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Wooden Jigsaw - Ocean 1.4
lwc studio
Anyone and everyone enjoys a good puzzle game, and wooden jigsawbrings this classic board game to your handset and tablet.Withdifferent colorful 16 puzzles, and from 4 to 11 piece.This gamewill improves cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking,develop social skills.Content:* 16 Puzzles, from 4 pieces for thesimple puzzle upto 11 pieces for the last ones.* Positive feedbackfor each action your kid makes - sounds and effects. Also withmusic.* Fun and engaging pieces, either complete shape pieces ortraditional looking puzzle pieces.* Large pieces, easy for kids topick and move
Dino World for kids - 4 in 1 1.3
lwc studio
A nice and simple game to let kids learning dinosaur name 4 kindsof game inside. (1) Jigsaw puzzle (2) Match cards (3) Find thepicture (4) Find the word 26 kinds of dino for kid to play!!! allopened for free!!! With cute pictures and music, pronunciation,Kids can memorize all dinosaur name simple!
人物敲敲樂 1.4
lwc studio
火熱的選戰即將到來,你的選擇,將會決定台灣的未來,把北中南各區放進遊戲舞台,讓玩家決定勝負!!基本遊戲規則類似打地鼠.1.三戰兩勝制,無和局,和局無法過關2. 有炸彈,安全帽等變化,打到炸彈會攻擊對手3. 一個隱藏關卡,跟隱藏物件,讓你打個痛快Fieryupcoming election, your choice will determine the future of Taiwan,the island over the district into the game arena, allowing theplayer to decide the outcome !!The basic rules of the game issimilar to playing hamster.1. The three wins out of two system, notie, and the Bureau was unable to cross the border2. There is abomb, helmets and other changes, hit the bomb attack opponents3. Ahidden barriers, with hidden objects, allowing you to make a happy