1.0 / January 27, 2012
(3.8/5) (32)


Find and collect all the sea shells. They are difficult to spot butonce you find them all on the picture you will progress into newlevel. This is classical hidden object game. type. It contains fewlevels and you have a help of progress bar so you see when you findalmost all the shells on the beach. Don't waste your time and startcollecting the shells.

информация о приложении Hidden Object Games - Shells

  • Имя приложения
    Hidden Object Games - Shells
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  • Дата публикации
    January 27, 2012
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    Android 2.1 and up
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bRainWithStorm Ещё...

Match the right shadow 1.3 APK
Shadow Match is excellent brain and sight game and it also helpschildren strengthen their visual discrimination skills by matchingcolorful pictures to their all-black shadows. Images are made forkids, they need to find fish, elephant, lion, giraffe, pig, rabbit,goat and lots of other shadows from animal kingdom.All shadows areslightly different and only one corresponds to original.This gameis suitable for kids and for grown up persons also. It's a shortbrain and puzzle game with 20 levels and it's perfect time-killingfor any short breaks.Enjoy our puzzle game and keep those eyessharp.
Hidden Rings 1.18 APK
Find all the rings hidden somewhere in the picture. This isclassical hidden object game. It has few levels so you need to playfast to finish the game according to the rules. In each level,rings are harder to spot but you have a progress bar showing youhow much rings you need to find to finish current level. So don'twaste your time and start searching the rings of happiness.I newversion of this hidden object game you will find a lot of newstuff:- Standard game play where you need to find as much rings aspossible in 5 minute time. After finding all the rings in one levelyou will proceed to second level and so on. By collecting morerings you will also be given an badge for rings collection.- Heromode. you can play this mode not by beeing relaxed (10 seconds timelimit) and sharpen your eye for the REAL thing. So check out whererings are and try the game for score. Rings are well hidden so bepatient- Unlimited mode is the relaxed mode to play. It's meant forbeginners. Well, it's up to you to be the best ring collector inour hidden object game - RingsHope you enjoy the game and don'tbecome addictive and married soon :)
Hidden Frogs 1.2 APK
Hidden frogs is latest in our collection of hidden object games. Weoffer 2 mode of play: Classic mode (5 minutes) and Relaxed mode.Again you can start collecting badges and get on the high scorelist of all time best players. Game is about finding all the 5frogs on the picture (progress bar to see how you are doing). Afterthat you will proceed into next level. Frogs are well hidden andare not easy to spot. Finding 100 frogs in 5 minutes will bring youfive star badge.Hope you like it.
Memory for Toddlers 1.2 APK
Great learning and teaching game wrappedintomemory game type. This is classical memory game for kidswithplaying in 2 modes. One mode is standard mode as most ofmemorygames are played. Other option is simple mode when you seepicturesof cards so it helps kids finishing the game. Game isappropriatefor kids of all ages cause of it's simplicity and greatdesign.Your kid will love this game.This free app is ad supported and may contain ads inthenotification tray and/or home screen.
Hidden Object Games-Seahorses 1.0 APK
Sea images where you need to find seahorses and mark them. This istype of the game called hidden object game. Your mission is tosearch for all the seahorses on the picture and mark them. Gamecontains few difficult levels so you need to finish them all tofinish the game. Progress bar will assist you so you'll know youare near the end. Dive into sea and find all the seahorses.
Hidden Object Games - Mouse 1.0 APK
Hidden Object Game. Find all the mousses on the picture so theydon't eat all the cheese. Game consist 5 levels of hidden moussesthat you need to find. Each level your mission is to find hiddenanimals to complete the level. There will be progress bar showingyou how much far from finishing the level are you. So if you have asharp eye and few minutes of time to spare this is the right gamefor you.
Hidden Object Games - Beers 2.0 APK
Another one in series of hidden object games. This time niche isspecially designed for man. You objective is to find all the beer'sin the picture. There are 5 beers per level.Game also containsstandard high score and badges system linked to all other hiddenobject games.Each level is harder to solve then previous one. Youmission is to find all beer glasses, bottles, cans, ... on thepicture and mark them. For help you will have progress bar soyou'll know when you are done. Time frame for the game is 5 minutestime. It's beer time.Cheers.
Can You Find a Cat? 🐈 1.19 APK
Hidden objects game - CATSOne of hidden object games where yourskills do matter, to find a hidden cat is not an easy job. Yes.It's quite challenging to find the kitten. You will have to becomea master detective if you want to prosper in this game. Find andseek game requires dedication, commitment, endurance, full batteryand a finger. A magnifying glass is recommended, but not required.Instead, you can use our special helpers:Hint: The most basichelper in every hidden object game is called "Hint". It shows acat. Best to use it on the last cat on the scene.Compass: It willpoint to the cat. If you want to have cat-finding-party, you needto use this one! Kittens won't have any chance to stay in theirhiding places. The cat search with this helper is a pleasure.Time:The most powerful helper in the game. If you don't have enough timeto find the cat, you can extend it. This gives you the possibilityto gain huge score and tons of items. If you have problems to findall cats use this helper.There are 5 hidden cats on every scene.When you find a cat just tap on it. After, all cats are revealedyou will go to a new scene. More kittens you reveal, more chancesyou have to find a hidden item. Items are used to build a new worldand there you will have even more chances to find the cats. Thebest cats finder will be rewarded with rare collectible items aftera level competition. Out of powerups? No problem! Visit the in-gamestore to buy them. You will get some free coins every fewminutes.The game will improve your memory after few gameplays youwon't have any problem to find the kitten. Object finding gameswill make you and your kids concentrated at one place, so it willalso develop other mind skills.--- Game Features ---- Cat search onvarious scenes- Worlds with various background screens- "pinch tozoom" - Build worlds- Tricky hiding locations- Hints, compass andtime bonus- Collect items, there are hidden objects on many scenes-Collectible items that can be exchanged- Coins & experiences-Power-ups store & free coins every few minutes- Internetconnection is NOT required!!! WARNING !!! Don't get too addictive -there is known side effect, quite powerful - it's calledcat-o-spotittius: affected person spots hidden cats everywhere -even if they aren't there.Send us a photo of your kitten atinfo@edenap.com and will make it a star in next hog update. If youhave any problem with the game, please, send us an email. We aretrying to make best cat game out there. We hope you'll enjoy it.