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When a superhero resides in a city, the city becomes a magnettodanger, crime, enemies and anaaction war simulation invirtualreality! This city also owns a similar truth of anincrediblegreen,a fighter crime. Here lies the legendary power ofthe bravestand craziest green monster giantfighter superhero!Thepeople of thecity are always in search for a mighty, trustworthy,reliable andstrong, giantgreen superhero. The specialty of thisincrediblegreen monster superhero is his massive superstrength thatno onecan come across in tolerance or fighter crime power! With theaidof themighty giant superhero family which include spiderhero,panther hero and other greatsuperheroes help green heroprotect hiscity from evil!!With his monster giant super hero strongbuilt hecan grate any boulder which comes hisdirection! Hissuperheroinstincts are super active which always alarm him whentroubleordanger is nearing close! He can sense the enemy who areready andcoming to fight him but hecan easily bring them down withhis greensuperhero powers!The green monster has instinctualabilities; themoment he sees his citizens and family in painhetransforms himselfinto a giant superpower hero, a green monstercrime fighter hero, alegend. Asuperhero whom can crack walls andcarry boulders anddestroy five enemies with just onehand!Downloading these thrillingfighting games where your favoritesuperhero is the ultimategreenmonster with extra super humanstrength is sure to set you upon a new and exciting adventurelikenever before! The strength ofthis city legend green monster isinvincible! Hissuperpowerinstincts along with a package of hiswarrior flexes giveyou the frightening drools!The green monster isa danger with acapital D, his anger control is full blown firewhich gives anewhot trend to this fantastic futuristic warriorbattle simulationgame. So, if anyone dare harmhis people, he iscapable ofdestruction and can cause some serious damage to theenemy incrimebattle!The green monster is equipped with manywrestling andcombat, fighting skills which areinherent with hisgiant and heavybody! The aggravated monster can surprise you withlots offightingtricks and techniques which will surely leave youaghast!Play asthe incredible green superhero in the city warsimulator game andsweep enemy off theirfeet to conquer what isrightfully yourpossession, the peace of your city and citizens!Showthem the worthof the green hero, the spider and the pantherhero and manyothers.The green superhero will be given some targetsto perform inthe fighting game; the tasks will beguided throughnavigation andwill be time ticker based. Be wary of the time limitand performthefighting task carefully!HOW TO PLAY GAME● Install theincrediblegreen monster hero game in phone● Press play● Begin thegreenmonster hero game● Select the green superhero● Begin the levelandscene selection chronologically● Follow the navigation map tospotthe target● Use on screen controller to move the greenmonsteraround● Use the fighting controls and on screen controllerstofight● Continue to next level following same procedure● Enemywillchange and increase with levelFEATURES OF GAME● Green herofightercrime Simulation game● Superhero family● Time andtarget-basedgame● Variety of giant green superhero characters●Cityenvironment● 3D Graphics

информация о приложении Green Monster Hero Fighter Crime City Battle

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    Green Monster Hero Fighter Crime City Battle
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    June 12, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Punk Games Studio
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Bank Manager Cashier Simulator: Cash Register 1.1.1 APK
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Join this cashier simulator management game and become the bestbank manager of city bank to complete customer service customersatisfaction by performing bank manager handling tasks in managersimulator time management games! Perform different bank managerhandling tasks at cashier register and at money bank machine andmake different bank deposit for customer service and customersatisfaction. As bank manager cashier at cash register as cashiersimulator help the customer in making bank deposit and moneytransfer.As cashier simulator and customer service make bankdeposit and store deposit in money bank for safe keeping ofcustomer cash so there is customer satisfaction bonus points foryou as bank manager. As bank manager cashier simulator you willlearn new techniques of not only handling the cashier register andmaking bank deposit but also learn from time management games tomanage your time in real life. Be careful with customer servicewhen handling people at cash register and cashier register, youhave to handle the customer line before customer bank deposit orcustomer bank inquiry so that everything could be perfectly managedin cash manager bank register manager simulator time managementgames! After handling the bank manager cashier cash registercashier simulator it is time to check with money bank atm machine.Help the customer in using the money bank machine so they learn howcash withdrawal with the help of bank manager cashier simulator.This way through the manager simulator the bank manager player canlearn handling like real bank manager through this cashiersimulator at cashier register in real life city bank. When bankmanager has the customer operate the money bank machine it canteach you to use money bank too. That is why this manager simulatorgame is very helpful. Since you as the bank manager cashier arequalified in your studies to apply at city bank you have to setgood manager simulator example for everyone aspiring to be a bankmanager. As you have to be handling a lot of customer and a lot ofbank cash as also a cash manager you have to be clever and smart asmanager simulator. For this you have to understand the cashregister and the money bank very properly because you are a bankcashier and also a manager simulator. Only then can you surpass inthe time management games and get all the money bank and city banktransactions done. So learning the cash register is very importantfor a bank manager because the manager simulator needs to knoweverything that goes on in the bank even at the cashier register.You need to act smart as the manager simulator bank manager cashierbecause it is a tricky job. Provide customers satisfaction so theydon’t have to wait too long and don’t get angry. Make customer opena money bank cash account because the city bank is best for storingtheir money as bank cash. Fulfil customer inquiry thoroughly. Testyour time management skills as bank manager cashier simulator atregister cashier by playing this awesome and helpful money bankmanager simulator time management game!! Features of Bank ManagerCashier Simulator: Cashier Register: • Realistic bank environment •Cash deposit, atm machine, cash payment and customer inquirycashier simulator • Time management fulfilment tasks • 3d graphicsFun sound effects
Robot Firefighter Truck Rescue City War 1.1.1 APK
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Your city is under attack by enemy robots, now what should you do!!You need to fight the enemy fighting futuristic robot and save yourcity in city games! You are the ultimate rescue fireighter robotwho has to fight and defeat the enemy robots and gain victory!!!Fight the enemy robots as firefighter robot in destructionfirefighter games. The enemy are flying robots which plan to raidthe city and destroy it, you need to stop that from happening. Sofrom being an ordinary firefighter rescue truck, transform into theawesome firefighting robot and show enemy robots who’s boss!!! Thefirefighter rescue superhero robot has variety of things to dowhich includes fighting of enemy robots, and superhero firefightingfire extinguisher missions to rescue buildings on fire and anyonewho is trapped in them! Help the firemen burn out the fire withfire extinguisher in this thrilling fire fighter games!!Get engagedwith all the futuristic robot technology in order to fight withenemy robots and provide quick safety services to the city andpeople and firemen and complete missions in flying robots firefighter games!!!In this firefighter robot game the enemy robots aremaking a lot of destruction and you need to stop them since you arethe superhero firefighter robot and the safety of the city is inyour hands. As soon as you’re done with the stopping of enemyrobots destruction the city rescue firemen team will need your helpto convert back to fireman and help them extinguish fire. With alot of amazing features and controls help your firefighter completeall your firefighter missions by flying in the air and fightingenemy robots. You can fire on them with fire beams, kick, and punchthem in the air and cause their destruction with your firefighterskills.With the firemen, you will have firefighter fire truckcontrols which will have the fire extinguisher control button tohelp rid of all the fire and then there will be controls to makeany other different fireman missions becomes possible!!***Featuresof Robot firefighter truck rescue city war***• Multiple thrillingwar and rescue firefighter levels. (10 level simulation)• Multiplefirefighter truck robots. (5 firefighting robot choice)• Cityenvironment simulation. • Enemy simulator and superhero rescuefirefighter simulator. • HD graphics.• Thrilling sounds.• Firemensimulator.Download this amazing fighting firefighter truck rescueand robot war game now to witness all the awesome fighting featuresand game play!!
Atm Cash in Transit Security Van Simulator 1.1.2 APK
Punk Games Studio
Being the best bank manager cashier around help change atms of thecity in different locations by going on different security vancarrying around cash to deliver in atm machine. It’s on the news,all atms atm machines are running out of bank money and bank cash,someone is stealing the bank money from the atms money bank cashmachine and no one can withdraw the bank money from their atmmachine.What must be the problem with transit and withdraw systemof atm machine atms money bank? You must find out as bank cashierwhere all the money is going, and help restore the bank cash backin the atms money bank.Yikes! It has been found out that all theatms money bank atm machine bank cash is being stolen by citygangster thieves!! You as the bank manager cashier need to make itstop or the town will run out of bank cash!! Hire a security vanand patrol the entire city to arrest the criminal stealing all theatms money bank atm machine bank cash!! In the security van loadall the transit and withdraw bank cash so you can also fill in theatms money bank atm machine bank cash back in the atm machine!!Nowgo in different parts of the city as the bank manager cashier ofthis bank simulator money game to save the money of the town frombeing stolen by evil gangster simulator!! So get in the bank moneyfilled security van. Since you are the bank cashier simulator it isyour duty to transport all the lost atms money bank atm machinebank back to their atm machine for the people.Only then will peoplelook at you as the best bank cashier simulator of this banksimulator gangster money protect game!! Steer in full speed of thesecurity van full of bank cash to be transported to the atm machinemoney bank. While you steer look out for the gangster who steal themoney and get them in trouble!!!Then transport the money to all theneeded bank of the missing money bank locations. Steer in quickpace to the location before the gangster win from you. If you maykill the criminal for committing the wrong crime in action. You arethe bank cashier the bank manager cashier a hero everyone islooking for. Who will protect their money and crime from feintcriminal of the town! These gangster criminals are not as smart asyou so make a quick hero move! Now that you are at the location ofthe money bank and have defeated the criminal gangster store thebank cash back in the atm machine atms money bank because thepeople are waiting for their bank cashier hero to get them theirmoney and bank cash back!Features of atm cash delivery:• Actionfilled security van simulator.• HD 3D city and bank environment.•Amazing graphics.• On screen controls. • Cash delivery bank cashsimulator.• Security van steer controls. • Time based banksimulator multiple tasks. • Fun sound effects.• Multiple gamelevels.Download now if you love to be a bank cashier and a hero tothe people by protection bank cash money bank from the criminalgangster!!
Flying Car Robo Battle Hero 1.1.5 APK
Punk Games Studio
Are you ready to drive the flying car and play the all new 3Dshooting game Flying War Simulation from robot fighting games? Thenhit the install button and download the science fiction game basedon the steel robot fighting shooting games. A savior robot of the3D shooting games world who has the power to use laser shooting.Car change yourself when you need to fight the flying robot car. Aflying robot game in simulation games where you can use yourfuturistic fighting skills and the autobots into flying car robotand use your laser shooting power and auto lock shooting for carshooting the decepticons. A simulation games where evil robots areout there to destroy the earth in future battle and the autobotshave to convert depending on how strong the evil enemy is for robotfighting as a real steel savior robot.A futuristic laser shootinggame of flying car where you can select your favorite autobots andstart the battle game with the evil robots. A game play where youwill find futuristic on a journey to save earth from the villainousdecepticons by using laser shooting war games in the flying car. Awar in sci-fi world has struck between the robots of the outerspace and they have chosen your city to fight the future battle inthis futuristic robot fighting game. Now it’s YOUR time to becomethe real super robot and save earth. Flying Car Robot WarSimulation is a science fiction game featuring super quality 3Dgraphics with the latest weapons and fully equipped real steelautobots to destroy the evil robots.KILL THEM ALL!In the new erathe robot game has been developed in some extraordinary featureswhere the autobots have the power to turn into different objectslike flying car and shooting car. The latest technology is used tocar change in flying car games. You can enjoy the shooting carfeature as well with the flying car games. GAME FEATURE: Auto-locksystem to kill the enemy with the missile where the missile willhit the enemy no matter where he moves. Auto-lock bulletsfeature.Flying car has smart feature of Weapon switching. Asimulation games offering three different game areas; City, Jungleand Desert. Two different futuristic shooting games mode. Free modeand carrier mode with variety of robot car.Carrier mode has levelbased missions.Laser shooting four different enemy to play with asyou rise to other levels. Variety of 6 different robot carsimulator options to select from. 10 different stars based robotfighting levels hard to play; there are three sci-fi stars towin.You can buy the 6 different robot cars with the help of coinsby watching videos.6 different flying robot car with 6 differentqualities of Cheetah, Tiger, Panther etc.autobots will have tofight with Villainous decepticons like drones, flying robot carsand enemy robots in future battle. Option to turn off/on the gamesounds.You will have a choice to select from robot to robot car toflying robot car. All the robots have the power to laser shoot atthe enemyEnemy navigator which will help the autobots to navigatetheir enemies. Power booster to regain the power. How To PlayFlying Car Robot War Click PLAY to begin the robot fighting 3Dsimulator shooting game. Select your favorite featured car robotfrom the 6 different very cool robots.Start the game and follow thetarget. See, what every level demands.Kill the decepticons comingyour way. Change robot into car robot with laser shooting power,Car change to flying car robot. Once you’re done with the robots,shoot on the flying robot car enemy to complete the level.Move tonext level once you reach the target.Unlock more robot flying carsand select from the gallery which one suits you best!Be ready toreceive surprise laser shooting. Kill the enemy robots, dangerousflying robot car, drones and much more. Beat the enemy, soldier!Save earth and be the super robot of the millennium. The world iswaiting for your help.
Flying Jet Fighter Robots War 1.1.3 APK
Punk Games Studio
Want to know how it feels like to be a flying fighting robot? Wantto go on a robot scifi futuristic robot adventure? Then downloadthis robot game right away for a thrilling flying jet experience!!Become for a day aconverter convertible robot and play withmultiple robots and try out different attacks to sabotage the enemyrobot in robot jet games. With this game you will able to convertfrom robot into flying jet monster. This real robot, robot war gamewill leave you speechless with adventure and excitement by flyingin the environment and have robotic futuristic jet games adventure.Get addicted to the awesome features, gameplay and graphics in thisfuturistic scifi adventure robot jet games! You can now destroyenemy robots who try to pick war with you. The gameplay is verysimple, bring the futuristic robot to the war field environment andwhenever you want to, convert from robot into flying jet and makewar futuristic with robot enemy. Make your machine into an advancedfight monster to engage in a fascinating robot jet fight. All youhave to do is select your favourite robot and jet, a suitableenvironment and level, and begin the war hunt for flying jetrobots. Once you’re upfront on road or in the air with the robotenemy begin the fight. Before that roam the environment byconverting.You can convert into robot man and flying jet and firemissiles at the enemy, you can also fire simple bullet missles. Youcan also jump and hit and fire however you like either as a robotor as flying jet! Find the target and your task location with themap in the robot jet games and reach destination to win!! Make sureyou don’t lose your health bar because of enemy robots because gamewill be over.Use joystick to move around for bot games adventure inthis exciting simulation game!! Defeat enemy by flying and completeeach level of jet games to get coins so you can buy more excitingflying jets!Once you’ve defeated the enemy you can go on the nextlevel and destroy more enemies and keep unlocking new and greatexciting robot stuff! How to play air robot jet:• Start game •Select level of air robot jet game from 10 levels • Choose orselect one out of 4 robots • Start to play• Use the on screenjoystick to move around in robot form• Joystick moves up fromswiping down in jet mode• Reach your target through the given map •Fight enemies along the way and reach ending point • Kill enemyrobots with the given on screen controls • Controls include;>jump> fire> transform • Fire button has two options;>simple bullet fire> missile fire • Convert to become robot jetand fight enemies in the sky• Collect coins in inventory to buy newjets Features of air robot jet:• 10 total levels• 4 different kindsof robot jets • On screen joystick and controls• HD graphics • 3Dsimulation • Multiple camera angles • Realistic sound effects •Multiple on screen controls • Different fire options • Conversionfrom robot to jet option• Multiple enemy robots • Map on screen •Health bar on screen • Collect coins from store inventory • Buyjets from coins • Time calculated game but not time based Findenemy and be victorious by performing stunts! And defeating enemyrobot!
Scary Granny Horror Story Escape House 1.1.3 APK
Punk Games Studio
The atmosphere seems weird doesn’t it?? You don’t feel like you arehome and you’re completely trapped but you don’t know where!!! It’srunning chills down your spine and you don’t know how you gothere?? All in your mind is a whisper screaming, “Scary Granny iscoming to get you!” repeatedly!!! But what could be done when youhave been kidnapped… yes you have been kidnapped by the ScaryGranny of the horror neighborhood!!!! You can try and look for athousand escapes but that is the trickiest part of the entireadventure… which is not in fact a good adventure to imagine norbegin with!!! This creepy neighborhood holds a lot of scary andevil secrets which you never knew but are sadly and slowly going tobe a part of…. The secret that you have been bound to is that ofthe wrath and curse of the evil and scary granny… the granny who isalways suppressed, angry and crazy for kidnapping innocentpeople!!! It is perhaps the evil neighbor who snuck you inside thescary granny house of fear to torture you since he doesn’t like youat all!!! But now since you are trapped inside the house of scarygranny she has trapped you and you must silently escape before shecatches and (the latter is not a good part to consider…) She willnot let you live for invading her territory… but the more you staythere in the creepy old house, the most suffocating it will get foryou… So play this house escape game and get yourself out of thegoosebumps inducing prison which you will be bound to if you don’trun!!! You will have to survive on your own from the scary granny,no one will come to save you, you’re all alone in this quest ofhouse escape for five days!!! That’s the catch, you’re trapped forfive days and you have to escape the scary house before the grannycatches you!! You have to find the key to the house at all costsand escape!!!There are multiple rooms inside the house and any oneroom has the key to the escape door which you must very slylyfind!!! Find the key and run free from this creepy and unwelcomingneighborhood!! HOW TO PLAY GAME: • Start game • You’re in trappedroom setting • Use on screen control to silently move out of theroom • Hide from granny when you spot he, she’s always around •Escape one room and go to another room • Use game play keys andicons to find key in other rooms • Open cupboards, drawers etc. •If granny comes near, hide under bed or closest • When you find thekey, silently leave the haunted and terrible house • Don’t make anynoiseIf you’re caught, it’s time for trouble. Find key withoutdropping things and making noise and just make house escape!!FEATURES OF THE GAME: • House simulation • On screen controls •Escape game • Realistic graphics • Scary game play
Super Happy Daddy Simulator VR Game 1.1.1 APK
Punk Games Studio
Legend has it when mommy isn’t home, daddy can’t do anything. It istime to prove that legend wrong!! Mommy has left on a vacation spaand it is up to the daddy simulator to take over herresponsibilities for those days and take care of the virtual housewhile she’s gone inHappy Family games!! Mommy has assigned daddysimulator some housekeeping tasks, let’s see if the daddy simulatoris able to be a happy daddy throughout this time of housekeepingresponsibility. This is the fun of virtual reality family games,which is to test your limits and to as how far you can go inachieving tasks such as housekeeping tasks like in this daddysimulatorHappy Family games. Now that mommy has gone what do youexpect the daddy simulator to do? Well let’s start counting, inhousekeeping mommy needs to cater to the babies and fulfil kidscaring tasks. Mommy has to keep the messy house tidy. Mommy has tokeep the kitchen and house clean. Mommy has to feed everyone. Mommyhas to play with the pet and feed the pet. Mommy also has to cookand drop kids off to school and play with kids.But now all this issupposed to be done by happy daddy simulator and if daddy does allof this then he’ll become the one and only super dad!!!Happy daddysimulator has to now tidy the house which is very messy. The kidshave created so much mess with clothes flying around virtual houseof virtual realityHappy Family games. Let your wife know that herholiday didn’t go in vain. The kids are hungry, now super dad daddysimulator has to make them dinner and also make dinner for the petand daddy himself. The kitchen also needs some caring and cleaningfor house care. Clean your house and make it shine to earn thetitle of super daddy!! Give your wife the treat of this happymarriage!! Your kids will definitely come to help you in doing thevirtual daddy family 3D simulation daddy simulator super daddyhappy daddy simulator virtual reality family games!!! But you haveto prove to be the super daddy here and show your kids you can dohousekeeping chores too!!Do the laundry and wash your car as well,seems like the housekeeping virtual reality virtual house taskshave been increased? It’s okay, it’s just for some days!! You haveto earn the title of super daddy as well!! The neighbours you greetwill definitely see it all and then tell your wife everything whenshe comes back which means you can get extra super daddypoints!!Happy daddy simulator virtual reality family gamesfeatures: • 3D simulation• Multiple levels• Happy family happydaddy simulation • Onscreen controls for activities and movementsTime based tasks and simulation
Futuristic Robot Flying Bike War Simulator 1.1.1 APK
Punk Games Studio
Enjoy flying root bike in a futuristic setting by playing this oneof a kind futuristic robot flying bike war simulator. The time isfurther ahead in the future and the city is in peace but one dayall of a sudden some futuristic robots attack on your robot city tostart a robot battle!! As the super robot you cannot let thathappen at any cost!! You have to become the hero simulator andprotect all other futuristic robots living in the city as well asfuturistic citizens. The enemy is as same a converter futuristicrobot like yourself. Both kinds of futuristic robots have the powerto be a converter robot bike!! This has now become a war simulatorsituation where you have to be the super robot war hero and becomethe hero simulator!!!In this futuristic robot battle the robotswill be flying since it is a flying bike robot bike battle. In thisfuturistic flying world take the enemy futuristic robots to thebike battle field for the time of bike war is here. It isguaranteed adventure upon your flying bike war simulator war heroheart!!! Upon the enemy futuristic robots arrival, take the enemyflying robot to the sky for a futuristic robot flying bike warsimulator!! All the flying bike robot are converter futuristicrobots which have the ability to turn from bike racing simple biketo a killer futuristic robot flying bike hero simulator and also arobot man in form which makes him very powerful, big and strong!Thegame play is very simple of this war simulator robot bike games,the futuristic robot flying bike war simulator has many on screencontrols. Kicking, punching, hitting, are all a part of physicalcontrols and also, you can fire different kinds of attacks from thehero simulator futuristic robot war hero converter armour!!Destroyall enemy futuristic robots before they ruin your flying bike robotin futuristic robot battle, robot bike games. Use good control ofyour war hero laser beams and convert into robot man to fight theultimate futuristic robot enemy in this bike battle war simulatorrobot games as a super robot!!!You have nothing to lose because ofyour futuristic robotic strength. Show all enemy futuristic robotswar simulator robot who is the robot bike boss. So download thefuturistic robot flying bike war simulator game right now and bringyour game on!!! The fun futuristic robot war hero game is free ofcost so you can enjoy the thrill more than ever now in the bestrobot war game with exciting features!!!***Features of Futuristicrobot flying bike war simulator***• Multiple levels • Multiplefuturistic robot flying bike war hero robots • Futuristic cityenvironment • War simulator and bike battle simulator • HD graphics• Bike to flying bike robot converter feature • On screen controlsto perform robot bike stunts • Fun sound effects