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Myzone® 2.31.0
Myzone is the next big step in sports wearables, motivating youtoget the most from exercise, whatever your fitness level,howeveryou train. It lets you know how hard you’re trying when youworkout and features a heart rate accuracy of over 99%. MYZONEalsooffers amongst the most precise calorie-crunch data on themarket,plus the ability to effectively calculate cardio andweighttraining. Myzone uniquely rewards effort, while providing agamebased platform and social experience that is both inclusiveandengaging to all, regardless of athletic ability. As thenamesuggests, its technology creates bespoke and responsive targetsforeach individual, to provide personal feedback – hence‘Myzone’.Creating a personal handicap based on your maximum heartrate, itis possible to beat an elite athlete by simply workingharder. Forexample, you might finish behind an elite athlete in anendurancerun, but exert greater effort and MYZONE makes you thewinner – soeveryone competes on a level playing field. MYZONEencouragescompetition with other users through cloud-basedchallenges via aweb-based account and bespoke app. The communityaspect of MYZONEmakes it a Facebook for physical activity. Userscan analyze,‘like’, and comment on each other’s workouts, while theapp logsyour activity history and even updates you over email. Infact,this is the only system to recognize and notify you when youhaveattained the World Health Organization’s recommended guidelinesforphysical activity. The Myzone App allows you to syncyourMyzoneMZ-3 Physical Activity Belt with your phone meaning youcannow see live data and upload stored workouts on your phone. Ifyouprefer to use your MZ-3 with third party fitness apps thenyourdata will still be stored (up to 16 hours) until you sync withyourMyzone™ app. **** Please note that the app will only work ifyouhave a Myzone™ Account (you can create an account in the appforfree if you don’t have one already) and your tile will onlybeshown and data uploaded if you have the new Myzone™ MZ-3PhysicalActivity Belt.”
Ski Tracks
Core Coders Ltd
Designed specifically for winter sports, the award winningSkiTracks is your worldwide, ultimate ski companion. Recordyourentire day on the slopes without the need for mobile data*.Compareyour mountain experiences with your friends, fromcompletebeginners to seasoned professionals, join the millions ofpeoplewho have already downloaded Ski Tracks. As featured in: CBS-Independent - T3 - Telegraph - New York Times - Engadget-Snowboard Mountaineer - Slope Edge - Snow Vole AwardsBatteryefficient technology allows all day recording, no data orphonesignal required for recording making Ski Tracks idealforbackcountry or where data roaming charges apply. • Android Wear•Pebble • Ski statistics in one place. • Specifically designedskianalysis. • Include photographs to keep memorable moments. •Sharein multiple formats. • Free Ski Tracks online storage •Advancedmapping tools. * Where data charges apply, set Data Roaming/Mobile Data Off. For more information see Android user guide.GPSwill not work accurately indoors. Continued use of GPS runninginthe background can dramatically decrease battery life. OnePlususers - Please visit this help guide to avoid a known issuewithapps being stopped in background-https://corecoders.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360017146934-One-Plus-Pausing-or-Not-Recording
Sportler Ski Tracker 0.81
Sportler is a sports tracker especially designed for wintersports,especially ski and snowboard. Start tracking with a singleclickand Sportler works seamlessly in the background, trackingyourspeed, altitude, distance, route and more. Record your completedayon the slopes and store it for later review. Examine yourtracksusing our interactive map either during or after the day hasended.Sportler furthermore lets you share your location, locateyourfriends on the slopes with live position updates and competewiththem to secure your place at the top of the leaderboard.Pleasenote that the use of social features like location sharingandleaderboard requires a data connection to work. Be awareofpossible roaming charges when abroad. Social features areoptional.
My Challenge Tracker 3.2.4
Beachbody, LLC
YOU MUST BE INVITED TO A CHALLENGE GROUP BY A TEAM BEACHBODYCOACHTO USE THIS APP. Stay motivated, accountable, and connectedwithBeachbody’s My Challenge Tracker! The My Challenge Tracker appletsyou easily log your daily Challenge Group activities, connectwithother members in your group, and stay in touch with yourTeamBeachbody Coach. Download the My Challenge Tracker app to: •Stayon top of your goals by tracking your Shakeology and workouts•View stats and monitor your progress week by week • Set updailynotifications to remind you to log activity • Get supportandmotivation from your Team Beachbody Coach • Connect with peopleinyour Challenge Group to help you stay motivated • Reach yourgoalsand get the best possible results!
Running Distance Tracker + 3.704
Running Tracker+ tracks your distance, pace, calories and more.Itsthe most accurate running distance / time tracker available onthemarket, packed into the simplest & most gorgeous interface.Itincludes access to your music player + voice feedback guidingyouas you run towards your target distance / time. It alsomaintains ahistory of your runs and improvements over time, andshows you acomplete log of your running activities. Main Features -Mostaccurate distance / time tracking available - Average &currentpace tracking - Running GPS with Maps & running routes-Calories spent - Voice feedback letting you know your progressasyou run. Customizable per distance / time. - Run log: runhistorytracking with monthly averages - Music player accessComments?Ideas? Feedback? we're here for you: support@fitness22.com
112 Suomi 2.0.0
112 Suomi is a mobile app for calling the emergency numberandlocating callers in the event of an emergency. The biggestbenefitof the app is that it makes it quicker to get help to thescene ofan emergency. Additional features of the 112 Suomi appinclude alist of non-emergency telephone numbers as well as publicsafetynotifications. The Emergency Response Centre Agency has addeda newfeature to its official public safety notification systemandintroduced public safety alerts through the 112 Suomi mobileapp.The app was designed by the Emergency Response Centre Agencyincollaboration with Digia Plc. By using this application youagreeto the following terms andconditions:http://www.digia.com/globalassets/tuotteet/112-suomi/112-suomi-app-users-licence-agreement.pdfRegistryextract according to the Personal InformationAct:https://www.112.fi/download/78379_Tietosuojaseloste_112_Suomi_en.pdf?e51a32719f41d788
Dilltree Inc
IRONMAN Tracker provides official real-time athlete trackingforselect global IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 endurance events. Webringthe excitement of race day to spectators and fans bydeliveringreal-time results for professional and age-group racing.Features:-Track an athlete’s times, paces, split estimates, anddivisionplacement in real time -Interact with live maps of thecourse-Track multiple athletes at the same time -Receivepushnotifications as progress is made -Follow importanteventinformation and updates -Share updates to various socialmediaplatforms
Altimeter 4.3.06
EXA Tools
Altimeter is a smart tracking devices, used to altitude measure.Itis perfect app for people who love hiking, skiing, mountainbikingand other outdoor activities. Any time and with highprecision youcan check altitude, elevation or localizationcoordinates. It worksonline and offline. This altimeter app, tomeasure altitude uses: -GPS satellites triangulation - workswithout internet connection, -barometer pressure sensor (ifavailable in your device) - highaccurate data; if internetconnection is available it calibratesitself to improve accuracy, -online networks location services(wifi and other) - need internetconnection. You can use eachsensor separate or all together. Appaltitude meter includes thefollowing features: - accuratemeasurement of altitude - indicationin meters or feet - record of:lowest (low), highest (max) altitude- smart mini compass - full GPScoordinates - latitude andlongitude - current localization name andstate - results ofmeasurements are shown in the chart - ability tostop and recordthe results of measurements at any time - invertbackground color(black and white) - share summit top altitude pics- share photowith altitude to your friends or export them to saveplace. Allfeatures are free. You can remove all ads from app bypurchase "noads". Enjoy with this altimeter app !
Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker 4.2
EASY TO USE AND USER FRIENDLY RUNNING APP Reach your runninggoalsusing free Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker fitnessapp.With its simple and user friendly UI this app will become anidealfitness companion for you. This Running Fitness & CalorieSporttracker fitness app is your running companion that will recordallthe details of your activities, letting you enjoy youroutdoorexperience . GPS based Running & Jogging fitness appwill letyou record your running routes and save them for the laterreviewand analysis. MAIN FEATURES OF THE APP *Switch between metricandimperial units *Current running speed based on GPSreciever*Maximum running speed *Total duration of the activity*Altitudeprovided by GPS *Running distance *Average running speed*Googlemaps *Tracking your running route *Saves your activities*ExportGPX and KML of your activities *Calorie count * OptionalAutoPause: you do not need to manually pause ,start or stopactivitiesduring signal loss or breaks. * Google Maps - all thedetails ofyour current location in your running app * Configuringdisplay -you can choose the values that are shown on your displayduringrunning and other fitness activities. * Dark theme and GoogleMapnight styles will help you save your phone's battery life -DarkTheme will bring you convinience during night runs , andwillsignificantly improve battery life during the day. BEST RUNNINGANDJOGGING EXPERIENCE With its simple interface Running Fitness&Calorie Sport tracker will provide the best experience foryourfitness and other outdoor activities. You can track the amountofcalories burned the app will also provide you with the datalikedistance ,total duration of the activity and etc.. ThisRunningFitness & Calorie Sport tracker fitness app can also beusefulin half marathon training , hiking , running , backpackingand inother outdoor activities. * We do not use altitude (due toitsextreme inaccuracy) in calorie count.
Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more 3.4.5
Relive B.V.
If you like to go out for a run, ride, hike or anyadventureoutside, you’ll love Relive. And it’s free! Millions ofrunners,cyclists, hikers, skiers, snowboarders and otheradventurers areusing Relive to share their activities with 3D videostories. Showwhat it was like out there, create amazing stories andshare yourpassion with friends! Just go out, track your activity,take somephotos and enjoy the moment. Finished? Time to create yourvideo!Your outdoor activities have never looked so cool. Reliveworkswith just your phone, as well as with many other tracker apps(likeSuunto, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, etc.). Create 3D VideoStoriesfor Free • Turn your activity into a video story • See yourroutein a 3D landscape • Include photos from you and your friends •Seeyour highlights (like max. speed) • Share your videos withyourfriends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Trackyouractivities with GPS • Track your ride, run, walk, hike oranyactivity really • See your key stats and location in real time•Take photos during your activity Connect other apps • Turnnewactivities from other apps into Relive video stories • Workswith:Suunto, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, Polar, MapMyRide,MapMyRun,MapMyHike and MapMyWalk • More trackers will be addedsoon! ReliveClub (premium) • Import: old activities, turn them intovideostories • Video quality, your videos in HD. • Edit your videosasmany times you want • Control video speed, watch at your ownpace.• Music: add music to your videos • Get priority, Club membersgettheir videos faster. • Longer activities: Relive activities over12hours • Interactive route: explore every detail in 3D •Morephotos: add up to 50 photos to your video
100% Army Fit - Strength & Running Workout Tracker 2.2.5
100% Army Fit is a free training and fitness tool built bytheBritish Army for prospective recruits who have an upcomingarmyassessment or for individuals who simply aspire to theworld-classheights of military fitness. Whether your goal is tolose weight,improve your distance running performance, increaseyour muscularstrength or to simply do more exercise, 100% Army Fitwill allowyou to track and meet your goals with training planscurated by thevery best fitness coaches from the British Army. •Ensure you arefully prepared for your British Army assessmentcentre - simplyenter your assessment date and work towards your bigday withbespoke, official training and workout advice from theBritishmilitary • Customise your training plans so that they workaroundyour weekly schedule • Set training goals to motivateyourself andtrack your progress • Receive free, professionalworkout planstailored to your goals and improve yourself withfortnightly tests• Take part in cardio/strength fitness challengesand receivemedals for military-level performance • Tone your absand improveyour strength with muscular exercises such as sit ups,squats andtricep dips - all with perfect military-level form, asdemonstratedby British Army fitness coaches through audio and videoclips •Download exercise videos via Wi-Fi for offline use - no needto useyour mobile data • Lose weight effectively with speciallycuratedcardio and bodyweight exercises • Track your runningdistance andtimes via GPS • Strive to be the best with audioencouragement fromBritish Army fitness coaches • Learn how to warmup and cool downproperly before and after your workouts at home andin the gym •Receive British Army approved nutrition advice toensure yourexercise work is effective and delivers results • Learnhow toprevent injuries to key areas of your body such ashamstrings,knees and lower back Download 100% Army Fit now for freeandaccelerate your workout training to achieve military-levelfitness.
Time Runner 1.16.0
This is a great and simple app for any outdoor activity suchasrunning and biking! The app supports both miles and kilometers.Youcan also do interval training based on time or distance. Gettime,distance & pace for your session. Afterwards, view yourpathand pace on a map. If you enable the Google Fit integrationTimeRunner will insert all future sessions into Google Fit!
Run for Weight Loss by MevoFit 1.5
Migital: Apps & Web Platform
Whether it is your first run or you are a pro at running, RunforWeight Loss by MevoFit provides you with anything andeverythingyou need for a good run. Run for Weight Loss by MevoFithelps youin reaching your fitness goals by boosting your runningtraining.There is no better app to track your walks, jogs and runs.Join therunning community and get tips from the experts to help youreachyour fitness goals. Whether you are training for a marathon,wantto lose weight or accomplish your set goals for 5K, 10K, 15Krunthis app is just perfect for you. TRACK YOUR RUNS Easily trackyouroverall progress by having a detailed record for each and everyrunin the app:- - Get a map for every run route - Shows yourcalories,distance, time, pace and total steps - Shows your daily,weekly andmonthly performance - Click picture on your run routesand savethem in the gallery - Listen to your favorite music trackwhilst ona run - Easily set goals in the app and see your progressalong theway - View weather information on each workout summaryFITNESS WITHFUN - Join run challenges, get rewards, and shareachievements withyour friends - Earn rewards for you run and usethem to buyexclusive fitness merchandise from the MevoFit Store -Exclusivediet plans to help you make the most of your workoutsessions - Get100+ useful tips to improve your run training,clothes, nutritionand a lot more - Share your running stats androutes with friendson Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp & more Runfor Weight Loss byMevo is a perfect run tracker application whichhelps bothbeginners and pro runners to track and map their runsusing the GPStracker. It is the best app for anyone who wants toimprove theirfitness or train their running skills. The app isextemely easy touse all you need to do is click on the start buttonto start theactivity tracking. After the run is completed you canview all thestats like speed, calories, and distance. Download theapp now tostart tracking your runs accurately. Looking for overallhealth& fitness app? How about you download theall-in-onecomprehensive weight loss app MevoFit now-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mevo.fit.mig.top.android.weightloss.tendays.loseweight.fast.healthy.diet.workouts.home.app
Super Stick Boy 1.0
MayGreen Studio
Super Stick Boy is an infinite runner game and all you need isyourthumb to play it. It starts easy and nice but getsintenselychallenging. How far can you go by evading theunceasinglyappearing mines and cliffs?Reach higher score to collectnewcolored scarf. Only the Master of the Infinite Runner canreceivethe Red Scarf! Challenge yourself to collect them all.GoGoStickman!
Sensors Toolbox 1.3.09
EXA Tools
Sensors toolbox is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool thatletsyou know virtually everything about your mobile device status.Getfull information about all sensors supported by yourtablet,smartphone or wearable device. View in comfortable layoutall datafrom your mobile device sensors in real time, make asensors tests.Check data on chart (graphic view) and text outputavailable foreach sensor and check a detailed description of eachdetectors andparameters. All multi tools and sensors device youneed in one app:altimeter, metal detector, NFC reader, compass,thermometer, stepcounter, sport tracker and much more. This sensorstool box appgives you access to data from: - accelerometer readings(linearacceleration and gravity sensors) - gyroscope (calibratedanduncalibrated) - device 3D orientation - proximity sensor -stepdetector and counter, kinetics sensors - significant motion-rotation vector sensors - other motion and position sensors -lightsensor (lux, lx) - magnetometer, ambient magnetic fieldvaluesstrength (micro Tesla, µT) - barometer, pressure sensor -relativehumidity sensor - temperature sensor - location,accuracy,altitude, maps, speed and GPS NMEA data (latitude,longitude,provider, satelites) - battery status, voltage,temperature, healthand technology - sound level meter andmicrophone meter (decibel) -heart rate sensor - NFC sensor andreader - device front and backcamera resolution - samrtphonedisplay size, resolution andtechnology - device, phone memory, RAMand CPU parameters - IMEInumber - multitouch info and otherssensors available in yourmobile device. With this sensors multitoolapp you can check whatkind of sensors contain your device and testall of this. Itsupports all the sensors an android device and youcan check a lotof data from sensors supported by your hardware. Ifyou have anyproblems with this app or ideas to develop, please sendus messageto exatools@gmail.com Have a fun at work with thisultimate tool!
iVH HIT 2.00
iVH HIT service provides you DAILY Health Information Tip (HIT)onyour handheld device. There are more than 8500 tips, covering"TODO" and "NOT TO DO", and increas awareness under 70+Categoriesproposed. Categories: Coronavirus CoViD-19, Aging,Alcohol Abuse,Alternative Medicine, Alzheimer & Dementia,Anxiety, Arthritis,Asthma, Avian Influenza or Bird flu, Back Pain,Blood Pressure,Brain Attack or Stroke, Breast Cancer, Chagas,Chickenpox,Chikungunya, Child Abuse, Cholesterol, Cough, DengueFever,Depression, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Digestive &Gastrointestinal,Drug Abuse, Ebola, Emotional Health, Eye Care,Foot Care, Headaches& Migraines, Healthy Lifestyle, HeartDiseases, Hepatitis A,Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D,Hepatitis E, HIV & AIDS,Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Injuries,Jaundice, Lung Diseases,Lupus, special tips for Rio 2016 andMalaria, Meningitis, MentalDisorder, Muscle, Bone and JointProblems, Nutrition, Oral HealthProblem, Osteoporosis, Pneumonia,Polio, Pregnancy & MaternalHealth, Prostate, Quit Smoking,Reproduction, Respiratory Diseases,Rubella, Safe Sex, SkinProblems, Sleep Disorders, Smallpox,Stress, Syphilis, Tetanus,Thyroid Disease, Tuberculosis, Tumour,Urinary Tract Infections,Weight Control, Wellness and Fitness,Yellow Fever, Kamasutra etcDisclaimer: Every effort has been madeto ensure that theinformation provided here is accurate and easyto understand. Theinformation has been compiled forgeneral-purpose; therefore we donot recommend using it withoutconsulting with your doctor orpharmacist. We neither endorse norrecommend any diagnose,treatment, drugs, therapy, auto-diagnosisor self-medication. Theinformation is designed only to increaseawareness and not as asubstitute to healthcare practitioners’expertise. The informationcontained herein is not intended tocover all possible uses,directions, precautions, warnings, druginteractions, allergicreactions, or side effects, and we do notassume any responsibilityfor any aspect of healthcare administeredwith the aid of theinformation provided.
Ski Tracker 1.9.06
EXA Tools
Ski Tracker is an application for all who love snow andwintersports. Useful for skiers and snowboarders. Measure themaximumskiing speed, tracks, distance, mark the slopes on the mapandprovide full statistics of your winter sports activity. Insidetheapp you can activate 30 days free, premium app version, whichisextended on many additional and useful functions. SkiTrackerincludes the following features: - measure and recordingthemaximum skiing speed - measurment ski tracks distance, dividedintodownhill skiing and lifts - time measure, skiing, lifts andrest -marking your ski tracks on the map - monitoring the heightabovesea level, with recording min. and max. values - specialfeature"Fast Ride" to make a separate measurement of maximum speed,timeand distance to any section and time - all data and statisticsyoucan record all day and later view history - with this app youcantake pictures with data on it and share them with friends, -ouridea is - any ski statistics, maps, graph and others data inoneapp To use this app do not need a mobile roaming data, just GPSisenough. Remember that the GPS work poorly inside the buildingsandcan generate wrong data. Sometimes outdoors GPS may need moretimeto catch the good signal, especially in bad weatherconditions.Snow tracker application can also be used to trainingcross-countryskiing, skitouring, skating, snowboarding, alpineskiing or othersports practiced in the open. This app is useful forexperiencedprofessionals, but also novice skiers will have whileusing it alot of fun. With Exa Ski Tracker, you can compare skisportsresults with friends, organize sports competitions and otherformsof competitive winter sports. Ski Tracker can also helpyounavigate on the ski slopes, in finding routes or touch withyourfriends. You're going skiing in Zermatt or Chamonix? OrmaybeAspen? Check the weather and instal Ski Tracker app. Nomatterwhere you'll be, this app certainly give you a lot of funandimpressions! Over 30 millions satisfied worldwide usershaveinstalled our apps - join them and have fun! InformationThecurrent app version is a beta version. We still have beenworkingto develop and improve it. If you see something that canbeimproved, we will be grateful for e-mailSkiTracker@examobile.pl.We want to make our apps the best in GooglePlay - thanks you.
MTB Project 3.8.0
Recreational Equipment, Inc.
MTB Project is your comprehensive guide to the trails you wanttoride, wherever you are. With the thoroughness of a printed map,weoffer full GPS route info, elevation profiles,interactivefeatures, photos, and more. Like a guidebook, we suggestthe bestfeatured rides to explore—either near your current locationor inan area you search for. Local experts show you thehighlights,challenging features, and insights you need to plan agreat ride. •Find more than 77,000 miles of trail to shred withyour crew. • Newrides and trails are constantly added to ourincredibly detailedmountain bike trail and ride database. • Yourexact location isshown on the trail. • Downloaded trails workoffline for whenyou’re off the grid. (No cell reception required!)• Enjoyhigh-resolution photos and detailed topographical trailmaps. •We’ll sync with your to-do list, check ins, and favoritesonMTBProject.com.
Endomondo - Running & Walking
Get the most out of your runs, walks, rides, and other workoutswithour top-rated fitness tracking and personal training app.Track yourworkouts using GPS, analyze your stats, reach yourfitness goals,and be part of our global community of millions offitnessenthusiasts and athletes. Download the app now and getmotivated toget active! Here’s what you get for free: TRACK, LOG,AND ANALYZEYOUR WORKOUTS – Track your running, walking, cycling,and 60+ othersports using GPS – See your time, distance,pace/speed, calories,etc. in the workout summary – Get audiofeedback on distance andpace/speed for every mile/km – Log yourindoor workouts manually andkeep a full training log – Getnotified when you hit a new personalbest and celebrate yourprogress SYNC WITH OTHER APPS AND WEARABLES– Connect with yourGarmin Connect, Polar Flow, TomTom MySports, orFitbit accounts andsync your workouts – Use the Endomondo app forSamsung Gear (S2,S3, Sport, Fit2 & Fit 2 PRO) and Android Wear(only OS 1.0)devices – Pair with a heart rate monitor (Bluetooth orBTLE) andtrain smarter – Connect with BTLE speed and cadencesensors to seeyour cycling speed and cadence – Connect withMyFitnessPal for easyaccess to your calorie and nutritioninformation – Connect withGoogle Fit and Samsung Health to addworkout data to your dashboard– Connect with Relive and create 3Dvideos of your workouts thatyou can share with your friends SETGOALS AND TAKE ON CHALLENGES –Workout goals: set a time, distance,or calorie goal, and let ourAudio Coach help you reach it – Weeklycommitments: commit toweekly goals and ask your friends to be yourmotivators –Challenges: participate in our featured challenges andwin coolprizes or create your own challenges and have fun with yourfriendsGET SOCIAL – Follow your friends’ workouts live – Send andreceivereal-time audio pep talks – See what your friends have beenup toand comment on their workouts in the Newsfeed – Add picturestoyour workouts and tag your friends – Share results and workoutsonyour favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,Google+, etc. All your data is automatically synced withyourprofile on www.endomondo.com where you can view and analyzeallyour workouts and manage your account. GO PREMIUM Want to takeyourfitness even further? Then upgrade to Premium and get access toourexclusive training features: – Personal training plans – reachyourrunning goal faster with a training plan, whether it’s a 5K,10K,or a marathon – Advanced statistics – see your history ofpersonalbests, calories burned per month, running distance by monthoryear, etc. – Heart rate zone analysis – see what heart ratezonesyou’re in and for how long during each workout (requiresacompatible heart rate monitor) – Interval training – mix upyourworkout routine and get better faster – Weather informationforeach workout – know how weather impacts your performance –Ad-free– focus on your workouts without distractions – VIP support– bumpthe line and get priority support – And more When you upgradetoPremium, payment will be charged to your Google Play accountuponconfirmation of purchase. You can choose between a monthly andayearly subscription. For our best value offer, pick ouryearlysubscription – you won’t regret it! Your subscriptionrenewsautomatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours before theend ofthe current period. You can turn auto-renewal off in yourAccountSettings in Google Play after purchase. For our full TermsandConditions and Privacy Policy, pleasevisit:https://account.underarmour.com/terms-and-conditionsandhttps://account.underarmour.com/privacy. Endomondo is poweredbyUnder Armour Connected Fitness – the world’s largest healthandfitness community. The complete suite of Under Armour apps,builtto empower healthy and active lifestyles, includes Endomondo,UARecord, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal.
adidas Running by Runtastic - Fitness Run Tracker
Start tracking your workout & fitness training activities!Theadidas Running app by Runtastic allows you to map youractivity'smileage, distance, time, speed, elevation, caloriesburned, andother stats. THE FREE FEATURES OF YOUR NEW RUN AND MILETRACKER APP* Easy run tracking in real time with built-in GPS. *Monitor yourrunning statistics to analyze your exercise andtraining patterns.Whether you're jogging or running for weightloss, a beginnerlooking to improve your running technique andhabit, or even a prolooking to compete in a 5k, 10k, or marathonrun, tracking &knowing your progress is step one! * Customizethe app dashboard toyour needs. * Get training guidance and audiofeedback from thecustomizable Voice Coach - your companion forguidance andmotivation. * LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Let yourfriends knowthat you are out and about — receive custom cheers tomotivate youto go even further! * Whether you want to aim fordistance,duration or frequency, your fitness milestones andpersonal goalsare all about you. You can even choose whether tohave a daily,weekly, monthly or yearly goal. Training for somethingspecific?Set your personal goal for a target date of your choice!Does notmatter if it’s for running, walking, hiking, cycling,orexercising. Tell us your goal and we’ll help you reach them! *Areyou up for a challenge? We will help you maximize yourmotivationwith targeted challenges. * Only thing that’s missing? Agood shoeof course: Track kms or miles for your running shoes &we’lllet you know when it’s time to get a new pair! WORLDWIDECOMMUNITY* Groups: Create a group and run with friends or join oneof themany adidas Runners groups. Be part of many free running&training events offered by a community of fitness experts! *Engagein a little friendly competition & check the Leaderboardto seeyour performance against your groups or friends. PERFECTPARTNER *Start an activity directly from your wrist. adidas RunningbyRuntastic is fully optimized for Android Wear 2.0. * Have a 3Dlookat your run afterwards by connecting your account to theReliveapp. * adidas Running app by Runtastic is also integratedwithGarmin Connect (Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, GPS-enabled Vivo orEdgebike computer), Polar Flow and Google Fit. Unlock allotherfeatures including running training plans with the adidasRunningby Runtastic PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: * Start your running ormarathontraining with one of our training plans adapted to yourfitnesslevel. * Track & save your favorite routes through therouteplanner or discover new running routes from other users. *Takeyour run sessions to the next level & start intervaltrainings.* Set & keep track of your personal achievements& records.* Get drawn into another world with Story Runs. *Push throughthose moments when you run out of energy with a boostfrom yourfavorite Powersong. Join the community now & getinspired bymillions of fellow fitness fans worldwide! Vamos acorrer &registra tus carreras! APP USAGE INFO & PREMIUMMEMBERSHIPDETAILS The adidas Running app by Runtastic is free todownload anduse. Some features, such as your running trainingplans, areunlocked only with the purchase of a Premium Membership.YourMembership renews automatically if you do not cancel it within24hours prior to the end of the subscription period. The renewalofyour Premium Membership will be charged to your account up to24hours before your current Membership expires. The cancellationofan in-app Membership subscription is not permitted. The optiontodisable the automatic renewal of your Premium Membershipisavailable to you in your Google Play account settings. Do youhavefurther questions about our apps? Contact usviahttps://help.runtastic.com/hc/en-us
Decathlon Coach - Sports Tracking & Training 2.0.10
The new Decathlon Coach application is available and meets allyourneeds and sporting goals! It will undoubtedly become yourfavoritefree sports coach thanks to: - Free sessions to measureyour sportssessions such as running, fitness or walking - Coachingprograms inseveral sessions and sessions à la carte to achieve yourgoals -Follow up all the data of your sessions - Advice fromprofessionalson the tips and tricks of athletes Free orpersonalized sessions,anywhere, anytime Among the various freesessions you will find awide range of activities sports such asrunning, fitness, hiking,biking, trail running and many more. Allyou have to do is make achoice and get started! Whatever the sport,the application,equipped with a GPS, will measure your speed, yourdistancetraveled, your elevation, your course, your calories burned... Ifyou rather want to set up your session yourself, it isalsopossible ! Choose a warm-up and the creation of your ownsplitsessions in foot races (alternation of intense and moderateeffort)is done in a few minutes. Then you only have to programtheduration of each action and rest phase as well as therepetitionsthat will constitute your personalized run. Before yoursportssession, set the values ​​you want to follow on your screenor inyour headset with voice feedback, to be guided during yoursportsactivity. A la carte sessions or coaching programs with ourbestcoaches Receive the advice of a free sports trainer duringasession thanks to the à la carte sessions, whether you wanttostart or resume your jogging or sports walking. If you wanttomaintain and strengthen your body, there are fitness exercisesorbodyweight workouts. Discover the pilates to relax and preventpainthrough stretching. You can also go with the free sportsprogramsfor several weeks if you want to lose weight, maintain yourbody,improve your speed, strength or endurance. So, discover alltheavailable training to progress in your favorite sports! Ifyoustart running, you will learn in a few weeks to find yourrhythmand improve your performance. If you are a regular runner andyouwant to train for running a 10km, half marathon or marathon,orimprove your VMA or cardio, programs are available. Startandprogress pilates with carpet exercises to promotesheathing,strengthening, relaxation and stretching. You canotherwise takecare of your back, tone your body and activate yourdeep muscles.Follow-up of your sessions and comparison of your bestperformancesFind your last pilates session, Nordic walking,running, mountainbiking and other sporting activities to keep aneye on your bestperformances. Then take a closer look atwww.decathloncoach.com: -analyze the most relevant GPS tracksections, - discover yourprogress from month to month and from yearto year with ourtracking graphs Tips from recognized professionalsYou can benefitfrom tips and tricks to help you practice your sportevery day. Forexample, you will have tips on sports equipment atadopt, connectedproducts, how to prepare a trail but also advice onhydration andnutrition according to your caloric profile withparticularBalanced meal proposals for the whole week. If you alsowant toavoid aches and cramps, professionals have the answer youneed.
Sports Tracker Running Cycling
Amer Sports Digital
Sports Tracker is not only one of the best fitness apps around,it’sthe original sports app. For over a decade, Sports Trackerhashelped millions of fitness fans around the world getinspiredthrough exercise, and it can help you too -- whether it’srunning,cycling, walking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or othersportsactivities that power your passion. Track your trainingusingpowerful GPS and maps, analyze everything from calories burnedtoaverage speed and altitude, and monitor your progress as youworktowards your fitness goals. Best of all, you don’t have to goitalone! Sports Tracker is the social sports tracking applicationandservice that started it all. Powerful social features let youshareyour workout progress and photos with friends andfollowers,motivating you to stay on track with your training.FANTASTICFEATURES TO GET YOU FIT Sports Tracker for Android comeswithpowerful social features in addition to award-winning GPStrackingcapabilities, making it the most feature-packed, easy tousefitness app available: - Track and analyze yourworkoutperformances - Monitor your fitness progress - Record datain yourWorkout Diary for progress analysis and back it up onSportsTracker’s online service - Track calories burned, averagetrainingand cycling speed, running pace, altitude and more - UseGPS maps,time and distance calculators - Get voice feedback duringtraining- Follow friends who inspire and motivate you and seetheirprogress on your social feed - Encourage friends by commentingandliking their updates, right from your home screen - Shareyourprogress, photos, workouts, favorite running and cycling mapsandmore with friends on Sports Tracker, Facebook, and Twitter -Prefera private workout? No problem! There’s no pressure toshare.EXPLORE NEW ROUTES ON FASCINATING HEATMAPS -Explore and findnewroutes anywhere you are -Choose your favourite map type(terrain,satellite or hybrid) -Plan your route beforehand andadjustdistance to match your fitness level -Easily save yourfavoriteroutes to run, hike, MTB or bike in any area -Follow yourroute inthe app to stay on track -Analyze your route-specificperformancewith the “On this route” feature -Find Heatmaps for yoursporttype: trail running maps, Mountain Bike routes, most commontrailsin national parks or a new exactly 10K road run inyourneighborhood -See the local’s favourite routes when travelinganddiscover hidden treasures you wouldn’t find in a travel guideHEARTRATE MONITORING Take your training to the next level withtheSports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor – availableseparatelyat https://sports-tracker.com/shop FREE ONLINE SERVICEATWWW.SPORTS-TRACKER.COM Sports Tracker is the most powerfulsocialsports tracking solution available for Android when used withthefull-featured online service at www.sports-tracker.com. Thefreeonline service offers automatic workout backup, detailed mapsandanalysis views, friends' workouts and lots more. Ready to havefungetting fit so that you can be your personal best? DownloadSportsTracker today and join the world’s first and the best socialsportsapp community. Here's the solution how to continue iftrackinghappens to stop while working out:http://bit.ly/tracking-stop
Cycling - Bike Tracker 1.2.18
Track your pace, measure workout distance, count burnedcalories,crush training goals and more with the Cycling - BikeTracker app.Stay on track, no matter where you are, on the trail orstreets.Whatever your goal be it to lose weight, shape and tone,buildstrength, bike race, get faster or improve endurance or justridethe bike, this fitness bike computer app will help you achieveyourgoals faster. With this app, you can track all of yourexerciseusing GPS, check your stats, and reach your goals. Longerdistancescovered equals more calories burned, too! Take your firststeptoday, download the free Cycling - Bike Tracker app on yourphoneand push yourself to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. On topofbeing a bike computer, cycling tracker, bike tracker andfitnesstracker, this app provides you with many more features toimproveyour fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your exercise. APPFEATURES& BENEFITS: * Map workouts in real-time with GPS &monitorexercise progress * Calculate route distance, duration,speed andcalorie burn for your activity - in high accuracy and realtime,it’s your personal bike computer and is much more than acyclingtracker. * See your time, distance, calories burned, averagespeed,max speed, average pace, elevation gain , graphs with speedandelevation and map with route you biking, in the workout summary*Track your Road Bike, Mountain Bike, bmx or any other bike.*Advanced graphs for distance, time and calories burned, in4different intervals (week, month, year and all) * Cycling -BikeTracker app allows you to set a goal that's right for you(numberof burned calories, distance traveled or riding bike timeduringthe day) and get notification when they accomplish. * NolockedFeatures, all features are 100% FREE. You can use allfeatureswithout having to pay for them. * No wristband, bike gear,or otherhardware required, no website login, just download for freeBikeTracker app and start tracking your exercise right away.ThisCycling app works entirely from your phone. * Completechallengesthat app provide and stay motivated to riding bike more *This BikeTracker app offers everything a hobby biker, BMX rider,road bikeor professional mountain bike rider could ever need. *Keep trackof your personal records in the app. * Calculate your BMIwithbuilt in BMI Calculator * Small size (below 5MB) * Fast, lightanduser-friendly bike computer app * Voice feedback letting youknowyour progress as you cycling. A motivating voice that youcancustomize to relay your speed, pace, distance, time andcaloriesburned, also customizable per distance / time.
PUMATRAC - Fitness Training, Workouts & Running
PUMATRAC gives you more ways to fall in love with training. Weshowup like a personal coach with bespoke workout content - over80free workouts - and we know what you need. Plus, we knowwhatmotivates you to do it. Add in tools for scheduling workoutsandtracking progress, access to exclusive events, support fromacommunity of like-minded athletes, and you have everything youneedto create a fitness routine tailored to the ways you move.PUMATRAClets you see how other athletes in your town are turningthestreets, hills, and playgrounds into places to work out—tobreathenew life into your training. ● PUMATRAC on Android Wear OSwatchesLeave your phone at home and go for a run with your Androidwatch.Easy tracking of heart rate, distance, pace, elevation,andcalories burned. Running has never been easier. Our Wear OSappsupports watches with GPS sensor and/or step counter forcorrectmeasurement of your activities (Fossil Sport & MobvoiTicWatchC2). ● Receive customized running and training content Asmartlearning engine serves up personalized workouts from ourlibrary ofperformance-based training and running content. The moreyou trainwith PUMA Team Faster, the better we curate the rightworkouts forhelping you get stronger, move faster, and go further.● Workoutwith Puma Global Athletes Learn how the pros train—fromthe world'sbest drivers, cricketers, runners, and more. We give youa viewinto what makes these athletes the best at their game. ●Getmotivated by boxing, ballet, yoga, pilates, and runningworkoutsTake a giant leap beyond the ordinary, run-of-the-millexercises.Puma Team Faster trainers bring you to the forefront ofthe mostinnovative and fun ways to stay fit. ● Run and TraintogetherWarm-up the right way with videos to get you ready. ThenletPUMATRAC guide you through your runs and workouts. Finish upwithvideos of cooldown routines. We’re with you every step of theway.● Create a holistic plan of workouts and runs A scheduler helpsyouslot the right workouts into the sweet spots of your day. Pickagoal (running, fitness, weight) and then plan the workouts foreachweek that will move you closer to it. ● Get access toexclusivePUMA events and offers Connect, sweat, and learn from withPUMATeam Faster trainers and athletes. Meet local fitness legends.Runwith groups that match your pace and celebrate with acommunitythat gets inspired by moving and improving. ● Work out toyourmusic PUMATRAC allows you to access your Spotify and AppleMusicplaylists and stations—so you can move to your own beat. ●Getinspired and stay motivated with your social feed Byintegratingwith your favorite social networks, you’ll go further,getstronger, and run faster with a little help from yourfriends.Create your story to inspire others and get inspired bythem. ●Engage in some healthy competition See where you rank ontheleaderboard for different workouts and runs—and challengeyourselfto move up. ● Share your workout and runs with your circleAdd PUMATeam Faster trainers and friends to your training circle soyou canshare what you’re doing, invite them to train together,track eachother’s progress, and motivate each other to do more. ●Integrationwith Google Fit PUMATRAC uses Google Fit to enrich yourprofile andto provide a more accurate burnt calories calculation.You can alsosave your workouts & activities in the Google FitApp.Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
Walk with Map My Walk 20.6.1
MapMyFitness, Inc.
Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey oraseasoned runner, you’ll find the features and tools needed tostayon track and motivated to hit your goals. Get customizableTrainingPlans, personalized coaching tips to make running feeleasier, andmore. Stay inspired with a community of over 60 millionathletesall supporting your shared commitment to health andfitness. -HOVR™ Infinite named one of the Best Wearable Tech of2019 byOutside Magazine - Featured in the NY Times, TechCrunch,Wired, andTIME - Voted Best Running App Readers' Choice onAbout.com CONNECTWITH APPS AND WEARABLES - Track runs directly fromyour AndroidWear device and get visual, haptic, and audio progressupdates inreal-time. - Connect Under Armour connected shoes to theapp for apremium experience, more data to improve your run, androutetracking. - Sync with the latest apps and most wearables,includingGoogle Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, andmore. - Takecontrol of nutrition by connecting with MyFitnessPalfor acomprehensive look at your calorie intake and burn. TRACK ANDMAPYOUR WORKOUTS - Get real-time audio coaching on GPS-trackedruns,with customizable voice for stats like pace, distance,andelevation. - Log over 600+ activities with the largest selectionofactivities, including: running, cycling, walking, gymworkouts,cross training, yoga, and more. - Connect with 400+devices toimport and analyze all your data in one place. - Trackyour shoes'mileage with Gear Tracker. Get notified when it’s timefor a newpair to avoid injuries. - Use Routes to find nearby placesto run,save your favorite paths, add new ones, and share withothers. JOINTHE COMMUNITY - See what friends are doing on yourActivity Feed.Whether just getting into fitness or competing towin—there’salways someone there to motivate you. - Get social andshareworkouts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - JoinChallenges tocompete with others, climb the leaderboard, and winawesome prizes.TRAIN LIKE A PRO WITH MVP PREMIUM FEATURES - Unlockthe best toolsto turn your goals into achievable plans with aPremium membership.- Use Live Tracking to share real-time runninglocation and giveloved ones peace of mind. - Execute Training Plansand reach weightloss or distance goals with personalized plans thatadaptdynamically to your fitness level as you improve. - Monitor&analyze heart rate zones to adjust your intensity based ongoals. -Set a goal for your run and stay on track with audiocoaching onpace, cadence, distance, duration, calories, and more.If youupgrade to a Premium MVP subscription, payment will becharged toyour Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Themonthlysubscription costs USD 5.99 per month, while theyearlysubscription costs USD 29.99 per year, or USD 2.50 per month.Yoursubscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24hoursprior to the end of the current period. There is no increaseincost when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed andauto-renewalturned off in Account Settings under ‘Subscriptions’ inthe GooglePlay Store after purchase. Once purchased, the currentperiodcannot be canceled. Any unused portion of a free trial periodisforfeited if you choose to purchase a premium subscription toMVP.Find full terms, conditions, and our privacy policyathttps://account.underarmour.com/privacy_and_terms. Note:Continueduse of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecreasebattery life. MapMyWalk is part of the world’s largestdigitalhealth & fitness community, Under Armour ConnectedFitness:MapMyFitness, UA Record, Endomondo, & MyFitnessPal.Apps builtto empower healthy and active lifestyles with onemission—to makeyou better.
com.saddl 1.1.7
Bike Computer Co.
Feeling a bit experimental with your saddle but you are afraidtotry something new so you won't mess up its current setting? Oryoumight have bought a new saddle for your bike, and don't know howtoadjust it to your old favorite position? Saddle Adjustbybikecomputer.co is here to put all these problems in the past.Itallows you to save all your favorite saddle positions andtakepictures of them. Afterwards when you are feeling likereverting tosome of these settings, you can just select one fromthe list andapply it, no need for any other equipment except yoursmart phone.Customizing your saddle has never been easier! Weinvite you tovisit bikecomputer.co, ride with locals and meetcyclists allaround the world!
Pedometer 5.2.2
"Pedometer & Fitness Coach" records the number of steps youhavewalked and displays them again along with the number ofcaloriesthat you have burned, distance, walking time and speedperhour.Pedometer - Step Counter there is a fitness software andgreatfitness training. This application provides calorie andexercisetracker such as abdominal muscle training six pack, fitnessdaily,HIIT training, fitness for weight loss. In particular itsupportsthe workouts to protect and enhance the health of youreyes. Withthis application you can exercise every day or fitness athome.Youcan view a graph with the number of steps you havewalked.It iseasy to use. Once you push the Start button, all youhave to do ishold your smartphone as you always do and walk.Ofcourse, it willcontinue to automatically record your steps even ifyou put it inyour pocket or bag.► Get Started Right Away forFree-No wristbandor other hardware required. Our Pedometer stepcounter worksentirely from your phone with no additional setup-Nowebsite login,just download for free and start tracking yourexercise right away►Track All Your Fitness Activity-Built-inpedometer tracks yoursteps all day long whether your phone is inyour hand, in yourpocket, in your jacket, on an armband or in yourpurse-Recordssteps, calories, distance and active time whether youenjoywalking, jogging or running-Great companion for QuantifiedSelf►Lose Weight & Get Fit-Track your weight and BMI over timeandcorrelate changes with your activity and othervitals-Activitytracking works great as a complement to any diet►Stay Motivatedwith Family & Friends-Create walking groups withyour friendsand family to compare daily steps in real-time-Connectwith friendstrying to lose weight or get fit and keep each otheraccountable►Create Healthy Habits-One-tap tools for building dailyhealthyhabits and achieving goals► Other Key Features:-The easiestto usepedometer for any phone-Accurate activity tracking andstepcounting-Weight and BMI tracking-Beautiful trend displays foryoursteps, calories and weight► Important Note:Some phonessimplycannot count steps if the screen is off or locked. We do ourbestto ensure that we support as many phones as possible, but ifyou doencounter this problem and the above steps don't work, itmight bea limitation of your device. Drop us a message at oursupporte-mail, and we'll do our best to help.Pedometer &Fitness Coachis totally free to use. Before you go out and spendyour money onan expensive device like a Fitbit, try Pacer first!
FIT Cevap 5.5
Özgür Mustafa GELDEÇ
%100 ücretsiz Fitness Yoldaşın, 10 yılın Üstünde Tecrübe veAkademikBilginin birleştiğiyerdesiniz.Antrenman,Beslenme,Supplement,Hormonlar ve dahafazlasını bukanalda rahatlıkla bulabilirsiniz. Ayrıca uygulamanıniçindesürpriz çekilişler sizleri bekliyor.100% free fitnesscomrade, Over10 years of combined experience and academic knowledgethat are inplace. Training, Nutrition, Supplement, you can easilyfindHormones and more in this channel. Also in theapplication-prizesare waiting for you.
JomRun – Let’s Run 4.6.3
JomRun Sdn. Bhd.
JomRun is Southeast Asia’s leading running app. Users canbrowsethrough more than 1000 running events in Southeast Asiaandregister with 0 admin fees! You can also track your ownrunningsession and earn points to redeem vouchers and free gifts!JomRuncombines tech with running, providing you with the mostconvenientway to search and join a running event! Users can payusing:Malaysia- Grabpay, Boost e-wallet, online banking,VISA/Mastercard, Sarawakpay Indonesia-Gopay, ATM banking
Pace Control - running pacer 1.9.6
KNOW AND CONTROL YOUR PACE. • Would you like to improve thequalityof your training and run exactly as fast as you should? •During arace do you think you run quite slow while in fact youstart toofast and you are too tired later to finish in plannedtime? • Wouldyou like to run using the negative split strategy, butyou find ittoo difficult to calculate and check split times? • Haveyou everdreamt of the possibility to run together with anexperienced pacemaker? • Have you ever wanted to race agaist afriend who lives faraway and it is difficult to meet him to runtogether? If youanswered "yes" to any of these questions, you willprobably be ahappy Pace Control app user! *** If you face the issuethat PaceControl does not track your whole run and/or does not saveit, makesure you disable any battery optimizations for Pace ControlinAndroid settings. *** MAIN FEATURES: • Reliable pace information-pace calculation algorithm optimized to handle the gps signal inaway which results in stable and reliable readings. • REMOTE RACE-run a race against your friend, who can be far far away fromyou,with real-time feedback. Read moreat:https://pacecontrol.pbksoft.com/remote-race.html. • Finishtimeprediction - calculation of estimated finish time based ondistancealready achieved and current pace. • Shadow runner -tracking raceprogress vs a virtual runner running in a predefinedtime and usinga predefined strategy. • Negative split - improveyour results byrunning using the negative split strategy (startslower andgradually speed up). • Voice feedback - no need to lookat yourphone to get information, you will hear the messages read toyou inyour headphones. • Save to GPX - tracks you run with the appcan besaved to gpx files, so they can be imported to external toolsorsites for analysis. • Export to Endomondo - possibility toexportworkouts to external running service: Endomondo. • Map - youcansee the track you run on the map. • Totally free! - all of thisisavailable for free. No hidden costs, no paidsubscriptions.LANGUAGES: Pace Control is translated (includingvoice feedback)to: English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish,Portuguese. If youwant to help us translate the app to any otherlanguage, please,contact us as support@pbksoft.com. SUPPORT:Please, do not useGoogle Play as a support tool. We will be happyif you leave acomment about our app there to let others know whatyou think aboutthe app, but we cannot use Google Play as a placewhere supportrequests are collected and processed. For detailsabout getting thesupport, visithttps://pacecontrol.pbksoft.com/support.html. APPHOMEPAGE:http://pacecontrol.pbksoft.com USERMANUAL:http://pacecontrol.pbksoft.com/manual.htmlFACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/pacecontrolappTWITTER:https://twitter.com/pacecontrolapp
Highway North Interactive
JogTracker is a simple and fun to use fitness tracker foryourAndroid phone. Whether you run, walk, bike or any otheroutdooractivity, you will love JogTracker! Features: - Displaydistance inmiles or kilometers - Calculates calories burned - Shareyourworkouts on Facebook and Twitter directly from the app -Voiceprompts at time intervals so you know how far you've gonewithouthaving to look at the screen - Keeps you motivated byawardingbronze, silver and gold medals for achievements - Uses GPSandGoogle Maps to help you find your way - View your jog historyonthe web - Integrates with Bluetooth Smart (BLE) heart ratemonitorsJogTracker Pro Looking for even more from your fitnesstrackingexperience? JogTracker Pro is now available in the paidappssection! The pro version unlocks additional features inJogTrackerfree edition plus a free bonus app! To access the profeatures youneed both versions installed. Pro features include: -Real timespeed/pace charts - Voice prompts at distance intervals -Altitude(elevation) chart - No advertisements - Auto pause/resume -Preventscreen from dimming during workouts - All future Profeatures Likeus on Facebook: facebook.com/JogTracker Follow us onTwitter:@JogTracker www.jogtracker.com
StagesPower 2.3.1
Stages Cycling LLC
Maximize your Stages Cycling Power Meter performance. Utilizetheapp to quickly display power and cadence values, perform azerocalibration to ensure accurate measurements, and updatethefirmware with the latest features and functionality. ****Features**** Read-Only Power and Cadence Display ZeroCalibrationFunctionality Firmware Update Capability Requirespermission towrite to USB storage in order to save high speed datafiles.
Wokamon - Fitness Game, Walk Fitbit Gamification 2.14
Shikudo - Fitness and Focus Games
Tamagotchi + Pedometer = Endless FUN! The more you walk, themorethey grow. Wokamons are running out of resources and they needyourhelp! Every step you take is turned into energy. Use it tofeed,grow and collect Wokamons. The more you walk, the moreWokamons youcan collect and the further you get to explore themagicalWoka-worlds like candy desert, icy realm, mystical forestand more!Lend a helping hand and soon you will find, the more youhelp, thefitter you get! That means: --------------FUN&MOTIVATING--------------- Wokamon, a unique adventure andclickersimulation game on Android phones, makeswalking/fitnessinteresting and fun! Doesn’t matter if you walk, jogor run,outdoor or on a treadmill, Wokamon set out to make yourfitnessexperience never be the same again: you will want to walkmore, allday, every day! Wokamon also functions as a pedometer,check yourdaily and weekly progress and compete with your friendswithin thegame. ***Simply play with your phone, or connect withGoogle Fit,and Fitbit*** --------------------THESTORY-------------------- Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away,on planet Laya, Wokamonslived happily with their friends, theLayabots. They workedtogether and played together, turning theLayabots’ activity outputinto an energy source for Wokamons.However, the Layabouts got toolazy and eventually stopped moving.Wokamons got super weak andmega sad. In order for Wokamon to thriveagain, Wokamon eldersdecided to send some young and brave Wokamonsto plant Earth toharness energy from the human race and to starttheir adventure.--------------------CONTACT US--------------------Learn more aboutus: www.wokamon.com Follow us on Facebook:www.facebook.com/wokamonFollow us on Twitter:www.twitter.com/wokamon ***If you would liketo report a bug or toexpress your concerns, please contact us atWokamon support:https://forum.shikudo.com/c/wokamon We appreciateyour feedback andwe read every single review!***--------------------GOOGLEFIT-------------------- Connect toGoogle Fit and raise tamagotchiwith steps done by 3rd party apps.For example: Runkeeper,Runtastic, Nike, Fitbit app, and etc. Enjoywith other games likeRing Fit adventure, Zombies, Run! and Walkr.
My Run Tracker - The Run Tracking App
The Losers
Are your ready to be fit? Put your tracks and running shoeson&get ready to experience the fittest phase of yourlife.Download the best run tracking app to get started. My RunTracker,is the app that will be an ally to you in this journey. Youcantrack the activities you do for the weight loss or for justbeingfit. My Run Tracker tracks your training using GPS andanalyzeseverything related, from the number of steps you run tothedistance you covered and to the calories you have burned. Notjustthat, this app monitors your progress and present you thedetail ofit in a beautiful and easy to understand reports. Getyourselfranked on the top of the leaderboard and set a milestonefor othersto achieve. That’s not all, Leaderboard ranks you on twooptions‘ALL RUN’ & ‘DAILY RUN’. In All Run tab, you can see thebestrunner of all time whereas in Daily Run tab you can beattheall-time runner in their daily run score. Create a workoutplaylistfor your training. My Run Tracker allows you to play songsfromyour phone directly on its platform. This is one of the reasonforthis app to be rated the top for running app. If you workoutdailyor planning to do it, download our app which has some reallygreatand cool features in it. No need to worry about your caloriesanymore, this app will help you in keeping track of yourcalories.Everything that you need when you go out for running isthere inour app whether its timer, distance meter, you name it andit isthere. So just download the app for a better workoutexperience.Features that make this app the best run tracking app: •Now, track& monitor the statistics of your running to analyzeyourtraining pattern. • Check the leaderboard and engage in afriendlycompetition to get yourself ranked on the top of theleaderboard. •Monitor your Progress. • Check the steps countinvolved in yourtraining with our exclusive pedometer tracker. •Inbuilt MusicPlayer. • Store your running history in MyRun historytab. • CreateReminder for your workout and more. • InbuiltCountDown Timer. •Track Accurate Distance. My Run Trackerconsidered, by its users,to be the best in the business for certainkeywords like pedometerapp, speedometer app for running, freerunning tracker, speedometertracker etc. My Run Tracker providesall these and charge nothingfor this. The FREE run tracking app.
SyncMyTracks 3.10.9
Would you like to change your sport tracking application andkeepyour activities? Or maybe you use 2 or more of these servicesandwould you like to have them synchronized? Now you can do allthiswith SyncMyTracks! - What is SyncMyTracks? It's an Android appusedto sync your activities of the most popular sportstrackingservices. You can see the list of supported servicesbySyncMyTracks here: http://syncmytracks.com/#compatibility -Howdoes export & import work? Simply entering data (emailandpassword) of both accounts, the activities are exported fromoneaccount to the others, using GPX or TCX files. - How doesaccountsync work? Simply add the accounts you want to sync,andSyncMyTracks will do the synchronization. If you make anewactivity with any of your accounts, it automatically syncs totheothers accounts. In application settings you can set thetimeinterval wherein SyncMyTracks check for new activities, or youcandisable automatic synchronization. - Which activitiesaresynchronized? When you synchronize a new account you can choosetosynchronize all activities (activities that have already beendonein the past and new activities you will do in the future) orjustthe new ones. - What data is synchronized?SyncMyTrackssynchronizes activity path information, such as time,duration,distance, pace and map. Also the heart rate, cadence,power andtemperature are synchronized, when they are supported bydifferentservices. - Can SyncMyTracks delete or modify myactivities insynchronization? Never! SyncMyTracks just addsactivities to youraccounts, it doesn't delete or modify theactivities that youalready have. - Can SyncMyTracks duplicate myactivities insynchronization? SyncMyTracks prevents duplication ofactivitiesconsidering the start time of the activity. - Where areemails andpasswords of my accounts saved? SyncMyTracks stores thisdata onyour mobile. Passwords are stored using encryption. Thisdata isonly used to connect the accounts. - What are thedifferencesbetween the free version and the paid version? In thefree version,account sync is unavailable. Only you can export andimport youractivities. In addition, in the free version you canonly exportthe last 40 activities at most. The paid versioncontains no ads. -Can you use the export and import andsynchronization with the sameaccounts? Not recommended, it couldcreate duplicate activitiesalready synchronized. - Can you useFacebook or Google+ to loginand sync my accounts? No. You must useyour email and password. Ifpassword is not set, you must generateit in your account settings.- Is SyncMyTracks sponsored, maintainedor supported it by trackingservices supported? No, SyncMyTracks isindependent of them.Therefore, be sure to use the application onthe terms andconditions detailed on their respective web sites. -How do Icontact the developer of the application? Viae-mail(syncmytracks@gmail.com) or viaTwitter(http://twitter.com/SyncMyTracks).
Pace Calculator [Pace+] 3.6
Pace+, the calculator and converter for runnersincludes:-Calculator for time, speed / pace and distance;-Converter betweenpace and speed;- Time predictor for future racesbased on distancesyou have run;- Calculator for heart rate zones;-Calculator forburned calories;- BMI calculator;- Coopertesttables;- Trainingpace advisor for e.g. "easy run", "tempo run" and"speed form";-Converter for "km / miles", "pace / speed" or"Celsius /Fahrenheit";- Split times calculator.- "Shoe LacingTechniques"Noadds, No in-app purchases and No permissionsrequired!Note: thisapp is not a "gps tracker" and is made by arunner (i'm not aprogrammer), for runners.Please, send me yourfeedback forimproving the app or rate the app if you like it.
PRx Fit 2.8.2
FunctionalFit Tech Corp.
The PRx Fit mobile app delivers daily workouts to you whereveryouare. Compete with your friends daily no matter where they mightbe.Features include: Daily workouts for tacticalprofessionalsdelivered to your mobile. Daily leaderboards so youcan see how youcompare with everyone else on your chosen workouts.Workout Historyso you can constantly review what you have done inthe past see howmuch you have improved. Detailed instruction onyour daily workoutsso you know exactly what do wherever you may be.
de.j4velin.pedometer 1.5.11
Lightweight pedometer app using the hardware step-sensor forminimalbattery consumption. This app is designed to be running allthe timewithout having any impact on your battery life! It usesthe hardwarestep detection sensor of devices like the Nexus 5,which is alreadyrunning even when not using any pedometer app.Therefore the appdoes not consume any additional battery drain.Unlike otherpedometer apps, this app does not track your movementor yourlocation so it doesn't need to turn on your GPS sensor(again: noimpact on your battery). Sign in with your Google+account to unlockachievements and compete with others in theleaderboards! The appalso provides a DashClock extension, a widgetand a notification toshow your progress. FAQ: • Do not use anytask killer if you wantthe app to work • Achievements are grantedthe day after meeting therequirements Pedometer is opensource:https://github.com/j4velin/Pedometer Pedometer uses the'EazeGraph'library by Paul Cech and 'ColorPickerPreference' bySergeyMargaritov Icon provided by https://utopian.io/@tobaloidee
Dreamstep 1.1
Create a star by walkingAnd make a new planetAnd thenspinit!Pedometer and Spinnerinto this gameEnjoy mini runninggameUsestep skills and items to collect dream planetsCollectconstellationand dream charactersExperience new walking gamecombined pedometerand spinner!
Cairo Runners 3.1.0
Running Cairo just got better!With the CairoRunners application,wewill bring you closer to the capitals largestrunningcommunity.Stay up to date with our runs & events, trackourroutes from start to end, and share your experience withourintegrated photo gallery.It is equally effective, whether youjoinour runs, or hit the streets solo; the CairoRunners appprovidesultimate easy-access guidance along the way.DownloadtheCairoRunners app, and start setting your fitness goals,trackingyour progress and hitting your biggest runningmilestones.Happyrunning!
Mountainbike.be ism GvS
You can now view all tours from the coming two months in ahandyview on your smartphone. Fill in your home address, and youwillsee the tours you want to ride on top. In a few clicks you cansendthe tour to your agenda, or to Facebook or WhatsApp. In caseyouneed more information about a tour, you are just one clickawayfrom our forum, to get in contact with your fellowbikers.Mountainbike.be is THE site for mountain biking in Belgiumand TheNetherlands. Our tour-calendar is under constant review tobe themost reliable and complete of Belgium and Holland.
TripLog - Automatic Mileage Log Tracker for Tax 7.8.1
New TripLog 2.0 is now available. To make sure you downloadversion2.0 just click on NEW Blue icon at bottom of page.TripLog2.0offers great NEW features so please download our mostrecentversion. Maximize your tax deduction and business expenseswithTripLog ★★★★★ Most popular GPS mileage tracking app with over1million total downloads. Featured on Forbes, CNN, Inc, PCWorldandmany others ★★★★★ Detect device movement and automaticallytrackmileage with MagicTrip™, or Auto Start when connected to aPowerSource or Bluetooth, or on a set timeframe ★★★★★ Readyourvehicle’s odometer from OBD-II scan tools (optional) ★★★★★Syncdata in real-time to TripLog Web and manage the entire fleetathttps://TripLogMileage.com ★★★★★ Integrate withQuickBooks™,Concur™, and Google Wear Watch ★★★★★ Most comprehensivereportscompliant to IRS Tax returns • Auto Start when plugged intopowersource, or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving morethan 5mph. Or, you can have the app auto start on a settimeframe.TripLog automatically stops the trip when the vehiclestops and/ordevice is disconnected • IRS compliant HTML and CSV taxreturnreports and built-in 2017 mileage rates • Capture expensereceiptphotos and upload to the Cloud
Avionicus Running & AirSports 0.6.69
Avionicus is your coach, friend and helper in any training.Wouldyou choose walking, running, cross-country skiing, hanggliding oranother sport, Avionicus will record statistics of yourtrack.Besides tracking it can make your training as effectiveaspossible.All you need is to download Avionicus andstarttraining.TOP-5 reasons for installing Avionicus free app:—onetouch training start;— tracker designed for maximumconvenience(tracks your training time, speed, calories and etc.);—commentyour and your friends’ trainings, add photos, follow tracksinstream;— saves mobile traffic significantly;— no ads;Foryourconvenience Avionicus:…supports heart rate monitors withBluetooth4.0 or BluetoothSmart;…uses daily updated mapsbyOpenStreetMap;…customizes main screen for everysinglesport;…supports export to .igc for air sports;…saves battery;
Nine Fitness
Nine Fitness Design
App Oficial de Nine Fitness. Podrás encontrar toda lainformaciónsobre los centros 9Fitness. Horarios, novedades,eventos,fotos...Official App of Nine Fitness. You can findinformationabout 9Fitness centers. Schedules, news, events, photos...
Active-Fit Sportcenter 8.1.12
Virtuagym Professional
PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED Active-Fit ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THIS APP.IFYOU'RE A MEMBER GET IT FOR FREE AT YOUR GYM! Begin your journeytoa healthier lifestyle and let Active-Fit help you along theway.Introducing Active-Fit most comprehensive fitness platformwith: *Check class schedules and opening hours * Track your dailyfitnessactivities * Track your weight and other body metrics * Over2000+exercises and activities * Clear 3D exercise demonstrations*Preset workouts and the option to create your own * Over 150badgesto earn Select workouts online and synchronize them with yourappto workout at home or in the gym while keeping track ofyourprogress. From strength to weight lifting, this app acts asyourown personal trainer guiding and giving you the motivationyouneed. Also check our website for many extra tools, such asyourpersonal fitness profile, free nutrition plan, goal settingandmuch more!
Heart Trace 1.5.1
magic09 applications
This version of Heart Trace is for all Android versions up toandincluding Android 7, for Android 8 and above please use HeartTrace2https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magic09.hearttraceHeartTraceautomatically checks your heart rate at regular intervals viayourAndroid Wear smartwatch and then syncs this data with GoogleFit.You can view your heart rate by the day, hour or minute or asadaily summary.Android Wear smartwatch with heart rate sensorThisapprequires an Android Wear smartwatch with a heart rate sensor.Youwill also need to connect to your Google Fit account toenablesyncing of heart rate readings. Heart rate reading frequencyandaccuracy can be configured but are ultimately dependant onyourAndroid Wear smartwatch heart rate sensor.Features•Automaticallymonitor your heart rate.• Full control over monitoringsettings.•View all your data by the day, hour or minute.• Regularlysync yourheart rate readings to Google Fit.• Export your readingsto a CSVfile.• Sports mode - continuously monitor your heartrate.In-apppurchasesHeart Trace is free. No ads. No paid features.But if youwould like to support Heart Trace development you can doso in theapp by clicking donate and selecting an option - thankyou.Comingsoon• Sync all readings to and from Google Fit.• Removereadingsfrom Google Fit.• Android Wear 2.0 standalone app.AppusageThis appis for personal health information and is not asubstitute forproper medical assessment or diagnosis. If you haveany concernsabout your heart rate please contact amedicalprofessional.Permissions required by this application• Bodysensors- enables heart rate detection.• Storage - enables exportdata toCSV.Help and supportIf you have any questions please get intoucheither on email (magic09.apps@gmail.com) or through the HeartTraceGoogle+community:https://plus.google.com/communities/101781392757311833259Communityandbeta testingWant to test out new features of Heart Tracebeforeanyone else? Just become a beta tester - option at the bottomofthe app listing. Have you got a good idea for a feature? Areyouinterested in what new features are planned? You can find outmoreat the Heart TraceGoogle+community:https://plus.google.com/communities/101781392757311833259
Elite Running Log 1.7
Jack Jamieson
Easily record your runs using a calendar! Supports differentshoes,notes, pace, run types, run feel and more. This is primarilyforrunners and distance athletes to help keep track of theirmileage.See your stats for the week, month or any time in between.Newestfeatures: - Fixed several old bugs - Updated graph to fixdata overa new year, it should now display in the correct order -Calendarnow bolds days you ran - Updated styling to betterdisplayinformation Runs can be logged in any unit, but will displayin theformat chosen in the Settings. Some rounding may occur whenunitsare mixed. Going into Edit Run will show the log in itsoriginalformat. Backup files are placed in your phone's externalstorageroot directory under the ERL folder. If you want to movethem fromthere or put a backup file from another phone, that is thelocationto do so. If you have any issues please emailworldbit@mail.com!
Stampyc photos of your runs
Only with Stampyc you can put the time and distance of your runsorexercise bike and have the pace or speed informationautomaticallycalculated.In a few steps you apply beautiful filtersto yourphotos!In addition to running or biking, several otheractivitiesare available for you to create beautiful images andshare onInstagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, if you prefer,you canalso save your photos.Use the #stampyc in their publicationsand wewill add in all our social networks, check out ourInstagram@StampycApp.For new versions planned:- New filters.Do youhave anysuggestions?Be a beta tester and collaborate!
Dilltree Inc
RTRT.me provides Real-Time Race Tracking and other servicesforworld-class events. Participants and Spectators of premiereRTRT.metracked events, this app is for you! Highlights: •Participanttimes, paces, estimates, and places in real-time •InteractiveCourse Map & Live Map Tracking • Easy tracking ofmultipleparticipants at the same time • Push Notifications asprogress ismade on course • Event Info and Messaging • LiveLeaderboards •Social Sharing & Notifications PLEASE NOTE: Notall RTRT.meevents are available in the RTRT.me app. Some includedevents maynot use all features. Contact us or your eventcoordinator foravailability. About Us: We are passionate abouttechnology anddetermined to create the ultimate race experience forParticipants,Spectators, Volunteers and Event Administrators aroundthe globe.