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Parclick S.L.
Parclick lets you search for and find parking spaces in over250cities in Europe. What are you waiting for? Download now andsaveup to 70% on your parking. With the Parclick app, parking yourcar,motorbike or van in any location is cheap and easy. Are youtiredof going to a new city and spending hours looking forsomewhere topark? With Parclick, you can find a car park whereveryou want,tailored to your schedule and for the best possible price.Forgetdriving round in circles looking for somewhere to park!Parclick issimple and intuitive: find your location using the GPSfinder orsearch for a destination using the app, choose betweenspecialoffers on car parks in your area and book your parkingspacedirectly from the app. You only need your booking code toenter andpark your vehicle (car, motorcycle, van, minivan, etc.)for hoursor days. How can I use the Parclick app 🤔 ✔ Choose whereyou wantto book and your parking dates 🚗 Let the app find yourlocationusing the GPS finder or search for a street, city or pointofinterest, and select how long you want to park your vehiclefor.Just like that, you can select the best offers available onparkingspaces across the map. And if you're traveling by train,boat, orplane, the app can help you find car park deals atairports, portsand stations too. ✔ Choose from a huge number ofavailableaffordable car parks 🅿 Parclick offers hundreds of parkingspacesto cater to your every need: 24-hour access, suitable for allkindsof vehicles (cars, motorbikes, vans, etc.), surveillancesystems,etc. ✔ Select, book and receive your access code 🎫 Signup,register your vehicle and select your preferred paymentmethod.Once you’ve chosen your car park, you’ll receive a bookingnumberto present at your destination. The app lets you manage allyourbookings and uses the GPS finder to locate your chosen carpark.Book as far in advance as you like! ✔ Park in hundreds ofcitiesacross Europe 👌 Parclick offers parking spaces inEuropeancountries like France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Belgium,and manymore. Don’t waste time looking for somewhere to park:easily book aparking space in advance and forget about drivingaround in circleslooking for somewhere to car park. Where can I useParclick? 🗺 -Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Naples,Bari... -Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao,Cádiz... -France: Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Reims, Metz... -Portugal:Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Coimbra... - Other European cities:Brussels,Amsterdam, Geneva, Basel and many more. Parclick is a freeapp thatlets you save up to 70% at over 1400 car parks acrossEurope. WithParclick, you can filter results by price and distancefrom yourlocation. Parclick offers flexibility for drivers who needparkingspaces tailored to their needs. The app suggests specialoffers forlocal events, monthly subscriptions with discounts andaccess toMultiparking passes that let you park in different carparks in thesame city. Find a car park near you and book your spacein advance,whatever your vehicle (car, van, motorbike, minivan,etc.). FindParclick in over 250 European cities, with over 1400 carparksavailable! Forget the lost pennies under your couch cushions.Stoprunning desperately after parking meters, like Captain AhabafterMoby Dick. At the start of the year, we gave you thepossibility ofpaying parking meters in Barcelona. We also promisedyou that soonthere would be more cities available. We like to keepour word so,here it is: now you can use our app to pay for the SERarea ofBoadilla del Monte! Stay tuned for more cities ;) Stilldon't haveParclick on your phone? Download the app for free anddiscover thecheap and easy way to park!