1.1 / September 3, 2015
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Noah! Save the animals!Noah's Ark, a unique and creative physicsbased game for all ages. Stack the animal blocks within limitedtime!1. 37 levels2. Different sizes of animal and ark

информация о приложении Noah's Ark

  • Имя приложения
    Noah's Ark
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    September 3, 2015
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
    lwc studio
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Car City II 1.5 APK
lwc studio
CAR CITY IIA simple action game for all ages. Many small cars runon screen, boys' favorite. Player should earn money to build thecity to let cars run.8 game missions for player to achieve. 1. Earn500 dollars.2. Build a road.3. Build a train.4. Build a airplane.5.100 cars.6. 150 cars.7. Defense monsters and at least 120 carsalive.
鳥獣戯画制作キット 1.8 APK
lwc studio
鳥獣人物戯画(ちょうじゅうじんぶつぎが)は、京都市右京区の高山寺に伝わる紙本墨画の絵巻物。国宝。鳥獣戯画とも呼ばれる。現在の構成は、甲・乙・丙・丁と呼ばれる全4巻からなる。内容は当時の世相を反映して動物や人物を戯画的に描いたもので、鳴呼絵(おこえ)に始まる戯画の集大成といえる。特にウサギ・カエル・サルなどが擬人化して描かれた甲巻が非常に有名である。一部の場面には現在の漫画に用いられている効果に類似した手法が見られることもあって、「日本最古の漫画」とも称される。成立については、各巻の間に明確なつながりがなく、筆致・画風も違うため、12世紀- 13世紀(平安時代末期 -鎌倉時代初期)の幅のある年代に複数の作者によって別個の作品として制作背景も異にして描かれたが、高山寺に伝来した結果、鳥獣人物戯画として集成したものとされる。作者には戯画の名手として伝えられる鳥羽僧正覚猷(とばそうじょうかくゆう)が擬されてきたが、それを示す資料はなく、前述の通り各巻の成立は年代・作者が異なるとみられることからも、実際に一部でも鳥羽僧正の筆が加わっているかどうかは疑わしい。おそらく歴史上無名の僧侶などが、動物などに仮託して、世相を憂いつつ、ときには微笑ましく風刺したものであろう。現在は甲・丙巻が東京国立博物館、乙・丁巻が京都国立博物館に寄託保管されている。
Jumping llama 1.2 APK
lwc studio
I'm a llama. Slim body and neck, looks great, isn't it? Withoutanything, I can jump more than 5 meter by myself! I can fly high asa rocket! Wow! So great!1. 20 levels.2. all levels open, easy toplay
Lunar pool 1.7 APK
lwc studio
Lunar Pool is played in boards of different shapes, wherein theplayer has to shoot the cue ball to knock other colored balls intothe pockets. If the player fails to pocket at least one coloredball in three consecutive turns, then the player will lose onelife. Also, if the player pockets his own cue ball, he loses alife.
Smart Match 1.1 APK
lwc studio
Smart match is a simple match game designed for preschool kids.Include may kinds of topic such as weather, animals, number,alphabet, tools, shapes, colour, logic, etc.Player should try tomatch two cards each time. One of these two cards is marked withquestion mark, that means it's a "question" of this quiz. Anothercard without mark means it's an "answer".One quiz will have 6question cards and 6 answer cards. Totally the game has 132quiz.The game is similar to classical memo card, but not only matchthe same thing. Kids can learn more topics from it. This game issuitable for usage in kindergarten/preschool as well as at home.Thepermissions used are required by the game platform and used forstatisticsonly.android.permission.INTERNETandroid.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
汽車城市 - 注音符號兒童遊戲 1.2 APK
lwc studio
一個簡單的注音認字遊戲,可提供給小孩子學習注音字,並訓練手眼協調及反應能力遊戲開始時,車子會單向行進,且速度較慢,幼兒可試著去按每一台車,車子會加速前進並發出鳴響,當選到與畫面正上方相同的注音字時,可結束這一局並得到獎賞,每過一關,車行速度會加快,且遊戲背景畫面會切換,並且有天氣的變化,讓遊戲內容更豐富.幼兒可在文字變化行進間,了解每個注音字,父母可在遊戲行進間,於旁協助帶領小孩認識每一個注音字.寓教於樂,讓注音字學習不在枯燥無聊中文注音原由:以章太炎的記音字母作藍本的漢字標音符號,1912年由中華民國教育部制定、1918年正式發佈。注音符號經過百年演變,現有37個(聲母21個,韻母16個),目前仍舊為台灣漢字的重要拼讀工具,小學語文教育必修內容;中國大陸自1958年推行漢語拼音方案後停止使用,只在主要漢語字典工具書保留使用。在台灣,小學生學習漢字前,必須上十週的注音符號教學課,但不少幼稚園亦已經教授。日常生活中,注音符號既用來標注生僻字,亦是常用的漢字輸入法,其推廣相當普遍,多數幼童均熟練使用。Asimple phonetic literacy games, can be provided to the childrenlearning phonetic word, and training hand-eye coordination andability to respondThe beginning of the game, the car will be aone-way road, and slower, children can try to press each car, thecar will accelerate progress and sounds, he was elected to thescreen just above the same phonetic word, you can end this Bureauand be rewarded each passing off, driving speed will beaccelerated, and the game background screen will switch, and thechanges in the weather, the game richer.Young children understandeach phonetic word in the text change road between parents in thegame road between the next to help lead the children to know eachphonetic word. Entertaining, the phonetic word learning is notboringChinese phonetic originally:Zhang Taiyan sound mind lettersmodeled Chinese phonetic symbols, formulated by the Ministry ofEducation of the Republic of China in 1912, officially released in1918.Phonetic symbols After a hundred years the evolution of theexisting 37 (21 consonants, vowels, 16), there is still TaiwanChinese characters spelling tools, primary language educationcompulsory content; mainland China since the implementation of theChinese Phonetic Alphabet in 1958 to stop using only in the mainChinese dictionary tool reserved.In Taiwan, primary school studentslearning Chinese characters, phonetic symbols on the ten-weekteaching classes, but many kindergartens have also professor. Dailylife, the phonetic symbols used to mark the uncommon word is alsocommonly used Chinese character input method, its marketing isquite common, most children are familiar with.
Car City - ABC game for kids 1.9 APK
lwc studio
A simple alphabet study game for kids, it's fun with many kinds ofcut cars and buildings, fantastic background, and weather effect.Atthe beginning, car will run slower from right to left. Kids cantouch each car, car will speed up and sound. If Kids press theright letter, there will be many fruits and coins falling down, andkids can touch it as reward,
Splat painter 5 APK
lwc studio
A simple paint game for kids. Kids can draw a selected color orrainbow color. Also it has a special "splat" mode. That can dropink on canvas! Fun for kids.1. 36 pictures.2. Splat and Rainbowmode.