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Free Boy Game 1.2
T-Me Games
In Free Boy Game,you must helpthecourageousboy avoiding fast incoming obstacles by dodging! Canyoudo it?Free Boy Game is one of the best new action game releasedin2015! We don't ask you to believe us,Try it instead !Engaging levels! Great graphics!Very simple rules:★★ Tap the screen to change the lane!★★ Dodge the incoming obstacles and try to keep him alive! Itmaynotbe as easy as it seems.★★ Collect coins and use them to continue the journey ofyourfriendand help him go as far as he can!External resources:-Sounds from Freesound.org (tasmanianpower,sergeeo,bradwesson,bustedearlobes,lloydevans09 and aderumoro)Contact us if you have any questions, ideas forimprovementsorexperience any bugs when playing Free Boy Game at :gamesbytimmy@gmail.comYour feedback will be used in future updates.