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Ninja Black Shadow Warrior is a critical escape city prisonfreeoffline game and with a curious system ninja fight againstBlackShadow Warrior with full Warrior ninja action counter toblackmonsters. Ninja Black Shadow Warrior is full free game forkids andadults with real action fighting games environment for allandroiddevices. Being a ninja fighter you have to fight for theultimateperiod of this thrilling clash of real ninja survivalsituationwith a realistic hero skill of shadow fighting. Alikeother warheroes in a critical situation of warfare battleground inthe huntof life survival, the hero of Ninja Black Shadow Warrior isalsoplanning for a chance to get rid of the custodial of blackshadowenemies in legendry surviving skills to put an end to thisroyalkingdom.There are different kinds of hurdles and barriers onthecastle walls, you should be very cautious with auto-rotatingsharpblades, striking thunders, throne blades, and swords. Youcandefend yourself like throwing knives, freestyle ninjafighting,ninja kick fight, ninja get back fiting and all ninja warKung epicbattle skills. When the Ninja become prisoner during thewar offreedom against the black shadow forces & shadow fighterstheyput him into a black cell and locked all the castle wallsandoutgoing ways. Therefore the ninja planes to escape from theseepicblack castle armies with a real escape survival mission ofcagefighting or breaking custodial. There are thirty heroic levelswithbundles of hurdles and barriers that can directly harming youandcan easily bring you to the dead zone. It’s important to passallthese exhilarating levels of Ninja Black Shadow Warrior andforthis, never act like a clumsy ninja, you should be very expertinarchery special shooting skills, fast speedy runner,realisticninja warrior super ninja fighting styles to finish thegame ofblack evil shadow clash mission within a few minutes. NinjaBlackShadow Warrior is free Android games for all ninja movieslovers orbest ninja games for kids ninja and ninja girl s fightwith arealistic ninja play game facing black evil and want to getarescue in this ninja fighting game. It is crucial for ninjawarriorto keep escape plan darks as a night that can’t be disclosedtoblack shadow. You have to move swiftly and silently as like awindcoz the obstacles may knock you out cruelly.Ninja BlackShadowWarrior is indeed an escape survival game form black shadowcastleforces with open kill fighting & cage fighting strategiestobreak the custodial with an amazing street fighting skillsandplanning game for saving. Try to run fast to easily escapefromevery deadly attack and do not stop ninja running, ninjajump,Ninja Climb, Ninja Punch, Ninja Fight with techniques &karateand throw shuriken towards barriers and hurdles with yourperfectaim throwing target skills. Be the last Ninja Black ShadowWarriorand get freedom from cage fighting cell.

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  • Имя приложения
    Ninja Black Shadow Warrior
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    June 20, 2018
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
    Galaxol - Action & Simulation Games
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    7511 acorn LN Frisco TX 75034 USA
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Tiger Hunters: The Wild Jungle Hunting is the best action andshooting game.Jungle deer and tiger hunting is all about thrill& action. Take your sniper rifle and become a best armycommando in his deadly wild jungle lions and wolf hunter game. Showyour all shooting skills reload the gun and full the bulletsbecause the tiger is very danger and clever animal so to be aprofessional deer & tiger hunter you must have good aim andshoot skills while holding your breath. Take the test to prove youa real jungle hunter in amid 3D environment of mountain jungles.Practice your archery hunter skills in the abundance of Mountainschallenging you more to throw arrow like a bow master with a mastereye towards your wild animal. You are on a Deer hunting expeditionof 2017 in a dense dark jungle environment where you have to huntdeer in a specified time. Defend your town near jungle from thesedeadly predators or get ready to escalate assassin by junglewarriors so target your enemies with only weapon of ak 47 andgunner guns. In this wild tiger safari jungle hunting encounteryou’re shooting and hunting expertise should be at par to win thisimmersive challenge while enjoying a best deer hunting experiencein a beautiful and dense forest in a best season kind ofenvironment. Efficient weapon with control & zoom.Enjoy thisunique frontier animal hunting games with detailed animations. Thegame is filled with action, hunting & shooting. The game playrevolves around you being a real huntsman while the wild animalsroam in the wilderness. It’s hunting time! Deer and bloody tigerhunts 2017 shooter 3D will let you hunt deer & lion in the wilddark jungle on green mountain top. The game environment is so superwith amazing enhance graphics. High quality scenario and bestsounds tracks. The game tests your hunting skills in differentprecision and time based challenges. You, as a Hunter need toimmerse yourself in a vast jungle environment to kill huge animals,but try to hunt them down before they do so to you. Hunting wildjungle animals is fun when one is a professional hunter as anamateur will endanger his life in trying to kill furious beasts.Start as a deer huntsman and gain experience to improve yourhunting skills and become a professional wild animal killer. Withincreasing levels, the game gets difficult and makes it harder tohunt. Cool 3D animal animations and simulations. You must haveplayed other hunting games, jungle games, sniper shooting games,but this game is unique game provide you all in one. Whether youwant to hunt in, this forest gives you all. Become an incredibleand most wanted hunter by killing dangerous predators, deer, wolfand tiger from all over the world in a hunting safari. Hunt deer,bears, cheetahs, rhinos and many more ferocious animals. Withdifferent animals, multiple guns with upgraded functionalities,different scenarios, and rapid development; experience this bestsniper animal the wilder hunter’s game and then show your besthunting and target shooting skills. Deer Hunting Wild Animals isbound to be an ultimate hunting experience for all the huntingprofessionals out there. The game goal is very simple hunt the wildtiger in each level and become a best hunter. If you have anysuggestions to improve, please contact us. We will try to implementit as soon as possible. Thank you!
FPS Action Modern Striker 1.0 APK
FPS Action Modern Striker is full free Android 3D Action FPSshooting game for all FPS shooters and terrorist striking lover.FPS Action Modern Striker is full free FPS shooting game you playthe role of a terrific machine gunner freestyle shooter and willhave to utilize the advanced technology of FPS elite killer toachieve your main aimed task of counter-terrorism. You will betackled with a fully armed deadly terrorist group, they areterrible and firing with monster’s gunners. In command to achievethe assigned mission and not to be assassinated by these terroristenemies, you are supposed to get rid of all. You are permitted touse shooting range weapons and shoot them all, the ammo storeconsists of pistols, rifles, machine guns, AK47, and many moredestructive weapons of advanced technologies. you can start yourmission by Selecting distinctive scenes and fight with theseterrorist group. This free FPS Action Modern Striker has severalgameplay modes for all android games players. FPS Action ModernStriker provides also timeless Mode and time-limited missionscampaign which you have a limited time to destroy the enemy,whether those tasks fail. In the Hostage mode, you should rescuethe hostages who controlled by the terrorist. Anyway, you have topick up guns and launched a desperate struggle with the enemy. FPSAction Modern Striker offers different types of war strategies i.e.battlefield maps, like the Desert, Ice and Snow environment, theold Persian Town, Wrecked City of war’s victims. while playing thisgigantic FPS Action Modern Striker free battle warfare You willfeel the wild fighting experience on the surface of this warfarezone and will be surprised by the realistic vivid 3d battleenvironments scenes.Armory store will provide and facilitate thegame players with some attractive firearms for achieving theassigned task in an efficient manner to destroy all the enemiesbrigade. The Ammunition Store or Armory shop consist of somedevastating weapons and machine guns such as AK47, M4A1, M249,Deagle, Grozo, Barrett, AWP, MP5 WP, Scout, BLT, G3sg, SG5502 andso on. All machine guns are very realistic in sense of usage,Bullet firing sound, 3D tools shape, I trust FPS Action ModernStriker will contribute all the FPS shooting lovers an opportunityto fell the real sense of open shooting experience.The functions ofthe FPS Action Modern Striker game are very simple and cool, thisfree android game runs smoothly with realistic game sound effectsand game themes and background attractive effects definitelystretches the game players towards an original free android FPSshooting feelings. All the FPS Action Modern Striker game exploitssuch as target Headshot, showing realistic Blood, original gamesSound, and background music, 3D Effects, Superb Gameplay, all thesethings are truly perfect.
Galaxy Evolution Shooter Vs Predator Attack 1.1 APK
Enjoy the best space craft exploration spatiale war simulation gameneon invader Glaxy Evolution Shooter Vs Predator Attack among thegalaxy wars alien space shooter games 2018. year 2060 the earth isnot rich of resources any more in the search of resources, humanityspace frontiers were forced to search galaxy by galaxy throughoutthe universe by facing different planets to conquer and to find anexoplanet capable of supporting human life in this space game withgalactic shooter amongst galaxy attack space games free 2018. Enjoythe real space galactic shooter fight adventure galaxy game amongstthe awesome galaxy war defense and exoplanet space games 2018.After traveling hundred of light years through hundreds of starsystems with little fuel remaining, humanity finally found suitableplanets found exoplanet and Planet Eden where galactic shooter neoninvaders are waiting for space frontier battle. Now the real galaxylegendary nave war is going to happen for the survival of humanityin gravity space vs alien attack of neon invaders. In GlaxyEvolution Shooter Vs Predator Attack Solo space fleet craft ofHumanity is sent from elite space, fleet forces – Marine Warriors –to scout and colonize planet Eden but they have to go through a gunship war going on exoplanet, by neon invader of space nave in spaceshuttle. The island dreams is about to be conquered by navegalactic shooter wars by alien force But what was thought to be aperfect place for living had a hidden secret. The entire planet isgravity space war battle field, the one conquer it will rule thegalaxies, now its upto you to play the entire war on space shipsface the real alien attack war. This game is whole space shipbattle field and space war simulation with excellent space fleetmodels among the space fighting games of 2018.Glaxy EvolutionShooter Vs Predator Attack space war game is an advanced aliencivilization war simulation, the civilization on Eden planet knownas The Ancients, initially colonized Eden. The Ancients alienscreated a biological weapon called The Swarm a powerful weapon ofmass destruction any evading conquerors. The civilization of humanshas been attacked by neon invaders during an interstellar conflictalien attack; the Ancients lost control created a war start overthe Swarm and abandoned the planet peace rules, leaving the hiddendanger behind on Planet Eden. Go on there are no warning signs werethought to be only legends, and humanity rushed to colonize theplanet save the humans do the space craft gun fight action amongthe galaxy games of 2017.the planet Eden must be saved from suchinvader download and save it by doing space craft fighting in thisspace fighting game the most nice game among galaxy shooter game of2017. Go on the Swarm finally disclosed, their devastating attackdestroyed or stranded most of the Marine Warriors having less fuelspace ships. How to play Galaxy War evolution:- tap shoot to killall neon invaders- tap left to shif left and dodge the space ships-tap on right to shift position right- use tilt button to use starfleet space ship vertically Features of Galaxy War ShootEvolution:- Stunning HD graphics of real space- Cool space fleetsmodels- Be galactic shooter warfare hero- Excellent space fleetfighting simulator- Jet space craft speed increase with time- Shootdown all aliens
Rickshaw Fun ( Drive Simulator 1.0 APK
It is time to drive a realistic rickshaw with amazing MountainView. This is the best rickshaw driving simulator game free ongoogle play store. Take a thrilling challenge by steering yourwheels on this crazy impossible track. Wouldn’t it be great to getyour heart racing on edge of every scary curvy turn? Performoutrageously cool stunts and dare to be feisty with 5 differentstunt chinghchi rickshaws which you have to unlock through everylevel. Take sharp turns; hold on to your tuk tuk rickshaw seats.This bus simulation is beyond realistic. It is a muscle rickshawsimulator game with all the mechanics of furious racing games inAsian village auto chingchi games. You might have played a lot ofcar stunts and other bus and truck rickshaw games but nothingcompares to impossible tracks rickshaw drive in this game. tuk tukdriving is not a child’s play but a real man’s superhero rickshawextreme car stunts fun. Drive the dangerous track with crazy stuntsperformed by your off road hill rickshaw passenger transporting.Sonow it is time to show your driving stunts by driving rickshaw andchinghchi vehicles. Physics of the vehicle is extremely wonderfulin the off road simulation game tuk tuk car Driving. Drive in afree mode in the hill area. No fear of crash of the vehicle in offroad mode. In this In Rickshaw offroad drive chingchi game you canearn money, gold coins and update your Rickshaw. It is not thepolice car driving, hill climb transporter cargo and army heavytruck trailer to maintain law and order; rather it is a privatesimulation vehicle to drive just as low city transporter. The gameis about to go out and taxi the people to their destination. Sopark on the right spot and make the people happy. The game willtest your skills of acceleration, steering, driving and parking,accept the challenge which is really difficult to drive in off-roaddrive fast as you can be passing through curvy roads to proveyourself good off road rickshaw. Tuk Tuk auto rickshaw provides thebest pick and drop facility to the passengers. It picks multiplepassengers from one destination and drops them at differentdestinations.Offroad hill tourist Rickshaw is the best rickshawdriving games where you need to do your pick and drop job just likea crazy taxi. Tuk Tuk rickshaw auto offroad drive will really testyour tuk tuk driving skills, in this crazy ultimate real autorickshaw driving get expertise in acceleration, steering, drivingand parking, take your rickshaw over the offroad drive into thehill climb mountains and steep roads, take your tourists andpassengers in the auto rickshaw drifting on the dusty rainy roadsand drive as fast as you can performing jumps and stunts in amazingrickshaw offroad realistic mode, drive carefully to avoid crashesand hitting other off road vehicles. Get ready to enjoy the thrillof driving multiple auto rickshaws. Get experience of transportingpassengers and tourist on hill climbing roads and steep paths. Haveyou ever travelled with a rickshaw when you went on a leave? Nothen this is best chance to drive a rickshaw driving games. On thisgame your goal is to drive rickshaw and Tuk Tuk auto rickshawprovides the best pick and drop facility to the passengers. Itpicks multiple passengers from one destination and drops them atdifferent destinations. Complete all levels and become a bestdriver.Excellent sound effects and graphicsBeautiful 3D hillyenvironment Traditional look of Asia cultureExtreme tuk tuk drivingwith dangerous turns.Adventurous and thrilling taxi rickshawdriving.A complete Hill Station Environment to ExplorePick and dropservice to the passengers in this mountainous environmentMultipleCamera Modes to Enhance Game playCrazy driving experience withexcellent graphics.Enjoy off road Chingchi simulator: RealdriveSteer, touch controls are given for better user experience.
Futuristic Flying Cars Shooting Tussle 1.0 APK
Enjoy the most realistic HD Speedy Aerial cars battle with extraordinary Controversial Aerial motorcar encounter in an interestingEnvironment. If you are a flying games enthusiast, then this topnotch concept of Real Drift Disputed taxi wars with futuristicgames will definitely entertain you. It’s your chance to transformthese Classic airy cars and convert them anytime into flying supermachines; Crazy airborne wheels rumble in the most modern flyinggames and shooting games. Cars lovers will enjoy Amazing Flyingcars shooting tussle.Amazing Flying cars shooting tussle aim is toprovide the spice of combat shooting in car shooting games andDreamy Aerial cars and coach shooting contest while also making itone of the finest available car shooting battle games out there.This is a new Airborne gunship car racing game 2018 with the Realairy sports cars shoot contest involved.Experience the best ofAirborne gunship car battle and car games for boys in this Crazyairy cars shooting. Beat the time with your offroad Auto foxy carsshooting contest and Turbo jeep aerial Stunts rumble. You have toprove your car shooting and car parking shooting skills in this newshooting game which is among the best fling car shooting games andCrazy royal cars shoot out tussle. Amazing Flying cars shooting isthe ever best game of Real Drift Disputed taxi wars 2018 fun asCrazy airborne wheels rumble car simulator. You might have playedgames of Car shooting involving air fighter cars and a jet fighter,but this game based on the concept of Racing Car Dogfight Battlethat will take your thinking to a whole new level. Amazing Flyingcars shooting tussle game has input the extraordinary focus onvisual effect and environment, which includes weapons, cars,explosions and on overall gameplay to make Airborne gunship carracing simulation as realistic as any among the car flying games of2018. Ever wanted to drive Turbo jeep aerial Stunts car? Or maybefly an aircar? Classic airy cars quarrel game is perfect for you!Now you can drive your super Lofty sports car firing do stunts anddrifts and fly your car like an airplane, feel like a professionalaircraft fighter pilot. You are free in a world that you can dowhat you want. Fly your real airy sports car through amazingislands, Discover beautiful landscapes, Fly around the World andbecome the best flying car pilot. Amazing Flying cars shootingtussle is a flying car racing adventure game, concerning the sportscar in the flying race and real action with the Crazy airy shootingcar simulator. Being a best sports flying car driver, it’s time foryou to perform the futuristic flying car driving with one of thebest flying car 3d game 2018. So get set to show some extremestunts to fly the car in the newest combination of flying toptrending car games of the future.Fight with tussle in Aerial carsshooting tussle, have an escape from airborne gunship car racingand enter the dreamy world of Amazing flying cars shooting tusslegames. Definitely It’s a trend setter for flying car battle games,where you will get a chance to perform multiple shooting skillswith futuristic Crazy airy cars shooting tussle 2018.Download thebest free Amazing flying cars shooting tussle game and enjoythrilling fun and Don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback.How to Play?  Read the level information carefully. Move liverupwards to raise the speed. Touch up button to take off and downto land. Tilt the device for left/ right movements. Touch gun tofire upon enemy. Features  User-friendly GUI.  Stunning 3DEnvironment. Efficient car controls & movement. Advance AIphysics Implemented. Electrifying HD sounds. Fascinatinggame-play.
Dino Hunter: The Jungle Survival Game 1.0 APK
Dinosaurs in the jungle! A jungle survival game dinosaur game,including dinosaurs, finding you in the lush green terrain withtress & mountains, where you have to survive by killingdinosaurs. One of the best dinosaur killing games / dinosaurfighting games. T Rex Tyrannosaurus is trying to find you in junglesurvival game, be careful, save yourself from T Rex Tyrannosaurus,and kill the prey in dinosaur hunting games.Dinosaur hunter: Thejungle survival game dinosaur game is exciting free android gamewhich also lies in dino hunt game / dinosaur hunting game, withease of controls and realistic gaming environment. You have varietyof weapons to kill T Rex Tyrannosaurus in Tyrannosaurus T Rexhunting game dinosaur game. There are many other dinosaurs in thisDinosaur hunter: The jungle survival game dinosaur game. "DinosaurHunter: The Jungle Survival Game" is free dinosaur fighting gamesdinosaur hunter android game from Dinosaur games in which you willexperience real dinosaur feel. Very few dinosaur shooting gameshave real visuals, but this dinosaur hunting games takes you tojungle world with natural real Jurassic era looking terrain anddifferent dinosaurs / t rex dinosaur / Tyrannosaurus dinosaur dinohunt game.Become a T rex hunter and fight with dinosaur in thisdino hunter game / dinosaur hunting games, and these dinosaursaren’t extinct. T Rex Tyrannosaurus is the most furious dinosaur,who kill brutally, and you have to survive in jungle survival gamein dinosaur fighting games. This Jurassic era 3D realistic dinosaurhunter game is different from the rest. Search T Rex Tyrannosaurusand shoot them brutally in dinosaur hunter.How to play thisDinosaur game "Dinosaur Hunter: The Jungle Survival Game"Dinosaurhunting games is given a tutorial, from which you can see how tomove and shoot T Rex Tyrannosaurus. Enter the jungle full of tress,you will find T Rex Tyrannosaurus, as you come into T Rex radar, TRex will try to kill you. Your health will be affected, which willdecrease in dinosaur shooting games. Difficulty will be increasedwith increase of missions. Dinosaur fighting games is all aboutsurvival of the fittest, you have to dino hunt in this dinosaurhunting games.More dinosaurs will be added in updates, but only ifyou complete all levels in dinosaur shooting games. Features ofDinosaur hunting game "Dinosaur Hunter: The Jungle Survival Game"?•Easy controls• Realistic environment/lush terrain/Jurassic era•Numerous ferocious dinosaurs in dino hunt game• 8 different stagesof dinosaur hunting dinosaur games• Cash rewards on each level win•Different weapons in store/arsenalWe hope you like Dinosaur Hunter:The Jungle Survival Game free android game. Do give us feedbackabout this dinosaur games “Dinosaur Hunter: The Jungle SurvivalGame” so that we can make improvements in future updates. And ohyes, give us 4+ stars too ;)P.S If you love dinosaur games, youwill love this dinosaur games too!
Jeep Driver ( Classic Parking The First Season 1.0 APK
Jeep Driver ( Classic Parking The First Season is the bestsimulator game.Class jeep & Car Parking is an enjoyable andhard car parking simulation game in a real classic environment.This is a parking game like you’ve never seen before! Learn how todrive in the hard street and realistic parking environment. Steerthe jeep meticulously and catch the bridge in time to lift your caronto the next storey. This Prado and SUV Parking Game is an amazingcar parking simulator game that requires highest precision! Parkyour car without hitting other cars and objects. Use the varyinggears and shifts to wiggle into the parking spot. Show all yourdriving, drifting and racing skills as a legend and real expertdriver in this classic highway parking simulator, trying new 4x4vehicles and enhancing your driving expertise in this game 2017.Fasten your seat belts and experience enthralling drivingadventures as legend in all kinds of Prado steam vehicles includingcompact cars, luxury Prado and new limo type hummer cab. Addictiveand easy to learn hard to master gameplay. Try to park Classic Carsin different levels. Avoid crashing into barriers other cars andcontainers! This is quite the challenge. Follow the checkpoints tofind your way and park your car safely. If you love 3D vehiclesimulation games and love the twist of a bit of challenge, then carparking free might be the perfect game for you. Car parking freepresents the player with easy to learn and hard to master stylegame play. Specially designed multiple hard levels for parking.Wheel size and left/right selections. Drive in the difficult woodtrack bridge and other hard parking vehicles. The game starts offby presenting simple tasks such as parking your car in the rightspot without hindering your path with any obstacles. But as youprogress the missions become more and more difficult and it becomeshard to reach your target. First levels are easy, and then levelsare getting hard. None of the level is impossible to complete as weourselves have played and tested the completeness of the game. Indifferent ways the game presents you with the tasks that requireyou to drive your car in a way that we people usually do in ourdaily life without even consciously knowing. Using real life carwill park his car in an easy somehow. Download this best carsimulator parking game pleasure now to arrive at simulation gameand play. Such as reverse parking or taking tight turn reallyslowly avoiding the traffic in a congested traffic jam. It’s like aproper driving simulator.Your goal is just parked the Prado harddriver fast speed parking safely and carefully on the parking lotwithin the given exact time, they fit in perfectly with in thedesignated spot. This game will develop you’re driving skill! Enjoy3d world with this realistic car parking game and enjoy hard- easyparking. On this game have multiple hard and easy challengingmissions with amazing sports and classic old cars. First levels areeasy, and then levels are getting hard. On this game have multiplejeeps, Prado, SUV, hummer, and classic cars chose your favorite carfrom the garage and enter on the parking area and show you’re bestdriving skills and become a best driver. This classic car 3Dparking is very common exhilarating game on Google play store!Download this interesting game.FEATURE:,First levels are easy, andthen levels are getting hard Realistic driving and parkingexperienceEnjoy 3d world with this realistic car parking game andenjoy easy parking.Specially designed multiple hard levels forparkingNumber of awesome cars and jeep to unlock.Park your carwithout hitting other cars and objects.Specially designed objectsfor parking.Challenging levels to test you’re driving skills.Threecontrol options: tilt, buttons, and steeringCar parking for fans ofriding and publish it for free!