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Voice Translator 2020 18.0
Pass Saga
Awesome Voice translator, Speech and translates all language oftheworld 🎤 Translate Voice to all Language very easy andquicktranslation Way 💮 🔘 Press the button get voice and convertintotext and translate whatever language you want. 🔥 Awesome wayyoucan also translate through camera , you can get text fromcameraand translate it to voice translator 🛃 Preserve Everythingyou wantwith this application Learn lots of languages usingthisapplication with very responsive User Interface. 😎 It's reallycoolto have this kind of application to Use in real life to solveanyproblem we fetching with language. 🌐 Some of the feature ofVoicetranslator app 👉 Voice Translator translate in multipleLanguage 👉Using OCR you can get text from image 👉 Translate imagetext withMultiple Language 👉 Share Voice or Text with any SocialNetwork 👉Perfect way to translate what you want with thisapplication 👉 It'sreally quick and easy to us this app 🏻 There is aBig barrier tocommunication speak a different language and workother countryguys and it should happen anytime to resolve thatproblem so herewe come up with translator using voice becausewriting is also timeconsuming process. so we should try withspeaking it's better tohave that kind of things so here we go wehave voice translatorthat translates in any language and it'sreally good to have thatkind of application on our handset. Beloware the languagessupported by voice translator ✓ Arabic ✓ Bengali ✓Chinese ✓ Dutch✓ English ✓ French ✓ Filipino ✓ German ✓ Greek ✓Hebrew ✓ Hindi ✓Indonesian ✓ Italian ✓ Japanese ✓ Korean ✓ Malay ✓Persian ✓ Polish✓ Portuguese ✓ Russian ✓ Spanish ✓ Taiwanese ✓Turkish ✓ Thai ✓Ukrainian ✓ Urdu ✓ Vietnamese
Background Eraser 10.0
Pass Saga
☞ Background Eraser is not just simple photo editor it's likesmartphoto background remover and eraser app for yourphotos.BackgroundRemover App you can smartly erase background coloror objecteasily. 📷 The resulting images can be used as stamps withotherapps to make a photomontage,collage. 👌 Auto mode 👌 Lasso tool👌Reset Photo 👌 Erase Photo 👌 Undo and Redo 📢 It's very importanttomake a pictures background transparent and its really simple todothat things