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Demi Lovato: Path to Fame
Episode Interactive
New Season! DEMI LOVATO: PATH TO FAME --InSeason 3: Confidently Me, you star in your very own tour!Afterwinning a spot on Demi’s tour in Season 1 and touring throughAsiaas Demi’s opening act in Season 2, it’s time to embrace yourtrueself and define your dream career. As Demi shares her adviceontaking control of destiny, what choices will you make as youbecomea role model for aspiring stars?- JOIN DEMI in an interactive story where your choices determinewhoyou meet, the friends you make, the people you date, and howyourise to the top of the charts!- DESIGN YOUR CHARACTER, picking your perfect hair, skin tone,eyes,nose, and more!- DRESS LIKE A STAR, customize your look, and create your stylefromhundreds of options!- FIND LOVE! Will you date famous, hot musicians orthefriend-next-door? Who is your true love?- VISIT AMAZING CITIES where you’ll perform shows with Demi andearndedicated fans- HANG OUT WITH DEMI, her band, manager, and friends!- EXPERIENCE DEMI'S MUSIC! Listen to her songs as the soundtracktoyour story, and perform them on-stage alongside Demiherself!What will it take to achieve your dreams? With the help andsupportof Demi and her friends, discover your voice and defineyourmusical career through the choices you make! Check out Demi’sPathto Fame today and create your story!Supports Tablets!TM & ©2016 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.PLEASE NOTE: This app lets you purchase items within the gameforreal money. Please disable in-app purchases on your device ifyoudo not want this feature to be accessible.Your use of this application is governed by the Terms ofServiceavailable athttp://pocketgems.com/episode-terms-of-service/.Collection and useof your data are subject to the Privacy Policyavailable athttp://pocketgems.com/episode-privacy-policy/.
Princess Halloween Kissing 1.0.0
Hi Girls! All of us waiting for Halloweenpartyright? In this game you will meet a cute princess named Lisa,all ofus know her and for this reason all of us. i think. will tryto helpher! Our princess needs our attention and our help. Shefall in lovefor a boy and she want's very much to kiss him allHalloween night!You have to help our princess to kiss herboyfriend and not becaught by someone. Be very carefull because inthis night and alsoin forest is a lot of eyes that can seePrincess and her boyfriend.Eyes like pumpkin, witch and more. Wehope that you will like thiscute game! Enjoy it!
Pocket Shrek 2.09
No Yetis Allowed
Discover the #1 Shrek app. Join Shrek,Donkeyand Puss In Boots and explore the magical world of Far FarAway.Feed Shrek slimy slugs and juicy bugs when he’s hungry, puthimto sleep when he’s sleepy, and make him fart out loud when he’shadtoo much to eat.Play mini-games with Donkey and Puss and unlock new areastoexplore, from Shrek’s swamp to Far Far Away.Collect stickers to unlock stills of your favorite Shrekmoviemoments.Features:- Play over 8 unique mini-games! Inflate frog balloons in theswamp!Dance along to the tunes in the music boxes! And muchmore!- Trade gold coins for magic potions and food to help you onyourjourney- Buy potions from Fairy Godmother’s Spell Factory to cast spellsonShrek, Donkey and Puss- Unlock Fiona’s Favor and discover True Love's First Kiss*Pocket Shrek is free to download and play. However, pleasebeinformed that the app also allows you to play usingvirtualcurrency (called ‘Gold Coins’ and ‘Gems’), which can beacquired byplaying mini-games, watching advertisements or payingwith realmoney. You can use the virtual currency to buy in-gameitems. Ifyou don’t have enough virtual currency to buy an item youcanchoose to earn additional currency gradually over time as youplaythe game, or purchase additional virtual currency with realmoney.You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting yourdevice’ssettings.
Talking Tom Bubble Shooter
Play the exciting action-packed bubbleshooter– your next favorite game from Talking Tom. Challenge yourfriendsor play on your own as you level up and unlock Tom’sfriends.Discover new features for some seriously thrilling adventures.Crushbosses standing in your way and aim for total bubblebrilliance.Endlessly entertaining, this game is your colorful roadto glory.The bubble of nonstop fun is ready to burst. Areyou?YOUR NEXT FAVORITE GAME FROM TALKING TOMWarm up your fingers and prepare for the ride of your life.Thisbubble shooter is a rollercoaster ride all the way -awesomecustomizable characters, fearless confrontations with bossesandplaying against friends are only the beginning of abubblefulstory.WIN TO LEVEL UPPlaying this game is no walk in a themepark. Crush bosses onyourway to glory to climb levels and reach new heights ofbubblefun.PLAY LIVE AGAINST REAL PEOPLEChallenge your friends in an online multiplayer mode and rank uptofind out who is the master of bursting.UNLOCK TOM’S FRIENDSChoose among a multitude of awesome characters, get in the moodandpop till you drop.DISCOVER POWER-UPSThese bubbles have it coming - they stand no chance againstthemighty Bombs, accurate Lightnings and unstoppable Lasers,helpingyou eliminate every last one of them.GET STICKERS AND OPEN NEW FEATURESWith every fallen boss, a sticker pops-up for you to collect.Sopolish your bubbles and get ready for the sticker shoot-out.Everybubble counts!This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor sealindicatesOutfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practicestoprotect your child's personal information. Our apps do notallowyounger children to share their information.This app contains:- The possibility to use and connect with friends viasocialnetworks- The option to make in-app purchases- Alternative options to access all functionalities of theappwithout making any in-app purchases using real money(levelprogress, in-game functionalities)- The possibility to subscribe to Talking Tom and Friends channelonYouTube- Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising- Links that direct customers to our websites and otherOutfit7appsTerms of use: http://outfit7.com/eula/Privacy policy: http://outfit7.com/privacy-policy/
Kissing Frenzy HD 1.25.6
iPlay Games
How successful are you with the ladies?Ofcourse, you are extremely successful! But can you actuallyproveit? Face the challenge to demonstrate your kissing skills inthisheart-throbbing do-or-die challenge! Try to kiss as manybeautiesas possible.(Suitable for NexusOne and other devices withscreens480x800 or greater)
Romantic Dice
Romantic dice is a open game meant forcouples.There are no rules to this game, but that does not meanyou can'tmake some up while playing. ;)The only thing I can say is try it, experiment andhavefun!Your rules, your game.Tips:––––––––––- This game uses high quality 3D graphics. Make sure yourdevicecan handle it, try the free version before you buy it.- You can use the male/female coin to decide who has to do thenextaction... or who has to undergo it. :3- If you throw something like "Blow at neck" its only fun if youputsome passion into it. The game is on to see who can do it withmostpassion.- Tell me if you have a nice idea to add to the game.Features:––––––––––- High quality 3D graphics- Quality settings- Dynamic world to throw your dice into- Real physics will roll the dice- Enable real world gravity to control your dice- Choose the number of dice you want to use- Lots of fun dice- Use Zoom and pan for a closer look
Gossip Girl: PARTY 1.3.0
Voltage, Inc.
Gossip Girl: Party Style Your LoveJoin the world of Gossip Girl and become the newest socialiteinNYC’s ritzy Upper East Side!Become a stylist and use your fashion sense to raise yoursocialstatus as you flirt with the sexiest, most intriguing guysyou’llever meet.This is your chance to become friends with the charactersofGossip Girl and create your own romance.Get ready for a thrilling story full of decadent parties,endlessdrama, and scandalous love affairs!How to playIt’s very easy!6. Open the app and start a new game7. Read the story8. Create your character9. Choose your favorite guy10. Start your romance!OverviewThis is your chance to join the characters of Gossip Girl asthenewest socialite in NYC’s ritzy Upper East Side! Enroll attheprestigious Constance Billard School for Girls and becomefriendswith the characters of Gossip Girl and meet a variety ofpotentiallove interests.Create your own character and customize it with cool fashionandbeauty items! Polish your fashion sense with the addictiveStyleChallenge to get luxurious prizes!Make the right choices to improve your style score and raiseyoursocial status as you start scandalous love affairs with thehottestguys in school.New & Exciting Game Features:Become a Stylist!Create outfits for Blair, Serena and other friends and raiseyourStyle Factor!Go glam! Style your character with the latest fashions!Choose your favorite make-up, hairstyle and accessories andbecomethe most stylish resident of the Upper East Side!Design your own home!Style your place to perfection and show off your interiordesignskills!Support:Any questions or problems can be addressed through the"FAQ/Support"menu within the application. (Tap the "Support"button on the lowerright hand corner of the applicationscreen.)Please remember we are unable to respond to comments made inthereviews section. Thank you for your support andunderstanding.Important Information:・Make sure you have a good data connection when playing the gameinorder to avoid data loss.・If you uninstall the application, you will lose all yourin-gamepurchases and records (gems, items, etc.)・This app is available on Android devices that support AdobeFlash(Android 2.1 or higher is required; Android 2.3 or higherisrecommended.)・ If the app is not available, please use your browser toaccessit.・We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or offer refunds on anygemsor items, or Avatars purchased within the application.・For more information, please make sure to read the "UserAgreement"in the app before using the application.Gossip Girl TM (c)2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.Gossip Girl –Style Your Love- (c)2015 WBEIGossip Girl –Style Your Love- (c)2015 VoltageWB GAMES LOGO, WB SHIELD: TM & (c) Warner Bros.EntertainmentInc. (s15)
Palm Reading Analysis 2.1
" "Palmistry Application" is a free application thatpredictstheline of palms by taking photos of palms using the camerafeatureofsmartphones and tablets. This "Palmistry App" isanapplicationcreated based on the interpration of thepalmistryforecasters inIndonesia. Results of the analysis presentedin thisapplicationobtained from with matching the palm's photowiththeinterpretation results of forecasters that have been storedinthedatabase. This predictions application can be usedofflineafteryou download it, and the prediction results can also besaved.Inaddition to the results of predictions, the app alsocomeswithspiritual suggestions. Believe it or not?These all up toyou.Youcan use this entertainment app with family, girlfriend,friendsandothers. 【Palmistry item】 ◆Predict your character ◆Predictyourluck◆Predict the the success of your love ◆Predict aboutyourromance.※If you try this palmistry application a few times,youmight getdifferent results, but this does not mean thatpredictionsresultsof this application is displayed at random. Thisis duetodifferences in room lighting and background when thepalmslinephoto was taken. To obtain consistent results, pleaseseetheinstructions for using the application 【The Flow ofthePrediction】●Take a photo of your palm with the guidelines ofmenusing theright hand, and women using the left hand. ●Use thecamerafeatureof your smartphone or tablet when take thephotograph.●Theapplication will automatically get the form yourpalm throughtheimage. ●The application will match the photo withthe resultsofpalm interpretation wich is saved in database.●Thentheapplication will show results for your prediction.Thepredictionresults can be stored in the device.◇◆◇Prediction’sPoint◇◆◇【Which hand will be predictable?】 You canuse the"Palmistry" APPthrough the palm photo with the guidelines ofmenusing the righthand and women using the left hand. In thescienceof palmistry,palm reading has a variety of ways, butthisapplication is usingthe guidelines above to read people'spalm.Which is fitted withthe assessment and advice drawn fromtheinterpretation of the palmclairvoyant in Indonesia. 【How to usethepalmistry APP】 ●Pleaseuse a white background, in order to getaclear photo of you palmline. ●Take a picture of your palm rightinthe middle of the framethat appears on the application's camera.Toavoid failure, takephotographs of your palm in a fairlylight.【Palms line change】Although it is said that the line of palmscanbe changed everyday, but we can't see these changes by anakedeyes. Because thesechanges occur only in the fine lines thatexiston the main line.This is a line that can predict things thatmayhappen to a personin accordance their lifestyle. In otherwords,palmistry is arecording of the things that you haveexperienced inlife, and fromthere your future can be seen. Or wecan say thatpalmistry is notsomething that predict the future, buta thing thatrecord ourpast. The volatile palms line are the linesin the top ofhand suchas heart line and mind line, while the linethat aredifficult tochange are the lines that are close to thewrist, suchas the lifeline and fate line.
Romantic Candle 1.02
Do you know these moments when you want bring a littleofromanticismto the atmosphere but you don’t have capabilities?Notany more!Thanks to Romantic Candle you will always havesomethingspecial formemorable moments! Distinctive features: *Threecandles to choose *Animated backgrounds * After 45 minutescandlewill burn out and yourdevice screen will turn off. * Blowinmicrophone to extinguish flame* Microphone permission neededtoallow you to turn off the candlewith your puff/blow
흡혈귀의 연애방법 프롤로그 1.1
BlackRoom Co., Ltd.
▼ 시놉시스 손을 샐 수 없을 정도로 반복된 전학을 마치고, 이번에야 말로 마지막으로 다닐 거라고 생각했던고등학교.여동생그리고 재회한 소꿉친구와 평화로운 일상생활을 보내기를 바랬지만, 그 평화는 한 불청객에 의해서 산산조각나버렸다.“왜…어째서…… 네가 여기에 있는 건데……?” 우연에 우연이 겹쳐진 사건은 평화로운 일상을 부수고, 내인생 자체를바꾸어버렸다.흡혈귀란 존재를 알게 된 내가 선택할 수 있던 건, 가족과 친구가 흡혈귀들에게 죽임을 당하거나,인간으로서그들에게 협력자가되는 것. 여동생과 소꿉친구의 안전과 목숨이 걸린 나에게는 그들에게 협력한다는 것 이외에 다른선택지는없었다. 그 과정에서알게 된 그녀들과의 관계는 어떻게 될 것인가? 여동생과 소꿉친구에게 자신의 정체를 숨겨야하는파란만장한 이중생활이시작된다. ▼ 제작자 프로듀스/시나리오 - 비엘케(blk) 일러스트 -핀비(PinB),라마울(llamawool)프로그래밍 - 우시군 ▼ Info/Contact 블랙룸공식블로그http://blog.naver.com/devblackroom 블랙룸공식트위터https://twitter.com/devblackroom ---- 개발자연락처:devblackroom@gmail.com
Muak 1.0
Muak is very affectionate and loves to give kisses, you canusehimfor: * Give thousands of kisses without hurting your lips.*Kissthe person you love * Kiss that ugly man who makes you sick*Kissyour mother, your grandma, your friends, your dog or yourcat.*Kiss everything anywhere. Kiss everybody and watch it grow!
3D Romantic LOVE 1.0.8
3D Live Wallpaper