25 Похожие Crypto Wars

Crypto Connect 3 2.0
Welcome to Crypto Connect 3! Complete various levels byconnecting3or more of the same coins to destroy them. Each levelallows youtoearn real cryptocurrency PHT while playing abeautifulandfuturistic game. Each level has a specific mission inordertocomplete it. The more stars you get, the more PHT youearn.Thereare various items to help If you get stuck or wanttoprogressfaster. Once you complete all 100 levels, you canwithdrawyour PHTbalance to any Tron-based wallet. Upgrade topremiumadventure andearn 3x more PHT per star. Game Features: - 100Levels- Each starearned = 10 PHT (or 30 PHT when premium is active)-Variousin-game items to make the journey more fun - 5differentmissiontypes - Restart adventure to earn more PHT -Withdraw onceall 100levels are completed
The Crypto Merge - bitcoin mining simulator 1.4.1
Black Bears
the Crypto Merge is the first merge simulator game aboutfromBlackBears mining cryptocurrency. The goal of the game is tobuildandexpand your farm, discover up new devices for miningBitcoin.Usethe merge mechanics to open up new miner devices andgrowyourmining farm. Upgrade all the improvements togrowyourcryptocurrency business profit. Features of theCryptoMerge.⭐Merge and examine your mining devices. Plug the deviceintoasockets outlet as soon as it appears so that it canstartminingbitcoins. Merge similar devices to open new ones. Newminersbringin more revenue. ⭐Idle and offline mining Manage yourfarmoffline.The game can work without the Internet. Thefarmworksautomatically even when the game is closed. If you comebackyouwill get all the idle income. ⭐Boosters and upgradesPickupendless boosters on the playing field to get morebitcoins.Manageto grow your mining farm. Expand your farm to earnmoreincome. Youcan use the more sockets outlets to connect devicesandminingbitcoins than the higher the level of your farm. Thebitcoinsofthe game cannot be cashed, but it does not make themworse ;—)Ifdid you like the game, then leave a good review! If youhaveanyquestions - write: -support@blackbears.mobi-https://www.facebook.com/blackbearsgames/
Crypto Planet 1.3.3
Welcome to the world of Crypto Planet! Visit a new typeofplanet,one that allows you to earn real cryptocurrencieswhileplaying abeautiful and futuristic game. The main objective istoextract thevaluable resources of the planet: Crystals. There isaspecialmachine designed specifically to dig up theCrystalsautomaticallyand deliver them to you. All you have to doisactivate the Diggerand after 8 hours, it will have theresourcesready to be claimed.Open the Shop and buy Space Chests,which holdreal crypto coinsand tokens, featuring the PHT token, aswell asBitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin, and many more. The game includesabuilt-in wallet whereall cryptocurrencies are stored. Withdrawthemto any externalsupported wallet once the withdrawal limitisreached. Feelinglucky? There is a chance to receive aspecialcollectible in theSpace Chests. Complete the entireSpaceCollectibles set to redeemit for great rewards! Want to earnmoreCrystals? Incubate some togrow them and claim more after afewhours. Complete 6 progressivequests to gain extra Crystals:-Incubate Crystals: Can becompleted 10 times with an increasedlevelof difficulty andgreater rewards. - Space Chests: Can becompleted10 times with anincreased level of difficulty and greaterrewards.- HarvestCrystals: Can be completed 20 times with anincreasedlevel ofdifficulty and greater rewards. - More Theprogress resetsmonthlyso the quests can be completed multipletimes. GameFeatures: -Earn Crystals every 8 hours - IncubateCrystals to earnmore -Complete Quests - Gain XP and level up forgreater rewards -OpenSpace Chests and receive Crypto - Keep trackof the Cryptomarketwith a built-in wallet - Withdraw any coins andtokens tosupportedwallets
Green Karma - Play & reduce global CO2 emissions 1.3.1
CO2 Cards
Play and collect CO2 cards for various environmental projects.Usethem to reduce real-life CO2 emissions, clean plastics fromtheOcean and get rewarded with top cryptocurrencies. Opentreasurechests, play minigames and complete tasks, while helpingreal lifegreen projects operate. Earn PHT crypto tokens for free.You canlater redeem your PHT to offset CO2 emissions and supportprojectsdirectly! Each player receives a unique digital CO2 PlayerCardwhich keeps track of their personal carbon offset. Reduce 100KG ofCO2 and get an official certificate in your name. Play thegame andsupport United Nations Certified Nature protection andcarbonreduction projects around the globe. In-game purchases canhelp youadvance faster, but you can also progress by just enjoyingtheGreen Karma game for free. Game Features: - Reduce real-lifeCO2emissions - Clean Plastic from the Oceans - Complete Tasks -Spinthe Wheel daily for great rewards - Gain XP and level up toreceivegreat rewards - Open Chests and receive CO2 Cards andCollectibles- Redeem CO2 Cards for Top Cryptocurrency rewards -Keep track ofthe Crypto market with built-in wallets - Withdraw anycoins andtokens to supported wallets
Crypto Trillionaire 1.5
Tapinator, Inc. (Ticker: TAPM)
The crypto boom is back and you’re right on time! Now, we’renotjust talking millions or billions. Become the first trillionaireonthe planet as you build a mining empire! Start out with an RVinthe desert, and some basic PCs. Not to worry - as you tap awayandearn crypto, you’ll unlock a wealth of miners, alt coins,specialboosts, and trophies. You’ll trade in the RV for a beachhouse andthen a villa. But, that’s just the beginning! Your empireis readyto be built. Buying a Lambo for crypto? Been there, donethat.Buying a Space Shuttle? Now we’re talking. Your minersarewaiting...lets gets started! Features: -Awesome cryptotappingaction! -Over 40 miners and 30 alt coins to unlock. -Upgrademinersto boost offline earnings. -Earn hype bonuses andachievements.-Daily casino minigames. -Vehicles, motorcycles, andeven tanksdeliver special bonuses. -Over 30 avatars to choose from.-RV toprivate skyscraper. It’s empire time! -Collect over 30uniqueadd-ons to power up your miners.
Coin Mania: Dozer Fun 1.0.1
AE Magwin: Free Casino Slot Machines Bingo Games
In this epic free dozer game, you will play as a little boynamedEthan who wants make efforts to repair grandpa's farm. Try topushoff as many as shiny coins as you can, enjoy the fun with moreandmore coin collection. During pushing, more than 50 superfinecollections will appear on the board, collect them set by set,winbonus abilities for you. Noticing that delicious lettercookie?Yes! They not only taste good, but also come with a surpriserewardby collecting all of them. Not only that, our game alsooffers manyinteresting challenges for you; try to get all theachievements tolighten all badges and get rich rewards. Make sureto push themtowards you because if they fall off the left or rightside theyare gone and don’t count. If you run out of coins, don'tworry! Youget more for free all the time. Don’t forget, if you areimpatientyou can always buy coins from the store. Game offer: Easy tostart and smooth control brings you lots of fun. Impressive 3Dgraphics and amazing realistic physics. Over 50+ superfinecollections, 20 challenge achievements with interesting look.Integrated with facebook social networking functions. You canplaywith family and your friends form facebook. More friends, morefun! 3 mini-game and huge rewards.  High quality audio effectsandvisual effects that recall your childhood memory about thecountryclub from your hometown and its coin machine. More newfeaturessuch as 3D touch, Force Touch, new stage, bonus abilitieswill beavailable soon.
The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon 2.4
Black Bears
Do you like best idle mining simulation games with easybitcoin?Wehave this! The Crypto Games: Bitcoin - is a classicidlebusinesssimulator game about Bitcoin mining. You're gonna havetobe acryptocurrency miner. Get the bitcoin with one finger -justtapand get the bitcoins on your mining farm. That is notanordinaryclicker, because the game included economic simulation.Themoneygame starts with yourself computer farm and you need togrowyourcryptocurrency business. To do this, upgrade your money-makingskills, buy or free hack into new buildings:banks,cinemas,amusement parks, museums or build your Falcon X asIlon.Fix thewhole city for yourself - every building in the citywillmake youfrom the same to a millionaire. Prepare tominingadventure! Keyfeatures Upgrades and farming. There are over400differentupgrades and artefacts in the game that will help yougetBitcoinand become rich. Upgrade your clicks, passive earningsandboostyour cryptocurrency business. Money exchange game. You candogameswith money, invest Bitcoin in another currency and earnevenmoremoney at the rate of exchange and get cash. Building acity.Buildand buy other buildings in the city, grab all thebusiness toearnmore money, because no one canceled the passiveearnings. Thereare56 different types of buildings for construction.You gonnabecomereal money tycoon Boosters. Tap to get your luckandgetaccelerated Bitcoin mining. Ask for help from hackers andtheywilldouble the amount of Bitcoin earned per minute. Idleautofarming.Bitcoin mining happens when you are not in the game,evenwhen youare left without the Internet, the game will minein-gameBitcoinand grow your cash. World rating. Become therichestBitcoinmagnate in the world and take all the awards. Clansystem.Createyour own mining pool - it's like a clan. Create yourempirefromscratch and become the most influential miners.Achievements.Thereare over 65 achievements in the game - openupeverything!Remember, the bitcoins of the game cannot be cashed,butit doesnot make them worse ;—) Did you like mine? Leave agoodreview! Ifyou have any questions - write: -support@blackbears.mobi-https://www.facebook.com/blackbearsgames/
Crypto Treasures 3.0.3
What if all the cryptocurrency in the world was locked in aTreasureChest with one single key? Be a part of Crypto Treasureswithchallenging quests that leave you on your toes. UnlockTreasureChests with Daily and Weekly Quests, all while earning andlearningabout crypto and blockchain. Perfect for beginners too.Challengeand entertain yourself with Treasure Chests on the go!Watch Cryptoevolve into relevancy while playing fun, interactive,andchallenging games. We provide a platform for other apps to tieintoour blockchain, thus increasing our ecosystem. Ready forAdventure?The Treasure Chests randomly give a collectible PatchBadge, claimall ten to see what’s in store! Enter the Cave to seeyour PatchBadge collection & Cryptocurrencies you have earned.A fewfeatures: Minigames and Quests embedded in Crypto Treasuresasstand-alone games These blockchain games tie back into theplatformto earn more points Accumulate Treasure Chests, Gold andother Itemsquickly with our in-app shop Built-in wallet thatprovides real-timedata
Crypto Cloud Miner | Bitcoin Ethereum 1.2
APP MAY TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO LOAD (only) FIRST TIME.We’vedevelopedthe world’s Top Cloud Mining Platform with themostadvanceddeployment technology. This technology is based oncloudserversalgorithms which allow its users to mine (to receive)mostcurrentlyprofitable Bitcoin. The application does not heatthephone, does notrequire a lot of resources and can work inthebackground withoutinterfering with the use of your deviceusageexperience. Every userparticipate in the same network usingglobalserver power, that's whythe performance of your devicedoesn’tmatter, only time spent in thesystem does. Our App does notminecryptocurrency on devices butallows users to remotely managethecloud-based mining on our websitethrough this APP. Our appneveruses a device's CPU or GPU forcryptocurrency miningoperations andnot run unrelated backgroundprocesses. Our APP willnot causepotential damage to the hardware,such as battery drainandexcessive heat. Getting money online iseasy! Don’t miss atrendingunique opportunity which allows you findways to earn moneyby justhaving phone in your pocket.
Botwars: Crypto Trading Game & Market Simulator 1.11.0
Quazard Uncharted Gaming
Learn to trade while playing this entertaining and educativecryptotrading game and market simulator! Win real cash prizes andearnBitcoin prizes in the free-to-enter competitions. Learn moreaboutBitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) - Become aprocryptocurrency trader! This is a free-to-play trading gameandmarket simulator where you can learn to trade withcryptocurrencywithout risking any real money. Lead your army oftrading robotsinto battle and conquer the financial markets inBotwars CryptoTrading Game & Market Simulator. This real-timegamifiedcurrency trading experience will help you to learn how totrade andimprove your trading skills, unlock powerful new tradingrobots anddiscover advanced ways to dominate the globalbattlefields. ⏩Mainfeatures of Botwars: Crypto Trading Game &Market Simulator:⏪✔️ Engaging gameplay - Enter the battlefield andconquer financialmarkets! ✔️ Learn how to trade - Play thiscryptocurrency tradinggame and enhance your knowledge about Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and more! Become a procryptocurrency trader!✔️ Crypto competition - free-to-entercompetitions where you canwin real cash prizes and earn Bitcoinprizes. ⭐TAKE CONTROL OF YOURARMY⭐ As Captain of your army oftrading robots, the strategybehind your skills will determine howvictorious you are. Toachieve great rewards you will need toexplore and conquer distantfinancial worlds. Ensure your army oftrading robots has up-to-dateintelligence before deploying theminto battle. You can equip yourrobots with formidable weapons andprotective shields to fullycustomize them and increase theirchances of achieving profits.⭐DOMINATE THE BATTLE TO WIN REAL CASHAND PRIZES⭐ Go head-to-headwith other players and battle forsuperiority then claim yourposition on the global leaderboards.Join our featured demo tradingcompetitions and battle for yourchance to win real cash prizes andearn Bitcoin. Compete in ourfree-to-enter crypto and Bitcointrading simulator tournaments - winreal cash & earn Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC),and more! ➡️➡️➡️ Downloadthe app and learn how to tradecryptocurrency while you entertainplaying this engaging game.Become a pro cryptocurrency trader!----- DISCLAIMERS: - Nothingwithin Botwars app is sponsored,endorsed or administered by, orassociated with Google. For moreinformation, please our Promotion’srules and promotion’s terms andconditions. - Botwars app offersdemo trading only, there is noreal money trading involved. -Botwars app is not an exchange orbrokerage. - Botwars is not acryptocurrency wallet and offers nofacility to storecryptocurrencies of any kind. IMPORTANTINFORMATION: This app:Requires a persistent Internet connection(your network fees mayapply). Requires acceptance of Quazard'sPrivacy Policy and Terms ofuse. Collects data through third partyanalytics technology (seePrivacy Policy for details). Allowsplayers to communicate viain-game Clan chat and battlefield chatfeature. Contains directlinks to the Internet and socialnetworking sites and is intendedfor an audience over 18 only.Privacy Policy:https://www.quazard.com/privacy-policy/ Terms ofuse:https://www.quazard.com/terms-of-service/ Quazard may retireonlinefeatures after 30 days' notice posted onwww.quazard.com/blog. Byinstalling this app, you consent to itsinstallation and theinstallation of any updates or upgradesreleased. If you do notupdate your app, you may experience reducedfunctionality. Someupdates and upgrades may change the way werecord usage data andmetrics, or change data stored on yourdevice. Any changes willalways be consistent with Quazard’sPrivacy Policy. You can withdrawyour consent at any time byremoving or disabling this app, or bycontacting us at 20-22Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, United Kingdom
Blackjack Coach 2.5
Blackjack Coach trains you in basic Blackjack strategy. Byusingwhatyou learn here, you will have the highest probabilityofsuccess in areal casino. Features: * Basic Blackjackstrategycoaching informsthe player of the best move when a mistakeismade. * ConfigurableStrategy Options - 1, 2, 4+ decks in shoe -Ifthe dealer hits orstands on soft 17 - If double after splitisallowed * 1, 2, and 4+deck shoe model mimics the exact waycardsare dealt at a realcasino. * Pairs and Soft Hands mode helpstheplayer master theadditional complexity of these types of hands.*Speed round modehelps prepare the beginner for the actionofplaying at a realcasino. * Simple user interface is easy forthebeginner tounderstand and utilize. * High resolution graphicsandsound makegame play more enjoyable. * Strategy Map showstheplayer what thecorrect moves should be. * Graphical chartsshowthe player'sprogress over time. * Card Value mode helpsthebeginner instantlyrecognize the value of their hand.AKA:Blackjack Trainer, BlackjackTutor, Blackjack Helper,BlackjackBasic Strategy
Little Jumping Bird. Play and Earn. 3.6
Our leader and absolute record holder remains NikitaRomantsev.Russia. Winning $ 27400. The Little Jumping BirdAdministration andDevelopers donate 30% of their income to theWorld HealthOrganization to fight Covid-19. We ask you, our dearplayers, tofollow our example. Or at least comply with the rulesandconditions of quarantine. Attention! Be sure to readtheinstructions and the Guarantee Agreement before starting thegame.It is very important. If you do not read the instructions andtheGuarantee Agreement, this does not exempt you from the mistakesyoumade that you can make in the game, and from punishment forthesemistakes. Attention! Dear our players, all questions to thesupportservice. Reviews - only reviews of the game. Before leavingareview, read the instructions and the Guarantee Agreement again.Inthe Guarantee Agreement, pay special attention to clauses5.9,5.10, 5.11, 5.12. Failure to comply with these points ispunishableby blocking the game. Support service:kardin.top@gmail.com LittleJumping Bird is a very fun and addictivesuper game from the arcadesection. In this arcade game, you willnot only have fun, but youwill also be able to earn very goodmoney. Click on the screen,avoid obstacles and collect coins. Afterpassing all the levels,you can receive your winnings to any paymentsystem on the Internet(to any wallet), or to an account (card) ofany bank. Winningpayment is guaranteed by our sponsor - a largeinternational bank.In return, we give our sponsor full live gamestatistics. It is forthis information (statistics) that our sponsoris ready to pay goodmoney. Everything is fair and transparent. Yougo through all thelevels, give us information (complete gamestatistics), and inreturn you get your winnings. By and large, thisgame is a test. Wecan say a program for collecting statistics,disguised (made) as agame. All possible statistics are collected.Starting with thenumber of clicks on the device screen at eachlevel, the number andquality of reviews, the number, the number ofpassing each level,and ending with the emotional state of theplayer at the time ofreceiving the win (money). Based on thesestatistics, a map of thepsychological mood of players in allcountries of the world isbuilt. But the map is not built by roboticprograms (simulators),but by living people. These are livestatistics and, believe me,they are worth good money. It is theworld's first live statisticsgame. You have a unique opportunity toplayfully take part in thecreation of statistics and at the sametime earn good money. Inthis game, each level is difficult in itsown way. You will needpatience to complete all levels. Each passedlevel is saved. Andthe percentage of the passed level is alsosaved. Please read theinstructions in the game itself. In order toread the instructions,leave a review, get a prize, or share thegame with friends, youneed access to the Internet. But you can playthe game without theInternet. Good luck, patience and earlyvictory, our dear players!Support service: kardin.top@gmail.com
CryptoPop - Earn Free ETH 1.4.3
Vweeter Limited
Earn Ethereum and Popcoin from our faucet by playing thisgame!Group Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple and Neo coins together topopthem. Blast your way through to the moon. One day we willpopstartoo. The more coins you manage to group together, the morepointsyou get. You will earn "Pump It", "Lambo" and "To the Moon"badgesdepending on how many coins you blast. The fewer the coinsyou endup having when you reach the end of each stage, the higherthebonus we give you. --- HOW TO CLAIM --- ETH : Enter yourCoinbaseemail address in the wallet section and then start playingandstart earning. After playing, head back to the wallet sectionandtap that CLAIM button to get your payment. POPCOIN: RegisteryourERC-20 compatible wallet address and we will airdrop realcryptotoken (PopCoin) to your address from our faucet. The amountwill beproportional to your highest score on the leaderboard.SupportedWallets: ERC-20 Compatible. E.g. Metamask, MEW(MyEtherWallet),Coinomi . -- Token info -- Supply : 500,000,000Symbol : POPCOINTokenaddress:https://etherscan.io/address/0xc77a91bef771a0b62a81ef776bc5071713025ddeCoinsto be added in the next update Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,Stellar,Cardano, Tron, Dash, VeChain, OmiseGo, Binance Coin, Qtum,Datum,NEM, IDEX, IOTA. Stay tuned.
CryptoClickers: Crypto Idle Game 1.5.2
Disclaimer: THIS IS JUST A GAME! YOU DO NOT EARNREALCRYPTOCURRENCIES FROM THIS GAME! Cryptocurrencies are one themosttrending technologies in the online world, so why not put itall inan idle game? That's CryptoClickers. Make numbers go up whilebeinga part of the cryptocurrency history by playingCryptoClickers!What to expect CryptoClickers is a complex andgrindy Idle/ClickerGame revolved around Cryptocurrencies that'sfull of unique gamemodes, upgrades, challenges, events, and adouble layer prestigesystem! There are lots of fun ways of gettingtons of massivenumbers, up to e10000s is guaranteed! There are twomajor prestigelayers, the first one being Hardfork in Ethereum andthe second onebeing Grand Hardfork in Bitcoin. There are 21Challenges inEthereum that reward you in Server Parts, and thereare 10 SpeedrunChallenges in Bitcoin! There are two big upgradetrees in the game.The first one "Server," which is where you spendyour server parts!This one is located in Ethereum. The second one"BIT Upgrades" islocated in Bitcoin! There are a lot of gamemodesand ways to makenumbers grow! Some gamemodes and features are:Generators, Drones,Node, 51% Attack, Hacking, GPU, and more! As abonus, players areable to play events that change daily. There are7 different eventsand they get reset every new week. Thesechallenges can be donehourly!
CryptoRize - Earn Real Bitcoin 1.6.7
B Programmers
*BE ADVISED: It takes a long time to earn enough Points tocashoutfor a meaningful amount of Bitcoin. Most users earn anamountthatis only worth a fraction of one cent (USD).* Play, WINand havefuncombining coins. How to play? - Just touch two or morecoins ofthesame reference Like: Earn REAL BITCOIN - BTC ETHEREUM-ETCLITECOIN - LTC USD Coin - USDC RIPPLE - XRP FREE - Themorecoinsyou select together the more points you will earn. - Thereisnotime limit - You must complete all available coinstogetherinorder to advance to the next level. - There are bombs orgemsthatcan help finish the level more quickly. You will betooentertainedplaying this fun game. You also can - Inviteyourfriends and earn5% of their withdrawals - Enter promotionalcodesto get morepoints, you can find them on the Facebook page-Withdrawals areevery 3 days, this is done to avoid SPAM Whatareyou waiting toplay and WIN with CryptoRize? Remember:NOapplication will makeyou rich AND NEVER make you quit yourjobcompletely. It is just away to earn a few pennies.
PLC Farm 1.4.0
PLC Group
PLC Farm grants access to our PLC MINTER product — anewalternativeto mining farms. The minting process can guarantee30%annualinterest in the PLC cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, youdon’tneed tospend your money on expensive mining farms or worryaboutbuildingtheir capacities. PLC MINTER allows anyone withasmartphone to makemoney on cryptocurrencies. The versatilityofblockchain technologycontributes to easy scalability andcompletefreedom and security inmanaging your funds. PLC MINTER hasanoperating term of 10 years.This is like a bank deposit withafixed term, except you getinstant blockchain transactions,completefreedom in spending, andmost importantly — a yield of30%. Theworking principle of PLC Farmis extremelystraightforward.Authorized users can add a FARM Walletin the PLCFarm app, transfera certain amount of PLC into thiswallet andlaunch the mintingprocess through a smart contract.Users cantransfer funds to theirFARM Wallet from any wallet in thePLCblockchain. Forauthentication, users should register ontheplatincoin.com websiteand create a MAIN Wallet in the PLCWalletapp. This is a PLCcryptocurrency wallet that features appsthatare compatible with allpopular mobile and desktop platforms.Assoon as the MAIN Wallet andFARM Wallet are created and therightamount of PLC is transferred tothe FARM Wallet, all that’sleft todo is launch the smart contract.All the coins obtainedduring theminting process are automaticallysent to the MAINWallet, and theycan be used in any way that you seefit. You canselect the mostsuitable PLC MINTER package. Dependingon theselected package,users will gain access to a certain maximumamountof PLC forminting (MAX Load for Minting). Although you candeposita sumexceeding this number into the FARM Wallet, only theamountdefinedby MAX Load for Minting for the given package willbeinvolved inthe minting process. You can deposit a lower numberofPLC. In thiscase, the interest rate will be calculated based onthetotalnumber of PLC in the wallet or according to the MAXLoadforMinting if the amount of PLC exceeds the limit. You can payforPLCMINTER using systems including PLC, BTC, ADVCash andWireTransfer.Minting is the most simple and convenient instrumenttobuild apassive income. All you need is an authorized mobiledevicewith anInternet connection. Blockchain technology enablesfast andsecuretransactions. The key principle is the user’s totalcontrolovertheir assets. Private keys are generated on theuser’smobiledevice, and third parties are simply unable to accessthewallet.
Keno FREE - Keno Offline Las Vegas Games and Bonus 1.2.1
Free Vegas Games
Keno by Free Vegas Games is the #1 FREE KENO card games! IfyoulikeVegas Keno, you're going to love this game! ⭐ Free kenoroundswhenyou start playing! ⭐ FREE daily coin bonuses ⭐ HOURLYextrabonuses!⭐ Play Offline or Online! We kept the spirit oftheclassic Kenogame, and we improved it to give you thebestexperience! Intuitivecontrols and fresh clean graphics makethisgame the best Keno ofthe market. Playing has never been soeasy!It has been optimizedfor all device sizes : from thesmallestscreen phone to the largestscreen tablet. Not convincedyet? Justtry it, feel the differenceand have fun! What have you gottolose? Solitaire is free!Features: ♠ Keno Gameplay ♠ Great Odds♠Landscape support ♠ Phoneand Tablet support ♠ Game Statistics♠Intuitive Gameplay ♠Astonishing graphics ♠ And it's FREE,forever!If you enjoy it,please take a few seconds to rate our Kenogame.Thanks for yoursupport :)
Crypto Idle Miner: Bitcoin mining game 1.7.6
Hora Games
Build. Manage. HODL! Create your own crypto empire andbecometheultimate Bitcoin Tycoon! New idle clicker simulation videogame,inwhich you will learn how to create your wealth and makeloadsofCASH by crypto mining and crypto trading! By playing thisFREEandeducational game you will get the basics of blockchainandthehectic crypto world! Are you a crypto miner or cryptotrader?Oroverall Bitcoin Tycoon?! 💰 Hire and level up managerstoautomatizeyour process, earn idle cash, upgrade your rigs,andmine/sell over50 coins and altcoins in this simulation videogame!Click and tap,and then tap some more and begin yourBitcoinadventure! FEATURES 💰IDLE GAME – even when you are notplaying, youactually are! 💰MANAGEMENT – you’ll build your cryptocompany! 💰UPGRADE AND LEVELUP – way to max your profit! 💰EDUCATIONAL – youwill learn so muchabout crypto mining and cryptotrading 💰 TYCOON –start your ownadventure in this tapping game andbecome a cryptominer 💰 IDLEcrypto miner clicker that makes yourich! 💰 LEVEL UPyour managersand mining rigs to max your profit 💰CAN YOU BECOMEthe ultimateBitcoin Tycoon and take the no.1 spot ontheLeaderboard? LikeCrypto Idle MineronFacebook!https://www.facebook.com/cryptoidleminergame Joinourawesomecommunity on DiscordandTelegram!http://discord.cryptoidleminer.comhttp://telegram.cryptoidleminer.comGotany problems orsuggestions? Feel free to send a messagetocommunity@horagames.com– we are always happy about ourplayers’feedback! ❤️ Your CryptoIdle Miner Team ❤️ ***Disclaimer:This isnot a mining orinvestment app! All cryptocurrencies in thegame arevirtual, alltransactions and mining within the game havenothing todo withreal mining of cryptocurrencies, trading orinvesting. Thisis asimulation game made for your fun and enjoyment.Theonlycryptocurrency that can be paid out is HORA Token which youcangetas a reward for your position on the Leaderboard, everyseason.Theaverage duration of one season is 7 days. IMPORTANTUPDATE: Wehaveupdated the rules of withdraw within the game.Minimum withdrawis10000 HORA, and we approve all withdraws once permonth onascheduled date. If you need more info, please contactusviasupport@horagames.com and we will provide all neededinfo.PrivacyPolicy:https://cryptoidleminer.com/privacy-policy/index.htmlTermsandConditions:https://cryptoidleminer.com/terms-of-service/index.html
Brickz - Make Money Free 1.1.4
WINR Games Inc
Brickz is the only app where you can MAKE REAL MONEYPLAYINGFREEVIDEO GAMES! We have already given away TENS OFTHOUSANDSofDOLLARS to lucky players just like you! All you need todo isplayany of our games and collect at least one ticket to beenteredintothe frequent cash prize draws.  The more ticketsyoucollectthe higher your chance of winning the cashprize! Check backat draw time to see if your name is on thewinningticket! Thewinning prize is paid out through a Paypalmoneytransfer. It'svery simple, every draw we are sharing back aportionof ouradvertising revenue with one lucky winner.  Thelargerouruser base grows the more dollars we will give back. Thereare noinapp purchases and no paying to win.  We are callingourmodelFree-2-Win and we are very proud of it, so downloadBrickzandcheck it out for your chance to win free cash!  Whywouldyouplay anything else? So what are you waiting for?DownloadBrickztoday to unlock more awesome games, and get greatercashrewardsfor FREE!  Using Brickz, anyone can make moneysimplybyplaying free games at home, in the bus station, on themetro, orinthe subway etc. ANYWHERE! Ever wondered how to makemoneyplayingvideo games? Well this is it, your way to earn moneybyplayingvideo games. Have questions, problems, or feedback?Reachout to usat support@winrgames.com
Claim Multi Faucet - Coinpot & More 8.7
Claim Multi Faucet, born of a need, as it is to have allourFauceteither Coinpot or others, in one place also minimizingalittleinvasive advertising and not miss claiming any of themusingthebell at the top that will send you a notification accordingtothetime of each Faucet (Do not forget to activate it foreachclaim),currently supported: Bit Fun, Bonus Bitcoin, MoonLitecoin,MoonDash, Moon Cash, Moon Bitcoin, MoonDogeCoin,FaucetPay,ExpressCrypto, Bycryp, FreeBitcoin, ES Faucet,SatoshiMonster,Satoshi Hero, Free-Dogecoin,Free-Litecoin,Free-Monero,Free-Ethereum, Free-Bcash, Fly-Btc,Fly-Dash, Fly-Doge,Fly-Ltc,Rollercoin, BestChangeFaucet,FireFAUCET, Bitpick,BtcClicks,Febbit, RandomSatoshi.win, Fautsy,i-Bits, GoBits,ClaimBits,StarBits, Allcoins, Cointiply,Cryptomininggame,StarCoins.WS,FreeBitcoin.Win, TreasureBits BTC,TreasureBits DOGE,TreasureBitsLTC, TreasureBits DASH, CoinFaucet,FreeBitcoin.io,FreeCardano,FreeNEM, Speedup Faucet, FaucetWhite,BigBTCWin,Bitcoinsfor.me,BTC Click Bot, ZCASH Click Bot, DOGE ClickBot, LTCClick Bot, BCHClick Bot. It is currently working on anupdate soyou do not haveto press the alarm for each claim or atleast trynot to forget it,popup your frequent wallets, section ofyourfavorite Faucet. Ourselection of Official Faucet do not haveandwill not have any typeof advertising, in the section of yourFaucetyou can add yours, inthat section you will see minimaladvertising,if you still feeluncomfortable you can write to us andwe will addOfficial Faucetevery month This is just the beginning.Thank you.
Merge Cats - Earn Crypto Reward 1.19.1
Sergey Zasorin
Get cryptocurrencies by playing in epic crypto game! ✔️LIS-Substrate Native token which will be launched onRealisblockhainin Q3 2021 ✔️ The launch of the blockchain isplanned forthe 3rdquarter of 2021 ✔️ Conclusions also open in the3rd quarterof 2021✔️ NFT coming soon The season has begun in thenew gamemode"Bingo" Open capsules, collect cards! Collect cards andtestyourluck!🎁 Collect and connect cute cats, explore excitingworldsandearn cryptocurrency rewards in Merge Cats game.Anexcitingadventure awaits you! 1️⃣Daily Quests. Play every dayandcompletequests to earn blockchain tokens in crypto game!Getrewards forachievements as you progress. 2️⃣Daily Capsules.Getfree capsuleswith items every 4 hours. From the capsule youcangetcryptocurrency and cards with which you can craftsuperkitties.🎁3️⃣Wheel of fortune. Get boxes with kitty, increaseincomeor otheruseful thing. Everyone has a chance to winblockchainprizes in thecrypto game. Available for free once a day.😍4️⃣GetCoins evenOffline! You receive income even when you sleep.Earningsstop 24hours after you quite Merge Cats. 5️⃣Regular updateswithnewcontent. Merge cats, play with pleasure, and while yougothroughthe levels - we are already working on the next.Newcharacters,new levels and mechanics, stay tuned for updatesandnews in ourtelegram channel: https://t.me/RealisANN. TheRealisnative tokenLIS is an analogue of hard currency intraditionalmobile games.Through the token, we connect the in-gameand on-chaineconomiesand build a flexible system for theredistribution offunds. Havefun in a simple and funny merging gamewith kitties andcrypto,where you can earn cryptocurrency assets inthe formofcryptocurrency for it.
Bitcoin Food Fight - Get REAL Bitcoin! 2.0.47
From the creators of 👑 Bitcoin Blast comes the amazingknifethrowing game where you can have tons of fun and win REALmoneyplaying games via Bitcoin! 🎉🎉🎉 *BE ADVISED: It takes a longtime toearn enough Bling Points to cash out for a meaningful amountofBitcoin (which can generally be converted to real money).Mostusers earn an amount of money that is only worth a fraction ofonecent (USD).* Throw knives and other items at the food. Whatlevelcan you reach? 🍑🍔🍕🥞🍆🥕🔪 Bitcoin Food Fight is a 100% freeknifethrowing mobile game fun to play, 😍 AND you win Bling Pointswhichcan be redeemed for Bitcoin. We let you cash out 💵on day 1after acertain number of games, and aren’t like other apps thatgive youan impossible limit to withdraw. The amount you receivewill bevery small, but the more you play, the more you will earn!💰💰💰 Ourmission is to provide entertainment that pays you, insteadof youpaying to play the game. Bitcoin Food Fight is 100% freetodownload and play with no in-app purchases or deposits. 💯BitcoinFood Fight Features: ⭐️ Win or lose, always earn BlingPoints justfor playing! ⭐️ Earn Bling Points to cash out forBitcoin! 💵 ⭐️Cash out every 7 days! 💰 ⭐️ Throw knives and otheritems at thefood. ⭐️ Zero transaction fee cash outs to Coinbase! ⭐️Easy andfun, yet challenging unique levels! The only requirement isthatyou register and login before playing. No tricks or hoops tojumpthrough to receive your Bitcoin - just download, register andstartplaying to start earning Bling Points right away that youcanredeem for Bitcoin. ⭐️ We’ve given out $1,000,000+ of BitcointoBling users in 2020 alone! ⭐️ For all the latest news andexclusivewinning opportunities, make sure to Like and Follow Blingon socialmedia! Facebook: @BlingFi Instagram: @blingfiappTwitter:@blingfiapp For feature requests or feedback, please sendus anemail at support@blingfi.com. Bitcoin Food Fight allows userstoearn real bitcoin for free (which generally can be sold formoney)and is devised as a non-gambling promotion. It is intendedsolelyfor entertainment purposes. *Google Inc. does not sponsor,nor isany way affiliated with Bitcoin Food Fight, Bling, and/orthebitcoin rewards.
EFast EFree - Earn Real Ethereum 1.5.1
B Programmers
*BE ADVISED: It takes a long time to earn enough Points tocashoutfor a meaningful amount of Ethereum. Most users earn anamountthatis only worth a fraction of one cent (USD).* Win freeEthereumYouonly need a Coinbase account and that's it. You cannowearnEthereum automatically in seconds. You can refer yourfriendsandearn 5% of their withdrawals. You can make as manywithdrawalsasyou want, just remember that to prevent SPAM, onlyonewithdrawalis allowed every 3 days. Here you will find a way toearnsomeEthereum easily. NO application will make you rich ANDNEVERmakeyou quit your job completely. It is just a way to earnafewpennies.
Solitaire Express 1.89.5205
MavenHut Ltd.
Solitaire Express has: ♦ An innovative approach to Solitaire.♦Aunique twist already enjoyed all over the world. ♦Avirtualjourney fueled by Solitaire puzzles. ♦ An ever-growingworldtotravel through. ♦ Trains! Leaderboards! Magic! One ofthemosteco-friendly trains out there, the Solitaire Expressrunsonplaying cards. How does that work? Only Miss Crank knows,butshewon't tell (business secret, apparently). What shewilltell,however, is who can take the Solitaire Express forward:♣Astrategist to identify the best moves and the mostefficientorder;♣ A talented Solitaire player to put the puzzles tobed; ♣Amanager to upgrade the train as it runs; ♣ A traveler toenjoythescenery as it flies by; ♣ One person with all theseskills:you!Features: ♥ Challenging free to play Solitaire game;♥ClassicSolitaire with an interesting and exciting twist; ♥Manyrewardsfor your great achievements; ♥ Endless fun for All Ages;♥Facebooklogin to save your progress; ♥ And much more for youtodiscover!Earn: ♠ Coins for every puzzle; ♠ More Coins for everynewtrainStation you reach; ♠ Magic every day; ♠ Hall of Famestatus(whenyou go the distance). How to play: The aim ofSolitaireExpress isto organize all cards of each suit in ascendingorder(from Ace toKing), in 4 dedicated foundation stacks. Tounlockface-down cardsin the 7 tableau stacks, send cards tothefoundations or pile themin the tableau stacks in descendingorderand in alternatingcolors. Go through the deck to accessmoreface-down cards - but becareful, this consumes Fuel. Each cardsentto the foundationstacks helps the train go forward according toitsspeed. Reach thenext Station before running out of Fuel.Contactinfo: Let us knowabout your journey by sending uspostcardsatcommunity@mavenhut.com. If you have technical matters todiscussorif you just wanna say "Hi!", take the shortcut and dropusamessage through the “send us feedback” option in the game.
CryptoWord - Earn free BTC 1.6.1
Vweeter Limited
Earn Bitcoin while playing this game! Think you are awordguru?Challenge yourself with Cryptoword. This word search gamehasaunique scoring system. We added a definitions bar at the topofthescreen so you can discover and learn new vocabulary asyouspellout new ones. Improve your spelling! -- How To Earn ---Before youplay, tap on the Wallet button in the homescreentosign-in andenter your Coinbase email. We will be sendingyouSatoshis (nanoBitcoins) on sign up. - You win more satoshis asyouplay and canclaim every 3 days. - Score at least 145 pointsperword to gain 1satoshi. ---How To Play --- - Tap or slide toconnectletters toform words. - You can link lettersvertically,horizontally and /or diagonally. Search and Pop thebricks. -Letter stacks on top ofeach other once popped. - The morewords youlink up, the morepoints you get Example (Formula: Score =Blocks *Blocks * 5) 3letter word = 45 4 letter word = 80 ... 10letter word= 500 ... 20letter word = 2000 - You get more bonuspoints when youfinish alevel with fewer blocks left. (Formula:Bonus = 2000 -Blocks *Blocks * 20) 10 Blocks Left = 0 9 Blocks Left= 380 8Blocks Left =720 ... All Block Cleared = 2000 - The targetscorefor each levelincreases in the order of level squared :O(n^2). -In addition,different color blocks gives you extra pointswhenadded up: Green- 5 points Red - 10 points Yellow - 15 pointsBlue -20 pointsPurple - 25 points. They simply add to your wordscore bytheletter. - When you are stuck or feeling lucky, try touse aChangeCoin to change letter (and color) into a new one. -Yourscores aresubmitted to the Game Centre leaderboard if youaresigned in. Tryto beat the high score from players around theworld!