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Valet 2.5.12
Valet remembers where you park so you don't have to. Set parkingmeter timers and street sweeping alarms. Never again get a parkingticket or forget where you parked your vehicle.** Now utilizing newGoogle Play Services location API's to enable our unique automaticparking sensor! **--- Reviews! --Lifehacker - - Appof the Day - - -* Enable our parking sensor or useBluetooth or Car Docks to automatically set your parking location*Remember where you parked with our Find My Car feature and get turnby turn directions back to your vehicle* Save yourself a parkingticket with the built in parking timer* Set meter, time limits, andstreet sweeping reminders (by hour, daily, weekend, monthly)Alsogreat for remembering the location of your bicycle, motorcycle,hotel, camping spot, or any other location you would like to easilyreturn to later. Popular to use in massive airport parking lots, atthe mall, or when parking downtown. Tell the app to "park my car"and it does the rest!----------Promotional images available athttp://valetapp.coDesign and Development by courtesy of*** ROOTED PHONE USERS ***Valet requiresGoogle Play Services. If you rooted your phone and blocked orremoved Google Play Services the app will not work. If you email meI can help you fix things but the app will not be designed fordevices that are not compatible with Google Play since the app isdistributed on Google Play.