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Gate Rush 1.2
Supreme Ducks Studios
Use the slider to change the character'ssizeand go past the walls without hitting them!The more you fill the gap between the walls the morepointsyou'll get. Completely filling the gap gets you doublepoints!Unlock all 6 sets to get all 24 characters!Post your highscore on the leaderboard and compete withyourfriends!
Simple To Do 3
Supreme Ducks Studios
This is not a calendar with loads of features and settings, thisisjust a simple 'To Do' application with the aim of helping younotto forget stuff. The app is designed to be as simple aspossible,it is fast and easy-to-use. You can add new tasks, checktaskswhich you are done with, and delete tasks. That's it,nothingfancy. The widgets are pretty cool though, so check themout!Features: - Short Term To Do list - Long Term To Do list-Adding/Checking/Deleting tasks - Homescreen Widgets - Addingnewtasks from the widgets If you find any bugs, please