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Bubble Shooter HD 2.4
North Games
There is one simple goal in the Bubble Shooter Game. The goal istohit three bubbles or more using the ball cannon while the colorofthe bubbles matches the color of the ball that was fired fromthecannon, matching at least three bubbles with the same colour asthefired ball will cause the ball and the matching bubblestodisappeared, which scores you points. The more matching bubblesyoumanage to hit at once, the more points you score. The goal istomake all the bubbles disappear from the game board, yet it's notsosimple. The balls will be going down after numerous misses anditbecomes harder to play with a more limited game fieldandoptions.The game requires concentration, attention, accuracy andagood reaction speed. It can help you develop these skillsfurtherand train your different skills by playing this game. TheBubbleShooter Game is very addictive, you can find new combinationsofballs which are more difficult on each new level. Thedifficultyraises with each new level which contains new differentballcombinations and harder than the previous level'scombinations,therefore making the playing experience even moreexciting andinteresting.Game features:- Two different modes:Classic andArcadeIn the classic mode, the balls go down afternumerous misses;In the Classic mode, the balls go down after aperiod of time.-Great high quality graphics, the game supportsFullHD and QHDdisplays resolutions.- More than 500 differentlevels.- Supportedboth on cellphones and on tablets.- The rules areeasy tounderstand and the game fits both for adults and forchildren.Youcan play anywhere, anytime. Whether it's spending a fewminutes ofyour free time or completing missions and playing thegame forhours. Try it and you will like it.Some graphic content wastakenfrom http://www.freepik.com
JUNGLE BUBBLE SHOOTERThis is the best Bubble Shooter withamazingeffects. Play it, and it will be your new addictive game forsure!.This aracade game contains both Puzzle Mode &ArcadeMode.Shooting bubbles has never been so fun before. Takeyourbubble shooting experience to the next level with JUNGLEBUBBLESHOOTER.JUNGLE BUBBLE SHOOTER is a kind of Bubble Shootergame, andhas the same playing rule as Frozen Bubble, Bubble ShooterDeluxe,Bubble Blaster, Jungle Shooter, Marble Blaster, and someothergames.JUNGLE BUBBLE SHOOTER has various of challenging levelswithdifferent difficulty levels. JUGLE BUBBLE SHOOTER is veryexcitingand challenging, and its great for you to kill your freetime. Getready for the most exciting Bubble Shooter of all time,play andenjoy How to play: Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble inthatdirection.Collect 3 or more bubbles. Get the butterfly forextrascore. Use color bugs, they take bubbles of the same color.Goal ofthe game: To hold out as long as possible prevent touchbubbles thevine and score more points than the previous time.
Monsters Halloween 1.0
Juroks Games
Have you ever wondered what kind ofHalloween?What is celebrated on this day, and where did theserituals andtraditions? Why children and adults dress up in variouscostumesand frighten each other?On this night, the ancient Celtic belief worlds of the livingandthe dead opened their doors, and the inhabitants of the otherworldmade their way to the ground.Halloween is still celebrated in the tradition of Samhain.Thatnight, people wear different costumes, masquerades andorganizecompetitions. The main symbol of the holiday, as a centuryago,remains fearsome pumpkin head with a lighted candle. That nightthechildren knocking on the house and shout: "Help yourself, orbesorry!". In order to protect themselves from these small"evildemons" should treat them what some sweets that is a kindofvictim. Otherwise their real counterparts in the "legionofunclean" may well be cruel joke on you.This game will give you the opportunity to plunge intotheatmosphere of this wonderful holiday. Here there arevampires,ghosts, dead people and other vermin. But this evil isvery sweetand just wants to play with you.You need to collect monsters in groups of three or more.Themeaning of the game is that in a short time to remove allthemonsters on the screen of the phone. And then you go into amoresophisticated level. Quite simply, as in all of your favoritegameBubble Shooter.The game is very nice and interesting. Anyone would be happytoplay it. As a small user, and large. A large number of levels,aswell as two modes of play will bring you a lot of fun. It'sverysimple and elementary, but at the same time veryinteresting.The game is constantly updated and added new levels. At thesametime, it is absolutely free.Play with us and get a lot of positive emotions!Features:- Frequent updates and a large number of levels.- The game is absolutely free.- The game will be interesting for kids and adult gamers.- Beautiful graphics and a lot of funny monsters.
Fluffy Kitty 1.0
Juroks Games
Get portion of good mood with furryanimals.These cute lumps are always ready to play with you. Theyare sodifferent and cute.In this game you need to collect the fluffy lumps in groupsofthree or more of the same color. Colorful graphics, many levelsandtwo game modes. Everything you need to spend a fun time.Fluffy clumps waiting for his master in the game, and veryeagerto play with them.Playful game will suit kids and adults. All is notdifficultenough, as in the game Bubble Shooter. Rules and gameplayis verysimple. If you need time to entice your baby, then this iswhat youneed! And if you do not know what to do, you just got tothe point!.The game is updated frequently adding new exciting levels. Ifyouwant to have fun while away your time, this game is designedexactlyfor you.Play «Fluffy Kitty»!Features:- Frequent updates and a large number of levels.- The game is absolutely free.- The game will be interesting for kids and adult gamers.- Beautiful graphics and a lot of funny furry animals.
Puzzle Bubble Deluxe 34.0.3
Plunge into the world of jungle and adventure right now. Helpthemonkey Bona make a combination of different balls, and thenshootthem down. In front of a lot of attractive and interestinglevels,it is impossible to break away.
Bounce Ball Game 1.0
Wonder Games Mobile
Bounce Ball Game is really challenging app. You should move theballacross the field and eat bubbles. The goal is to hold out aslong aspossible. Complete all different 10 levels!
Tropical Zoo 1.0
Juroks Games
One of the most popular games in the balls.Inthis game you have to collect a group of two or more balls intheform of animals. Get rid of all the balls, you go to thenextlevel. Difficulty level increases at each stage.Tropical Zoo - it's a good game and well spent time.Features:1. Easy to manage.2. Frequent updates.3. Beautiful graphics.4. Multiple levels.
Balls Blast Bubble Shooter 1.11
North Games
The most popular and exciting game "Bubble Shooter" hasbeenoccupying a leading spot among arcade games. The game hasgained alot of popularity thanks to the variety of features,simplicity andthe user-friendly interface. Bubble shooter attractsboth adultsand children. The quality graphics and the amusinganimations willdefinitely encourage you to play this game. The gamerules aresimple - Make all of the differently colored bubblesdisappear fromgame field by shooting from the amusing toy. Shootthe bubblesaccording to their color - shoot three or more bubbleswhich sharethe same color to make them disappear from the gamefield, andafter each hit you will receive a bonus - which iscandies whichwill appear in the game field.You will receiveadditional score assoon as you make the bubbles collide with thecandies and the bags.The more points you earn, the more stars youwill get througout theprogression of the level, which will allowyou to proceed to thenext level which is more difficult. In our"Bubble Shooter" gameyou also have the option to take specialbonuses - that includesfirebubbles, additional bubbles and coloredbubbles. Receivingbonuses will help you succeed in very hardsituations within thegame. You will meet a sweet candy surroundedby bubbles in somepoint while playing the game. You will have tofree the candy fromthe bubbles which will allow you to proceed tothe next level.Wehave introduced additional tasks to the game, thatincludes amazingbonuses and a large amount of levels with increaseddifficulties.Plenty of combinations and game strategies will notleave youbored. Spend your time in an interesting and acontributing manner.
Flower Meadow 1.0
Juroks Games
This game will fill you with summer heatandfloral aromas. It takes you on a flower farm that hosts a goodbeeJeffrey. He loves his job, collect nectar from a beautifulflower.But this time he has accumulated a lot of work and he alonecan notcope.Help bumblebee Jeffrey folded the flowers in the same colorgroup.The faster you do it, the sooner will be able to go to thenextlevel.The Game is very simple, as in the Bubble Shooter. You needtocollect the flowers into groups, with the flowers have to bethesame color. Once you collect all the flowers of the field, youcanimmediately go to a more difficult level. The game isinterestingand at the same time very simple. It will be fun to playfor adultsand kids. You will spend great time with Jeffreybumblebee.Hurry! Help Jeffrey collect nectar with its flower plantations!Hewill be very grateful.Features:- Bright, warm atmosphere of the game, beautiful graphics.- The game will suit different age groups.- Simplicity and ease of management.- Two game modes.- More than 500 levels. The levels will be added periodicallyforupdates of the game.
Cheepers 2.0673
Cheepers is a colorful casual game with three built-in gamesofpopular genres - match-3 (Match'Em), bubble shooter (Shoot'Em)andcollapse (Blast'Em). Easy game-play, hints and increasingleveldifficulty will bring you a lot of fun.Basic features of thegame:-Three games in one- 13 achievements- Local leader-board- Upto 9player's profiles with independent achievements and gameprogress-Saving game progress till the game over- Fun music andsounds-Works on Android 2.3+- In-game ADs (no Ads infullversion)!!!Stable app work on Huawei phonesdoesn'tguaranteed!!!Thank you for you positive feedback, I'mveryappreciated!For any questions or errors please email me!Thisgameuses Google Analytics for anonymously tracking and report auser'sactivity only in this game.
Let's in Bubble Shooter 1.0
Juroks Games
Bubble Shooter is awesome free bubbleshootergame with classic arcade and puzzle 500 levels modes!Bubble Shooter connects two bubble shooter games kinds in onegreatpolished game with unique modern UI flat design!Bubble Shooter classic arcade game.The classic game's objective is to pop three or more bubbles ofthesame color.Bubble Shooter puzzle gameThe puzzle shooter mode gives you 500 challenging levelstobeat.Bubble Shooter game features:- graphics- great, realistic physics- classic arcade mode- puzzle mode with 500 unique levels- great flat design- beautiful, calm sound effects
Zombies - Infection 1.0
Juroks Games
Are you a fan of scary movies, cartoonsandstories about zombies? This theme is familiar to all.Everyonethought the topic of the apocalypse. What happens if theplanetflooded zombie dead. How to deal with them? How to survive?How tokill a zombie?Nowadays there are a lot of movies and games on this topic.Theyare endless, "Resident Evil", "The Walking Dead", "The EvilDead"and others. Everybody is excited about the game Plantsvs.Zombies.But in this game you do not need to kill, burn zombies,vampiresand all evil. No need to shoot, to shed blood, too, isnotnecessary. Here are all quite different. Lovely zombies,vampires,mummies and other badly-cute critters want to play withyou. Thegame is similar to Bubble Shooter improved. You need tocollect thegood monsters in groups of three or more.A large number of levels and two game modes will not let yougetbored. The game will be interesting for both adults andkids.Beautiful graphics and simple game you will love.Spend your time in a good mood with a "Zombie - Infection"Features:1. Beautiful graphics.2. Two game modes.3. Easy to operate.4. A huge number of levels.5. Updates.6. The game is absolutely free.
Money Bubble Shooter 1.0
Garik Team
Exciting Feature:• supports Full-HD (1920*1080) and QHD(2560*1440)screens • 700 different Levels!• Clean and colorfulgraphics•Smooth user interface• Phone and Tablet support• Music andsoundeffects• Play for all agesBubble game was created based on oneofAtari's most popular games called Bubbles which was releasedon1989. Our version of game which is called "Money Bubble Shooter"iseasy to operate, extremely fun, and requires no special skillstoplay.The rules of the our Money bubble shooter match 3 gamearereally simple, you just need to blast as many money bubblesaspossible, the more you pop, the higher your score is, but youmustnot let the bubbles touch the ground as this will end your gameandyou will have to start all over again and again.
com.riobma.bubbleisland 38.1.1
Bubble Shooter Games World
Immerse yourself in the summer berry world in which you have topickup all the berries. To do this, you need to create acombination ofidentical berries, and then shoot at it. The fasteryou clear theplaying field, the more points you earn. The game hasa classicmode, as well as arcade.
Physical Bubbles 1.0.0
Dmitry Kryukov
The game is a fun variation of the puzzle such as "match 3" withtheaddition of physics.The goal - to achieve 100% of the timescale,destroying the chain of colored bubbles that fall from thetop ofthe screen.How to Play:- Destroy by pressing on 3 or moresame colorbubbles near;- Make random bonus bubbles in one of thebubblesnear;- Pop the bubbles-bombs, destroying the neighboringbubbles;-Collect 100% of the time scale to move to the nextlevel;- Do notlet the time scale goes to zero, as in this case,the game will beover.Features:- More than 40 levels;- A realisticphysical model ofthe ball movement ;- Bonus bubbles;- And muchmore.
Balloons 1.3.2
Михайлів Віктор
Shoot, disrupts and enjoythegameplaycompletely!Playing the 'Balloons', you can spend your free timefunandexciting!Game time, free play, fly, coins and medals - relax andcompetewithyour friends for the best score!
Eat Donuts 1.0
Fresh and tasty donuts waiting for youinthegame! In this game you have to beat three or more sugarydonutstogo to the next level. Also arcade mode will bring varietytothegame.Features:1. Colorful graphics.2. Updates.3. The game is suitable for all ages.4. Two game modes.5. Many levels.
Dinosaur Eggs 3.0
Juroks Games
All a child has been interested in the worldofdinosaurs. These are ancient animals that inhabited ourplanetmillions of years ago. We always wondered where they camefrom, howto survive, what to eat. Everyone interested in dinosaursfight asthey fought each other. Who are the strongest and who isthekindest of all. Someone is going to stickers, dinosaurstickers,and more. Everyone knew the phrase "Dawn of theDinosaurs,""Jurassic Park," "Tyrannosaurus", "The Lost World" andtrying tolearn more.All the films exhibited dinosaur bloodthirsty creatures thatcauseoutrage and death. But in this application do not need to huntfordinosaurs, or kill them. Watch the war of dinosaurs as theyteareach other apart. Here, on the contrary necessary to helpthelittle cub sweet dinosaur, whose name is Dino. He wants tocollectthe eggs of the same color in groups, to quickly clear theboardand move on to the next level.This dinosaur is very kind and always happy to spend timewithinterest, and bring you a lot of fun.The game "Dinosaur eggs" is the same Bubble Shooter, butmoreadvanced. Here you'll pass more than 500 levels in a mode«Puzzle».And also diversifies the gameplay mode «Arcade». The gamewill beinteresting for both adults and children.Forward! Help the dinosaur, Dino!Features:- Frequent updates and a large number of levels.- The game is absolutely free.- The game will be interesting for kids and adult gamers.- Beautiful graphics.
Bubble Shooter 1.4
Free Games
One of the best bubble games 2015! We bet for becoming a hitwhenthe year reaches its end, and then passes to become part ofthelegend of the kingdom of the bubble burst games.This bubbleshootgame is very fun and super addictive. This is a free game butisnot one more bubble shoot burster game in the Google Play Store.Ithas several particularities as explained below. Even thoughthisgame is similar to the others clichéd bubble games, this isuniquein several key aspects. Download to discover how to enjoywithevery pang done when all bubbles pop.HOW TO PLAYTap whereveryouwant the ball to go on the bubble shooting game scenario. Thenthebubble will be shot at that point. The balls follow straightlinesand they rebound in the edges of the game screen. This shallletyou have more options to put the ball in the desired point,andprovide double fun. The player wins when all the marblesareremoved from the current screen. The user loses when thebubblesreach the same height where the shooter stays, then everybubblefreeze following a pattern, converting every normal ballintofrozen bubbles. There is a time limitation to pass each level.Acompressor moves down at certain time rate. You should notworryabout forgetting this since hurry up messages will be shown ifthegame detects inactivity. The game is developed to followanincremental difficulty rating. So, every level set is thoughttoincrement its difficulty compared with thepreviousone.OBJECTIVEThe objective of this bubble shoot burst gameisbursting all the balls in every scenario. To make them explodeyoumust combine 3 or more bubbles with the same color. Whenacombination of bubbles bursts it will carry all the bubblesglueddirectly below the burst group.FEATURESSmoothness andsimplicity inthe gameplay.Special shaped bubbles.Fixed scenariobackgroundadapted to every Android device dimension.Well designedcolorfulballs.Nice and clean interface.Flawless game mechanics.Allthegraphics and sprites are scaled in running time.Well tested inbothphones and tablets.Autosave, so can continue your progresswheneveryou want to.Dozens of levels. The first set of levels isderivedfrom frozen bubble.Wooden style. The design follows a linebased onwood objects.For all these reasons, this free game can besoaddictive that it can cause bubble mania. Do you want to liveabubble adventure in a epic bubble shooter game? If so, sitback,relax, forget the stress and enjoy bursting bubbles in yourAndroiddevice, living your particular bubble war. Enjoy and shareyour funwith your friends.Have fun playing this bubble shooter2014!
Bubble Popland Bubble Shooter Pop 4.3.62
Bubble shooting is funnier with cats. Our only concern is tomakeTia happy. You’ll see it is not so easy to satisfy this lovelycat.Uhm, I am not sure whether this cat is really lovely. Maybe itis abit itchy :) Anyway, you can make Tia rejoice with biscuitsandsome toys like clew and balls. Bubble Popland is a funbubbleshooter game free for adults. Some of the levels are easy torelax,some are difficult to challenge just like brain trainingpuzzlegame. Aim and shoot bubbles! Never get bored thanks tothesurprises and challenges in this bubble shooter game! Thisshootingbubble game offers many puzzle game modes to avoid beingbored.Delicious cookies, cat food, milk and toys are placedamongbubbles. You will pop bubbles in the same color with thebubble onthe launcher. Some obstacles like bubble spinner modes,icy bubbleson your way make you shoot bubbles strategically like ina puzzlegame. Don’t worry! We put some surprising bubbles blastingallbubbles under it! Super power-ups help you be the favoriteplaymateof Tia! If you don’t want to see Tia glaring at you, youcan usesuper power-ups such as marbles and peg-tops to burstbubbles indifferent colors in one move. The more stars you collect,the moregifts you win! Each bubble popping level you achieved addsstar toyour star box and after 20 stars are collected, giftslikeunlimited lives, power-ups and coins are given to you! Sometips toget more fun of this bubble game: Shooting bubblescontinuouslybrings more coins. Spend your coins to use power-upspopping morebubbles in one move. Bounce the bubbles on the walls tothreadthrough bubbles and obstacles Win gifts with the daily spinwheel.Connect to Facebook to synchronize your progress on alldevicesUpdate the game for free when new updates are available onthemarket How to play bubble games: - Tap the targeted area tolaunchbubble to blast bubbles - Aim the same color bubbles, youneed tomatch 3 at least Follow us on socialmedia:https://www.facebook.com/Bubble-Popland-607256949413375/https://twitter.com/PoplandBubblehttps://www.instagram.com/poplandbubbleshooter/