Bad Friends 1.2
“Bad Friends” has emerged in 2016! Become acute meatball in a gluttonous, meat-eat-meat world. Big meatballseat smaller meatballs, and all meatballs strive to grow andsurvive! Join other players from around the world in this fun andchallenging game!In this world, every foodie’s dream is to become a “Meat Monster.”Game rules:1. Bigger meatballs eat smaller meatballs – that is the rule ofthis world!2. In this gluttonous world, all foodies dream of gettingfatter.3. Your meatball becomes bigger by eating smaller meatballs.Control your movements to get fatter and stronger.4. Don’t get frustrated if you’re small. If you run faster and eatmore, you’ll grow into an invincible Meat Monster.5. Don’t get cocky! Watch out for virus balls, which can divide youeven if you’re large and powerful!6. Small meatballs can hide in virus balls to escape largeropponents. Big meatballs need to be careful to avoid virus balls orthey’ll get divided.