1.0 / December 21, 2016
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In the game you again got trapped on the deserted dino island! Youalready know how to survive so it won’t be hard for you. Hunt ondinosaurs! In other words, you will have to do every possible thingto survive this nightmare! Hunt on animals to stay alive. Finddinosaurs at island! Dino Hunter Online Survival 3D GAME FEATURES:+ Online Dino Hunter! + New amazing island! + Open world full ofsecrets and adventures! + Hunt with your friend in multiplayerhunt! + Cool graphics! Are you ready for Dino Hunter OnlineSurvival 3D? Of course you are! Grab your craft weapons and go tohunt! Good luck!

информация о приложении Dino Hunter Online Survival 3D

  • Имя приложения
    Dino Hunter Online Survival 3D
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    December 21, 2016
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Версия
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Welcome to Up Hill Climb Car Master wherecrazyracing challenge begins! Jump in your car and try to drive asfastas you can and as far as it only possible! The craziest racingroadin your life is already here! But don’t think that this willbe easyfor you. You will go up and down the hills all the way,usingspecial power-ups like turbo nitro and jumping from all kindsoftrampolines. If you want to get to the end of this road youwillhave to collect the coins on your way and then spend themondifferent upgrades in the market. Every upgrade will help youtoreach even higher distances on this hilarious ride!Moreover, there are different cars in the shop and alsodifferentdrivers. Every car is special and can easily pass throughone typeof different obstacles but cannot pass through the othertype ofobstacles. So you have to be smart and control your carcarefully todrive as far as you want to. Use different drivers tohave much morefun! We have stored for you such drivers as horse,Santa and manyothers! Get them in the car and help them to reachthe highestdistance possible!But that is not all! We’ve got many different level tracksforyou! Every track has special feature, for example, low gravityorsandy road with no asphalt! Some tracks will help you toperformdifferent stunts that will give you additional bonus coins!Allthis fun is completely free! So what are you waiting for? Donothesitate no more! Get this racing game Up Hill Climb Car Masterandhave a lot of fun! Good luck!***FEATURES***Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (manydifferentvehicles: rocket, truck, horse bike (sic!) and muchmore)- Upgradeable parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD- Different stage tracks with missions to complete- Cool style of graphics and unique style of cars and drivers- Many tricks and power-ups- Crazy achievements