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Gluten-Free Boy 1.2.1
Zach Johnson Games
ENDLESS REPLAYABILITYThe vastness of space results in infinite asteroid beltstomaneuver through and around. Gluten-Free Boy experiences anewadventure every time he flies.CHARMING VISUALSThe vibrant, crisp asteroids are almost attractive enough toeat.(Disclaimer: Do not eat your device or fly Gluten-Free Boyintoasteroids; he is gluten-free, after all.)COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FREEGluten-Free Boy is completely devoid of any type ofmonetarytransactions and advertisements, and will never try tosolicit anymoney from you. We might as well rename itCompletely-Free Boy.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Gluten-Free Boy and Zach Johnson Games do not wishtoinsult, belittle, or lessen the seriousness of celiac's diseaseorother gluten intolerances (Zach is gluten-free himself).