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dotpict - Easy to Pixel Arts 3.5.13
Let's make a simple to draw Pixel Arts!"dotpict" Is a new sense ofPixel Arts painting app.◆Pen tip is not hidden by thefinger"dotpict" Nib is not hidden by the finger.Like inoperability, such as a mouse, You can draw quickly!◆Auto save ofpeace of mindSince the work is always saved in the auto save,Andpeace of mind to enjoy Pixel Arts production is!◆Easy to share theworkYou can be easily shared with SNS services.Let's introduce thePixel Art to everyone by email or Twitter!Now "dotpict" Gettingstarted with![Features]・Undo, Redo・Zoom of canvas・Display of thegrid, non- display・Export / share of work
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Mini game collection by dotpict!'s mascot characterdotpict!forAndroid