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Mazes & More 2.1.4
Leo De Sol Games
Mazes & More is a classic maze/labyrinth puzzle game withfuntweaks and surprises. Just swipe your finger and guide thedotthrough the walls to find a way out and escape thelabyrinth.Minimal 2D graphics make it feel like a classic and retromazegame, while new game modes keep the adventure fresh (andsometimesscary!). No marker needed. We don´t experiment with mousesorcheese. MAZES & MORE KEY FEATURES - Easy play, forgetaboutawkward tilt controls or unresponsive accelerometer. Betterthanusing a marker! - All mazes are made by hand, no randomizedlevels- 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps,andTime Trial. More will come! - Puzzles range from easy mazes tomuchharder and advanced labyrinths - Minimal and retro 2Dgraphics,forget about complicated 3D mazes. - We don´t use poormouses inthe labyrinths nor tasty cheese is wasted. Guide the dotthroughdifferent routes in this free maze adventure. Run, exploreand finda way out through the intricate walls. Is there aMinotaur?Complete all 450 labyrinths and become the king of themaze. Havefun :-) No mouses were hurt during the creating of thisgame.
de.pictofun.labyrinthone 7.2
You control the ball by tilting or with a joystick. Over 10millioninstalls so far! Classic Labyrinth 3d - The wooden mazefunny gamewith the steel ball everyone knows from the childrens'room comesto your mobile device! Enjoy this classic marble mazelabyrinth.Tons of handmade levels from multiple designers, allincreasing indifficulty as you progress. Navigate and balance theball throughthe maze and try and get the best time, but watch outfor theholes! 39 levels are free, the other 63 level could beplayed eachafter watching a short video or if you get thefullversion. 3 levelof difficulty let you choose the challenge youcan master. Asidenote: Tilt games are not easy to master at all andtrain theability to concentrate and hand eye coordination. Theyhelp toincrease patience. Supports perception and fine motorskills. Italso increases the ability to occupy oneself. An indiegame you canplay very good offline. Features: - Accurate ballphysic simulation- Joystick Controler ( also for left hander now) -Smooth ballmovement - Personal highscores - 3 Star rating system -One coinper 3 Star finished level - Realistic sounds - Coins tocontinue,if you fail during the level. This free game is supportedby ads.It is possible to buy this packs: - Coin Pack 50 with 50Coins -Coin pack 100 with 100 Coins - All Unlimited Pack The coinpacksincrease the amount of coins for one time about 50 / 100coins. Acoin could be used one time to continue in the level, ifthe ballfalls in a hole. The purchase of a coin pack removes alsoanyadvertisment in the game. This removement of ads only works onthedevice where you bought the coin packs, as those packs are packstoconsume and could not be transfered to other devices bytechnicallimitations. The Unlimited Pack opens all Levels of thegame, givesyou unlimited coins to continue during a game (especially verygood for children ) and removes all advertismentpermanently on anydevice with your account on which you install thegame. Everybodyhas to make his games GDPR compliant, so did we.Nothing has reallychanged for you, but you have to accept our datasecurity policyand choose a form of ads once on the first start ofthe game.
Maze Planet 3D 2017 1.4
!!!Check out the Pro version with NO ADS, more planets, bettermusicand lots of improvements! !!!Maze Planet 3D 2017Completelynew typeof maze ! Move a ball across a 3D Planet full of paths anddeadends. Find your way to the finish line and discover newplanets inthe amazing and beautiful Maze Planet Universe. Thereare 30 uniquePlanets and 25 Balls waiting for being discovered!Howmuch time doyou think you need to go trough all the mazes? You canalso try"Find The Key" mode to get extra stars!In the "Find TheKey" modeyou have to first find a key that is located somewhere onthe planetin order to unlock the finish line. Seems easy? Notreally, the timeis running and it`s running fast !!In the normalmode you do nothave to hurry that much, only if you want to getall 3 stars !!Youneed stars to unlock new Planets and Balls.GoodLuck!!How To Play?Find a path trough a maze from start to thefinish line !!You canchoose one of 2 Ball control options:-touchpad (joystick) on theright bottom side of the screen- tiltingyour deviceYou can switchfrom the 2 control types in the settingsmenu or during the gameplay (left top corner)You can also changegraphics quality to LOW inthe settings menu in case your device isnot very powerfulIf youlike our game please rate it and leave acomment :) Thank you andhave fun!!MazeMaze 3D3DMazeLabyrinthLabyrinth 3DLostLost3DRunnerRunner 3DRunRun3DPlanetPlanet 3DMaze PlanetLabyrinthPlanetLost PlanetRunnerPlanetRun PlanetBallBall 3DRiddleRiddle3DEscapeEscape 3DBrainBrain3DMindMind 3DGame 3Dmaze iomaze kingmazerunnermazesmazes 3dclassicmazeclassic labyrinthmaze gamegalaxy3dgalaxy
89 Maze 1.0.9
Ibex Solutions
COLORFUL, SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE! ’89 Maze’ is one of thebestMaze/Labyrinth puzzle games available on the Play Store. It’seasy,fun, simple, exciting and suitable for all ages.The Goal istoguide the ball through the maze to its destination. Remember,therewill be multiple paths for you to move but only one path willleadyou to your destination. Swipe your fingers anywhere on thescreen,to guide the ball to its destination and move on to the nextlevel.Download ’89 MAZE’ completely free. Enjoy this new fun &logicgame.- FEATURES -• Minimalistic, Simple & ElegantlydesignedMazes• Easy to Play and enjoyable for all ages!• Over500Interesting Maze Levels available & more coming soon•VariousDifficulty Levels to keep your brain sharp• No Time Limits•OnlineGlobal Leaderboards to complete with people around the world•Shareyour High Scores with your Friends• In-App Purchases topurchaseHints and Remove Ads- DON’T FORGET TO RATE USRate andReview us onthe Play Store to give us your invaluable feedback, aswe arealways looking to add new features and make this gamemoreenjoyable for our players!- EMAIL USSend us your queriesandsuggestions at ‘moga@ibexsolutions.net’. We are always heretohelp.Let’s start having some fun by playing ’89 Maze’.Enjoy,89MAZE TEAM.
Labyrinth Maze 1.51
Evgeny Karavashkin
A maze game is a path or collection of paths, typically fromanentrance to a goal. The ball rolls through the labyrinth game.Usethe accelerometer or your finger to drive the ball outlabyrinthos.- Explore and find a way out of more than 50 differentlabyrinths.- Enjoy unlimited fun with a procedural generatedlabyrinths. - Thegame gets hard after the initial levels. - Everytime you play, youwill have a unique 3D labyrinth that has not beencreated before. -Enjoy maze mania ball game free
Maze 1.05
Maze is a classic maze puzzle for kids and adults. This is easytocontrol for everybody. Just rub your fingers up,down,left andrightChallenge hundreds of levels. You can do it! [Features] -Simplerules and easy control - Fun and exciting play - No timelimits, Nowifi - Game file is as low as 12M, light-weight download!- Supportboth Phones and Tablets.
Pet Maze Adventure Multiplay 1.4
BP Game Studio
Maze Pet AdventureFind the Maze with Pet, help pet escape fromthemaze.Enjoy the adventure with millions maze in the MazePetAdventure 's world!Easy game play and rules, just escape fromthemaze and you win.We have pet insurance for kids maze. Ourmazepuzzle have many kinds of cat, husky dog, fox, and just kidscanplay it.Anyone can pick up and play Maze Pet Adventure!Clearmorethan 600+ dynamic mazes with your Pets!◆ How to play?- Slideyourfinger to move the Pet!- Find the way to go to the goal.-UnlockNew world with new Pets.- Unlock New Pets to get moreeffect.◆Features- Super cool Isometric design.- So many Pet tounlock eachMap with very beautiful effects.- 600+ maps to unlock.-Shinyeffect.- Cute sound and music.- Supports all tablet devices!-HappyChristmas Mode.- An addictive game enjoyed by people allaround theworld!- No Wi-Fi? No problem! Play anytime without aninternetconnection.- A small game that can be downloaded by anydevice!-Shadow Mode - Find out a way in the darkness, try to escapefromthe maze.If you have some problems or suggest to make thisgamebetter, please contact us!Thank you so much!Enjoy MazePetAdventure! Now, let's escape from the maze.
Unblock Ball Puzzle 1.11
Simple but difficult high level brain game of maze escapeCompletework of slide puzzle that more than one hundred millionusers haveplayed [What is unblock ball puzzle?] _version 1. Newlyreleasedvery simple addictive casual hit game It is a simple butdifficultbrain game that a puzzle user must try. Unblock ballpuzzle isnever easy, as it is delicately made. [And Two Game]_version 2. Doyou know "UnblockBar" Game? This app is two Game.-> "UnblockBall" and "Unblock Bar" [The followings are good. ^^]◆ Infinitelevels of maze type slide puzzle ◆ Absolutely free, lowcapacity,No Wi-fi game ◆ Many levels made with a lot of efforts ◆Simplehandling, fast start, simple design ◆ Variety of mazes forstrongconcentration [Very simple game method!] Move the puzzle toreleasethe balls. You can’t move the pieces that have screws!-Add"UnblockBar" Game. (_version2 update 2018.01.26)
Modern Car Parking in Labirinth 3D Maze 1.3
Do you love modern car parking games? If yes than this game isjustlike car parking and driving adventure but in a differentstyle.For the first time on google play store you will be drivingsportscar in a labirinth 3d mazes and solve the puzzle by cardriving andpark your car at the destination. This car parkingsimulator istotally different from other car parking game becauseof its themeand solving labirinth puzzle. If you think you can domultiple taskat the same time then prove this by completing all themissions inthis best puzzle game of 2017. This is modern version ofclassicalmaze puzzle games in which you drive & park your retrocar in3d maze. Join the modern car friver and play the modern USsmartcar parking in 3d labirinth maze puzzle. Steer the carmeticulously& use the varying gears and shifts to wiggle intothe parkingspot. Avoid crashing into barriers and other cars! Thisis quitethe challenge. Mostly parking games are very tough asparking a caror truck or any vehicle requires proper skills andthat's why multistory car parking and parking plaza games are soclose to realdriving & parking the real car. In this wayparking games actas a driving & parking school for beginnerswho are learning todrive their car. Similarly 3d maze puzzle gamesare also tough asyou have to find the way out of the maze. At everypoint of 3d mazeit feels like you are stuck and cannot get out ofthe maze.A mazeis a path or collection of paths, typically from anentrance to agoal. You will be driving your sports car fromentrance to the goalthrough the maze. Have you ever wondered whatyou would do if youcaught in a maze? This game will allow you totest your ability tofind a way out of the maze.How To Play:In thisparking car drivemania game, you have to be given a mission to parkthe car at anominated parking point. First you have to find a wayout oflabirinth 3d maze puzzle then start your engine and drivethroughthe dangerous path of the puzzle. Avoid bad turns otherwiseyouwill end up on dead end. At the dead end you will faceextradifficulty when you need to reverse the car. If you think youaregenius than challenge yourself by downloading this real carparkingin labirinth 3d maze puzzle. Complete missions to unlocknewmissions. There are different modes including kids andadultspuzzle mazes. So choose your game difficulty level accordingtoyour age. Modern Car Parking in Labirinth 3D Mazefeatures:•Explore and find a way out of more than 50 differentlabirinths.•Enjoy Car parking in labirinth 3d maze puzzle gamefree• Number ofawesome cars to unlock• Realistic driving andparking experience•Different themes are coming. Dangerous forttheme is available.•Three control options: tilt, buttons, andsteering• Challenginghand made mazes in which difficulty graduallyIncrease.
Maze Craft : Pixel Heroes 1.26
Maze Craft is a simulation game that brings the classiclabyrinthinto a whole 3D world ! Explore and find a way out ofinfinteamazing labyrinths. Climb to the top of pyramid and lookdown tosee the exit point. Check how fast you can reach the endwith Superhero style character ! FEATURES ▶ MULTIPLAY availableCompete withworldwide person in online connection and prove thatyou are themost Maze Hero of them all ! Enjoy this amazinglabyrinth game witheverybody in the world ! ▶ TONS OF PIXEL HEROESCollect properamount of gems and open new characters. ▶ REAL 3DMAZE Maze Crafthas a unlimited level that randomly generates a newmaze every timeyou play. ▶ EASY CONTROL Simple controls and shortgame playsessions let you play anywhere, anytime!
Seesaw World 10.2.6
DeCo Solutions
Seesaw World is a game that pushes your reaction and vision onthemobile beyond the limit. With the fabulous and fantastic 3Dscenes,Seesaw World leads you through the varieties of twists,turns,traps, and barriers between start and finish. Seesaw Worldisinspired by traditional maze game and VS Arashi which is afamousJapanese TV game show. Seesaw World retains the original gamelogicbut creates a lot of awesome features by integrating physicsandvisual effect to make you surprise. How to play? By tiltingthehandset or through the virtual joystick, you can steerwholelabyrinth board in order to drive the ball through tubes,blocks,troughs, traps, along wires, obstacle and more to thedestination.Things to love about Seesaw World : - No disturbing anduninvitedfull-page advertisements - Easy to control with simpleoperations -Stunning 3D graphics and effects - Precise physics -Remarkablerewards with collectible coins - Collectible coins fordrawing thenew ball and level up - Labyrinths with a uniquechallenge indifferent levels - Compatible with your mobile totablets Updatesin future: more levels with stunning features. Anyopinion on thisapplication? please rate it and leave a comment, orleave yourcomment here https://:www.facebook.com/decosolutionone.Yourfeedback and comments are welcome so we can continue to revisethisapplication and make future apps better. As indie developers,yoursupport is greatly appreciated. You can find us on theFacebookpage at https://:www.facebook.com/decosolutionone. EnjoySeesawWorld!
FPS Man Scary Ghost Labyrinth 1.0.1
Patrick König
Did you ever wonder how it fould feel being in a labyrinthwhileghosts are haunting you? This is your change to experiencethiswhole new perspective and to also show that you do not fearghostsnor darkness. This game is played in first person. You didnot seethat before!Pickup all coins to complete the level but becareful.You are not alone. Furthermore the coins you need to pickupare theonly source of light. Darkness is to come with every morecoin youcollect. But you got no choice. Overcome your fear!Thisgame isfeaturing some of the best graphics and realtime lightningeffectsyou can experience on an mobile device today. Beautifuldesignedmazes, characters and sound effects add even more to thescarygameplay.Are you ready? Try to beat the highscore now. Forbesthorror this game should be played at night using headphones!
Roll the Ball®: slide puzzle 2 1.3.7
Roll The Ball: slide puzzle 2 is a simple addictive unblockpuzzlegame! It'll keep you playing for hours! Do you like the gamegenresas below? Great! Roll the Ball 2 has all the elements. ;) •FamilyPuzzle Games, Enjoy the game with your family. • MazePuzzles, Findthe exit! • Sliding Puzzles, Just move, move! • PuzzleGames,Thought-provoking fun. • Brain Teasers, Test yourself.Exerciseyour brain. • Escape Games, Can you get out? Let's go. •HiddenObject Games, Find the hidden path. • PhysicsPuzzler,Physics-based gaming. • Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn buthard tomaster. • Retro Games, Revisit the classics. • Exam Prep&Tutoring, Practice makes perfect. Train your brain toactivatemind. HOW TO PLAY • MOVE the balls with your finger. •BUILD thepath to guide the moving ball to the red GOAL. • USE theSPECIALtiles. • ACHIEVE three stars. FEATURES • MAZE PUZZLE: Findthepath. • SLIDING PUZZLE: An essential for people of all ages. •TONSOF EPIC LEVELS: You can enjoy the game with endless fun. • NOTIMELIMIT: Play at your own pace. • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy thegameoffline. • MORE VARIATIONS: Use rotation mode for a challenge&star mode to relax. • USEFUL IN-GAME FUNCTIONS: - RESTART:Justrestart a level immediately. - HINTS : It's a good friend.Ofcourse, it may be wrong. • GET DAILY BONUS & GIFTS: TheSantamay give gifts to you. Check the message box often. • ANNOYINGADS?NO PROBLEM! Buy AD FREE(USD 1.99) or Participate in adsimprovementprogram by in-game Email. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID &GOOGLE PLAYGAMES - Support both PHONES & TABLETS. - Supportboth ARM &x86 DEVICES. - LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS fromGoogle PlayGames. - CLOUD SAVE: Your game progress will be savedonline withGoogle Play. You can sync your game progress betweendevices,phones & tablets, using the same Google Play Account.It mayrequire you to sign in Google+. It supports only yourgameprogress, not hints and not auto-save. Be careful, if you tapthe"Save" or "Load" button, it works at once. UP-TO-COMING WITHGOOGLEPLAY GAMES & GOOGLE+ - CLOUD SAVE, LEADERBOARDS&ACHIEVEMENTS from Google Play Games. - RECOMMEND TO GOOGLE+FRIENDS- MULTIPLAYER GAME, QUEST, GIFTS - APP INVITE, APP INDEXINGNOTES •Roll the Ball contains ads like banner, interstitial, videoandhouse ads. • Roll the Ball sells In-app products like ADFREE,hints and level packages. E-MAIL • help@bitmango.com HOMEPAGE•https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6249013288401661340Likeus on FACEBOOK • https://www.facebook.com/BitMangoGames Let'sROLLTHE BALL!
Maze / The Labyrinth 1
RAM Games
" Maze / The Labyrinth " is a 3d & 2D Maze game that issuitablefor everyone. The game features beautiful graphics, a lotofchallenge and many characters to choose from.***Multiplayer****Raceto the maze exit and avoid the monsterrobots.You can now playonline with your family, friends or otherplayers around the worldin 2D mazes. ****** 3D mazes containsbeautiful environments andunique structures.*To keep the challengealive, 2D mode generatesnew mazes every time you play (i.e.unlimited mazes & unlimitedfun). Every time you play, you willhave unique mazes that has notbeen created before. You will enjoya new challenge every time youplay.How to play:* Easy controls:walk, right, and left buttons tonavigate the maze* To jump tap inthe middle of the screen* If youget stuck, use the hint button(left top corner of the screen). Thejump function also helps (tapin the middle of the screen to jump)-Google Play Leaderboards wasadded to share your score and competewithothers----------------------------Likeuson:https://www.facebook.com/pages/RAM-GAMES/346116445587456FollowusonTwitterhttps://twitter.com/ram_games-------------------------------------
com.leodesol.games.linesthegame 1.2.1
Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle is a new Zen puzzle published bythecreators of Puzzlerama and Mazes & More. Challenge yourbrain,draw, cut and erase to find the solution to the 500+ smartlevels.Relax, unwind and let the color flow into the labyrinth oflines,in a Zen experience that will let your mind flow freeandantistress. Some levels have a perfect symmetry, other are amazeof lines. Can you master all of them? No pencil needed! How toplayLines – Physics Drawing Puzzle Depending on the level, youwillneed to tap to place a dot over a line, erase an opponent´sdot, orcut or draw lines. Then watch the colors unfold and flow!Lines –Physics Drawing Puzzle key features include: - 6 differentmodes:Point, Erase, Cut, Draw, Portal and Mix- Daily Challenges -26achievements to unlock -500 smart levels - Use your brain andlogicto find the solutions - Bronze, Silver and Gold medals foreachlevel. - Infinite fun! Point Mode Tap on a line to place a dot.Besmart and choose and strategic and logic position for thedots.Sometimes you need to place one dot, other times two dots.EraserMode Tap on an opponent´s dot to erase it. Draw Mode Draw alinewith your fingers to connect lines to your advantage. Useyourbrain! Cut Mode Cut a line to stop the flow of youropponent´scolor. Portal mode Tap the line across 2 places to createa portal.Your line will be teleported from one place to the other.Butbeware: your opponents can also make use of the portal youhavecreated, so choose its location wisely! Hope you all guysenjoyLines – Physics Drawing Puzzle!
com.mlg.pony.horse.maze.run.simulator 1.7
Mega Level Games
Find the keys to unlock the exit door of the maze. Interestingandchallenging levels with adventurous look and beautifulgraphics.Live the dream of having a beautiful pony and dive intofantasy andjoy races! If you're convinced about downloading thebest pony mazerun available then just get on ! You can see the mapof the mazefrom above and try to solve the maze. So, do you thinkyou aresmart enough? FEATURES: · Intuitive touch and joystickcontrol toRUN and JUMP! · PLAY as a beautifully designed character!· EXPLOREthe Maze, and unlock new LEVELS! · 10 interesting andchallenginglevels to play in the current version and new levels arecomingsoon. · RACE the clock and try to reach to the exit point assoonas possible to get more stars! · Good quality sound effects.·Superb Environment. · Support for HD phone devices and tablets.·Good quality sound effects. · User friendly GUI and controls.·Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!
com.spookyhousestudios.railmaze 1.4.4
Solve 100+ of challenging and unique puzzles, build railroads,bombthrough obstacles, escape PIRATES on rails. Have a lot of funwiththis new and unique puzzle game. Features: * 100+ puzzles *Tunnels* Bombs * PIRATE trains * Super long trains * 4 gamemodes:LABYRINTH - Puzzle BUILD RAILROAD - Action SNAKE - ActionLONGESTRAILROAD - Puzzle Action Get Rail Maze now! PRESS REVIEWS:“RailMaze is an amazing puzzle game that will give you so manydifferentoptions, youll be busy playing it for hours” –AppAdvice.com “Thebiggest one is the change of art style, which –as you can see fromthe comparison screens below – is more honed andcowboy-like”-PocketGamer.com "Rail Maze, with over 100 levels andthousands ofdownloads, certainly seems to be one of the hottercasual games outthere at the moment." - Gamezebo.com “If puzzlegames are yourthing, you wont want to miss this one” – AppAdvice.com
HD The Maze Wallpaper For Fans 5.1
HD Suicide Wallpaper Movies
HD The Maze Runner WallpaperForFansthanks!enjoy!!Tags:#newt#thomas#tmr#maze#runner#minho#mazerunner#dylanobrien#thescorchtrials#fanart#DISCLAIMER:Thisappis made by TMR Movie fans, and it is unofficial. The content inthisapp is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by any company. This app is mainly forentertainment andfor fans to enjoy these Wallpapers.
Illusion Labs
Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a steel ballbytilting a wooden labyrinth. This is the lite version with 20fullyplayable levels and you can easily create 10 more of your veryown.The full version has over 1000 (yes one thousand) levels.Searchfor Labyrinth to find it. Features: - 60 FPS (Wheresupported) -Shadows. - Optional 3d-walls, changing perspective whentiltingphone. - Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makesitpossible to slide on a hole edge without falling. - Acarpenterlevel with calibration. - Autosaving of completed levels.- Easystarting levels for newbie players. - Sound. - Tactilefeedback. -Many more...
Maze World 3D 1.2.4
Empire games
Maze World 3D - puzzle and adventure, you need to find the exitinthe maze, collecting bonuses and keys along the way.Gamefeatures:★40 levels, divided by the area type★ Easy to play:forward, turnleft and right controls★ Use game objects - keys,doors, coins★Mini-map★ Rating system: collect all coins in thelevel and findthe exit in a fast time to get the maximum rating
The Game Teeter Pro 2 is maze labyrinth game where you controlsteelball by tilting the wooden labyrinth. At the end of everylevel youhave to match the balls with right holes (colour isimportant).Enjoy this variation of a classic maze game and playlike a PRO!Levels You can discover over 90 levels absolutely forfree and everylabyrinth is different. Gameplay is challenging andyou can try yourbest skills in this maze game. You can control theboard byaccelerometer 🕹️. On every maze you can spot differentobstacleslike small, medium and big walls. There are also rotaryobstaclesand you have to be careful with them :) There are tons offun forchildren and even for adults players. Achievements In gameyou canset time for every labyrinth, and you will be able tocompare yourresults with other players! Try to beat time and getthe shortestone. Features - 90 different labyrinths to pass - youcan set timefor every maze - great graphics - small game size
aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free 1.7.2
FridgeCat Software
aTilt is a labyrinth maze game with an emphasis onrealisticphysics, 3D graphics, and a top-notch gaming experience.Roll yourway past walls, holes, and rotating pieces in order tomove theball into the goal. aTilt includes 258 levels, and you cancreateand share your own levels online!This version of aTilt isfullyfunctional and supported by ads.
Maze Ball 1.4
Pass the obstacles and finish the labyrinth! Maze Ballprovidesfantastic game play and accurate physics for Maze Ballenthusiasts.More levels coming soon. Maze Ball is a veryentertaining game withwonderful labyrinths. Always look around! Becareful with the traps-Features- *Joystick Supported * Total 30Section * Exciting andFun levels! * It's a FREE game! * Compatiblewith all tabs andmobile devices. * Classic gameplay * No timelimits *30 differentmaze *Suitable for all ages. *Play ball game!*Maze Ball How toPlay: Select level and play game. Use right D-Padto control themovement of Maze Ball. Collect as many stars aspossible. Live thereal gaming experience with Maze Ball. You willhave a lot of funplaying Maze Ball. New Maze Ball game. Enjoy the"Maze Ball".Download and play your new free game "Maze Ball" onAndroid GooglePlay!
Alice in Wonderland 3D Maze 4728 v7.0
Gemallo Dreams
The adventures of Alice in wonderland have not finished yet. Itistime to help her! Alice is trapped in the labyrinth ofwonderlandsurrounded by Card Soldiers and Red Queen marching insidethelabyrinth and they are looking for her. We need your helptodestroy the Card Soldiers, run away from the Red Queen and findthewhite rabbit to escape the labyrinth and continue to playonanother level. Get ready for your adventure with the guidanceofCheshire Cat. Download now and play against time. How to play;-Use arrows to move in the labyrinth - 30 different types of level-With Cheshire Cat item, see the labyrinth map from the air for30seconds to search for the exit - Destroy the Card Soldiers byusingthe hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds items - The 'DrinkMe'potion will make you smaller to pass the doors and the ‘Eatme’cake will make you larger again - Do not forget to run awayfromthe Red Queen! - 3D graphic effects and original music - Saveandshare your final results
The Maze Runner 1.8.1
The Scorch Trials: In Theaters Now!Unlock the mystery of the Maze and race to survive intheofficial The Maze Runner game!Join the community of Gladers are trapped in the center ofanever-changing deadly maze. Run for your life while dodgingfallingboulders, fiery pits, and gushing aqueducts! Collect cluestounlock the Maze and complete new levels. Choose your runnerforspeed and stamina, and race the clock to escape before theMazeseals shut!Enter the world of The Maze Runner, the new film based onthebest-selling novel!FEATURES:· Intuitive touch and tilt controls to RUN, JUMP, and SLIDEtosafety!· PLAY as your favorite runner from the The Maze Runner film!· EXPLORE the Maze, COLLECT hidden clues, and unlocknewLEVELS!· RACE the clock and get to safety before the Maze sealsshut!· REWARDS and Daily Gifts for loyal fans!Visit themazerunnermovie.com for more info.#MazeRunnerGameWe love to hear from our players!On Twitter? Drop us a line @pikpokgamesHave a screenshot? Share it on Instagram with #pikpok
com.rikudo.numbers 1.2.3
Rikudo Games
Rikudo is a logic puzzle game which is easy to understand but canbevery hard to solve. The goal is to find a path ofconsecutivenumbers in a honeycomb grid with hexagonal cells. Eachpuzzle is anumber maze with a unique solution. Rikudo is anaddictive numberplacement puzzle mainly about logic. However whatmakes Rikudospecial is its visual and intuitive nature. Hours offun and braintraining ahead: ★ An animated tutorial to learn thebasics ★ 320free puzzles of various sizes and levels ★ An evil modeto spice itup ★ Some puzzles in action mode ★ Leaderboards andachievements ★A pepper mode to get harder small puzzles ★ Hints tolearn the mostadvanced solving techniques Cloud synchronizationacross devices isavailable with Google Play Games. The game canalso be playedoff-line and does not take much space (<15 Mo).The game becomesad-free for any in-app purchase. Rikudo is producedby anindependent developer.
com.gamingsauce.redballiv 3.8
Gaming Sauce : Red Ball Originals
Red ball 6 is a brand new red ball game where you have to findtheexit and overcome obstacles in your way. This is a simple tilt3dlabyrinth game, you only need to complete each maze controllingthered ball with your tilt controls. There are no dumb ways to dieinthis 3d labyrinth it's just for fun and that's why we thinkit'sone of the top free games out there. Take control of your redballand overcome all the exciting 3d maze levels. Each 3d mazeisdifferent and carefully designed to make you enjoy thisamazingadventure. The map you have to complete is easy butalsocomplicated, it's made for you as a player. You have to collecttheartefacts which will give you a full completion ofthelabyrinth.The obstacles will slowly increase while you conquerthemap to be more difficult.We are working on some great tiltcontrolsfor you to enjoy on all obstacles. Download now and help usmakethis maze game one of the top free games of the year!
Dream Puzzle: Unblock the Road 1.1.8
Here comes a simple yet mind-bending sliding puzzle game.You’veseen the video – now the lives of those lost Dream Faeriesare inyour hands.Enjoy more than 1,000 hand-crafted slide puzzlesas youcollect magical cards to uncover the hidden facts inhouseholdfairy tales. Achieve more stars to unlock new fairystories.If youlike game genres below, you will definitely love ourgame! •Sliding puzzle game. Just move and move! • Maze Puzzle. HelpDreamFaeries to escape from the maze! • Match-3 Puzzle game. Easytostart but hard to master. • Exam Prep & Tutoring. Trainyourbrain. • Friends Puzzle Game. Play it with your friends! Enjoythefun together!Features: - Over 1000 challenging slide puzzles!Enjoythe game enough! - 13 Dream Faeries to choose: Stalker,Torturer,Firog, Souleater and more- No wifi? It’s not a problem!This is agame you can play offline.- Daily FREE bonus and gifts. -Collectstory cards and dream shards to uncover hidden mysteries infairytales- Elegant soundtrack and fantastic artworks Relaxing andeasyto pick up, you'll soon find yourself deep in contemplationtoperfect each puzzle.Follow our Facebook fan-page formoreinformation and keep up to date with all the latest aboutDreamPuzzle: Unblock the Road. We are looking forward to seeingyourcomments andmessages!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Adventures-in-Dreamland-1828632037401994/
Ball Maze 3D Free 1.0
Frigate Games
Ball Maze game is loved by everyone who plays arcade games. Wearepresenting this game exclusively for Ball Maze Game lovers.BallMaze is a simple yet addictive game where player has a simpletaskto take the ball and drop in to the destination hole. Ball Mazeisreally addictive game and also it needs lot of skills tocompletethe complete levels. So test your puzzling skills in thisnew BallMaze Game. Ball Maze has come from our childhoodtraditional gameand we all loved playing it in our childhood.Weplayed many BallMatching Games but this used to be our best game.So we all playthis Ball Maze Game. It is much better than many BallMatchingGames.These days everyone in younger generations love BallMachineGames but if you try playing this Ball Games then definitelyyouwill fall in love with this Ball Games. So you can select thisgameover Ball Machine Games.Ball Maze 3D is definitely going toleaveyou amazed with its absolutely amazing gameplay and it isactuallyloved by many when compared over Ball Pool Games. Even BallPoolGames can not give you this kind of simple game play withitsaddictiveness. If you want to try some Ball Games Free then Wewillfor sure suggest this game so that you can have lot ofgoodtimeplaying this game. Ball Games Free is what everyone looksfor andhence we provide you this Ball Games 2.Every Kid is wonderedwhileplaying with Ball, and he definitely asks his/her parents BallGameBall Game. This game is addictive and also improves kidslogicsolving skills. As this game comes under puzzle category itishighly reccomended for kids to improve their IQ and problemSolvingskills. This is the best Ball Game For Kids. Kids loveplaying ballgames so this is recommended Ball Game For Kids.RollingBall MazeGame is the concept of this Maze Ball 3D, Ball keeps onRolling andplayer has to roll the ball o n the maze and take it tothedestination. We have played many Rolling Ball Maze Game butMazeBall 3D is the best among all the Rolling Ball Maze Game. Sojustenjoy playing 3D Ball Maze. Labyrinth Game is the category ofgameswhich is loved my all puzzle game lovers and this Maze Gamesis foryou. Just leap into it.If you are looking for Maze Games3D,Labyrinth game, Labyrinth games free, Labyrinth, Super BounceBallMaze, then this game will surely make your day.If you arelookingfor Maze Games 3D, Labyrinth game, Labyrinth games free,Labyrinth,Super Bounce Ball Maze, then this game will surely makeyourday.Download and Please dont forget to Rate and Review.HowToPlay:* Tilt your phone to control the Ball. * Take the Balltodestination Hole.* If you have multiple Balls in a level thentakeall the Balls to the destination.
Maze Amazing 1.0.1
Find the only way out in tons of mazes! Classic maze puzzle gametopast time! FEATURES • Offline play with no wifi • OPTIMIZEDforANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - Designed for tablets&phones. - Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES. NOTES • Thisapprequires following permissions. - Modify or delete the contentsofyour SD card & Read the contents of your SD card - Fullnetworkaccess Google Play billing service - receive data frominternet -view network connections - view Wi-Fi connections. -Prevent tabletfrom sleeping E-MAIL • contact@xlsoft.co.kr Like uson FACEBOOK •https://facebook.com/162281857446669 Maze aMazing!
The Abyss: Labyrinth Puzzle 2.2.2
Demium Games Labs
The Abyss is an ingenious game with flat aesthetic in which youmustresolve the puzzle by wiping out every block in the board. Forthat,you have only two basic movements: move to the closer tile orjumpover it. It's very easy!This puzzle game based on the mythicalWespwill be a difficult logic challenge to your brain. Theflataesthetic and the relaxing music will make of solvingthesechallenges your main entertainment.Key Features:✪ Tap or dashyourway out of the labyrinth.✪ Over 100 puzzles that will testyourwits!✪ A map with 5 fun worlds in which you will unlock newboardswith puzzles of different level of difficulty.✪ Special tilesineach world will challenge the way you can solve the puzzle.✪Randommode with no level limit. Solve all the puzzles you canimagine!✪Infinite mode with ranking, beat your friends and be the#1 of theworld.✪ Relaxing ambiental music and flat aesthetic.ThePancakeTeam, as an indie video games studio who belong to theincubatorprogram of Demium Games, greatly appreciate your ratingsandcomments along with all your support. Thank you very much
Labyrinth Game FREE 2.3
Classic labyrinth game where you control the ball whileavoidingholes and traps to reach the destination. Play the bestlabyrinthmaze game on your mobile. 65 Gorgeous looking levelswithchallenging puzzles to solve. Calibrate and play the way youholdyour device. Navigate and balance the ball through the maze andgetthe best time, but watch out for the holes! Unusual mapsanddifferent levels of their complexity make the game interestingandaccessible to all the users. So play this addicting fun marblemazegame. Features: 65 beautiful Levels. Realistic Physics. 15Balls tochoose from. Download now for FREE. Get the latest news,deals, andmore at: FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/eivaagamesTWITTER:http://twitter.com/eivaagamesYOUTUBE:http://youtube.com/eivaagames
Crazy Maze - Fun Puzzle Action 1.5.0
Kalypso Media Mobile GmbH
Jimmy the Taxi Driver has to make his customers happy! That’s whyheneeds you! Beat the rush hour! Help this friendly monkey findthebest way through traffic. Everything seems easy in thebeginning,but as you progress, the crazy mazes of traffic jamsbecome moredifficult to solve. At first, all you need is a quickfinger todrive the taxi through the streets to its destination.But newchallenges are added during every new ride! FEATURES OFCRAZY MAZETRAFFIC PUZZLE - intuitive touch controls (but stillexciting foradults) - 11 worlds, 99 clever puzzles - taxi drivingfun; beattraffic, find your way! - slowly increasing difficultylevel WHATPLAYERS ARE SAYING “It’s fun, entertaining and looksgreat!” “Reallytricky and easy to handle” “Cool real-time puzzlegame” “Excellentpuzzle game. Challenging puzzles are a lot of fun”HOW TO PLAYTraffic jam, rush hour or free travel: every level is anew puzzle.Using your finger, drive the path that you want thetaxi to takethrough traffic. Collect bonus items, get the bestpassengerratings. CONTACTING THE DEVELOPER Problems, praise,criticism: Visitwww.kalypsomediamobile.com or contact us directlyatsupportmobile@kalypsomedia.com Data privacypolicy:https://www.kalypsomedia.com/privacy-policy NOTE Internet:portionsof this game require an active internet connection.Depending onthe Wi-Fi and network status, connection times maydiffer. Werecommend a wireless connection for the optimal gamingexperience.In app purchases: Playing Crazy Maze - Traffic Puzzle iscompletelyfree, but some game extras can be purchased with realmoney.Watching reward videos will increase your data consumption.
Gekimuzu-Seiza labyrinth 2 1.0
People that own the maze game, really is ... I think this gamecanbe completely clearGame of the method of operation is easyandsafe.Because in that direction if scroll through the fingerballmoves on the screen, we will lead it into the goal.If itrecommendsthe stage, because the small stars collected not the goalwhen thestage comes out that does not appear,Let's aim at the goaland ledall the little star.Simple and simple maze, however, thedifficultysuper ChelmsfordWho do not even those who are themselvesin themaze also, please try to challenge his own limits ...!
Labyrinth Game 2.3
Classic labyrinth game where you control the ball whileavoidingholes and traps to reach the destination. ★ FREE VERSIONalsoavailable here★http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eivaagames.LabyrinthGameFree65Gorgeous looking levels with challenging puzzles to solve.Calibrateand play the way you hold your device. Navigate andbalance the ballthrough the maze and get the best time, but watchout for the holes!So play this addicting fun marble maze game.Features: 65 beautifulLevels. Realistic Physics. 15 Balls tochoose from. Get the latestnews, deals, and more at: FACEBOOK:http://facebook.com/eivaagamesTWITTER:http://twitter.com/eivaagamesYOUTUBE:http://youtube.com/eivaagames
Maze 1.0.6
Classic puzzle labyrinth for children and adults. Swipe yourfingerto show the turtle path to fruit or vegetable.- Large numberoflevels with increasing difficulty.- Clouds, fog and nightdarknesswill become a serious obstacle on your way to the goal.-Enjoy adiverse area with its own graphics.Spend a cute turtlethrough thejungle, desert and snow to green meadows. Visit theancient Hindutemple and the Egyptian tomb. Explore the Yetisanctuary and thecity of the ancient Incas.
3D Maze 3 - Labyrinth Game 2.2
☆ 3D Maze 3 ☆ - best labyrinth & adventure game foreveryone!And it's free! Have fun in 4 unique environments and 32mazes!Collect coins, flowers and mushrooms to unlock one of 15coolcharacters! Train your brain and challenge your friends! Thefasteryou get to the exit, the better score you will achieve. Startyourjourney through beautiful mazes and experience fun gameplay.It's aclassic maze game with a four colorful seasons. Adventurebegins ina fairytale forest which ends in a desert. Enjoy view fullofcactuses and remember to collect all the coins and flowers!Snowysecond season leads to the last scary Halloween levels whereyouneed to collect mushrooms. All of collected items you canexchangefor one of 15 characters! Why 3D Maze 3 is valuable foreveryone? ✓develops logical thinking and concentration ✓ trainsmemory ✓improves executive functioning skills ✓ develops confidenceduringgameplay ✓ labyrinth games learns various strategies ✓funnycharacters and sounds Game features: ✓ 15 characters likeblockymonsters, animals and more! ✓ 8 maze sizes each season ✓greatmusic ✓ game for boys and girls ✓ supports offline gameplay ✓firsteasiest labyrinth unlocked for each season ✓ lowpoly graphics3DMaze game series from mobadu reached over 30 000 000 usersinGoogle Play! Check our other 3D Mazegames:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=9050076692178953988Keepupdated - subscribe now! Website: www.mobadu.plFacebook:www.facebook.com/3Dmaze Twitter:https://twitter.com/MobaduAppsInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/mobadu/
Kids Maze : Educational Kids Game Puzzle World 2.0
Baby Hub
Presenting a learning app for kids “Kids Maze : EducationalPuzzleWorld”. Find the way from mazes and have fun!This game ishavingplenty of different mazes for kids with various funny optionslikepets, animals, vegetables, cute monsters and many more.MazeGamesare also known as Labyrinth Games! Find a route through themazefrom the start to finish.Key Features:- Kids friendly mazes!-Easyto play- 50+ educational mazes for kids- Many options&characters which will be helpful to kids to learn andunderstandrelationshipsCategories:- Pets- Animals- Underwater-Monsters-Veggies- Fruits- Christmas- Cars & VehiclesHow toPlay:- Selectyour favourite category from kids maze games- Touch& Trace theobject highlighting on the path.- Help to find theway!Download ourother trending games for your toddlers:- My KittyDay Care- MyChipmunk : Baby Pet Daycare- My Supermarket - Kids Fun-Baby GopiDoll Fashion Salon- Baby Doll Christmas Salon- Baby DollBallerinaSalon- Nighty Night Lullabies- Connect Dots - Kids PuzzleGameWewill be glad to receive your response. Contact us for anyqueriesor suggestions at: babyhubgames@gmail.com
The Maze 2
The Maze requires a lot of concentration , patience andvisualmemory. If you want to complete your mission , you shouldfind thehidden exit. There are 2 secret teleportation points ineverychapter. You have 3 or 2 bird's eye view chance to see the allmaze, you should use this chance smartly. If you trust your memory,you have to pass all chapters. Now download the game free andshowyour power of visual memory!Good luck , Have fun.
Anubis Maze – Labyrinth puzzle 1.1.8
GAV Apps
From evil gods to ancient mummies and through mazes is whatthisgame is made of.The goal of the game is to try and solve themazefast and effective while improving your problem solvingabilities.Moreover, you will enjoy the great storyline we have puttogetherand show the house of Anubis that his maze is no match foryourgameplay. If you are a puzzle solver, you like the egyptianstyleof gameplay, then this is the game for you. Free mazes rangefromeasy ones to the more harder ones and they are in a form ofalabyrinth puzzle. You can also play in different seasonswhichmanifest amazing user interface and makes the game moreenjoyable.You will also be challenged with various types oflabyrinths andmore than 200 uniquely designed mazes, and all thisfor free Thismaze puzzle solving game has plenty offeaturesincluded:hourglasses that will give you a small time bonusso youcan solve each puzzle that comes your way maze craft thathelp youmove from one side of the land to anotherthe arrows on thecraftindicate the direction/directions in which the maze craft canbemoved within the labyrinthbidirectional teleport gates thatwillinstantly transport you back and forth; they go BOTH WAYSmazelockwhere you have to find different keys that have to be matchedbycolor in order to open gates9 artifact pieces that have tobecollected so that you can use their god- like powers. Anenergysphere helps you to use superpowersBrainchallengesNumerouslabyrinths to solve (more than 200) We at GAVappsaim to provideour users with great apps and keep them playing ourgames thusmaintaining a reliable app developement brand.Feel freeto visitour website and our social media pages:Website-http://www.gavapps.com/Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/GAVApps-389696711076828/?fref=tsYouTube-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGrjB9lTdvCGzKHDf9aZSNQ
Riddles Dots - Crazy Labyrinth 1.04
There's a new adventure waiting for you: a new game to testyourskills, your logic ability and your intuition. In front ofyouthere is a Labyrinth, and your goal is to find a way out fromhere.With an amazing graphic and a great game play, this dot to dotgamewill give you hours of challenging amusement: click on the dotstoconnect them and create a new path inside this crazyLabyrinth!Riddles Dots Crazy Labyrinth is a really addictive puzzlegame: youwon't be able to stop playing! Challenge your friends andfamilyand find out who's the best strategist: are you ready forthechallenge?Go through the different levels of this free game:everytime you'll find yourself in front of a different labyrinth,whichrequires different strategies and different solutions. Do youthinkyou have the skills to complete this difficult mission? Jointhechallenge and test your skills and abilities with this connectthedots game.If you are a big fun of brain teaser games, forsureyou've been through many connecting dots games where the goalis tocompose funny figures or boxes or other amenities. Here thetask isreally different: every decision you make isdramaticallyimportant, and can lead you to a dead end or to the wayout.There's just One Way Out from this Labyrinth, and you have tofindit. The secret to this game is effective planning combinedwithanalytical skills: take your time to check the maze and thenplan astrategy to break out.You can play it anywhere, anytime youwish!This game has been designed as a real brain trainer, a usefultoolto keep your mind in good shape, and you'll be surprisedwhenyou'll see how kids love this game! Every time you start anewlevel it's like being in Labyrinth of Minos for the firsttime:create a new path in Riddles Dots Crazy Labyrinth walking stepbystep, connecting dot to dot, connect the dots until you findtheway out!Key Features:+ Different levels and Labyrinths+OutstandingHD Graphic+ Intuitive Game Play Interface+ EffectiveSettingControls Menu+ Funny and Challenging+ Great for kids andadults
Rolling Ball, Slide Puzzle 1.7
Green Cactus Studio
Welcome to Rolling Ball, Slide Puzzle – Roll The Ball game, It’sasimple and addictive puzzle game with various levels!If you wanttoplay a puzzler to refresh your brain, you found it. Roll Ballisvery simple objective, arranged from simple, and relaxed,tochallenging and frenetic, everywhere in between the path. Letmehelp you unlock it. Slide the blocks to provide afree-flowingtrack for the ball to unroll from beginning to thegoal....HOW TOPLAY:Move the blocks with your finger to create apath for movingthe ball to the red GOAL block. But riveted blockscan't be moved.Are you ready to play? Download and start solvingpuzzlesnow!...FEATURES:• SLIDING PUZZLE- An essential is for theadult tokids of all ages.• TONS OF EPIC LEVELS- You can enjoy thegameenough.• NO TIME LIMIT- Play at your own pace.• NO WIFI?NOPROBLEM!- You can play it offline.• MORE VARIATIONS-Moving,Rotation mode to challenge & Star mode to relax.•USEFULIN-GAME FUNCTIONS:- RESTART: Just restart a level quickly.-UNDO :Have a mistake? Don't worry, just put it back.- HINTS : It'sa goodfriend. Of course, it may be wrong....Do you like the gamegenresas below? Great! Roll Ball has all the elements.• SlidingPuzzles,Just move and move!• Puzzle Games, Thought-provoking fun.•MazePuzzle Games, Escape the maze.• Brain Teasers, Testyourself.Exercise your brain.• Physics Puzzler, Physics-basedgaming.•Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn but hard to master.• RetroGames,Revisit the classics• Exam Prep & Tutoring, Practicemakesperfect. Train you brain to active mind.• Family PuzzleGames,Enjoy the game with your family....Let's ROLL THE BALL. Let'sCRUSHTHE PUZZLE. UNROLL ME. UNBLOCKME FREE. ENJOY NOW!
Train Track Maze 2.4
Apps Ride
Train Track Builder is the latest puzzle game withlimitlesschallenging puzzle to control the train. Trains Track Mazeis aneducational game that is for children and all of age. Tap andsolvethe world railway puzzle in various lifeline ways. Tap tobuild uphalfway the direction dash of the vehicles to reachinfinity goaleternal puzzle adventure. Trains track line buildermaze has lot ofcolourful seen that filled up with many animationand appealingsound for the little kiddies and not so little. TrainTrack LinesBuilder Maze is the latest game spectral opera housewhich createsa whale of a coup. It is not only thinking but alsointerestingtime maze trap. It has real entertainment. When youplay, you candefence the embassy or mission. You can completeobjects inany-time. Rail Track lines Builder is an amazing puzzlegame thatwill give you so many different options; you’ll be busyplaying itfor hours. Would you like to build your own future-traingrandtraffic network? With Trains rider puzzles Free you can doit!Build cosmic rail-line roads; avoid shadow rocks andpredatorhidden trees, and dungeon pirate's metal train catch squad&theft the stars taking to the city stations. Choose yourfavouritecolour from several models of boss-trains and realharbinger steelwagons. Build up your internal elevation and whackwith yourknowing people as well as the world. To solve the puzzleyou musteasy to move piece of line image otherwise you can’t solveit. Youcan stand yourself front of the challenge wars. It hasmanygraphics and riddle that have great design and beautifulcolours.Features of Puzzler: - Smooth Graphics & SuperAnimation givesreal rail-lines management experiences! - MelodiousSound quality& soft games control! - It must have 100+ levelswith European,Indian, and lots of Station. - Unlimited Autogallery. - Skategrenades. - Individual Trains-battle. - Excellentlong wormscompartment trains. - 3, 4 and more games mysterytactics. -Actually limitless number of online levels. - Lave andvapourescape rush. - Drag gable and changeable rails racer. -Personaland wraith trains. - Subterranean tunnels rush. - Spendborrowingtimes & make it fun party time! All passengers waitfor theirrail travel, and their want to safely reach their homejourney! Ifyou will start playing this rail way maze, you can'tstop playingdemonstrate the skills of the train lines clearingcompetition andyou will lost in rail's sweet buzzer harmony! Thenyou are notwanted to play other rail puzzles games! Download nowand enjoyyour free times!!
Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle 1.8.5
Here's a tricky puzzle game for you clever people! 😎😘 Roll theBall®is a classic with a modern challenging twist. Ready to roll?🎱ROLLTHE BALL-SLIDE PUZZLE FEATURES🎱 ►Thought-provoking brainteaser toimprove your agility and hand-eye coordination! ►FREEsimple yetextremely addicting puzzle game ►Over 3,000 challengingLEVELS tosolve! Get sliding! ►No penalties & time limits!Enjoy at yourown pace~ ►Bonus rewards & hints available toguide you. 🎱HOW TOPLAY🎱 ►Slide tiles to create a connecting pathfor the ball to rollto the GOAL! ►Set a new record by earning theperfect 3-star rating.►Select various modes, includingMultiplayer, for more excitement!-Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle isavailable on mobile phones &tablet PCs. -Roll the Ball-SlidePuzzle contains ads varying frombanners, interstitials, videos tohouse ads. -Roll the Ball-SlidePuzzle is free to play, however,you may purchase in-app items, suchas AD FREE & coins. Wevalue your feedback! Please contact us athelp@bitmango.com withany questions or suggestions. Visit Bitmangoto check out more ofour projects! http://www.bitmango.com/ Visitour Facebook to enrichyour gamingexperience!https://www.facebook.com/rolltheballslidepuzzle/ Whatare youwaiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling!
Unblock the Orb : Sliding Puzzle Game 1.9
GameNexa Studios PVT LTD
Little Orb lost its way back to home Can you find the way toitshome by solving amazing sliding maze puzzles? Come around let'sdothis. Rescue the most thrilling sci-fi Ball This is asimpleaddictive unblock puzzle game, Most popular brain-teasinggameavailable in play store!. You'll find it the best time killeronyour phone! Enjoy Your time with sci-fi Ball. Enjoy and havefun!keep you playing it! Keep Rolling the Ball! Move the blockswithyour finger to create a path for moving the Orb to the redGOALblock. But riveted blocks can't be moved. Are you ready toplay?Download and start solving puzzles now! FEATURES • BRANDNEWSLIDING PUZZLE GAME - Sci-Fi Theme - More themes yet to come.•SLIDING PUZZLE - An essential is for the adult to kids of allages.• NUMBER OF INTERESTING LEVELS - You can enjoy the gameenough. •NO TIME LIMIT - Play at your own pace. • NO WIFI? NOPROBLEM! - youcan play this game offline. • USEFUL IN-GAMEFUNCTIONS: - RESTART:Just restart a level quickly. - UNDO: Have amistake? Don't worry,just put it back. - HINTS: It's a good friend.Of course, it may bewrong. • OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAYGAMES - Support bothPHONES & TABLETS. - Support both ARM andx86 DEVICES. - SupportGOOGLE+ recommendation. NOTES • Unblock theOrb - slide puzzlecontains the ads like banner, interstitial,rewarded-video ads. •This app requires following permissions. -Modify or delete thecontents of your SD card & Read thecontents of your SD cardE-MAIL • gamenexastudio@gmail.comHOMEPAGE•https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=GameNexa+StudiosLikeus on FACEBOOK • https://www.facebook.com/GameNexa/ Let'sUNBLOCKTHE ORB. Let's CRUSH THE PUZZLE
Caveboy GO 1.1.0
Appxplore (iCandy)
Step into the world of Caveboy Go as you move along the puzzlebymatching 3 tiles to navigate through the maze and gathertreasures.Use your gathered gold to free the adventurers cursed bythe mazeand unlock fun unique characters! “After proving himself asthemaze master, Caveboy set out to find his missing companions.Hissearch led him to the lost labyrinth, where many adventurershavefallen victim to the labyrinth’s curse and turned intoGoldenIdols! Could his closest companions be trapped in theseidols? JoinCaveboy in his quest to collect the treasures fromwithin the mazeand free the adventurers!”Caveboy Go Features• Theonly Match 3Maze Runner game in the world.• Release, collect andlevel up over28 cute characters.• Meet mysterious Ghosts on youradventure.•Character passive abilities give a unique gameexperience.• Competewith friends to become the ultimate mazemaster.• Unlock RareCharacters by collecting special treasures.•Playable in Airplanemode.If you face any technical issues on yourdevice, we wouldappreciate if you could contact us prior to writinga negativereview. We will try to address the issue as soonaspossible.Support Email : support@appxplore.comFor latestnews,updates, and events, follow us on:Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/appxploreYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/user/appxploreInstagram:http://www.instagram.com/appxploreTwitter:http://twitter.com/appxplore
Roll the labyrinth ball 1.7.0
Roll the labyrinth ball is a logical game. Move the blocks withyourfinger to create a path for moving the ball to the light GOALblock.But fixed blocks can't be moved. Solve it with the minimalmoves.The "Solution"-button is available for all tasks(puzzles).Its avery addictive puzzle game. There are 5 groups by dimension(4x4,5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8). Each group has 5 categories ofdifficulty. Eachcategorie has 200 levels. There are total(5x5x200) = 5000 tasks.
Puzzle Adventure - Underground Temple 1.1.4
Puzzle Tap
💎 In these hard times, we have no time to waste. Are you readyplaypuzzle games? can you escape? Find a way to solve the 100floors ofcrystal maze brain-bending by searching for hints andusing yourmind! Can you escape crystal maze?💎 Game Features:💎🚩Constant freeupdates of the game hundred floors🚩 More than 300+challenge levels🚩 The wide range of difficulties from very easy tovery hard🚩Auto-save🚩 Selectable stages maze in crystal maze🚩Uncover thesecrets hundred floors of elevator games💎 How to play:-Tap andfind the items and solve tricks and riddles.- A trick is setin aplace hard to see or a corner of sight.- Let's go and gothrougheach maze room of elevator games and solve the problem.-There aremany strange, mysterious tools and tricks.- Solve manypuzzles toescape the rooms on hundred floors.💎 Your goal is toescape fromhundred floors of the crystal maze. The elevator gameshave a lotof puzzles that will give you hours of gameplay until youescapefrom it.💎 Can you escape elevator games? Download Puzzleadventurefree!
Enjoy 3D fun with CUBIC MAZES!Shift across faces and aim forthegoal!Cubic maze faces shift as you walk the stairs!Move ontosidesto discover new passages!With your stereognostic sense, joinCOZMO-a puzzle-loving peculiar alien- in a blitz through starofmazes![Game Features]- Simple game steps / rules foreveryone-Enchanting visuals with relaxing ambience- Over 40exciting stages(and more in future updates!)- Shows hints when youare lost- Adremoval with an upgrade