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City War: Final Revenge 1.93
SocialTech ST
The city has fallen, and it's your mission to get it back andliberate it. Game Features: - Too many levels - Four types of toolswhich helps you with completing the mission. High quality sound andvisual effects. - The ability to play the same levels many times toearn more coins. - Easy customization of the settings. -Easy-to-use game buttons. - Realistic physics, gravity andmovements. - Totally free-to-play, and you don't need to pay forany feature. - Compatible with Mobiles and Tablets. - Can be playedoffline. - The size of the game is suitable and it will not consumeyour mobile memory. This game is designed for those who lovefighting and action games. If you're one of them, don't miss it. Ifyou have any inquiry or complaint, please feel free to contact withus on:
Monster Car: Bumpy Road 1.7
SocialTech ST
This game provides you with the experience of driving a MonsterCarthrough obstacles and tough roads and crushing other cars. Youcanplay it anywhere and anytime. Game Features: - Endless numberoflevels. - High quality graphics and an enthusiasticmusicalbackground and sound effects. - Easy to play for all ages. -Easycustomization of the game to suit your preferences. -Easy-to-usecontrol buttons. - Real physics. - Free to play. -Supports MobilePhones and Tablets.