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Hungry Cat Mahjong 1.0.13
Tuesday Quest
Rediscover the joys of Mahjong Solitaire thanks to the addition ofcrazy rules. As in the classical Shangai Mah-jong, match pairs oneach board to win, but do it as fast as you can and feed the cat toearn three stars!• More than 200 levels grouped into 24 different categories:Movies, Video Games, Classic, etc..• Fun bonus tiles that change the basic rules of Mahjong.• 24 insane chrono levels!• 48 original tiles you can unlock to enhance the game.• 45 achievements promising many hours of play.• Online scores with Scoreloop (free of charge).• Graphics are basically wonderful, if we say so ourselves.• The game is completely free, everything is available withoutin-game purchase.If by any chance you should experience a bug, please notify usand we will try to fix it quickly. Similarly, if you enjoy thisgame (and we think there is a strong possibility that you might),please support us by grading it on the Android Market! If you like,you can also write us encouraging emails or send us care packages(although please note that we do NOT want a pony, and that we willnot be accepting any, under any circumstance).Many thanks for taking the time to read this description to theend! And now, you should really start playing!Other Games from Tuesday Quest:- Puzzle forge- Goblins Rush- Fruits'n Goblins- Hungry Cat Picross
A Planet of Mine 1.035
Tuesday Quest
A Planet of Mine is an engaging strategy game thatcombinesexploration with your spacecraft and civilizationdevelopment.Fully adapted for mobile devices, it featuresinnovative worldgeneration, distributing resources, species,biomes, and planets ina way that makes each game unique. Diversespecies offer differentadvantages for completing challenges andevolving your civilizationin Construction mode *. Along the way,you may encounterAI-controlled factions. Will you trade with themor fight forcontrol over the entire system? The choice is yours. *APlanet ofMine is a freemium game. Core features are available forfree withno ads. Additional species, challenges, and game modes canbepurchased in special packs. Questions, bugs, tips? ReachourDiscord community here: https://discordapp.com/invite/ExW5Sb5Gamealso available on PChere:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1170980/A_Planet_of_Mine/ourTOU: ourTOU:http://www.tuesdayquest.com/doc/TermsandConditionsTQ.pdf
Pingouin & Raptor: Hidden Object 1.17
Tuesday Quest
Pingouin’s missing again! Will you be able to find him? One thingis certain: knowing his habits, he’s sleeping somewhere in themanor. Keep your eyes open and help Petit Grou, a cutevelociraptor, to find his friend. Through this journey, in acolorful and unique world, you’ll meet cute and friendly creatures.To unlock new floors, it’s easy, find all hidden objects inprevious levels. The faster it’s done, more stars you’ll get! Forall ages, this game is suitable for children who already know howto read and write. Simple and fun, even the youngest children willhave no difficulty to play at it. Available in English, French,Spanish, German and Italian: it’s perfect to learn and memorize newwords. Come and discover a hidden objects game that will take youto a bright and relaxing world! Include: 15 rooms alreadyavailable! More than 500 hidden objects to find Cheerful andcolorful graphics All ages game Texts in English, French, Spanish,German and Italian Contains ads and in-app purchases SUPPORT &FEEDBACK Please contact support@tuesdayquest.com for any issue orfeedback, we'd love to hear from you! Follow @PingouinRaptor onTwitter for the latest development updates, news & tips:http://twitter.com/PingouinRaptor You can also reach us onFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PingouinRaptor Want to know more,get tips and latest news on Pingouin & Raptor? Follow us ==>http://pingouinraptor.blogspot.fr/
Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect Edition 6.38
Tuesday Quest
Simple rule: complete the grid accordingly with colors and discoverthe picture that hides beneath. Sounds easy? Not really! Each levelis a real brain-teaser in which you will have to use logic andingeniosity to complete larger paints. If you like to challengeyour mind with Sudoku and Logigrams then this addictive game isdefinitely for you! *We had to change the name, but it's still thebest ;) Include: 1000+ grids Large weekly paint every… Tuesday!(contains 9 grids) Cloud save and cross platform support Many catsto customize and share with your friends A weekly updatedcustomization shop SUPPORT & FEEDBACK Please contactsupport@tuesdayquest.com for any issue or feedback, we'd love tohear from you! Follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter for the latestdevelopment updates, news & tips:http://twitter.com/TuesdayQuest You can also reach us on Facebook:http://facebook.com/tuesdayquest Want to know more, get tips andlatest news on Hungry Cat Nonogram? Follow us ==>https://www.facebook.com/TuesdayQuest Any question? First check ourFAQ here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLD7ftr4GYzkfztt3s4qBh7FlYR2i7SkjfgpGcnHh2Q/edit?usp=sharingWhat’s new? More content, more frequently We can now add directlyto your application new paints without having to go through thewhole update process. Meaning, sometimes when coming back to thegame you’ll see new content to play with whereas you haven’tupdated the app. This feature will improve our ability to add newlevels more often because it will reduce our development time. Coolmeoooow ? Customize your app If you regularly play to Hungry CatNonogram, we thought you might want to set the game at your owntastes… now you can change the cat and many other accessories, youcan even change the whole game colorset to fit your mood. Your catwill appear in the weekly leaderboards. Cloud Save and TuesdayLeaderboards Now you can log in any accounts (Facebook, Google Playor Twitter) or even create a Tuesday Quest one. Once connected,your progress is stored on servers and can be played from anydevices. Being logged makes you eligible to the Tuesday PaintLeaderboard too, which is updated every week. Creating an accountis facultative! And yes, you still don’t need an internetconnection to play! To celebrate all those brand new features,we’ve added a new type of paint type: Frescoes. And there’s more! -Undo function - Color blind support - No more ad banners - CatchCoin gameplay - Weekly shop - Cat interaction - Statistics -Tuesday Grids description
Puzzle Forge 2 1.32
Tuesday Quest
Heroes of Burning-Blade need your help! As the new blacksmith oftherealm, put together ressources on the board to buildpowerfulweapons. Sell these equipments to heroes, earn gold piecesandexperience to increase your skills. Who knows which new herowillbe attracted by your talents? - Build 2000 differents weaponthanksto the unique creation system of Puzzle Forge 2. - Add gemsandenchantments to your creations. - Earn spells and magic itemsinquests. Use them to improve your unique weapons. - Like in anyRPG,use your experience to increase your skills. - Meet manyheroeswith strange requests. SUPPORT & FEEDBACK Share tipsandexperiences, find details on game updates on ourforum:http://tuesdayquest.com/forum Pleasecontactsupport@tuesdayquest.com for any issue or feedback, we'dlove tohear from you! Follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter for thelatestdevelopment updates, news &tips:http://twitter.com/TuesdayQuest You can also reach us onFacebook:http://facebook.com/tuesdayquest MORE TUESDAY QUEST GAMESHungryCatMahjonghttp://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuesdayquest.hungrycathdHungryCatPicrosshttp://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuesdayquest.logicartGoblinRushhttp://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bulky.goblinsrushFruits'nGoblinshttp://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuesdayquest.gogoblinsTOU:http://www.tuesdayquest.com/doc/TermsandConditionsTQ.pdf
Hungry Cat Mahjong HD 1.41
Tuesday Quest
More than 250 levels. Wonderful graphics with cute cats andkittens.New rules changing the basic ones of Mahjong and make thegame anoriginal twist of the genre. Achievements and online scoresviaGoogle Play Service. Absolutely Free! ourTOU:http://www.tuesdayquest.com/doc/TermsandConditionsTQ.pdf