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Racing Race Crazy Racer 1.1
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Racing Race Crazy Racer is an amazingcarracing game! Burn up the street with the fastest andmostexhilarating 3D racing action today!*New Game Play*Crazy Racer combines stunning, high fidelity graphics withaddictivegameplay that will have you swerving through collectingpower-ups,thrilling stunts and knocking other racers off the road.Withastonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesome cars,CrazyRacer creates a new type of racing experience for Androidusers.*Earn Cash*Earn cash to buy your dreaming car! Conquer all the race tracksinCrazy Racer Endless Smash. World's best driver tryoutslaunch!*Amazing Speed*Stop dreaming, start “Real Speed” and immerse yourself in worldoffastest and skilled drivers who live and sometimes dies onamazingasphalt tracks.Crazy Racer Endless Smash Motorsport is not for everyone -testyour skills in this simulation of grand prix races.Game Features:- Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and gnarly impact-crashsoundeffects- Upgrade and customize your own vehicles- Earn cash rewards to unlock new cars- Enjoy well over 10 hours of gameplay in the massive careerandracing mode with multi levels- simulation way of driving which allow players feel like a proracedriver on most professional racing tracks,tilt to steer, arcade steering if you prefer easier yetstilldemanding driving technique- Ultimate Crazy Racing Experience in endlessracingenvironments
Football 2017 1.2
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For the die hard fans of Football andsoccer,Lets shootout and play the amazing Football 2017 game.Be the best soccer teams in the world and prepare your self forthefootball worldcup championship, Get your favorite players,Teamsand win the tournamentsWith real soccer stars you can enjoy many types of games infootball2017 including quick game or selecting your team. Thegraphics havebeen improved for you to enjoy the best footballgame.Be the next Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale,Neymarand share with friends your skills as a striker , runs,dribbles,shoot and win!Game Features:- Amazing Graphics- Realistic 3D game play- Game contain 2 different modes.- Quick mode and tournament mode.- Top football teams to choose from.- 3D stadium with amazing crowed from all over the world.- Compete with your friends and share it with them
Xtreme Asphalt Racing 2017 1.3
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Ever wanted to try a sports car fast racing?Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!Break through to uncharted territory with Asphalt Xtreme! Riparound dunes, charge through canyons, drift across the mud and flypast your opponents to reach the finish line!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn theasphalt of this open world city!Everyone during watching racing events on awesome asphalt tracksin TV wants to be rally driver, at least for the short time feelthe real speed, experience adrenaline rush which is exclusivelyreserved for formula 1 drivers. Imagine how they can feel duringindycar or nascar race.Stop dreaming, start “Real Speed” and immerse yourself in worldof fastest and skilled drivers who live and sometimes dies onamazing asphalt tracks.CSR Motorsport is not for everyone - test your skills in thissimulation of grand prix races.Finally find the answer on question which bothers you - are youdetermined enough to become world rally champion in asphalt races?Try out right now!Drive fastest circuits and own the leaderboards, let otherplayers be envy of your driving skills - fell like a champ of mostfamous races: monaco, indianapolis or formula 1.Use your top gear and defeat other competitors in real lifemultiplayer race where your score on circuit may become the legendamongst other race drivers.Stop dreaming about driving cars like jeep, lamborghini, ferrarior porsche and start real racing on the fastest available asphalttracks - hot pursuit after your opponents on great asphalt tracks,if you demand great unleashed run, this is what we provide you!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brakebecause of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed with opponent carschasing you! Go head-to-head in Fastest Racing free-for-alls!You’ll be facing some tight competition, so stay on top of yourgame!Race in a variety of exotic locations from all over the globe,including the glaciers of Svalbard, the dunes of the Nile Valley,the lush jungles of Phuket in Thailand, the industrial might ofDetroit's steel mills & more.Want to pump up your motorsport car’s power? Feel like deckingout its style? There’s an impressive collection of custom setupsand upgrades for all of that.You won’t experience graphics more intense, or mind-blowingnitro action this fast, in any other racer. So gas up and takeoff!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation while Racing on Asphalt Tracks.Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with accelerometer
Basketball Star Dunk 2017 1.0
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Are you Lover of Basketball games? PlaybestBasketball game of 2017. Enjoy real dunk and shoots withrealBasketball Star Dunk 2017.Enjoy the Amazing experience of hooping the basketball withslamdunk shoots. Basketball Star Dunk 2017 is very addictive gamebasedon realistic physics to show-off your basketball skills.Feel like an Pro Player as you conquer the court with slickshotsin this realistic sports game for the ultimatebasketballexperience. Explore the court full of exciting modes-Distance,Arcade, Time Attack etc where you have varying objectivesand NBAlike time limits!Prepare yourself to experience the amazing slam dunks andshootsin best slam dunk basketball game with real people. Adoptyourstyle by changing basketballs, uniforms and basketballcourts.Features:- Easy to control, fun for every age players.- Great Hoops and slam dunk shooting experience.- Realistic dunks- Amazing game sound effects & music- Surprise interactive experiences- Unlimited customization purchase uniforms, basketballcourts- Unlock special powers of the Magic Ball by scoring 3consecutivebasket through the hoop and netTarget the hoop, aim for the net and shoot like an Pro Playertogoal.
Deer Hunter Sniper Shooting 3D 1.1
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Hunt them before they get you!It's time to reload your rifles and take to the wilds ofAfrica,Sahara, India and Asia. Deer Hunter Sniper Shooting is freetoplay, Sniper Shooting, 3D game for lovers of Animals hunting.Forthe deer hunters, It is one of the best First Person Shooting(PFS)and deer hunting simulator.Except Deers, Now enjoy number of species available forhuntincluding bear and pig in beautiful environment of Africanforests.Develop your skills to stay steady hand, shot from line ofsightand master the skills to take best shot. Shot the animalsbeforethey hunt you.Explore the forest and hunt the animals with the bestshottingweapons and big guns. Let’s go hunting in the realjunglewilderness environment. Do you trust your sniper shootingskills?Let’s show how to hunt.Features:- amazing First Person Shooting and SniperShootingexperience- High quality graphics- 3D realistic jungle environment- Move between strategic vantage points to line up theperfectshot- Powerful shooting weapons- Camera zoom to get accurate shots- Mission based Levels- More species like Deer, Bear, Pig more fun
Basketball 2017 1.0
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Enjoy the Amazing Game of Basketball withrealBasketball 2017! Basketball is very addictive game which baseonrealistic physics. This game provides two play modes. Quickplaymode and tournament mode. In order to win the game you havetobasket as many ball as possible.Make real dunks, hoops and shoots and enjoy basketball shootout.Features:- Easy to control, fun for every age players.- Great shooting experience.- Simple Game play- Realistic graphics- Great game sound effects & music- 12 Top Best Basketball team- More interesting functions are coming soon.