any suggestion and issues reporting, please feelfreeto send e-mail info@pick-tech.com to us. orVisitbelow online help URL.http://www.pick-tech.com/tek/help.htm(°ο°)
榮哥麻將會 1.1.0
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榮哥麻將會陪各位開心過新年!簡單,易上手,好玩,永不降級!仲有榮哥貼圖及語音陪著我們!很開心啊!Rong brothermahjong will accompany you happy New Year!Simple, approachable,fun, never downgrade!Zhongyou Rong brother maps and voiceaccompanied us!Very happy ah!