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Neonverse Invaders Shoot 'Em Up: Galaxy Shooter 0.0.70
The future of the universe is in your hands! All types of alienswarms have invaded your galactic neighborhood to conquer it - yourmission is to defend your planet by destroying the enemy spaceships and their giant overlords! Build your own spacecraft withunique weapons, power ups and special abilities! HOW TO PLAY: *Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect items toupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * High quality 3DGraphics, optimized for both low & high end devices. * Abilityto use active skills during the space battles. * 30+ levels with 3difficulty modes. * Beautiful art style with meaningful tasks tocomplete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. * Upgrade your guns,bombs, rockets and lasers. Enjoy classic space arcade shoot 'em upaction - on the next level. Download Neonverse now! Follow us onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeonverseInvaders/
Idle Tycoon: Wild West Clicker Game - Tap for Cash 1.15.3
Howdy Partner! Welcome to the tap for cash idle game taking placein the wild Wild West! Dream of becoming a business tycoon and earnbig money? Unleash you inner entrepreneur in Wild West Idle Tycoon- the capitalist adventure game! Increase your idle cash and becomethe richest tycoon while you build a business empire in no time inthis tap game that keeps giving! 💰 The Wild West Saga is more thanjust an idle clicker game where you sit and watch your money grow –Prove your worth before becoming a cash tycoon! Build a strategy onwhere you should spend money, upgrade business, and hire employeesto Wild West Inc., to become the greatest business tycoon in theWest! Yeehaw! Build an Idle Empire - Manage and upgrade up to 20different businesses! Be a Venture Capitalist or an Idle Miner! -Hire outlaws to grow money and manage it to increase profits! -Start tapping & keep tapping to instantly double your idlecash. A Wild West Saga - Complete tasks, collect gold, and unlockhundreds of Heroic Deeds! 🤠 - Achieve the set growth goal for eachtown, and advance to the next one🤠 - Conquer the Wild West withyour money! After all, it’s a capitalist adventure 🔥 Idle TycoonProgression - Unlock Patent Cards to boost the idle money of yourbusinesses 🤑 - Kill time and grow your idle tycoon empire 🤑 - Playoffline! You only need internet to Go West and reset 🤑 - Tap toclaim your daily bonus 🎁 - Catch the Loot Bag for money 💰 - Makemoney even while you sleep 💤 - Buy Boosters with gold to increaseyour money and build a business empire faster 😉 Idle Clicker Game -Unlock Achievements and claim more than 70 Gold Trophies 🏆 - Turnthe volume on when tapping for original killer music that willclick with you 😍 - Start a capitalist adventure Family and increaseyour idle cash empire! 🤗 - Grow money and climb the Idle Tycoonleaderboards 😍 - Cross-Platform available! Carry your progress withyou anywhere, anytime! 😍 Wild West Saga, Idle Tycoon Inc. The ol'West is more than just dust and tumbleweed, Partner! Gold Diggers,Miners, Bounty Hunters! Everyone's waiting for their big break.But, I believe in you! This clicker game is waiting for ya!Incorporate your secrets, properly manage the money at hand, makemoney grow and increase your idle cash! 🤠So, what are ya waitin’for? Your capitalist adventure awaits! Giddy up, build a businessempire and become an idle tycoon! 😍 For other inquiries, pleasereach us at contact@tamasenco.com.
Evolved: Merge and Relax - Block and Tiles Puzzle 1.3.2
Feeling blocked by everyday stress? Looking for something tohelpyou get unblocked? A stress relief game that’s relaxingyetchallenging and satisfying? Well, you can feel relievedbecauseyou’ve found it 😌 Evolved is the new brain challenge meantforeveryone: it is a relaxing mind activity where you match 3shapesand merge them into an evolved block until you get theultimate Eblock. It’s super easy to play but can get verychallenging.Evolved can help you keep your mind sharp and at easein a worldfull of stress and anxiety. We believe that it’s asatisfyingalternative from other match 3 and merge, logic puzzles,which canoverwhelm you with unnecessary elements. We go forminimalexperience that takes little time to get you unblocked.What’smore, it also helps children to learn shapes and colours, aswellas, strengthen their logic skills; it’s a family game afterall.How to play Evolved, the new relaxing puzzle game? 1. Placethreetiles or more of the same shape in a horizontal orverticalposition to merge them. 2. You can also rotate them beforeplacingthem. 3. Match and merge as many tiles as possible to gethighscores and collect coins! 4. Coins help you solve brainteasingpuzzles when you’re stuck 😌 5. Place blocks with uniqueshapes andcolours in the puzzle board and merge 3 same tiles intoone evolvedpiece until you get the Ultimate E. You can then match 3EvolvedTiles to create an explosion and clear the board! It alsosupportsmulti-language so everyone can enjoy a relaxing experienceWhat dowe aim for? To bring you relaxation and stress relief. Tohelp youget rid of anxiety. To challenge and unblock your mind. Tobe agame experienced by everyone; family of children and adults. Tobethe best new relaxing puzzle game to play to kill some timeandunblock your mind skills. Evolved: Merge and Relax - BlockandTiles Puzzle Features Play, Combine and Merge Coloured Shapes!•Play anywhere, anytime: offline game, no internetconnectionrequired • Great time killer. Play while commuting tokeep yourmind at ease. • Wear your headphones to enjoy the minimalmusic tohelp you relax your mind Connect Blocks with BeautifulColours andMinimal Graphics • Connect shapes to create new blocksfor asatisfying matching experience • Every block has its own shapeandcolour • Satisfying animations every time you evolve and match3blocks. No Time Limit • Take your time with this casualpuzzlebrain teaser • Great challenges require a lot of time in apuzzlegame! • Everything’s a matter of training! That’s why wedon’t putpressure on you concerning time! Matching 3 Shapes Get YouBetterHigh Score • Show off your high score to your friends andfamily! •Every evolved block you merge gives you a higher score Youwon’tregret spending your time on this challenging brain teaser!It's aminimal yet immersive and relaxing match 3 game. Now explorethisnew relaxing puzzle challenge for your mind and enjoy thisEvolvedmatch 3 shapes puzzle game. Play anywhere, anytime thisofflinegame and challenge your brain in the ultimate brainteaser!Developed by: Dragontale. Published by: Tamasenco.Website:Evolved. Get in touch with us:
Ricochet Revolt: Lights Out
Darkness travels at the speed of light. Your brain can breakthosebarriers. The revolt against all luminosity has begun andwe’relooking for innovative minds to lead the way. Are you willingtotake on the challenge of Ricochet Revolt? Shoot your bulletsandricochet them against walls and moving obstacles to smashthelights! Trust your skills, get creative with solvingbrain-bustinglevels and unlock the great colors of the revolt!Enjoy the soundand vision of shattering lights on a minimal andintriguing graphicenvironment and take a shot for the dark in thisnew physics-basedpuzzle game! FEATURES - 45 levels with a total of230 stages -Ultrarealistic physics - Online leaderboards - Bigcollection ofupgrades - Variety of level mechanics - Ambientmusical backgroundcombined with engaging sound effects -Color-themed stages designedon a prismatic palette that unravels asthe game progresses