Radar KR - Blitzer in Krefeld 1.1
Mit Radar KR erfährst du die aktuellenStandorte von mobilen Blitzern in Krefeld rund um die Uhr in derApp und du erhälst Montag bis Freitag je eine Benachrichtigung aufdein Handy, welche dich über die aktuellen Standorte informiert.(Benachrichtigungen kannst du jederzeit deaktivieren)With radar KR youexperience the current locations of mobile speed cameras in Krefeldaround the clock in the app and you will get Monday to Friday eachnotification to your mobile phone, informing you about the currentlocations. (Notifications, you can always disable)
Police Lights, Sirens & Follow Me 2.3.3
Turn your device into a police accessory. Withthis app you can make your smartphone or tablet flash like policelights and sirens or have it display LED text. You can enter yourown text to display or you can choose from our presets.You can customize the lights and text to flash in your favoredcolor and you can also choose custom sirens if you don't like ourpresets. Also it's possible to mirror the text.This app is allowed for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY. You are notallowed and we highly recommend not to use this app on publicroads. This is no legal advice and we recommend you to check yourlocal law before using this app outside of your private property.In some countries, usage of this app may be prohibited bylaw.We regularly update this app to add new features. Your feedback isour base for creating the best possible police lights app.Our preset of sirens include german, dutch and austrian sirens. Ifyou're missing one, you can add your own MP3 file to have it playas siren or you can ask us to add it with one of the nextupdates.This app may potentially trigger seizures for people withphotosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.Please never use this app on public roads. Usage of this app onpublic roads may be prohibited in your country. If in doubt,consult the advice of a lawyer. We assume no liability for theimproper use of this app. This app is made for fun.
Boat Horn Sounds and Ringtones 1.2.1
With Boat Horn Sounds you can play variousboat horns on your device. You can also set the boat sounds as yourringtone, notification sound or alarm if you really likethem!We've included multiple boat horns so you can find your perfectnext notification sound for your device.Included in this version are currently:- Deep Horn- Long Horn- Medium Horn- 3 Short Horns- Triple Horn- High Horn- Double HornOver time, we will add even more sounds to the app. Please tell usin the rating section how we can improve the app and satisfy you,our users, the most!