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Deer Jungle Sniper Shooting 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Hunt down wild bears, lions and deer inexoticjungle locations. Deer Jungle Sniper Shooting brings wildanimalshunting season! Hunt down the predators. Aim your scope andshootfor precise headshot before the furious beasts jump on you tokillyou. Hunt the most dangerous wild animals; wild Bear, DeerandLion. Grab your best sniper shooting gun to hunt downferociousanimals in this forest jungle safari game. You are a trueanimalhunter! Trap carnivore and predator animal in forest. Strivehardfor your survival and aim for accurate sniper headshots.Defendyourself by making maximum shoots in jungle with yoursnipershooting gun. Kill the deer, bear and ferocious lion with asniperhunter gun.Here comes the hunting season for professional hunters. Becomeaprofessional hunter, escape near hillside between highmountainsand forest to hunt the jungle animal in exotic locations.This isthe wild chase and you have your jungle sniper gun for theanimalhunt. Take a headshot of your target as a hunter. Can youhear thatcarnivorous roar somewhere near? Can you see the animalface?Prepare for a jungle hunting sniper gunshot, these wildanimals arefast and ferocious. Beware of a bear attack. Enjoy thebrave lifein a virtual jungle. Be courageous, It’s risky near thehillsidesafari. Don’t lose your stamina brave hunter, keepplaying.Deer Jungle sniper shooting features:√ Hunting in Realistic Jungle Environment√ Realistic Animated Bear, Deer & Lion
√ Amazing Jungle Hunter and Shooting Experience√ Different Animals in Each Jungle War Levels

√ Excellent Sound Effects of forest√ User-Friendly Interface
Wild Bear Sniper Hunter 2016 1.0
Five O
Let us take you in to the wilderness inthemostvisually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android!Travel all around the world from North America’s PacificNorthwesttothe Savannah of Central Africa to the high mountains oftheHimalayasin an epic journey to hunt the world’s most biggestandstrongestbear.EXPLORE A LIVING WORLDImmerse yourself in diverse environments filled beautifulsceneryanda number of wild animals Watch out for attackingpredatorsincludingbears, wolves, and cheetahs!MAXIMUM FIREPOWEREnjoy endless number of new weapons. Hunt and take down asmanybearas you can to earn money and points, and use them to buynewweaponsand increase your arsenal collection. Take hunting tothenextlevel!SHOOT LIKE A PRODevelop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master theskillstotake the perfect shot.COLLECT REWARDSCompete for bragging rights and bag the biggestanimalswithachievements.It’s hunting time, join the hunt today!