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昔懐かしい五目並べです。 このアプリは、手軽に五目並べをプレイできます。この五目並べはコンピューター対戦および人対人の二人対戦ができます。 暇つぶしや、待ち時間にプレイするのに最適です。是非プレイしてみてください。 ■五目並べのルール 勝敗は、碁石を先に五目連続で並べると勝ちになります。先手・後手の選択ができるのでお好きなほうをお選びください。 先手のほうがどちらかといえばゲームで有利になります。後手を選ぶと少し難易度が上がるかもしれません。 プレイする気分に応じて好きなほうを選択してください。この五目並べゲームは、勝敗が決した後も連続で対戦ができます。対戦時の勝敗数を、勝敗が決まった後に確認できますので、10勝連続を目指すなど、目的をもってプレイしていただくとより楽しめるものと思います。 満足いくまでプレイしてください。この五目並べのコンピューターの強さは普通程度だと想定しています。 ■効果音は魔王魂様の素材を使用しています。 It isold-fashioned Gomoku. This application can easily play Gomoku. Thisfifth grade can play computer game and two persons' match againstpeople. Ideal for killing time and playing in the waiting time.Please try playing. ■ Rule of the fifth grade Winning or losingwill be won by placing the go stone first in the fifth consecutiveline. Please choose the one you like because you can choose thefirst and second hand. Speaking of which one is more advantageousin games. A little difficulty may be raised if you choose thesecond hand. Please select the one you like according to the moodto play. You can play against this game in a row continuously evenafter winning or losing has been decided. Since you can check thenumber of victory or defeat at the time of battle after the victoryor defeat is decided, aim for 10 wins in a row, I think that youcan enjoy more when playing with a purpose. Please play untilsatisfied. We assume that the strength of this fifth grade computeris ordinary degree. ■ Effect sound is using the material of Satan'ssoul.

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It is a FreeCell card game. FreeCell is a very famous game amongthe solitaire card game. This app, you can play the FreeCell easilyanywhere at any time. Thinking requires a good deal of it to clearthe game. Please help to strengthen the mental capacity to playthis game. ■ Rules of FreeCell Card uses 52 cards in total. Whiteframe of four left on the screen is a free cell. White frame offour on the right will be the home cell. Cards are dealt to each 8column 52 cards at random at the start of the game. Playing cardsat the bottom of each column can be moved. Card each of the column,you can move Trump 1 The lower the number, in different colors. Thefree cell, it is possible to move only one freely. The home cell, Iwill arrange to K in order from 1 playing cards of the same suit.It becomes clear if it is possible to arrange all the cards to thehome cells. Please aim to clear by playing while thinking to movethe order of the card. If you want to start over in the middle of agame, press the NewGame by pressing the menu button. In addition,if you want to restore the card you move, press the Undo menu.Number of times you want to undo, you can return almostindefinitely. Card will be arranged in the initial state When youpress this button.
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This is a spider solitaire of the card game. Spider is a famousgame among the solitaire card game. Please play by all means. ■Rules of Spider Solitaire Card uses 104 sheets in total. When youstart the game 54 sheets in Tableau, it is dealt 50 sheets in thepile. Movement of the tableau pile is, you can move only a smallcard 1 than the number of the bottom of the playing cards. It isalso possible to move together playing cards that is a serialnumber in the same suit. The deck is dealt one at a time if thereis no playing cards with no empty sequences in Tableau in each ofthe columns in Tableau. It will disappear and arrange the playingcards of Tableau to K~A. Tableau is clear if it is possible to turnoff all of the playing cards of the deck.
Solitaire [card game] 5.2 APK
It is a solitaire of card games. Automatic movement and infiniteundo can be used, so you can play smoothly and comfortably. Toclear solitaire you need a strong thinking skill, so exhilaratingfeeling when you can clear it is exceptional. Please play thisapplication by all means. ■ Rules of Solitaire [Card Game] I use 52cards in all. It is clear if it is possible to arrange from A to Kin the group card in the upper right. If clearing is difficult,there is a NEW button on the upper part of the screen, please pushthat button and try again.
神経衰弱[トランプゲーム] 3.0 APK
トランプゲームの神経衰弱です。 神経衰弱は有名なトランプゲームの1つです。神経衰弱はトランプの位置を記憶する必要があるので、記憶力を鍛える脳トレにもなります。一人でプレイと、二人で対戦の二つのモードがあります。 是非このアプリをご使用ください。 ■神経衰弱のルール手軽にプレイできるよう、使用するトランプは全部で16枚使用します。ゲームを開始すると、ランダムにトランプが配られ、トランプが伏せて並べられます。 トランプをタッチすると、トランプが表になります。2枚続けて同じ数字で同じマークのトランプを引くことができれば、そのトランプは表のままになります。1枚目と2枚目でトランプが違うものの場合、そのトランプは裏に伏せられます。これらの動作を繰り返して、すべてのトランプを表にすることができればクリアになります。一人でプレイモードではミスした回数をカウントしており、クリア時にミスの回数が表示されます。HARDモードでは一度でも間違えるとゲームオーバーになります。 ■効果音は魔王魂様の素材を使用しています。 It is anervous breakdown of card games. Nervous breakdown is one of thefamous card games. Since the nervous breakdown needs to memorizethe position of the playing card, it also becomes a brain trainwhich trains memory power. There are two modes of playing alone andplaying by two people. Please use this application by all means. ■Rule of nervous breakdown In order to play easily, I use 16 playingcards in all. When you start the game, playing cards are randomlydistributed and cards are laid down side by side. When you touch acard, the card becomes a table. If you can draw cards of the samemark with the same number for two consecutive cards, that card willremain in the table. If the cards are different on the 1st and 2ndcards, that card is hidden behind. If you can repeat these actions,you can clear all the cards as a table. In play mode alone, thenumber of mistakes has been counted, and the number of mistakes isdisplayed when clearing. If you make a mistake in HARD mode evenonce, the game will be over. ■ Effect sound is using the materialof Satan's soul.