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Most kids like ice cream and they willlovehaving fun with Ice Cream Games For Kids Free. They canplaysliding tile puzzles, flashcard memory games and a cleverthrowinggame. Plus they can hear the sounds associated with icecreams indifferent situations.

These interactive ice cream games for kids are designedforchildren aged 3 and over.

Download the free childrens ice cream games app and they’ll getawonderful world full of pleasure with the followingactivities:

Ice Cream Sounds Flashcards
Ice Cream Matching Games
Ice Cream Sliding Tile Puzzles
Ice Cream Throwing Game


First to try in this ice cream games free for kids are theIceCream Sounds Flashcards.

When they select a picture from the Sounds screen by tappingone,they are taken to a lovely interactive moving picture. Whenthey tapthis moving image a sound will play related to thepicture. Thesounds they can hear include ice cream sundae happymusic, theslurping of a rabbit and dogs eating ice cream, thechimes of an icecream van and more.

The noises and moving pictures of the ice cream games freeappwith sound will leave your kids entranced.


Ice Cream Matching Games are great fun in the ice cream gamesforkids app.

Their memory development is helped as the player attemptstomatch pairs of flashcards. Matching Games include single scoopicecream cones, multi scoop ice cream bowls, eating ice creams andicecream truckss.
To play, they select which matching game they wish to open fromthepictures on the Ice Cream Matching Games screen. They arethentaken to a screen where all the pictures are uncovered and theytryto memorise the location of each picture card. When they tapStart,the pictures are covered over. To play the game, they tap thebackof two cards and hope to reveal a matching pair ofpictures!

Mums and dads should be able to help out on this free kidsicecream game!


Ice Cream Sliding Tile Puzzles is the next area of fun inIceCream Games Free.

These gorgeous puzzles are great for ages 3 and up as there isnotime limit. They simply concentrate on completing the puzzlewithoutworrying about the clock. As well as being great fun,sliding tilepuzzles promote motor skills, reasoning anddevelopment plus theyhelp the development of early mathsskills.

To play, they select a picture on the Ice Cream Puzzles screenbytapping one and they are then shown their chosen image. Whentheytap “Randomize”, the picture tiles are shuffled. A tile willbemissing so they can slide the pieces around to re-createthepicture. At any point they can start over again bytapping“Randomize”. Plus, whenever they want during a puzzle, bytapping“Preview” they are shown a reminder of the picture theyareattempting to complete.

Easy, yet irresistible, your children will enjoy the feel ofthesliding tiles in these free ice cream games to play.


Knocking over tin cans at the fairground sideshow is a gamethatgoes back centuries.

The Ice Cream Throwing Game is a modern example of thefairgroundsideshow game and is one of our new ice cream games forkids.

The Ice cream Throwing Game lets the player lob up to fivescoopsof ice cream at a pyramid of ice cream bowls. Knock all theicecream bowls off, and they win!

A simple game to play, and an easy game to win – your kidswilllove this ice cream app game.

Design Team: Pat, Tina, Simon & Brian

Most children love ice cream, and they can play along withimagesof ice creams in this free Ice Cream Games For Kids. Yourchild willhave lots of fun learning through play with thisactivity app fromBayGames.