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Dimly - Screen Dimmer 0.7.2
Ricardo Solano
With Dimly you can easily decrease the brightness of your screenbeyond the default lowest setting and block light harmful to youreyes. It's ideal for late night reading/gaming or general use ofyour device in low light surroundings.FeaturesDisplay back-lightdimmingBlue light filteringCustomizable minimum and maximumbrightness levelsShake to restore brightnessAuto stop timerSimpleuser interface designed for ease of useLightweight & smallmemory footprintPremium featuresAd freeAuto start timerUsing theshake to restore brightness featureJust toggle the power button andshake. This allows you to restore brightness to your screen if settoo low or the surrounding light is too bright (e.g. you wentoutdoors and you can't read the screen).What users aresaying"Extremely useful and simple to use. Better than otheralternatives.""...It's now part of my bedtime routine : ) And it'ssuper easy to use...."Permission detailsdraw over other apps. Usedfor dimming your screen.view network connections and full networkaccess. Used for serving ads.