1.2.0 / June 17, 2018
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Hi everybody!Out NOW PDXSpaceBrawl, another game from PDXSoft,madewith Game Maker Studio 2.Brawl in space against 7 CPUcontrolledspace ships, while the time is running. When the timeruns out, theship that destroyed the other ships more times is thewinner!! NOWthere is multiplayer support from 2 to 8 playersonline!!

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    June 17, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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PDXSoft Ещё...

PDXBlockz 1.0.4 APK
Use your finger to drag a circular red paddle, knocking a greenball over a serie of blocks, that appear randomically through of 10stages. Each new stage increases the amount of blocks and thenumber of simultaneous blocks.There is a timer of 3 minutes, ineach stage.Each block has a size and a color, thus hitting blockswith lower sizes means more points. If you hit all the blocks onthe stage under the 3 minutes time length, the remaining time inseconds increases your score, and you advance to the next stage.When the time is over, it's game over.If the time is over or youbeat the 10 stages, a screenshot of your current score isgenerated, and a dialog allowing you to share the screenshotappears. A unique file name is generated. When you achieve a newscore, the previous screenshot file is overwritten.The soundtrackwas composed by me earlier this year. There are 7 songs...Update:To pause the game, touch the screen with another finger withoutreleasing the finger you're playing with...Have fun!!
PDXBlockz2 1.0.1 APK
PDXBlockz is back with a new feature.Now, you make some sound (orsimply play music in the background... ;D), while the blocks aremoving (they are insane than ever!!).When you think the waveform ofthe sound being played is intersecting the most possible of blocksof the current stage, just touch the screen. The blocks being hitby the waveforms will turn green and disappear after a while. Ifall the blocks disappear under the limit of 3 trials, you clear thestage!!There are 10 stages, the first has 5 blocks, the second has10, the third has 15, and so on, until the last stage, which has 50blocks!!Unlike the first PDXBlockz, there is no time limit onPDXBlockz2, thus allowing you to plan your best waveformstrike!!The score points you achieve when you hit some blocks arecalculated by the standard deviate of these blocks positions + 10points (so when you hit only one block, you can also stay happy:D)... Use your criativity and see what waveforms you can achievewith different types of sounds with the waveform preview in realtime.Having no luck on the 3 trials, or even beating the 10 stages,a hiscore screenshot will be generated (in a single file on yourdevice), allowing you to share it to the social apps you'refamiliarized with.More than ever, have fun!! ;D
PDXSpace 1.0.0 APK
PDXSoft is back!!Guide a space ship through 10 different levels,collecting the green blocks (guided by a green line), whilstavoiding the asteroids.There are 3 trials per stage to collect allthe green blocks, and there is a timer. If you fail, it's gameover!!To pause the game anytime, just touch the screen with asecond finger, without releasing the first.The amazing soundtrackwas composed by me, exclusively for the game (in exception of thesurprise song for the 10th stage, which was composed early thisyear).Have fun!! 😎😎👍😆👽
PDXPath 1.0.7 APK
PDXSoft is back again with a new game!Use your finger to move thered ship through a path, without hitting the borders!There are 10stages, all of them generated randomically!The score is calculatedby how much you move the red ship vertically.To pause the game,touch the screen with a second finger, without releasing thefirst.There are 3 trials per stage. If you fail to arrive to theend of the stage under these 3 trials, it's game over!Each time youhit the borders of a path, the current stage is resetted, and youlose the points of this trial (unless it's game over).If the gameis over or you reach the end of the last stage, a hiscorescreenshot will be generated (in a unique file on your device),allowing you to share this screenshot via social apps.More thanever, have fun!!
PDXPadSoccer 1.2.9 APK
Update: New gameplay dynamics and improved AI. Enjoy!!Hieverybody!Out NOW PDXPadSoccer, another game from PDXSoft, madewith Game Maker Studio 2.Playable against the CPU or someone elsevia Google Play Games multiplayer support!!Features:1) SidekicksOn/Off, Ball speed, Player speed, CPU speed and max score to wincustomizable (Player, CPU, and Ball speed between 5 and 25 pixelsper game step and max score between 1 and 10);2) You can move anyof your players that are nearest your finger;3) Touch the screenwith a second finger to pause/unpause the game;4) Hit the backbutton in game to go back to menu screen. Confirm dialog appears.Your progress is NOT saved;5) Dynamic crowd sound effects ingame;6) Multiplayer match making modes Automatch and Invite aFriend;7) Like, rate, comment and share to show your passion forPDXSoft games!! :)
PDXArkaHockey 1.0.7 APK
Update 1: The game features a two player mode through GooglePlayGames! In this mode, the game works exactly like an AirHockeygame. Don't miss this!!Update 2: Added Play Against AI mode.Sameas Update 1, but for playing offline. Enjoy!!Hieverybody!PDXSoftis up again with a new game!! :)Your goal in thisgame is tocontrol a red pad to knock the ball and destroy the bluebricks,earning points for your score.If the ball reaches the lowerredgoal, you fail. Else, if the ball reaches the upper blue goal,youclear the stage.There are 10 stages at all. If you clear astageand thought you could do more points on this, you can repeatthestage through the main menu, how many times you desire.So...Goahead, fight for the top of the leaderboards!! :)
PDXColorBallz2 1.0.0 APK
Hi everybody!In this new game from PDXSoft, the goal is topaintmost part of the screen when time runs out.Playableoffline(against 3 CPUs) or online (join until 3 other players withGooglePlay Games)!Enjoy!!
PDXSpaceBrawl 1.2.0 APK
Hi everybody!Out NOW PDXSpaceBrawl, another game from PDXSoft,madewith Game Maker Studio 2.Brawl in space against 7 CPUcontrolledspace ships, while the time is running. When the timeruns out, theship that destroyed the other ships more times is thewinner!! NOWthere is multiplayer support from 2 to 8 playersonline!!