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XenoAmp Music Player 1.215
Why try another music player when you've seenthem all, and you use a better one anyway? Well - you haven't seena music player like this. And believe this one can do much morethan others!- Stream directly from SMB (windows shares), UPnP (DNLA),SoundCloud, Spotify, Subsonic, FanBurst, 8Tracks, DropBox andInternet radio- Viper Audio equalizer supported (where available)- Unlimited number of equalizer presets, each preset can becalibrated via automatic room correction or audiogram-stylecalibration for headphones- Different sound profiles for dock/car/headphones- Replaygain support- MP3, OGG, MPC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP4.x., Vorbis, APE, Opus,ALAC and other codecs supported.- Full id3v2, VORBISCOMMENT, APETAG and other tahs supported- Were you missing AlbumArtist tag? Well - not anymore. Group yourmedia by artist, album, album artist, year or genre.- Browse your collection faster than ever - see it on a 2D matrixwith customizable axii- Search for tracks, artists and albums in all suported musicservices- Old style, but advanced file browser for local and remote files(including music services)- Browse your tracks by rating, date of listening, date of addingto library, or playcount- Synchronize your music tags to MusicBrainz either automaticallyor by scanning barcode from your original CD (in your face,MediaMonkey)- Automatic album art downloading- Browse and create playlists from files on your SMB, CIFS or UPnPnodes or supported music services- Click a file in ES Explorer, Total Commander, Solid Browser orWhatever File Browser and voila: you've created a playlist fromcurrent directory contents!- XenoAmp Playlists are kept in m3u8 with absolute paths- manage .nomedia files inside xenoamp browser- Managing playlists is no more a pain, you can EASILY (and I meanin a snap) create, delete and rename playlists, switch betweenthem, append them with tracks based on any tag.- Browse, bookmark and search tracks in each of supportedservices- Scrobble to and (scrobbling via wonderful "Asimple scrobbler" - get it on the Market)- Browse into M3U, M3U8 and PLS, CUE- Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Androidaudio focus and media button interfaces.- Displays lyric via Lyrics Wiki.- Minimalistic home screen widgets, currently 1x1, 4x1 and4x2- Respects .nomedia- Sleep timer- Voice commands- Remote control via web interface- Probably a lot more bits and pieces I forgot - all this in onebundle!Jelly Bean is a trademark of Google Inc.Gingerbread is a trademark of Google Inc., althouh your localpastry might have a different opinion.DLNA is a trademark of the Digital Living Network Alliance.8Tracks is a trademark of 8tracks.HTC Tocuh Pro2 is a trademark of HTC Corporation.
Dreamachine by Bill Lee 1.0
The Dreamachine is a device for altering thebrainwave frequency of the user and putting it into an alpha state,at which point it begins generating waking, sober hallucinationsand internal “movies”, on demand.You could achieve the same alpha state after learning andpracticing meditation, or by training yourself with bio-feedbackmachines, however the dreamachine offers you a fantastic light showand relatively quick alpha-wave production. People find thatdreamachine therapy and other alpha-wave related therapy lead todecreased anxiety, overall calmness, increases IQ scores, increasesin brain hemisphere coordination and overall intellectual function.All this without psychedelic drugs!See Wikipedia article about dreamachine for more info!WARNING: This software may induce PHOTOSENSITIVE SEIZURE(EPILLEPSY), If you or any of your relatives have a history ofseizures or epilepsy, consult your physician prior to usingDreamachine.
XenoAmpKey 4.0
Removes ads and makes your music sound evenbetter (knowing that you've supported the author).