PHNX 3.11 / October 9, 2016
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An app exclusively for PHNX FITNESS online coaching members. Onlinecoaching for training, nutritional meal plans, comprehensive videolibrary and 24hr support exclusively designed for you, wherever youare. More information at Or

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  • Имя приложения
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    October 9, 2016
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Версия
    PHNX 3.11
  • Разработчик
    BH App Development Ltd
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  • Категория
    Health & Fitness
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FIT365 FIT365 7.32.0 APK
BH App Development Ltd
You feel like year on year your aways worrying about how you look,feel and even perform every day because your overweight, tired allthe time and have no energy! Your tired of trying fad diets andyo-yoing up and down in weight, tired of feeling hungry 24/7 onsilly low calorie programs, tired of not being able to walk for 3days after an extreme exercise workout and tired spending 100's,even 1000's each year on not so 'magic' pill & shake diets! Butwait! You have to use these 'fast acting, short lived &expensive programs because your busy and hectic lifestyle doesn'tgive you the time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and be THE BEST YOU, YOU CANBE! BUT WHAT IF YOU, YOU COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING AND NEVER 'DIET'AGAIN! By upgrading your habits, understanding your body and makingsmall, well thought out and progressive changes to your dailypractices YOU CAN. Look, feel & live better everyday with theFIT365 Online Coaching. Join qualified personal trainer andnutrition coach Ash Burleigh as he helps you build new habits andchange the way you think about your diet, exercising and your bodyforever! Download the App for FREE and head over to our website tostart your journey to a healthier, happier and leaner you today.
PT Distinction PT Distinction 7.32.0 APK
BH App Development Ltd
For trainers and their clients to view programs and coaching, andto record progress on their mobile
BH App Development Ltd
An app exclusively for PHNX FITNESS online coaching members. Onlinecoaching for training, nutritional meal plans, comprehensive videolibrary and 24hr support exclusively designed for you, wherever youare. More information at Or
GWD Performance GWD Performance 7.30.0 APK
BH App Development Ltd
I love my job, but this isn't just a job for me it's a lifestyle!How can I expect my clients to listen to me if I'm not following myown advice? All the techniques and methods I adopt into myprogrammes I use on myself, and I'd like to think I'm a by-productof training hard at the right intensity and good nutrition. Withclient compliance, I have a successful track record for achievingresults in the shortest time possible for my clients.
Pearson Fitness Pearson Fitness 7.12.0 APK
BH App Development Ltd
Pearson Fitness offers you all the information and help you need toget started and keep you grinding. This app is your way of having apersonal trainer in your back pocket. Customized workouts specificto you and your goals. Pearson Fitness offers the following: *Gymand Home workouts*Challenges*Progress Tracking*Nutrition*VideoDeminstrations *and much moreWe want you to reach your goals andset new ones. This is a very user friendly app and you get to seeyour progress not only in numbers but in graph charting as well.Enjoy the app.
BH App Development Ltd
This is the app used by online members of TFW Eugene to see theirplans, their workouts, their coaching and more!
Evolution-NI Evolution-NI 7.32.0 APK
BH App Development Ltd
Evolution-NI online coaching app is a powerful tool designed tohelp you achieve your exercise and nutritional goals. Our coachingapp is the one place where you will find your bespoke training,nutritional and coaching plans designed by your personal coach.This App allows you to have your own personal coach with youwherever and whenever you train. Evolution-NI enjoys helping busyprofessionals, mums, dads and even teams of people in reachingtheir own personal goals such as; weight loss, muscle building,sports specific or even rehabilitation from injury. Evolution-NIcoaching app will educate you in exercise and nutrition, thereforegiving you the tools you need to understand each movement performedand how to prepare each meal. You will have your individualizedtraining and nutritional programs anywhere and at any time, offlineor online so it will be easy for you to stay focused and motivatedto reach your goals. Whether you’re training in the gym or at home,if you are a beginner or advanced trainee our coaching app andmembership account is the complete tool to educated and guide youon the right direction to achieving your goals. Each exercise ishandpicked for you, based on the assessments you perform prior tostarting your bespoke training and nutritional program therefore,maximizing your results and minimizing the risk of injury.Evolution-NI is the hub for achieving goals through an evidencebased approach. We use the information gathered on you to designbespoke programs for you thus educate you on how to implementcorrect movement and nutrition into your daily plan. With ournutrition and habit based coaching program which is nicelyintegrated into the app we will teach you and show you exactly whatto do and how to get the results you want. You will get the righttools and daily actions to bring you the desired outcome. For extramotivation and accountability, the app has a tracking system thatyou can record your progress and areas you feel you need to improveupon in order to achieve your goals. Evolution-NI Online Coachingapp provides you with support and accountability every step of theway. Features: • Bespoke Training programs and nutrition plans. •Your Personal coach at your fingertips. • Videos and fulldescriptions for each exercise. • Exercise videos show front andside views for easy understanding and learning. • Nutritionalcoaching, and education plus meal plan options provided. • Notesand feedback recording for your coach to review. • Track bodymetrics and body composition in graphs to see how your body ischanging. • See your progress through photos which can be taken andstored in the app. • Record yourself while exercising to see sideby side comparison with coaching videos. • Postural assessmentsamong many can be recorded and uploaded for your coach to review.
She Strong She Strong 5.3.0 APK
BH App Development Ltd
She Strong is here to change the game. To change the way femalestrain. Training should be about getting better everyday. Trainingshould be about learning new things. Training should challenge bothyour mind and body. No gimmicks, no excessive cardio, no fancy halfleg reverse donkey butt kicks. Learn to squat, deadlift, push,pull, press, run, jump, skip and more. However this is more thanjust an online program; it is a platform to challenge yourself, togrow and transform. Youll be supported, motivated and heldaccountable by the community of like minded She Strong chicks. AppHighlights:- Weekly programming with workouts focusing on strength,conditioning, mobility and a challenging workout of the week- Easyto follow coaching with video instruction for each exercise- Checkyour technique against demo videos- Record and track your progressand view your workout history- Record and track nutrition habits,food diary, goals, lifestyle habits, body stats and adherencelevels- Track and save progress photos instantly- Access tocoaching videos, recipes, and exclusive content!Download the Appfor FREE and head over to our website to start your journey to afitter, stronger and more confident you today.