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ice cream
The quickest way to prepare ice cream shop
Your best friend and you were talking about what is the bestdessertfor summer. She said it is ice cream and she challenged youto makesome. Fortunately you found this recipe and now you canmake any youwant! Just follow the steps and decorate yourdelicious ice creamonce it is ready. Don't forget to choosesomething to serve it withat the end
There are boats to build and sail, hay bales to collectandgroceries to deliver before the bunny and his friends finallygetto eat their hard-earned ice cream cones
Put ingredients in Chinese and fill it with a mixture ofhomemadecakes
- Color the upper surface of Konate ice blue, yellow, purple
- Decorate Konate ice cream and add the finishing touches topromoteadditional flavors

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Test wonderful cooking game that helpsyoulearn and kitchen appliance techniques ??????Friends Dear Our company concerned has made in the field ofgamecooking and Dress up the development of this topic the game tobeAktar harmony and fun and also help girls who want to learn tocookcookies and know a decent way and Eastern sweets andinvolvementand sweets birthdays, chocolate and distinctivechocolate.In this game you need to prepare for the holiday birthdaycakefriend. So we need you. The cake will have two floors andeachfloor and cream, or you can choose to bakery items and put ontheInternet. First, you must choose the cake base. You canchoosecountertop chocolate, vanilla, cherry, kiwi, bananas. 2 gamesAfterchoosing the cake sweety game batter, you must choose yourfavoritemodel that we put on the cake, peas, twigs, ice crystals,or thecrown of hearts pendant. After choosing which model youchoose andcream put on this wonderful cake. You can choose betweenvariouscreams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or orange. tasty recipesYoustill need it and put some cream balls: strawberries withwhippedcream, dark chocolate, vanilla, white chocolateraspberrystrawberry or cherry. Now the completion of the cake baseand youhave to cooking make the second floor. Again, you mustchooseanother floor Laket be the most beautiful and wonderful andenabledyou dear friends taken it images with this topic sweet tobecomeone of the most beautiful memories and do not forget thereciperequired are as follows kilogram flour, half a kilogramofchocolate and Cook strawberries and powdered and candlesandcolorings and precious Alldidh.In the last hope that you like it and help anyone who wants tolearncooking and thanks for your support.
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ice cream 1.0.0 APK
ice creamThe quickest way to prepare ice cream shopYour best friend and you were talking about what is the bestdessertfor summer. She said it is ice cream and she challenged youto makesome. Fortunately you found this recipe and now you canmake any youwant! Just follow the steps and decorate yourdelicious ice creamonce it is ready. Don't forget to choosesomething to serve it withat the endThere are boats to build and sail, hay bales to collectandgroceries to deliver before the bunny and his friends finallygetto eat their hard-earned ice cream conesPut ingredients in Chinese and fill it with a mixture ofhomemadecakes- Color the upper surface of Konate ice blue, yellow, purple- Decorate Konate ice cream and add the finishing touches topromoteadditional flavors
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Hello to the children, girls and beautiful girls games withoutmakeup now you can learn the cake and how locally produced in thehome with pictures and sound, easily and quickly, provided byFriends beautiful diverse decors and wonderful and appetite, bodyjust children always need vitamins and calcium after the end ofeach football interview or basketball or after your values​​muscular effort or intellectual adventures such as playing gamesor cars that require intellectual effort racing games, but thepreparation of cake or pizza or apple pie should offer a range ofsupplies from perfume, fruit and vegetables and the amounts are asfollows The amounts of the dough: 3 cups flour - 3 tbsp olive oilthough the mesh is possible oil Dora - a small sugar spoon - aspoon text tsp salt - 2 tablespoons yeast small - text warm cup ofmilk - eggsThe cooking method it is extremely easy enough to adjustthe electric furnace Ai 200 ° C and the introduction of pizza tothe oven for 30 minutes onlyThe amounts of pizza stuffingPizzasauce - sliced ​​green peppers - sliced ​​olives - sliced ​​onion -sausage or possible tuna meat or luncheon or shrimp or Nsgnypossible for all this and the rest on vegetables and shrubbery ifit be Habeyen Margherita - mozzarella cheese or cheese Turki -MushroomAs for the cake are as followsDesirable in landscaping suchas strawberries, peaches, apricots, kiwi, mango or other fruits allAction cake method:1. In the beginning you should be doing Bkhvqamount of eggs (5 eggs) with vanilla and then evaluating the amountof added sugar (1 cup sugar) while continuing to whisk until themixture becomes thick or mix and heavy as required or other words,it becomes more like a cream.2. nationalist then Bnkhal flour andadd to the mixture that we got it provided added very slowly (bead)and then stirring nationalist using a spoon until the flour inwhole or in blends as required disappears and then nationalistadding the amount of baking powder.3. Apply the mixture, which wegot after adding the flour and baking powder in a tray afterpainted ghee and sprinkled with flour and nationalist placing themin the oven at a temperature of 180 C for approximately 45minutes.4. After the passage of time the Chinese nationalist removeand leave to cool a little and then nationalist her heart on theother face and leave it to cool completely.5. urban Alcastr andleave too cool.6. nationalist hard-spongy cake in half and thennationalist unlike its status so that it is part of the lump outand be more like a cake Balafrahh.7. At this stage or step of theway the cake is whipping Karim Shanti and fat cake and decorate itas required and desired fruits to add to the cake, preferably fatfruit Paljala cold liquid to get the best result.8. Now cake readybut we must put it in the refrigerator until completely cooled andserved cold.This was the modus operandi of the magnificent homecake shops such as easy and very quick manner and without thetrouble or expense or a great effort, and best of all this is thatall the ingredients and method of preparation is guaranteedIn thelast hope that you like it dear children
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Learn with us how to prepare a delicious pizza white cheese andprepare all kinds of Okulat the kitchen and make-up using tomatosoft cheese and also prepare pizza dough and Dalk using deliciousolive oil and thyme and flour, salt, water and blending this topiccomponents with each other to obtain a paste of high quality metalFlash games and adventure games and cake and cake and Alortah tortaBegin mixing the ingredients and the recipe pizza that you want tobe prepared from the ingredients available, then Akhltoa all theelements until homogeneous components with each other, after thecompletion of the preparation of the dough leave it some time andBegin cutting cut strawberries to decorate the candy, then caughtAlmudallak and Arise massage the dough before cutters in the formof a small cake and filling layer of strawberries, put a little bitof oil in a frying pan placed on high temperature for frying donutssweets and then decorate it with a superficial layer of almondpowder and coconut you can make cakes ready-to-eat, I hope that youenjoy playing games cooking delicious Alipidza and the next time wewill give you dressing girls games and girls and also how raspberrycake offers cooking Games cooking cakes and chocolate and thankKulathThe amounts necessary areHousehold Utensils Dishes, almonds,coke, cocoa, strawberries and nuts Flour, coconut and circus. oliveoil
Cooking Games chocolate 2.1 APK
If you think a recipe to make, you must first know what you need tocook that recipe. Flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, butter, in this gameyou have all the ingredients to make this recipe.you have all theproducts for cooking, it's time to start! In this game you willwork with a mixer, k3, oven and also with some bowls and casserole,spoons, k3 Free Adventure Games; a knife, Adventure games ; cookingtrays and other kitchen utensils.This cooking game is suitable forboys and girls, Adventure games , to make these cookies in reallife you have to help mom or friends, ice cream, to use the rightcooking tools.The purpose of this cookie game is that every childunderstands how to make a delicious dessert, cook and dress are thebest and most played games of the year, in addition to cookies andice cream are also popular games such as Cheesecake, Cake Pops, CupCake, Donut, Brownie, Strawberry Cake, Orange Cake, Mango Cake,Matcha Cake, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Cake, Adventure games, ChipsCake, Strawberry Chocolate, Cake Orange, Chocolate Cake, MilkChocolate Cake, Free Adventure Games, White Chocolate Cake,Strawberry Ice Cream Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream Cake, Mango Ice CreamCake, Chocolate Cake. pitta, pizza, snackCup Cake, Donu, Brownie,K3, Frozen Yogurt, Strawberry Cake, Orange Cake, Mango Cake, MatchaCake, Dark Chocolate Cakeice cream Chocolate Chips Cake, icecreamStrawberry Chocolate Cake, Orange Chocolate Cake, MilkChocolate Cake ,White Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream Cake,Vanilla Ice Cream Cake, Mango Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Ice CreamCake
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Welcome baby in the kitchen of julie, the gourmet paradise and funchildren! Cooking and mania over 100 ingredients and utensils, andconcocts tasty recipes from around the world! Put on your apron,roll up your sleeves and regale yourself!Cooking in the kitchenfeatures baby:- Choose from 9 different dishes- Make fries and ahamburger- Cook and decorate your own donut -Bake your own soup-Cook and decorate your own birthday cake- cook your own pizza inthe oven- make a long cocktail summer drink in your kitchen- Chopand fill your sushi with your favorite ingredients- Easy to playfor children- Must Play Kitchen Kitchen Game For Kids AndBabyCooking in the Kitchen is a Top Girl Games game and one of thecooking games.