1.4 / July 13, 2017
(4.2/5) (1,460)


ROOFTOP CITY SPY - STEALTH SNIPER is A Spy Sniper Gun ShootingGame.A Crazy Sniper Shooting Game which comes with variety ofmissions, for instance you have to stop the criminals from reachingthe public site. In another level you have the objective to stopthe underworld mafia lord from delivering weapons, and in someoperations you will be assigned the task to give cover to squad ofspecial forces in chasing the escaped prisoner. There are othermissions which include clearing a sea port area from criminalactivities.This Elite Spy Sniper shooting Game is not easy, aperfect rooftop must be located, gun must be fixed, Gun has Limitedbullets, special ops forces training is a must, and city view mustbe clear.ROOFTOP CITY SPY - STEALTH SNIPER :- SPECIAL GAMEFEATURES: - Sniper Shooter is positioned on rooftop.- CityEnvironment - Smooth Control- Elite Sniper Optical Zoom- Long RangeGun- Multiple levels to enjoy.- Easy to control.- Time Based Levelswith Limited amount of bullets- No Wifi No Problem.ROOFTOP CITY SPY- SNIPER STEALTH SHOT Game Story Story Begins as… A Hero SpySoldier known as Agent Phoenix is lurking in city to defend &protect!As a professional Special Ops Sniper your task is tocounter the strike made by those criminal attackers who are blazingthe city, rooftop is the refuge, Sniper Should be fixed on top,which helps in taking precise AIM. Sniper Guns will always havelimited bullets.Special elite Sniper Scope is placed on gun to zoomyour enemy who are far, Fire while holding your breath to steadythe gun, rooftop gives you advantage of height, silencer willreduce the noise, city would be filled with people so be likestealth spy yourself, special elite sniper agent to cover thestreets and watch for notorious agents, gangster squad members& mafia cartel deals. Stop Crime & other illegalactivities.A Free To Play Shooting Action Game - Contain Ads!

информация о приложении ROOFTOP CITY SPY - STEALTH SNIPER

  • Имя приложения
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    July 13, 2017
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
    Imagine Games Studios
  • Количество установок
  • Цена
  • Категория
  • Разработчик
    Minto, NSW, Australia
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War Attack Auto Car Gun Battle 1.2 APK
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★CARS, GUNS & SHOOTING in 3D★DRIVE DEATH RACING CAR EQUIPPEDWITH 3 XTREME MACHINE GUNS & BLAST AWAY YOUR ENEMIES!Mr. Sancomes to Gang wars and streets of our marvelous urban city lookslike battle fields and war zones, there is fire, attack, shooting,blasts on roads, modern real auto weapons are creating mayhem inurban areas, Mr San is crazy enough to take the hell ride in ganstacrime town and deal damage to gangster regions and territories andto prevent the power riots and shooting attacks, it’s his home townwhich is not like USA or Russia, and neither is he American orRussian, he comes from a distant beach near Middle East, Battle isrefueled with ultimate armor car coming from a battle ship and isbeing chased by cops and thieves alike, general public is scared orthis super fighting and motors shooting and bullet chasing in theirhome town, it is not impossible to crush the gun mania and weaponsmuggling happening among mafia cartels, and Mr San is up for theMission, confident of winning this battle and overcoming the war ofgangs, he is the transporter of peace and very fierce and furiousof the wild sin force happening in streets of war torn city.Dangerous gangster are on their moto cross and gangster onmotocross can create the disturbance in the street .Guns aredamaging and Guns Are protecting at the same time, rescueoperations and survival training is a specialty of Mr. San. CityConditions are extreme Military and Army troops may intervene,enemy squad is attacking and our city needs a boost of refueledguns ammo because there is no rescue coming from air by jet orhelicopter and all the battle fight is on streets. girls and boysas well as kids and family are also in urban city that comes fromMiami beach as a tourist and they are on their world tour and theyalready visited LA, California.MR San take that duty to kill theenemy of the state and steel the state. Mr san has Enthralling dutyand steel nerves to save the land from the king of the ganglandafter performing their duty!Car Driving is fun but racing a sportscar with modern weapon on roof of vehicle is mind blowing and looksout of this world, battle & strike enemy and drive to differentlocations and paths and find more enemies and stop street crime ofmafia.If you like 3D simulation games, shooting games, car racinggames and like to challenge yourself for the hardcore gamingexperience then you are in for a real treat, you will like it, loveit and share it as a perfectly crafted pack of cars and citybuildings, roads, shops are included in this 3D racing, shootingaction simulation game. it has guns, bullets, which travel likemissiles, fire balls, explosions and extreme addicting game play,crazy mission with multiple objectives are included, auto viewingof reverse and smooth controls for acceleration and breaking, andone button shooting to ease the user experience. If you are inpursuit of sports cars and with shiny and smashing look and want togo crazy with fire power then play, enjoy and review.Its Free ToPlay, we show ads when you are not playing!★Game Features:• SportsCars, Customized, Modified & Equipped with Luxury Weapons•Smooth Driving and Physical effects • Shoot other enemy vehicles •Burn the streets with fire at high speed• Seamless Urban City withreal Feel and look• High Definition (HD) Graphics• High Precision(HP) Controls------------------------------------------FunEntertainment and Learning all in one place for girls and boys aswell as kids and family!Like Us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/imagine.games.studioFollow Us onTwitter:https://twitter.com/imaginegames3dwe will keep youupdated!------------------------------------------
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---Bus Driving in City and Parking atAirport!--A simulation experience never before to mark the end of 2015 andstart of 2016, celebrate Halloween and Christmas with this awesomefree google play store Game.Drive Passenger Bus in Realistic 3D to Transport citizens to taketheir flight on time! A real 3D Simulation Experience in a urbancity which no other has done before.A Driving and Parking Simulator of a new type.Have you ever dreamt about working in the airport or at an industryof aviation? Let your career take off here with this cool new 3DAirport Driving Simulator game. Driving 3D bus simulator withrealistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.In this game an awesome city is in need to transport their peopleto air port which is on the far side, with luxury planes to takethem to their destination, its the duty of bus driver to drivesafely and bring citizens and their luggage to airport so that theycan catch their flight. This airport is of very basic type as smallurban downtown can only afford short runways, less control towersand security staff and dogs, so its drivers duty to take care ofpassengers aboard and take care of flying planes and landedairplanes, and also keep in mind that some of the air-planes wouldbe taking off the ground, so bus driving & Parking in thissituation is a challenge.Flight control tower has already given youthe clearance to get the passengers from a landed plane.Transportall your passengers to the planes that are ready to take off.Parkyour bus carefully and drafted to make sure the challenge is noteasy nor extremely complex. You have to pass through parking lots,nearby airplanes and airport lounges,. As soon you reach nearbyparking spots, make sure that you apply the brakes gently since youwant to assure a smooth ride for the passengers.•FREE download – and completely free-to-play★Features:• Real Bus driving experience• Transporting passengers to airport, Parking Of Bus• Time Based Levels• Extreme 3D graphics• Realistic Controllers------------------------------------------Fun Entertainment and Learning all in one place!Like Us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/imagine.games.studioFollow Us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/imaginegames3dwe will keep you updated!------------------------------------------
Border Police Car Escape 1.0 APK
Imagine Games Studios
★★★ Your Country Calls for Protectionagainstillegal border crossing people ★★★★★ Fight, Protect & chase the criminals across offroadcountryside ★★★ Police Job is very Demanding and Challenging & BorderPatrolForce even more ★Criminals, thugs, smugglers, cartel dealers & manyillegalprisoners are escaping in real hard time car chase &furiouscar fight. Police Car is here to do the demolition withrecklesshavoc & spread Mayhem across border to put fear inhearts ofgangsters & criminals.Police Car in this Game is uniquely fitted with a Extreme&Crazy hard steel Bumper to hit the enemy cars so hard to blastthemaway. This Game will take you to a adventure land where roads&border would be limitless & speed the the key.pilot the most awesome police car and take it off with a bangandcapture all the running criminals.【Border Police Adventure Features】• Police Car plus 2 other Attacking Cars• Solid Steel Bumper to Protect Police Car• Realistic physics of Cars• Smooth & Silky controls• Thrilling gameplay experience★FREE download • and completely free-to-play • No WifiNoProblem!★