Xelion B.V. Приложения

Xelion6 6.48
Xelion B.V.
Xelion for Android ™ is a powerful app which gives you directaccess from your smartphone to Xelion 6 at your office. You haveaccess to the central address book, see recent calls, chat or callwith people in the office, check the availability of a colleague inthe favorites list and lots more. The app is available for free toXelion 6 users. This version of the Xelion app is named Xelion6 toavoid conflict with the older Xelion app version. The app will runagainst Xelion phone system servers version 6.10 and up.
Xelion7 1.1.3
Xelion B.V.
Xelion 7 comes with a complete redesign and some new functions,like a Calendar and starting a phonecall with a contact from yournative Android Address Book. Although Xelion 7 makes phone callsvia the traditional mobile network, internet is required for aproper working app. A business center running on Xelion 7.0 orhigher is also required. You can now use Xelion as your DefaultPhone app. Having all your calls in one place, SIP GSM or Callthrough
Xelion 8
Xelion B.V.
Xelion 8 comes with a complete redesign and new functions, likeaMessagebox, Search and Identity selection. Xelion 8 makesphonecalls via the traditional mobile network or via the datanetwork.Internet is required for a proper working app. A XelionPhoneSystem running Xelion 8.0 or higher is required. You can useXelionas your Default Phone app. Having all your calls in oneplace, SIPor GSM