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com.appsify.ajrbe.lifesimulator2 2.1
LIFE SIMULATOR 2 Looking for an Life Simulator game that offersmorefeatures than any other? Look no further Life Simulator is themostin-depth, content-filled life simulating game available. Tiredofreal-life? In Life Simulator you can be anything you want to be!Gointo Education and get a degrees or other qualification and getthejob you've always dreamed of! Anything is possible inLifeSimulator! Become a Surgeon, a Police Officer, OilTycoon,Television Presenter, or multi millionaire buinessowner,everything is possible on Life Simulator! Life simulation isa funand addicting way to make your life whatever you want it tobe! Ifyou don't wish to play by the rules in Life Simulator, youcan goagainst them and take a more criminal path, with loads ofCriminalJobs available to you, should you take that route! Becareful,though, just like in real life being a criminal comes withrisks!Tired of your relationship? Or struggling to find one? Get onLifeSimulator and you can find one easily! Relationships alsoofferbonuses, like multipliers, as your partner will be earningmoney aswell! You can even get married! Waiting for a train? A bus?Got afew hours spare and not know what to do? Maybe you just can'tgetto sleep? Life Simulator 2 is a game created to pass time. Pickupand play today. Ever wanted to run your own business?LifeSimulator offers you that opportunity! Save up the cash, andopen abusiness, then upgrade your business and see the profits justrollin. Get rich quick! Other Life Simulator games just don't makethemark for me. Our Life Simulator game offers so many jobs you'llbespoilt for choice! There's also an incredible amount ofeducationalqualifications and degrees that you can do, to get youto thatdream job! Our aim was to have more jobs and educationalpathwaysthan any other Life Simulation game. There's more featuresthan anyother Life Simulator game available! Property Developmentis here!You can now become a Property Developer in Life Simulator2!Purchase properties, renovate them and sell them for a niceprofit!If you're doing well in your job, and have a lot ofexperience, youcan even get a pay rise! Meaning you make even moremoney! Can LifeSimulation get any better?! Don't worry, if yousomehow manage tomess up your simulated life, there is a resetbutton available, soyou can just start all over again! DownloadLife Simulator 2 nowand see what you've been missing out on in reallife, and play anawesome simulator! If you enjoy the game pleaseleave a review!
Life Simulator 2 1.06.4
Protopia Games
Welcome to the second entry in the Life Simulator series! Newandimproved visuals, game play, and performance! Life Simulator 2isall about moving up through the world by going to school, gettingajob, and eventually running a successful business! Of course,it'salso about amassing the most wealth you possibly can. InLifeSimulator 2, you can even see how you compare to other playersonthe leader board and earn achievements based on your progress!Youcan reset the game and start over at any time to earn amultiplierbased on your current life's progress. Tired of all thoseotherlife simulating games that just leave you wanting more? Looknofurther! Here, life is good! Life simulation is a fun andaddictingway to make your life whatever you want it to be! All theotherlife simulators out there just don't hit the mark for me. Iset outto create a game that you can play to pass the time whileyou'redoing what you've always wanted to do. As in real life, thefastestand best way to make a ton of cash is to run a business orplay thestock market. You can even blow all your money gambling atthecasino! When you reset, your score is calculated based onhowsuccessful you were. A multiplier will be applied to your nextlifebased on this score. Each life is better than the last, if youplayyour cards right. It's better than real life, it's better thanyourlife, it's simulated life! Download now, and leave a review ifyouenjoy the game! Support for tablets added! Things to come innextupdates include: -More of existing content (majors, items,jobs,casino games, etc.). -More achievements. -Any othersuggestionspeople might have for the game in its current state!
Life Simulator
Bart Oudkerk
Life simulator, a game about your virtual pocket beggar. Youstartout on the streets, barefoot without money. Your job is tomakemoney, either the good way or the bad. Start earning some moneyforeducation or other items in the shop. Earn more money bydoingbetter jobs. Slowly climb the ladder of success. Watch yourfoodand health or die. - Climb the ladder of success in thislifesimulator - Educate yourself and do better jobs - Buylodging,weapons or transport options - Store your cash safely in abank -Grow rich - Play and get all achievements NOTE: This app isstillin beta, it will become better over time To come in thenearfuture: - A settings screen to see stats and restart the game-Loans and offcourse a payoff system - Design andnavigationimprovements - A way to revive if you are dead - Muchmore Feedbackand suggestions are appreciated Email me atbart.oudkerk@gmail.comIcons by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
com.ermolnik.ermolnik.buisnesssimulator 1.16
Feel like a real businessman. Create a company or even afewcompanies, hire employees, advertise your business, signcontracts,buy luxury cars, planes or even islands! Don't stop, earnmoremoney, get more expensive items and grow to big tycoon. Becomethebest!
Hobo World - life simulator 2.9
An extreme tramp simulator! Life is cruel and only the moststubborncan survive life on the streets. Try our free simulator ofa tramp.Probably the best sim on the store. Feel yourself in theskin of ahomeless guy who wants to be rich. Our beggar lives atough life ona street - a place full of dangers, quests andadventures. The newupdate makes you feel the tension and brawl ofvagabond’s day to daylife. Megatramp is an offline survivaladventure where you need toclick on a screen, like in any othertop free clickers, andprogress. Our free game, that don’t needwifi, offers video ads toprogress faster, however you can playwithout wifi. If you likesurvival games download and try thisaction app now and feel noregrets. Step on a road from homeless torich! Be a man! Help thispoor man out of poverty and improve hislife quality. Your main goalis to survive and it is the tough one.Download for free this actionsurvival game now! Fight for yourlife – stay healthy, keep up yourspirits and don't go hungry,otherwise you'll lose everything! Handin cans to get on the roadto success! Exchange currency at the bestrates! Break into bigbusiness and manage a corporation! Amassinfluence and become thepresident! Level up and become a level 80tramp! Survive, grow andbecome immortal! Become the king of thetramps!
Your Life Simulator 1.10.4
You are a lonely guy who never leaves his room. Your only windowinthe outside world is Internet. The game is a life simulatorandworks in real time. To please yourself, you can buy pillows oraposter with your favorite character in the online store.
Homeless? 1.1
Positively Made
Homeless? A simulation game of life. Your job is to climb theladderto success.-You play a homeless man who lives in a cardboardbox andyou're tasked with improving his life. You can take thehigh roadand be a good citizen or you can take the low road andbecome aseasoned criminal.-Features:- Simple to play.- Cleaninterface.-Global leaderboard ranking.- Challenging achievements.-Save yourgame progress and resume play on any device. -Everyday isgoing tobe a challenge, so carefully monitor your health andhunger so youdon't die. Good Luck!--Special thanks to Den &Nadia of DearOptimists for the logo. -https://dearoptimists.wordpress.com
Life Simulator 💰💰💰 8.1
RLC Tech
This is a simulation game of the life of Dave - your veryown"Virtual Beggar". Your job is to uplift his wealth and tobringhappiness into his life. You start from the lowest level ofsocietyi.e beg to earn a living, up to a multinational CEO.Consequently,you start from a torn sack up to your very ownmansion! • Lead alife from the poor to rich. • Eat foods rangingfrom trash tointernational assortments to stay alive. • Getmedication in timesof distress and injury • Be occupationallymobile - Work asanything, LITERALLY! • Buy all you want weapons,various lodgings,and various transports • Educate yourself toqualify in working atyour dream job. • Over 15 Bosses to beat ->this lets you yourgameplay more fun and challenging. Life Simulatoralso features aCasino Mode where you get to have fun with threedifferent modules- Roundup, Daily Lucky Draw, and Lottery. Roundupis arealtime-multiplayer casino module where four players acrosstheglobe place a sum of money on the table. More the money theplayerputs in higher is the chance of sweeping all the cash on thetable.Daily Lucky draw lets 1000 lucky winners every day to earncash.All you need to do is to signup for the lucky draw and therestdepends on your luck. Lottery features players buying 100,1.000 or10.000 dollar tickets of any quantity. The results of eachlotteryvary and you have the potential to ridiculously multiplyyourmoney!! 💡 Introducing Careers for life simulator where youcanchoose from one of our well-crafted paths in order to specializeina field. This game also contains a City Builder Mode whichisavailable in the settings panel of the game. This modeessentiallymakes you a mayor where your job is to manage a cityfrom 0population up to a gigantic metropolitan city. It's thepopulationthat determines the success of your city. These are themainfeatures of the game - • You must build Houses,CommercialBuildings, and Community buildings in order to transformyour cityinto a success. • Expand land to accommodate morestructures. GoodLuck! Dave is waiting for you Any feedback is mostappreciatedEmail me @ : rahulravindran.in@gmail.com
Tuber's Life Simulator 1.0.3
Cat Games Studio
Start your journey from an ordinary worker to the mostfamousTuber:– CREATE your unique character in your own image:choose aname, age, gender and appearance. Remember, your characterisconstantly growing up!– UPGRADE your skills and buy equipmentforthe best quality of your videos: the better the equipmentandskills, the more positive comments you get! – EARN large amountsofmoney on advertising and affiliate networks: the more youareknown, the more profitable offers you will get.– STREAMbroadcastlive and earn in this: there are several types of Stream,from thegame and ending with cooking! – FACTORY your relationshipand inthe future, start your own family: a system of dialogues,theability to start and raise children and much more!– GROW andtakecare of your pets. There are many pets, from cats to turtles.Yourpets are constantly growing, so do not forget to take care ofthemand feed them! – BUY houses and transport to improve your ownlife.The better your property and transport, the better yourcharacterfeels.– BUILD your own business, from a simple onlinestore to ahuge corporation. The better your business, the more youearn!Thisand more is waiting for you in the game "Tuber's LifeSimulator"!
jp.co.althi.elnea.en 2.2.9
althi Inc.
This kingdom welcomes immigrants from any country. Let's liveinthis kingdom! This may not be a game. Eternal time to getfamilyand take over to descendants. Unprecedented, stand-alone RPGandlife simulator. Let's start the kingdom life now. It'severythingYou want in a RPG. Let's immigrate to the free andpeaceful kingdomand enjoy your another life. Enjoy a free life withlove andadventure. Quests, battles, item gathering, harvest,love,marriage, even raising children. An easy-going, relaxedplayexperience. Real life takes on new meaning. “WorldNeverland -ElneaKingdom” is a simulation game that allows the player to enjoyafree lifestyle in an elaborate sandbox kingdom. The large numberofAI characters that are moving about the kingdom and to whomtheplayer can communicate make the player feel just as if theywereplaying an online game. Since it's release, “World Neverland-Elnea Kingdom” has seen over 60 updates with improvementsandcontent enhancements reflecting the requests of players. Ithasachieved 1.5 million overall downloads. Twitter:https://twitter.com/WN_ElneaKingdom 【Game Outline】 WorldNeverlandis an original game made using an overhead communitysimulationsystem that is patented in Japan. What makes this gameunique fromothers of the same genre is that it feels as if it issimulating aliving society. The kingdom that sets the stage forthis gameincludes details such as realms, buildings, and even anationalsystem. This creates a virtual community in which hundredsofpeople live. The various AI characters act of their own freewill.- The player arrives in this kingdom as a traveler, becomesacitizen, and then lives there. - Each player has a house andfield.The player can also save money to move into a mansion. - Theplayercan participate as the head of or a guest at events suchasseasonal functions, state ceremonies, festivals,marriages,childbirths, and funeral services. - Players can becomefriendswith and marry other unmarried characters. - Players canalso workhard at a job or martial art to find success in thisworld. - Theplayer can also have several children to increase thesize of theirfamily. - By transferring their control to offspring,the playercan experience a long period of play over severalgenerations of afamily. - Cooking can also be done using a varietyof ingredients.- Monsters can be defeated and dungeons or forestsexplored togather resources or ingredients for cooking and makingweapons. -Martial arts tournaments can be entered, allowing playerstocompete to be the number one hero in the kingdom. - The playerisfree to do, or not do, what they wish. - The kingdom has ahistoryof several hundred years, which can be read about in thelibrary. -Conpatibilty Requires Android OS 6.0 or later. 3GbyteFree RAM
VMware Horizon Client 5.2.0
VMware, Inc.
VMware Horizon Client for Android makes it easy to work onyourVMware Horizon virtual desktop and hosted applications fromyourAndroid phone or tablet, giving you on-the-go access fromanylocation. IMPORTANT NOTE: A VMware Horizon virtual desktoporhosted application is required to use the VMware Horizon ClientforAndroid. Contact your IT department for further assistance.Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. FEATURES:ENHANCEDUSER EXPERIENCE The VMware Blast Extreme protocol used withHorizon7 is designed and optimized for mobile users. BlastExtremeleverages H.264 hardware decoding to deliver the bestremoteexperience while reducing power consumption. LEAVE THEDESKTOPBEHIND WITH HOSTED APPLICATIONS VMware Horizon 6 and latersupportshosted applications in addition to virtual desktops. Withhostedapplications, leave the desktop behind and run applicationslikelocal Android apps. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Unity Touch bridges thegapbetween your touch screen and your Windows applications. WithUnityTouch, you can easily browse, search, and open Windowsapplications& files, choose favorite applications and files,and switchbetween running applications all without the Start Menuor TaskBar. UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE The adaptive capabilities of theBlastExtreme and PCoIP display protocol make your virtual desktopfastand responsive regardless of whether you are connecting overyourcorporate WiFi network or over cellular connection at a localcafé.SECURE FROM ANY LOCATION Whether you’re at your desk or awayfromthe office, you’re always secure with VMware Horizon.Leveragesmart card authentication with the Biometric AssociatesbaiMobilesmart card readers. Use the newly integrated RSA softtoken forsimpler access. NOTE REGARDING APPLICATION PERMISSIONS:When youinstall the VMware Horizon Client, you will be prompted toallowthe app to read phone status and identity. These permissionsaredue to the integrated RSA SDK and the RSA soft token feature.Forsecurity purposes, the RSA SDK requires access to the phonestate,device's network state and Wi-Fi state in order to verifythedevice's identity. For more information, refer to RSAFAQ:http://www.rsa.com/android/help120.htmEULAhttp://www.vmware.com/download/eula/
Life Simulator 1.96
Protopia Games
NOTE: There is a limit of 25 ad views per person per day.Tiredofall those other life simulating games that just leave youwantingmore?Look no further! Here, life is good!Life Simulator isthe mostin-depth, content-packed life simulating gameavailable.Tired ofyour real life? When you simulate life, you canbe whatever youwant to be.Want to be a rocket scientist, workingfor NASA? Want tobe a senator?How about surgeon general?Go toschool and get ahigh-level degree! There are many different careerpaths and over ahundred items to collect!You can do it all, andmore, when you playLife Simulator by Protopia Games.Life simulationis a fun andaddicting way to make your life whatever you want it tobe!You canpursue a noble profession, like one of the above, or youcan turnto a life of criminality. Rob banks and run a Ponzi schemeifthat's what you really want!Be careful, though. Being acriminalcomes with risks!Random events do occur, as in real life,and thereis no way to prevent them. Sometimes they're good (findsome moneyon the ground), and sometimes they're bad (get adisease).All theother life simulators out there just don't hit themark for me. Iset out to create a game that you can play to passthe time whileyou're doing what you've always wanted to do.As inreal life, thefastest and best way to make a ton of cash is to runa business orplay the stock market. You can even blow all yourmoney gambling atthe casino!Competing life simulation games areone-note bores,wouldn't you agree? Our life simulator is different.There arethousands of lives to live, and the game goes on forever!An aspectthat's a bit different from real life is the ability tochoose whenyou die. When you do this, you lose all of yourprogress. But don'tfear! When you die, your score is calculatedbased on howsuccessful you were, and how many times you've diedbefore. Amultiplier will be applied to your next life based onthisscore.Each life is better than the last, if you play yourcardsright. If you mess up big-time, there's always a reset button.It'sbetter than real life, it's better than your life, it'ssimulatedlife!Download now, and leave a review if you enjoy thegame!
Hacker - tap smartphone tycoon, life simulator 1.2.8
Alexplay LLC
You have to go all the way from the usual "teapot" to the richestofthe planet programmers. In this way you will have manyadventures:you will live in the most expensive homes and open youroffice, Youwill take part in a large number of events andconferences, rack upmillions of subscribers in social networks,you will have only themost recent and expensive phone models andthe rest of the equipmentyou require. This is just a fairy tale ofsome sort! Start theprogram now! Create your own games and apps!Earn on their firstmillion dollars! You will be called aprogrammer or computertechnician, but we then know who you reallyare. You - thedeveloper! Remember that word. The game is based onreal events.
Life Simulator 2019 1.6.2
Subtegral Industries
Become a virtual beggar! You will start with lowest conditionsinthe life and try earn more and more money.Game will finisheswhenyou became the richest person.Rich simulator can be playedwithtapping the jobs,earning game money and be able to buy themostexpensive stuff in the game.It became addictive after youdevelopyour character! - Lead a life from the poor to rich. - Youcaneducate yourself to get best jobs. - You could be a criminalandearn faster money,but you always had a chance that loose allyourmoney with caught by cops. - You can buyweapons,lodgings,cars...Good luck! -Everything that involved withthat game content isimagination,not represents reality. Credits:*Graphics designed byFreepik *Icons made by Freepik fromwww.flaticon.com Keywords:life,simulator,simulation game,virtualbeggar,the virtual beggar
i Live - You play he lives 2.12.4
"i Live" is the most innovative and realistic life simulatorevercreated. Over 5000 frames for animation, dynamic lightingandshadows, and the time is in real time! Play now "i Live" andgive a'soul to your device. Features.... •Bring your baby into theworldand bring him up like a real child. Breastfeed him, follow himandwatch him growing •He needs love, if you don’t follow him, hewon’tlove you. Give him all love you can and he will love youtoo!•Follow his growht phases, from his born to his fifthbirthday.Watch his body and conduct changes! •Play with him andbecame thebest parent ever! Challenge your friend and rise inLeaderboard!•He Lives night and day waiting for your return! Andmuch more Muchmore! clothes, games and gadget. Make your baby happyfor arealexperience!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Theysay that... "Best Graphics" The graphics are so realisticamong themost cared in all the Playstore! " "Best Life Simulator"The bestlife simulation game, the most beautiful of its kind!"Gameplay" Thechild grows increasing more and more involvement andfun!"Longevity" The game currently reaches the age of the child in3months. "Audio" The music and the effects make the atmosphereatplay unique, changing and adapting to the time ofday--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Useful information for the user" As percompany policy, the gamedoes not contain annoying advertisements.Only purchases in the appthat can be optional and disabled fromyour device.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow the community and updates onfacebook / ilivegameofficialSubscribe and follow ourchannel!https://www.youtube.com/user/LGDstudioOfficial Availablelanguages:English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portoguese(Brazil)
WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D
Turbo Rocket Games
Explore nature as a wild animal and raise a family in thewildernessin Wildcraft, a new RPG adventure set in a huge 3Dlandscape! Startyour adventure as a wolf, fox, lynx and more, andtake your familyon a new adventure. Play with friends inmultiplayer games and formanimal families to protect your cubsfrom enemies. Unlock new animalbreeds as your family legacy growsin Wildcraft! WILDCRAFT FEATURES:Choose Animal Breeds - Start youradventure as a: - Wolf - Fox -Lynx - And more! Raise a Family -Animal simulator: Customize eachfamily member by name, gender, furcolor, bark, eyes, body size, andmore! - Raise a family: Have upto six cubs per family and continueyour legacy. - Animal simulatorlets you leave your current familyto start a new one. Explore a 3DWorld - Explore the world andtravel to unique locations. -Adventure the wild and survive theelements in summer, winter,spring and fall. Battle Enemies - Battledangerous enemies as awild animal and protect your family. - Unlockfighting achievementsafter defeating specific enemies. OnlineAdventure Games - Playwith friends, explore the world and battleenemies. - Battleenemies with friends to effectively protect yourfamily. Raise afamily as one of your favorite wild animals andexplore a huge 3Dworld. Join friends to battle more enemies, ortake them on aloneto make your adventure more challenging inWildcraft! Downloadtoday to play as a wolf, fox, lynx and more!
com.alphaquest.medievallife 2.02
Alphaquest Game Studio
A new adventure begins! From the same creators of thesuccessfullNautical Life, we present: Medieval Life! An unique RPGexperiencewith the beloved medieval theme! You can buy castlesworthy ofkings and queens, and customize the interior of your homewithfurniture for all tastes. See the cycle of day andnightinfluencing scenery and hunting. Travel around the world andtry tohunt down all mythical creatures to make a fortune. -Turn-basedbattle system. - 10 weapons with different attributes. -12 skillswith different magic effects to help in battle. - 8elements withyour strengths and weaknesses. - There are 9completely uniquecastles. - Over 76 different creatures to hunt. -More than 150furniture to customize the interior of your castle. -Day and nightcycle. - Several quests around the world. - Show yourfriends howawesome your castle is in multiplayer mode. - Set trapsto increaseyour fortune. - Become famous by capturing all legendarycreatures.Come on an adventure in the amazing world of MedievalLife! Likeour Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MedievalLifeGame
Tubers Tycoon 1.0.10
Finally in Android one of the best youtubers life simulator,inTubers tycoon you can create your own virtual channel and growyouraudience in any of the following topics:- Vlogs- Gameplay-Prank-Beauty & fashion- MusicCreate new content and get newviewswhich will lead in new subscriptors and virtual currency.. andwhoknows, maybe your video get viral and you end up beingmillionaire!as in the real life! tube tycoon is a fun simulatorgame!Welcome tothe youtubers life! Compite with your friends andclimb in theranking till the top! will you be the next pewdiepie?In tubetycoon you need to play with strategy, for example invest inthevideos which the go viral percentage is higher!As arecommendationwe suggest to do not spend all your budget at one,split in a fewvideos and be patient! Im sure your next video willgo viral! likeyosoygerman for example! This game represent theyoutubers life andwas inspired in tube tycoon, a great pc simulatorwhich waspromoted by some famous youtubers like yosoygerman or elrubius.jacksepticeye was also promoting the game in his mainchannel.Thisgame is still in his early steps, in the new few weekswe will beadding a lot of new content and new funcionality!
City Airport Runway Build & Craft 1.0.4
Freeze Games
Welcome to the world of sensations for craft! City AirportRunwayBuild & Craft Now a day everyone wants to craft &playconstruction games. Craft is best simulation for all theEducatedand Descent people. So we are here with our craftssimulations foryou to make you a good builder & engineer. Enjoythis runwaycraft construction games and do not forget to rate us.In craftCity Airport Runway Build & Craft you will have to playtherole of the City Airport Runway Build & Craft engineertotransport building games material to the construction sites.Thiscity craft will not easy to handle as other destruction games,butfun to play! Its Airport city and you have to build airport asinother city building games and you have limited craft time forCityAirport Runway Build & Craft because there are airportdelaysand urgent construction is require. In City Airport RunwayBuild& Craft go to city airport using airport navigation firststartcraft by city destruction game then you will have to startcitycraft to build a runway on airport games for kids. Buildingofairport runway is not an easy task as you have to do a lotofrunway games tasks to complete these craft games. Learn tobuild& craft by building Airport runway in a fortress of thecity.Craft your building on airport runway as a city hero toovercomeairport delays with friend, using multiple constructionvehicleslike cement mixture, dumper truck, excavator, cranes,furniture andyour own skin. Learn more and more from this CityAirport RunwayBuild & Craft hero game and you will be capableof buildingmassive structures of airport runway castles citytemples in notime! City Airport Runway Build & Craft Features:-• Fun game •Cool Graphics • The best construction game • Play thegame forfree! • Build Airport & craft a runway • Perfect gamefor thefamily, boys and girls will love it.
com.ogien.trainsim 4.1.7
3583 Bytes
With over 20M downloads, Train Sim is the realistic trainsimulatorsuitable for both adults and kids who enjoy trains.Control yourmore than 50 historical and modern trains which areperfectlyrecreated in 3D for your mobile device. Train Sim’sFeatures: ●Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics ● 50+ Realistic 3D TrainTypes ●40+ Train Car Types ● 10 Realistic 3D Environments ● 1UndergroundSubway Scene ● Build Custom Environments ● 3D CabInteriors for allTrains ● Train derailments ● Kid-friendly ●Realistic Train Sounds● Easy Controls ● Regular Content Updates ●Optimized for Intel x86mobile devices What You Can Do Whetherlooking to experiencedriving a train or just want to enjoy yourfavorite train setup inyour preferred environment, this app isperfect for every trainlover. With Train Sim you can: ● Drive thedrains ● Pick uppassengers from stations ● Carry freight ● Sit inpassenger cars ●Observe the train from the ground Choose a Terrain!This traindriving simulator includes terrains that aregeographicallyrealistic 3D environments which provide a differentexperienceevery time you play. Here are the current options you canchoosefrom: ● Southern England ● Mountain Pass ● American Midwest ●India● Subway ● Port of Call ● Metropolis ● Airport ● Desert ●KidsScene ● Japan ● California Coast ● Custom As you see, there isanoption to build your own, customized 3D terrain. Choose aTrainEach environment suggests a train type that is appropriate fortheterrain’s specifics. However, you can choose the one you likemost.You can also change the train and its carriage cars while youareplaying. Another great option is that you can decouple. Youcanalso drop the freight cars while moving. Control the WeatherWhenyou get bored of the nice weather, you can try driving trainswhileit’s raining or snowing. You can also choose a night option,andthe lights will automatically turn on. Of course, you canmanuallyswitch the lights on and off whenever you feel like it.AchievementPoints You can see the list of the achievements thatneed to beunlocked and how many points they bring you. These can bedeclininga single train, crashing more than 10 passengers, tryingout allthe weather variations on a single scene, etc. Keep track ofyourprogress and make the most of this train simulator game!Whetheryou are looking for a train game for kids or for yourself,TrainSim is definitely something you should try out.
Evolving Planet Redux 1.5.14
Murphy's Toast Games
It's the year 3016, and you are in charge of anarchaeologicalexpedition to the planet Kepler-1138. Your aim is toknow whathappened to the Lovans, humanoid aliens that becameextinct forunknown reasons. You will use artificial life toreplicate thestory of the mysterious species. Will you developtheir technology,make them experts on warfare or strengthen theirculturalinfluence? Choose carefully your strategy to reveal thepast of theLovans, and also their future. Features •  Free to Play•  PausableReal-Time Strategy controlling hundreds of bots •  20missions withincreasingly complexity •  A diversity of goals:Fight, Expand,Terraform •  60 achievements unlocking additionalcontent • In-Game tutorial explaining game mechanics *** Follow usontwitter: https://twitter.com/MToastGames Like Evolving Planetonfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/murphystoast Created byMurphy'sToast Games
Runaway Street Dog Simulator 3D – Dog Life Game 1.4
SunByte Gamers Studio
This runaway wild dog survival game takes you on a thrillingjourneyof a life of pet dog that gets bored to be a pet. The cutepet dogswant to live a life of a stray dog, wild dog and a streetdog. Thiswild dog simulator survival challenge depicts how thewild dog livesits life that is full of fun. Let your pet dog freefrom yourownership and let your dog runaway from you. Let it free.Let himenjoy his street dog life.This wild dog simulator is allabout thelife of a pet that becomes stray or wild dog with theconsent of theowner. Give the cute pet dogs a freedom from thisboring life thatthey will never forget. Let them enjoy the lifejourney of a wildstray dog. This is an interesting street dog 3Dsurvival simulatorgame.Dogs do go wild. Yes sometimes pet doggywant to runaway fromthis boring life too. But they also want somewild dog life that isfun. These stray dogs and runway dogs have alife that is free andfun. Checkout this ultimate dog survivalsimulation game in whichsee how these runaway stray dogs have somefun and thrill too. Thisaction wild dog simulator game will takeyou on an ambitious journeyinto the life of a pet dog whichrunaway and live stray doglife.Winter holidays are long gone nowbut not the dogs! Stay inlove with dogs whether they are pets orstray dogs, runaway and haverunaway from this boring life. Theyalso need an escape, give themthe chance and freedom these dogsalways want.
Not only you butevery dog lover want to be in life ofsuch cute dogs, live a day ofdog life, how do they live in thiswonderful life. Play as dog,battle the fears and live troubles ofdog, and guard your areas.Embody the wonderful dogs, play around,hunt around, fight for yourspace and walk around in this wonderful3d dog simulator game. Levelup and unlock other breeds and levelsto play.
You might have tofight for your food and other items tolive. Being the pet and thebest friend of the man you will have totake care of your Dog aswell as you have to survive thiswilderness. Will you take thischallenge and live the life of adog?
To live the life of a Straydog, you can select the breed ofyour beloved dog among from thedifferent dog breeds and live thelife of a real dog. 
You'llneed to maintain your health,hunger, thirst, and energy if you'regoing to survive the harshlife of a wild dog on the street!
Your dogis free to roam a massive open-worldenvironment that is more thantriple the size of the previoussimulators! Busy city streets,wide-open parks.Amazing DogFeatures:

Full Offline Game
- Playfull offline game whenever youwant, no internet required.
- Fightand explore the areas in 3d
-Enter in the mind and body of dog
-Beautiful 3d graphics (city parkscene, Village environments)
- Lotof funny dog behavior likesitting, walking, running, jumping, Pee  and many othersmore
- Amazing 3D country sideenvironment with realisticcontrols.
- extreme action wild dogsimulator game with packedchallenging missionsSimulated Dog LifeGame Play
- Simulationprovided you every aspect of dog life, playaround and find things
-Different locations to choose and wonderas stray dog

- Play the dog sim level bylevel
- you get differentmissions in each level
- level up tounlock more dog breedsFreeWorld Game Play
- Play as the amazingstray dog around
- challengewhatever you find interesting
- gameplay guides you whatever youcan as dogDog Breeds
Different Dogbreeds are provide. Choose yourfavorite breed and have fun withcute dog life
Bulldog, Dalmatian,Doberman, German Shepherd,Rottweiler, Jack Russell Terrier,Labrador, Greyhound, Dachshundand Husky!
We don't collect anypersonal information , anynon-personal information collected by ourpartners like Google isused for analytic and gameimprovements. 
For detailscheckhere
Euro Subway Simulator 1.9
Nice Apps And Games
Euro Subway SimulatorEuro Subway Simulator - a life simulatorsubwaytrain driver!Always wanted to try to spend the day in therole of asubway car driver?Enjoy high-speed trains on the rails?The bigresponsibility to carry passengers!It is necessary to verycarefullyto accelerate and brake, it would not hurt people andcargo!Gentlyrotate the electric composition directly on yourphone! Control thetrain driver from the cab driver!Help people tonot be late for workor school!Your task is to deliver them as soonas possible!Metro -is the most rapid movement without traffic jamsin the tunnel thereis a lot of traffic!NOTE it is only asimulator! The game wascreated for fun and jokes!Thank you forplaying with us, leave usyour comments and ratings, and we willmake our game better and moreinteresting for you!
Supra Driving Simulator 1.0
AG games
In-Vehicle ControlForward and reverseDifferent sprayers forcarpaintingheadlightsFree GarageRealistic car modelsDifferentMapEasyand realistic driving experienceRealistic sound effectsFreedrivingmodeDrift modeRacing modeAdvanced drift physicsReal enginesounds
Paradise Island 4.0.8
Game Insight Classics
Be warned: Paradise Island is very addictive, even if you’veneverplayed this kind of game before. "Paradise Island" is the gameforeveryone who loves sun, sea, and sand!Tear yourself away fromworkand build your own sunny island!Isn’t it time to start yourownbusiness? Wealthy tourists are already on their way to yoursunnyshores!! Entertain them in casinos and entertainment centers,buildhotels, restaurants and discos! Build your own empireofentertainment! Turn your island into best resort empire andlearnto manage your own business. Game tasks:✔ build all kindsofbuildings on the Island;✔ improve your buildings, repair themandgain profit;✔ expand your property by buying new pieces of landandareas of sea;✔ make your Island with unique buildings andplants;✔compete with your friends;✔ set up your tourism business;✔buildthe city of your dream and turn your life into a happystory;✔learn all tips of the game receive all possible rewards andwin theGrand Prize! Game features:✔ An offline mode to play withouttheInternet. Enjoy it on a plane, on the subway, on the road.✔beautiful and detailed graphics;✔ extremely addictiveandinteresting gameplay;✔ life on your island goes on even whenthegame is closed;✔ there is a big choice of facilitiesandconstructions, decorations and plants;✔ tycoon andsimcityfeatures;✔ more advanced, than a regular farm game;✔ morethan 130of awards and achievements;✔ Internet connection isrecommended,but not necessary. Facebookcommunity:https://www.facebook.com/IslandGamePrivacyPolicy:http://www.game-insight.com/site/privacypolicyTerms ofService:http://www.game-insight.com/site/termsDiscover new titlesfrom GameGameInsight: http://game-insight.comJoin our community onFacebook:http://fb.com/gameinsightJoin our community on YouTubechannel:http://goo.gl/qRFX2hRead the latest news onTwitter:http://twitter.com/GI_MobileFollow us onInstagram:http://instagram.com/gameinsight/
Schoolboy 1.3.1
The guy starts from scratch and he needs your help! Will hebesuccessful, rich and popular or become a loser? His life is inyourhands. You can do different cool business from saling chalktomaking your own startup. You can stir up any girl, includingMissof the World. Lots of fantastic gadgets that can help you inthegame are available to you. A lot of cool cars andclothing.Download the game, it will be interesting! :)
Train Station - Real Trains on Rails
Pixel Federation Games
Join over 20 million players in a world of rails and trains.Playnow, collect thousands of trains and learn real-life storiesaboutthem. Earn resources for managing transport of passengersandvarious materials. Build up your station, grow your train fleetandcreate a railway business you’re proud of. Become friendswithplayers from every corner of the world to send and receivepreciousgifts. Challenge yourself in strategic planning, explorethe worldof railway trade and show your unique station to theworld.Features: ● Explore the largest collection of steam,diesel,electric, maglev and hyperloop trains ● Personalize yourstationwith colorful themes like Western, San Francisco, Orient andmuchmore ● Complete various quests for contractors to earn rewardsandexperience points ● Boost your progress with over 300achievements● Engage in fascinating story-based quests and earngenerousrewards ● Challenge your friends and compete inleaderboards ●Enjoy regular weekly updates full of wonderfulcontent PLEASE NOTE!TrainStation is a free game to download andplay, but some in-gameitems can also be purchased for real money.If you don't want touse this feature, please disable in-apppurchases in your device'ssettings. A network connection is alsorequired. Visitcare.pxfd.co/trainstation if you need help from ourcaringcommunity managers! Terms of Use: http://pxfd.co/eulaPrivacyPolicy: http://pxfd.co/privacy Love TrainStation?Follow@TrainStation on social media to get the latest news andupdates.
Virtual Families 2
Last Day of Work, LLC
The sequel to the smash hit mobile game “Virtual Families” ishere!ADOPT YOUR FAMILY TODAY! Adopt a little person from thethousandsliving inside your mobile device! In this life simulationgame,help them choose a husband or wife and start their virtualfamily!Make babies and pass the house on to the kids! Adopt allkinds ofcute pets for your kids to play with - cats, dogs, andmore! Helpnurture and guide generations, managing your ownbeautiful familystory. DESIGN YOUR DREAM HOME Expand and renovateyour virtualhouse. Your adoptee’s new home has a lot of potential,but theyneed your help to fix it up! Imagine your dream home andmake it areality. Add bedrooms, a baby nursery, a home theater, oreven agame room! Collect decorations to customize and design eachroom.MAKE A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS LIFE Train your little people frombabiesto adulthood to take care of their home and make the bestchoicesin life. Encourage them to work on their career and earnmoney fordecorations, necessities, and luxuries. Upgrade yourvirtual familyto be the best versions of themselves. Your littlepeople will sendyou messages, thanking, pleading, and praising youfor caring forthem. Don’t forget to check in on them, because theymiss you andbecome very sad! LIFE SIMULATION RUNS IN REAL TIME!Your littlefamily continues to live, eat, grow, and work when theapp isswitched off. Along the way, there will be many differentrandomevents to respond to, all of them adding surprise tothissimulation game and unexpected elements to routine, dailyvirtuallife. Find highly varied, unpredictable game play. No twogames runthe same; the story unfolds differently for everyone whoplays it.This simulation game is designed to have a life of itsown!
Tractor Farm Life Simulator 3D 1.0.3
Zing Mine Games Production
This game is trying to tell you a story of a young boy named Bobwhowas living happily in a small town. The whole family iswell-reputedfarmers from generations to generations. Bob’s fatherwas ahardworking man he worked from dawn to dusk for the betterfuture ofhis family. Now, his father gives his heritage to Bob andall hisfarms, his animals and all his machinery like trucks,harvester,crop choppers and trolleys to him. Bob was veryinterested infarming from his early childhood age. Likewise, Bob’syoungerbrother is also eager to work with his brother but he istoo youngfor farming. They are farmers who produced pure naturalfood andcontributed to the economy of his country. This realisticTractorfarm 3D graphics game is based on Bob's life. It is a greatchancefor you to step into Bob’s shoes and enjoy the realfarmingexperience. Bob's father had a huge area for farming. Theyusuallygrow wheat and corn crops. They also had a small marketaftercrossing the river. Grow new crops and sell them to a marketformoney. But before this, you will have to go through thecompleteprocess of growing the crops. Plowing the field, thenspraying thepesticides, watering the fields and all the rest of theworkrequired for the farming. You are also required to transporttheanimals to the city market to sell them and earn a profit.Driveyour offroad heavy truck trailer carefully as countrysideroads arevery bumpy Tractor farm life simulator 3D is the latestrealfarming simulator that will allow you to become a realfarmer!Start your agricultural career by cultivating crops in yourlands!You can plow, sow and harvest using lots of different typesofmachinery like a tractor, heavy truck, harvester! Sell yourharvestcrops in the market for money to take control of newtractors andcombines! Enjoy the new farming simulator playing in anopen-worldcareer mode! Have fun using farming vehicles and becomeaprofessional farmer! Download now Tractor farm life simulator3D!This is the game getting rapid downloads. Let’s start thisgame.Key features for Real Tractor farm life simulator 3D : • Easyandfun to play • Interesting Game Play • Amazing sound play•High-quality 3d environments • Stunning & High-Quality3DGraphics
Mantis Insect Life Simulator 1.1.0
Virtual Animals World
Explore the huge wilderness of micro (and not only micro!)worldbeing one of the most unusual insect predator – a prayingmantis!Fight with different insects and big wild animals, raiseyour spawnand have fun with Mantis Insect Life Simulator!Check ournew gamefor all the arthropod lovers!Roam about the forests andplains,fight with different insects and predators, find your mateandraise your family!Build your own nest, try to find a mate, leaditto your lair and create your own family! Don’t forget toprotectyour nest, otherwise, cruel wild predators could ruin it anddefeatall your little offspring! Transport enough food to yourfamily,protect it from tarantulas, scorpions, gecko lizards andvenomfrogs’ attacks and just enjoy the atmosphere of being one ofthemost horrifying insects in the world!Earn points forsuccessfullycompleted missions and unlock new interesting skins foryour mantisto look like large brown mantis (a.k.a Australian stickmantis),conehead mantis (Empusa), Mediterranean mantis (a.k.a.irismantis), Malaysian giant dead leaf mantis, or giantMalaysianshield mantis! Power its characteristics up to have anopportunityto live longer and just enjoy Mantis Insect LifeSimulator!Mindyour health, energy and hunger indicators andremember: if one ofthem drops, your chances to live long andprosper in this littlemantis’s body will drop too! Run through theforests and plains insearch of your poor prey: chase differentinsects and animals tofeed yourself and live longer! Enjoy the fullcycle of mantis’slife!Mantis Insect Life Simulator features:•Outstanding prayingmantis survival simulator• Chance to mate andraise a family •Various types of interesting missions and rivals•Many unlockableskins for your mantis• Realistic 3D graphicsLearnhow it is tobecome a huge wild praying mantis! Live the whole lifeof thislittle but so much terrifying creature exploring the microworld inits huge wilderness with Mantis Insect Life Simulator!Youruse ofMantis Insect Life Simulator is free of charge in exchangeforsafely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and verylimitedcellular data), and only when you are not using your device.Youmay turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOSforfurtherinformation:http://virtualanimalsworl.wixsite.com/virtualanimalsworld/single-post/2017/10/24/VIRTUAL-ANIMALS-WORLD-PRIVACY-POLICY
Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D 1.3.0
Wild Animals Life
Start your own wild adventure in this realistic micro worldwithSpider Pet Life Simulator 3D! Show who is the best poisonousspiderin this human’s house! Seek for prey, find a mate, make afamily,attack insects, cats, humans and have fun!Run across thislargeworld of human’s house, search prey – little insects likewasps,rhino bugs, ants, flies and even ordinary net-spinning spider– andfight against your rivals like large dexterous cats orotherspiders! Be careful – every human being feels nothing but fearanddisgust to you, so avoid these dangerous meetings!Don’t forgettomake a family! Build a lair in the darkest corner of this placeandfind the mate to raise your own little family ofspiderlings!Protect your nest with eggs, raise up spiderlings andfeel like areal home spider! Chase prey, use your poison toparalyze it andnet glands to bind! Transport your victim to yourlair to eat itslowly and calmly in Spider Pet Life Simulator3D!Earn points forevery spider mission to customize your wonderfularachnid and levelits characteristics up! Keep in mind your spiderhealth, energy,water and food indicators to survive! Checkdifferent skins foryour spider – black widow, golden orb weaver,bird’s eating spider,European garden spider, Sydney funnel-webspider and many others!Enjoy the life of a real arthropod in SpiderPet Life Simulator3D!Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D features:•Ultimate home spidersurvival simulator• Chance to mate and raise uplittle spiderlings•Large human’s place full of dangers• Beautiful3D graphicsCheck ourSpider Pet Life Simulator 3D – game for all theanimals’ simulatorlovers! Learn the way of small but poisonous homespider! Explorelarge human’s house and enjoy the beautiful microworld around!Youruse of Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D is free ofcharge in exchangefor safely using some of your device's resources(WiFi and verylimited cellular data), and only when you are notusing yourdevice. You may turn this off from the settings menu.Please seeour TOS for furtherinformation:https://haleenwasadi.wixsite.com/wildanimalslife/single-post/2017/10/23/WILD-ANIMALS-LIFE-PRIVACY-POLICY
President 2017- life simulator 1.0.2
Happy countries are all alike; every unhappy country is unhappyinits own way. Your country had an inexpressibly great luck! Ithasyou! Try on a role of a real president. Lead anubercountry,ubergoverment with its ubercitizens absolutely forfree. The“President” game- is a clicker, where you can do anythingyou want.You can do all that is not forbidden. Develop yourcharacter, ruleyour country, make your citizens fall in love withyou, create themost delightful budget in the world, save yourcountry from acrisis, became a dictator or show everyone where areal democracyresides, bring a stability in each and every home,earn a fame ofthe most spectacular politician there is, juggle yourpower likenobody is watching. Who, if not you? All events andcharacters arefictitious. Any resemblance to real persons arerandom
Dream Life 1.6
Binus Media & Publishing
Dream Life is a simulation game that show us the portraitofadulthood, where they can claim their right to become, to know,tocreate, to share, and to care in a fun ways. The jobs given inthisgame is based on Holland code (RIASEC) test where there is 6workspersonalities.Recommended for 8 - 14 years old.
Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory, Life simulator miner 3.2.12
AlexPlay LLC
The history starts when you find an oil field in your backyard.Youwill be developing, purchasing new equipment, erectingnewbuildings, hiring guards and personnel, making dealswithcompetitors, acquiring the skill of stock trading, buyingnewpossessions and many other fun things. An oil tycoon permits youtograsp the system of oil extraction from inside – from buildingyourfirst well to selling raw material at exchange at realmarketprices. By the virtue of modern graphics and a pleasantnavigationin the game, oil extraction will bring a real senseofgratification. And all that for the sake of oil and theworlddominance! Get rich together with this game! 9 locationsarerepresented in the release version of this game. A house, adesert,a sea, captured territory, the space, stock exchange, yourisland,Siberia, underwater station. All of them must be erected byyoufrom the ground up. Players are ranked so you can see how youstackup against others Extract oil! Build your empire! Prove thatyouare the best! Oil is the black gold of our planet – now it’stimefor an oil rush! Research, extract, get rich!
VM GranMisterio Oficial 1.0
Todos los nuevos vídeos de VM GranMisterio en tu móvil!APPOFICIAL(LAS DEMÁS SON COPIAS)All new VM GranMisterio videos onyourmobile!OFFICIAL APP (OTHER COPIES ARE)
The Game of Life 2.2.7
MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL! Attend college, accept ajoband play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for thewholefamily. Watch as board piece characters come to life and maketheirway through the various stages of life on this spectacular,3Danimated reworking of the familiar physical board. PLAYMULTIPLAYERMODE ONLINE! The Game of Life features a new, uniqueandmuch-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets youplayin a whole new way online. Match and play against otheronlineplayers as you all spin and race in the direction of thelastyellow tile of life’s road. THIS GAME FEATURES: •ONLINEMULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the finalyellowsquare • LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on onedevice •FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will befaced with adifferent victory condition! • MINIGAMES - Put yourskills to thetest and compete head-to-head in a variety ofminigames • CHAT -Send players expressive emoticons during onlinematches THE GAME OFLIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used withpermission. © 2016Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
My Family American Super Dad: Police Family Games 1.0.5
Whiplash Mediaworks
Live the simple family life of a great American dad in thepoliceforce in this virtual family game. He is a family guy and oneofthe best police officer. This is a fun filled virtualfamilyadventure game where the happy virtual mom and virtual dadtakecare of the daily family tasks in this awesome virtualfamilysimulator. Unreal family game are but a reflection of therealworld families who live together and participate in all thefamilyadventures. The dad works in the police force and goes to hisdutyevery day. He spends time with his kids and happy family whenhe isback from the job and on the weekends in this family game.MyFamily American Super Dad: Police Family Games gives you one ofthebest virtual family adventure experience.Imagine the thrillandadventure of living a simple family life filled with fun, joy&laughter. The kids look up to their dad and mom and enjoy thedailyroutine of family life. The virtual family goes out forhappyfamily trips on the family car and enjoy their time together.Theyalso perform household chores and go out for grocery shoppinginthis virtual family game. The american police dad also needstoperform his duty of keeping the city safe from criminals. Hedoesthat from time to time by chasing the criminals down andmakingsure the lives of his virtual family and that of the peopleinneighbourhood stay safe. My Family American Super Dad:PoliceFamily Games is a great virtual family game for people whohaveexperienced having a parent who works in the police force.Thebusymom makes family dinner for everyone in this happyfamilysimulator. They all eat together and enjoy their simplefamily lifein the virtual family game. My Family Working Dad:Police FamilyGames is a great family game where you get toexperience the familylife of a great virtual family where the dadis a cop and thevirtual mom is a busy mom who helps keep the homeclean and happy.This will surely give you one of best experiencesof playing avirtual family game.Play Imaginary Families AmericanSuper Dad:Police Family Games and have a good time.
Mountain Bus Uphill Drive: Free Bus Games 1.0
Gaming Globe Inc.
Immersive realistic missions and off-road bus drivingexperiencewaiting for you in latest bus simulation game.Warning:endlessoffroad driving adventure on tourist bus.OFFROAD DRIVING BUSONPAKISTANI ROADSFreely bus drive can be your breathtaking momentinour Mountain Bus Uphill Drive: Free Bus Games whichofferincredible vehicle including modern buses and old heavybuses.Stunning detailed interiors in offroad bus games will makeyou feeldriving a lifelike real bus. Off-road bus driving games arealwaysarticulated with best realistic bus simulation equipped withuphillbus parking, as on such hilly terrain the parking as wellasoffroad bus driving counts to be a good bus driver. That is whyallthese bus simulator 2017 games with offroad bus simulation aremostaddictive yet adventurous games ever. Offroad driving loversalwayslove the idea of driving the multiple luxury buses suchasPakistani bus, modern buses, tourist bus or even an offroadbuswhich they get only in this bus driving simulator. ANIMATEDPEOPLEWITH CUSTOMIZED WEATHERHave you ever dreamt to experienceuphillbus drive or to have a chance to be a real bus driver in anyhillbus simulator? If yes then these mountain bus games withmodernbuses offraod terrain are jackpot for you including ourMountainBus Uphill Drive: Free Bus Games which is free and offlinegame.Realistic bus simulation in offraod bus driving games arealwayshaving great challenges with greater adventure such as uphillbusparking‘s are quite difficult missions than offroad bus drivingonwell-defined terrain. Download our Hill Bus Off-road Driving:BestBus Games and dare to get on board to complete all missiononluxury Pakistani bus and make this offroad bus simulation nicestinamong bus simulator games 2017 or in top bus driving games.Thisnew Bus driving simulator either in best bus driving games orinbus simulator games make them worth playing with intensehillyterrain.REALISTIC VISUAL DAMAGE ON BUSESFor the first time youwillexperience realistic visual damage in offroad bus games or infreebus driving games holding best ever hill bus simulators.Thisuphill bus drive is ready for you equipped with modern busesandoffroad sky high terrains. All this is because of hillbussimulator in Offroad bus simulator games where detailedenvironmentalong with stunning 3d graphics make if lifelike drivingventure.Detailed interiors in realistic bus simulation of ourUphill BusOffroad Rush: Bus Simulation, make your bus parking quiteeasywhile the Offroad bus simulator kind of adventurer. For abusdriver of mountain terrain this offroad bus simulation iscoolsimulation with Pakistani bus driving opportunity. Withsuchfeatures our Uphill Bus Offroad Rush: Bus Simulation islittleaddictive than bus simulator games 2017. Offroad Bus CrazyDrive:Driving Simulator Features:• Intuitive drivingcontrols•eye-catching 3D graphics• high quality texture• adventurethrilledpacked levels• fascinating game play• many bus drivingluxuryvehiclesHave fun playing this exciting game offered byGamingGlobe. This Offroad Bus Crazy Drive: Driving Simulator is notonlya free game but is also an offline game. Fun is locked intheinstall button.
Focus3 Driving Simulator 4.0
AG games
Modifiable Vehicle In-Vehicle Control Forward and reverseDifferentsprayers for car painting headlights Free Garage Realisticcarmodels Different Map Easy and realistic drivingexperienceRealistic sound effects Free driving mode Drift modeRacing modeAdvanced drift physics Real engine sounds
Cobra Snake Pet Life Simulator 3D 1.0.0
Look here, it’s a cobra – one of the most poisonous snakes ever!Andtoday this cobra is… you! Yep, just be ready for all its upsanddowns, ‘cause the life of this awesome (and terrible) creatureisabsolutely amazing! Explore the house being a real home pet,findthe mate (to create a family, of course) and just enjoy thisCobraSnake Pet Life Simulator 3D game!TERRARIUM LIFE IS NOT FORYOU• Ofcourse, it’s warm inside, but the whole human’s house is sobig andinteresting! Slither through it to learn more about yournewskills;• Animal simulation apps have never been so satisfying–especially when you are this kind of dangerous reptilesneakingeverything;• Beware of some house creatures like dogs –they’retrained to find such terrible creatures as you are and getrid ofthem!COMPLETE ALL THE MISSIONS ONE BY ONE• Start with somesimplequests as exploration or food searching, and then go tofighting oreven mating ones – everybody should have their family!•Fightcockroaches, geckos, rats, scorpions, and spiders to earnsomeuseful points and protect your family from their furtherattacks;•Find some food (or loot it – you’re a carnivore, you know)andbring it to your terrarium lair – you little snakes willbeabsolutely happy!DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR OWN HEALTH• Or someotherstats (like hunger, energy or water) – they’re all soimportant foryou to live the long life of home pet cobra snake!•Watch the mapto prevent some meetings with human dogs, or justpower yourself upto become really strong, fast and poisonous;•Choose some newcolorful cobra snake skin made in exciting 3Dgraphics and justenjoy your new life!Try this absolutely newamazing Cobra Snake PetLife Simulator 3D game – you won’t bedisappointed!Your use ofCobra Snake Pet Life Simulator 3D is freeof charge in exchange forsafely using some of your device'sresources (WiFi and very limitedcellular data), and only when youare not using your device. Youmay turn this off from the settingsmenu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation:http://8amwan.wixsite.com/playmechanics/single-post/2017/12/19/PLAY-MECHANICS-PRIVACY-POLICY
jp.co.beeworks.funghisden.en 1.0.3
The world's first Funghi life simulation observation game! Fromthe""Mushroom Garden"" series with over 43 million downloads, comesa""den-making simulation game!"" Recruit Funghi for a wonderfuldenlife! 7 features to enjoy Funghi's Den: ・Build Lots ofFacilities!・Grow Crops, Make Tools, and Harvest! ・Scout New Funghi!・Go onAdventures to Find Treasures! ・Dress Up Your Funghi!・Decorate YourDen! ・Observing the Funghi! Story: You are a Funghiexpert that'sresearching their ecology. One day you receive aletter from aFunghi boy named Roomulus, who has been tasked to makehis dengreat. It seems that he's looking for a partner inden-making.Enjoy the den life with Roomulus and friends!
A3 Driving Simulator 6.0
AG games
Modifiable Vehicle In-Vehicle Control Forward and reverseDifferentsprayers for car painting headlights Free Garage Realisticcarmodels Different Map Easy and realistic drivingexperienceRealistic sound effects Free driving mode Drift modeRacing modeAdvanced drift physics Real engine sounds
Anime Gacha! (Simulator & RPG) 2.0.1
Play our new game,GachaWorld!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.lunime.gachaworldAnimeGachais a 100% free gacha simulator that lets you pull charactersas manytimes as you want! Collect 180 anime-styled characters andlevelthem up by pulling duplicates of them. You can form a partyof fivecharacters and battle Raid Bosses! Compete with yourfriends andother players in many different leaderboards! Startyour rollingtoday and form the ultimate team!Visit our website forall thingsAnime and Gacha!http://Lunime.com«Game Features»★ 180Characters togacha! Collect them all~!!!★ RPG Battle system withelementalstrengths & weaknesses.★ Level up and Quest!★ GooglePlayLeaderboards for all Gacha cases and Raid battles.★ InfiniteGachaPulls/Rolls!★ Achievements!★ Free to play! No need to paymoney topull the best characters ^.^«Notes»- If your internet isslow, tryturning off wi-fi before you start the game- The game maylag on olddevices- If your device starts to lag after playing awhile you mayneed to restart your device- Turn on "Lag Reducer" inoptions toturn animations off- Bugs may occur if you turn wi-fioffThanks forplaying Anime Gacha (アニメ ガチャ)!!Website:http://Lunime.comFacebook:http://facebook.com/Lunime
HDFC Life Game
LIFE IS A UNPREDICATBLE JOURNEY & YOUR DECISIONMATTERS!HDFCLife presents the Life Game – a single player real lifesimulationgame! The goal of this game is to cover your risks,fulfilresponsibilities and retire with a large corpus, while livingalife of pride. As an individual, you will be earning asteadyincome and life events will come your way, having large andsmallmonetary implications.So go on a journey of LIFE investingwisely,fulfilling your family obligations and building assets withyourhead held high. What’s more? You can compete against variousotherplayers by beating the highest score on the leaderboard.Thegameworld has 240 tiles that are divided into 4 phases, from 18 to60years of age. Each tile could be one of the following:Pay day/pocket money Small money events Big Money EventsFixedLifeEventsFortune EventsMini GamesRest (blank tiles)THEGAMEFEATURES:Easy login: Login using your Google orFacebookaccountSingle player mode: Play single player mode andcompete withothers Sync data online: play – pause and resume. Syncyour dataonline.Game play: Traditional board style fun game with alot ofinteraction with longer path – more than 200tiles.Randomized:Completely randomized game play to ensure diversegame experienceeach time you playMinigames: Put your skills to testevents in lifeand how they impact your future.HDFC LIFE © 2018 HDFCLIFE. AllRights Reserved.
WorkeMon 1.0.22
QuickTurtle Co., Ltd.
This game is for the people who dreamed to be the bestWorkeMontrainer in the world when they were young. "WorkeMon!" isabusiness simulation game where you get to experience the life ofarich CEO, running a company you inherited from your richfather,the owner of richest business in the world, "Gold SpoonGroup". Youcan play the game for free. Enjoy your rich life in thefantasticWorkeMon world! You can become the first rank heir for"Gold SpoonGroup" by defeating all of your 8 siblings, or becomethe WorkeMonmaster by catching all 151 WorkeMons! Whatever you wantto do, youare going to be the very best! Like no one ever was!"This game isfiction. It has nothing to do with reallife."----------------------------------------------- This gamerequiresthe following privileges for smooth game play. -GET_ACCOUNTS Touse the Google Play service, request informationabout your Googleaccount. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Used tostore and load data needed for thegame. These permissions are usedonly for the functions required forgame play, and are not used forstoring information or for otherpurposes.----------------------------------------------- If youhave anyquestions or requests, please send us anemail!quick_turtle_en@naver.com
Classical Car Parking Adventure 1.0
Mini Art Studios
Get ready to play this luxury car parker simulator gamewithinteresting and thrilling dynamic climate and environment.Thisstreet car speed parking game is a latest and advanced ideaofintelligent and sensible parking with multiple vehicles. Youhaveto choose a desired car and start ride towards destinationwithreal parking car drive 3d automobiles. A sensational simulationofparking car drive mania in which there are maximum chanceoflearning driving in short challenging roads. You have to takecareof the obstacles and cones and avoid hitting with hurdlesforsuccessful parking. Your determination and practice will makeyouan expert drive of this master parking car drive game.Realisticgraphics and compatible user interface of this real carcity parkerfree game play will provide amusement for all age userslike kidsand adults. You have to be a master expert in this trafficcarparking practice game.HOW TO PLAY SPEED CAR PARK DRIVING?Therearemany interesting and challenging levels and stages ofthisintelligent parking car driver adventure. You have toconcentrateon your driving and complete the mission within time.Initiallevels will not contain difficult tracks and roads so thatyou maybe able to drive best. A wonderful animation of Prado carparkinglegend game in which you have to keep focus on parking.First ofall, you have to fasten your seat belt and startyourresponsibility of driving. You have to take care of the signalsandsigns during ride and save the automobiles from accidentsandsudden mishaps. Your determination will make you prominentdriverof this extreme car parking expert game. Gradually levelswillcontain multi tasks and duties. You have to accomplish themissionobjective sincerely and background music of automobilewillentertain you during game play. Different camera angles ofthisclassic vehicles parking game will guide you during your ride.Youhave to use your professional driving skills for carefulparkingpractice. You have to steer the wheels of differentvehiclescarefully and accelerate the cars prominently on sharpturns. Asensational effort of smart car city parking expert inwhich thereare maximum learning chances of driving andparking.Enjoy thisnonstop parking adventure game with multi controland realisticvehicles engine animation will provide you fun andentertainment.Compete with other friends with your skills andcomplete everystages professionally. Best of luck for theplayers.FEATURES:Latestand advanced parking missions andlevelsNatural environment of cityand mountainsInteresting userinterface and smart parkingtracksThrilling idea of classical cardriving and parkingRealbackground music and engine sound
Parallel Accounts 2.3.3
Operating as a virtual OS on your mobile phone, ParallelAccountsallows you to run multiple accounts of the same appsimultaneouslyon a single phone, with just a tap to switch betweenthe apps. Italso helps hide apps for better privacy. Log in tomultipleaccounts: •  Dual sim phone with a single Social Mediaaccount? Notanymore. Just install the app in your parallel accountand treatyourself with a second, virtual account. • Strike abalance betweenpersonal and professional life easily. • Tired offighting yourwars on your own? Join your own clan with yourparallel account.Enhance online gaming experience with multipleaccounts, and feelthe multiplied fun. • Almost all apps aresupported for a parallelaccount, and each account works independentof the other. Hidepersonal apps: • Parallel Accounts helps blockyour apps fromprying eyes. Just uninstall the app from your phoneafter cloningit into your parallel account, and create a parallelspace foryourself. Highlights: •  Optimised for battery and RAMperformance•  Well-built, stylish interface, a friendly andeasy-to-useexperience •  Tired of Dual Apps, Dual Messaging,Dualcomplications? Meet Parallel Accounts- one app that lets youcloneall other apps with maximum ease. Notes: •  Permissions :ParallelAccounts does not require permission to run itself but forthe appsadded in it. For instance, if it is not permitted to readyourphone storage, you will not be able to share media contentswithyour friends through your parallel account. •  Privacy :ParallelAccounts does not interfere with personal data of youraccount.Rather it creates an isolated parallel space for every appit runs.•  Consumption : No additional memory, battery and data istaken upby Parallel Accounts for itself but for the apps runninginside. • Conflict : For apps which require a phone number to signup, youshould have different numbers in order to create multipleaccounts.Feel free to contact us anytime on ouremailimatechinnovations@gmail.com Note: We do notalter/modify/decompilethe code of parallel apps in any way. Also Wedo not promote orautomate any app/functionality. We will not beliable for anyviolations of policies of cloned apps. For more inforead ourprivacy policy Privacy Policy-http://imatechinnovations.com/tnc/privacy_policy_en.html
Home Street – Home Design Game 0.23.9
Enjoy life sim design games and want to build a house? Buildanddecorate your dream house in Home Street! Supersolid brings youabrand-new House Design and real life sim game where you canbuildyour dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all tolife ina town built on friendship! Design your dream life in theperfecttown with the perfect house! Live in a town alongsideneighboursand create your story with Home Street! 🏡 CREATE YOURDREAM HOME ✓Design a dream home and extend or remodel your house tocreate theperfect pad ✓ Build a home and decorate it with a homelayout thatwill reflect your personal style best ✓ Decorate yourown house anddesign it with great amenities like a relaxing hottub, big-screenTV, and much more! The choices are yours! ✓ Unleashyour housedesign passion and house flip in this house game! 💇DESIGN YOUR OWNCHARACTER ✓ Home Street is like no other housegames! Create a simcharacter and customise it to look just likeyou! ✓ Design yourcharacter with different face shapes, eye colour,hairstyles,makeup, body shapes, and more ✓ Designer clothes willhelp youperfect your style and create multiple outfits. There aremanydifferent choices! 👫 MAKE AWESOME FRIENDS IN YOUR CITY ✓ Inyourdream city, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand! ✓Choosethe community you like most in your virtual world and meetyour newneighbours ✓ Invite friends over to your house and show offyouramazing home decor and house design skills 😀 AFRIENDLYNEIGHBOURHOOD AWAITS ✓ Build a town with tons ofNeighbourhoods tojoin so you can chat with friends in real-time(Level 10) ✓Neighbourhood Events are constantly introduced with newandexciting themed home design decorations and outfit choices!✓Experience a life sims game like never before and help yourfriendshouse flip and design homes 🎬 PLAY AMAZING STORIES ✓ Notonly ahouse game: choose your own story and be the star! ✓ Funstories –Guest star on a TV game show, support your localcommunity, livethe city life or start your very own business inregularly updatedquests! 🎤 DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS ✓ Design your lifeand unlock yourinner artist, musician, baker, fashion designer andmore! ✓ Besidesdesigning your own house you can also choose yourtalent, turn itinto an income and earn rewards to upgrade yourabilities Createyour dream home, house flip, and start your newlife in a friendlytown and neighbourhood in Home Street! Build yourdream house inthis fun, entertaining life sim game! See in whatdirection yourchoices lead you in when you play Home street andstart on yourhome design path and decorate house now, like no otherhome designgames! Ready for some home design? Download Home Streetfor FREEand design homes today! NOTE: Home Street is a sims gamethat isfree to download. However, purchases can be made in the gameforreal money. If you don’t want to use this feature, pleasedisablein-app purchases in your device settings, and enjoy yourfree housegame. A network connection is required to play, makechoices anddecorate house. --------------------------- SUPPORT Ourfriendlydesign games team is ready to help you build a house anddesignhomes! You can reach them about your sims house flipatsupport@supersolid.com PrivacyPolicy:http://supersolid.com/privacy/
vHack XT - Hacking Simulator 1.66
KF-Media Solutions
vHack XT - The GameUpgrade your simulated Computer, installnewestsoftware and start your simulated / virtual hacker carreer.Onyourway to the best hacker of the world of vHack, you have togetinformations about other players and hack them.Alot ofawesomefeatures awaiting you!Search for other players, scan theiringameAccounts and collect all you need to attack them!vHack XT isone ofthe most loved Hacking Games out there!Join our hugeCommunitytoday, start your virtual hacking career.Features:-- Scanotherplayers-- Install Spyware on their ingame devices-- Transferingamemoney to your account-- Build up a strong PC: UpgradeHardware& Softwares-- Create a Cluster (also known as Guild,Crewetc)-- Connect with your friends, work together againstotherTeams!-- Upgrade your Cluster Server, attack other Clustersandsteal their ingame cash!-- DDoS other Clusters with yourcluster!Block their System.-- Create your own virtual Botnet: BuildnewPCs, Merge them to get stronger!-- Botnet Arena! 1vs1 - one vsoneagainst other players! Mess with the best.-- Awesome Chattohangout with the Community-- Global Leaderboards seperatedtoPlayers and Clusters. Check out who is the best!-- Alot offunawaits you in the most addictive hacking simulation gameoutthere!Attention:-- This is a game! No real hacking-- Nohackingknowledge required-- Internet connection required-- Allingamefunds are virtual! You cant hack any real money with thisapp!