Current Affairs 2018(CSS,PMS,KPPSC,PPSC,NTS) 58
Helpful MCQS for CSS,PMS,KPPSC,PPSC,NTS and otherexaminationpreparation. Current affairs of Pakistan and currentaffairs ofworld are added in each month. Its a Multiple choicequestions(MCQ) app of Latest current affairs of Pakistan and World.its helpyou to prepare for exams and keep you up to date.Particularly,this app is for CSS and PMS or any exam in whichcurrent affairs isthe related course. Even if you have prepared andup to date withcurrent affairs, this app might help to take yourexam and henceyou could know where you are standing before givingany exam. Ifyou select the wrong option,as you don't know theanswer,this appwill give you answer at once by displaying themessage in front ofyou. So, its a exam preparation tool also.Sharethe knowledge withothers.Thanks.
CSS Exam Companion - Pakistan 1.2.6
AW App Studio
CSS Exam Companion - Pakistan is designed to help students whoarepreparing for the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam. Thefirstversion of the app has past papers, syllabus, recommendedbooks,and a custom-built practice MCQ module for all'compulsorysubjects'. Support for optional subjects is expected tobe addedsoon. Unique Features of our app: 1) Ability to get youressayschecked by professionals and get valuable feedback. 2) Allpastpapers including the latest 2017 exams. 3) A uniquecustom-builtpractice MCQ module that gives you detailed report cardon yourperformance. About CSS Exam: CSS exam or Central SuperiorServicesexam is a highly competitive exam conducted by the FederalPublicService Commission (FPSC) once a year (usually inFebruary)simultaneously all over Pakistan. The exam consists of1200 marks,600 for compulsory subjects and 600 for optionalsubjects. Optionalsubjects have to be chosen carefully from thedesignated groups asmentioned on FPSC website. The applications areusually opened on1st Oct of every year and the deadline to chooseyour optionalsubjects, submit the online application and courierthe printedapplication to FPSC office in Islamabad is usually 30thOct of eachyear. Following are the six compulsory subjects of 100marks each:English Essay English Precis & Composition IslamicStudies (orComparative Religion for non-Muslims) Pakistan AffairsCurrentAffairs General Science & Ability We hope you wouldencourageour work and write to us at cssexam.app@gmail.com
CSS MCQs Notes: Exam Preparation 2019 3.0.2
One of the best app for CSS(Civil Superior Services ofPakistan)exam preparation 2019. It contains CSS free online MCQs,Quiz,Notes, papers sample guide and past papers for CSSinformation.This CSS forum app covers all subjects and helps CSSsubjectselection. This is a good resource for CSS competitiveexampreparation in Pakistan. Now no need to buy CSS booksforpreparation and CSS academy. This exam test preparation Bookisbest solution for interviews as well as Pakistan civilservice.FEATURES: - Aesthetic UI & Animations - Easy tonavigate anduse - Covers All Categories - Right/Wrong AnswerStatistics
Current Affairs 2019 2.7.8
Career Lift
Exam Gateway's Current Affairs 2019 app assists aspiring testtakerswith better and systematic preparation for various entranceandemployment exams by providing plenty of mock tests and sample/solved tests. The app is offered by Exam Gateway (offeringMockTest Series for various Competitive Exams). Current Affairs2019app assists with measuring the Quantitative Ability (QA),VerbalAbility (VA) / Language Comprehension, Data Interpretation(DI),Logical Reasoning (LR), Current Affairs and General Knowledge(GK)skills of the aspirants along with providing over 10000practicequestions for exam preparations. The app offers a plethoraof mocktests for the most popular exams like - 1. SSC CGL & SSC– CHSLexams. 2. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, and otherbankingexams. 3. LIC & other insurance exams. 4. Governmentexams fordefence and navy (NDA/NA); Railways and more… 5. LawEntrance Examslike CLAT, AILET, SET / SLAT, MH – CET, BLAT andmore… 6.Management – UG (BBA & BMS) Entrance Exams likeAIMA-UGAT,IPMAT, IPU – CET, NPAT and more… 7. State-level examslike UPPSC,Bihar PSC, CG PSC (Chhattisgarh), MPPSC (MadhyaPradesh), JPSC(Jharkhand), RPSC (Rajasthan) and many more in bothlanguages,English & Hindi… Our user-friendly Current Affairs2019 appalso provides instant test results and lets the test takerreviewall attempted questions so that they can improve theirperformancebefore appearing in the actual examinations. ☆ Featuresfor CurrentAffairs 2019 app☆ 1. Current Affairs - It features inthe KnowledgeZone and covers the National & Internationalevents to keepstudents on par. It covers the current affairs (CA)and staticgeneral knowledge (GK) for all the competitive exams. 2.College& University Info – This feature enables one to connectwithvarious colleges and universities and make inquiriesaboutadmissions, infrastructure, facilities, etc throughouruser-friendly mobile platform. 3. Notifications - This featurewillallow aspiring test takers to keep updated with theexaminformation and its structure. 4. Articles - This featurecoversthe Current Affairs and General knowledge articles, importantfromthe student’s exam perspective. 5. Vocabulary - This featureallowsa student to learn the most challenging words (inalphabeticalorder) with ease. The usage of the given word has beenexplainedwith utmost importance given to its meaning, synonyms,antonyms,usage in a sentence and other forms of the word. 6.EducationalDiscussion Forum - In an intuitive and open educationforum likeours, one can ask doubts, difficult questions and theirsolutions,about courses, schools, colleges, admission requirements,studyexperiences, prep plans, etc. to other aspirants, teachersandsubject matter experts. 7. Quizzes – Our Quizzes areassignmentsthat have been well - designed to challenge studentunderstandingand assess comprehension and retention of parts of therelevantcourse material. 8. Videos - Our curated video prep seriesoffersexclusive insight into the exam sections with informationoncontent, sample questions, and suggested study tips and tricksforbetter accuracy and speed. 9. EduNews – Get the latestEducationIndia - News and Views on competitive exams,admissionannouncements, Colleges, B-Schools, Universities, andvariousInstitutes. 10. Career Guidance – It is well-known thatcareerguidance encompasses assisting individuals with careerdevelopment.Our “Career options” and “Ask Career questions” tabsallow studentsto ask any career-related questions from our ExpertsandCounsellors. With a question bank of over 10000well-soughtquestions, our Current Affairs 2019 app is imperative todownloadfrom one’s exam preparation and practice perspective.
NTS MCQs Guide 3.3
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NTS MCQs prepartion app is the best app on playstore for NTStestpreparation 2018. It provides NTS free offline MCQs.NTS(NationalTesting Service) exams test contains NTS questions andanswers fromall major subjects. 3000+ mcqs for nts testpreparation. Now needto purchase nts preparation books .This app isalso helpful for NTSAJK, NTS entry test,ots, bts, pts, wapda discosand educatorspedagogy. NTS mcqs App covers NTS Exam Types - NTSNAT(NationalAptitude Test)-I - NTS NAT-II - NTS GAT Subject NTSMCQs CategoriesPak Current Affairs General Knowledge 2018 WorldGeneral Knowledge2018 Islamiyat (Islamic Studies) Current Affairs2018 Pak StudiesComputer Pedagogy Everyday Science What personalinformation do wecollect from the people that visit our app? Wedon't collect anykind of information for this app.
NTS 2018 1.3.1
Nts 2018 notesNts 2018 notes PDF.Nts educator 2018.ntssamplepapernts testnts medical testknowledge2018EDUCATORS BESTGUIDE2018.New and up to date Pedagogy nts educator Book for NTSEducatorjob tests in 2018.New guide for entry tests like NTS NATquiz hasalso been added.nts 2018.All Subjects are included withMCQs inthis nts sample paper book.English , Mathematics , IslamicStudies,Pedagogy, Chemistry , Physics and Current Affairs ,AnalogyReasoning , Antonyms, Arithmetic Reasoning , Generalknowledge Etc.Analytical Reasoning: Analytical questions aredesigned to teststudent’s analytical skills , Botany, Zoology.Notesand samplepapers of exams are included. University entry testssyllabus andpattern is described briefly as well.Prepare forGovernment jobtest for educators 2018 using your mobile.EducatorsB.Ed completents mcqs are also included.Jobs For nts aeo book andUrdu languageis supported.Install this nts guide or nts book andenjoy a greatNTS result 2018.Prepare for NTS, GAT test , NTS AJK,NTS entrytest, bts, pts, wapda test, nts iq, driver test, Educatorpedagogy.
NTS Quiz 2.0.4
Aplikacja zawiera przykładowe pytania wraz z odpowiedziamiorazfragmentami przepisów argumentującymi odpowiedź, przepisyzwiązaneze strzelectwem oraz tryb quizu pozwalający sprawdzić swojąwiedzę.The application includes sample questions and answers,andfragments regulations argumentującymi answer, theprovisionsrelated to the target shooting and quiz mode allows youto testyour knowledge.
NTS MCQs: Test Preparation 2019 3.0.2
NTS MCQs Test App is the best app for NTS test preparation 2019.Itprovides NTS free online MCQs, Notes and sample papersguide.NTS(National Testing Service) exams test contains 30+categories ofNTS questions and answers ranging from pedagogy,psychology,general knowledge, current affair to english preparationandscience subjects. Now no need to buy books for ntstestpreparation. After you get nts registration form and roll noslip,you get nts date sheet or schedule then you can startpreparingtest for government job or private. NTS test preparationBook givesyou an insight on how to prepare for this NTS, GAT testand preparefor nts interview as well. This app is also helpful forNTS AJK,NTS entry test, bts, pts, wapda test, nts iq, drivertest,educators pedagogy. Our App covers NTS Exam Types -NTSNAT(National Aptitude Test)-I - NTS NAT-II - NTS GAT(GraduateAssessment Test) General - NTS GAT Subject - NTS GAT LAWNTS MCQsCategories Current Affairs & GK - Pakistan Affairs 2019-General Knowledge 2019 - Islamiyat (Islamic Studies) -CurrentAffairs 2019 NTS aptitude Verbal ability, AnalyticalReasoning,Quantitative Reasoning Education NTS Pedagogy, PsychologyLanguagesUrdu, English NTS General Science Everyday Science,Physics,Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology, MathematicsEngineeringSubjects Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, ElectronicsAllied HealthSubjects Botany, Zoology, MicroBiology,BioTechnology,BioChemistry, BioInformatics FEATURES: - Beautiful UX& UI -Easy to use - Category wise selection - See your currentscore
NTS 2019 1.5.6
NTS App is huge Collection of past tests and papers Mcqs.with:Tests: 2000+ Mcqs: 30000+ Contents: 1. MS Office -----msword-----ms excel -----ms access -----ms powerpoint 2.Computer-----fundamentals ----- comp awareness ----- comp gk -----network-----database -----Operating System 3. English -----Changeofspeech -----Select Word ----- Spelling Check-----Synonyms-----Spotting Errors -----Idioms and Phrases-----Active to PassiveVoice ----- Antonym 4. Current Affairs-----Current Affairs(2016-2017) -----Pakistan Current Affairs-----World CurrentAffairs 6.Geography -----Countries Currency-----World seaports-----Oceans and Seas -----World News Agencies-----Earthquake-----Famous Airlines -----First in World-----Glaciers ...and soon. 8.General Knowledge -----GeneralKnowledge About Pakistan(2000+) 9.Pedagogy 10. Mathematics-----Basic Algebra-----Percentage -----Road Problems -----DirectionSense 11. EntryTest (Science) -----Biology Repeating mcqs-----Chemistry Repeatingmcqs -----English Repeating mcqs-----Physics Repeating mcqs 12.General Science -----EverydayScience -----Biology GK -----PhysicsGK -----Chemistry Gk 13. PakStudy 14. Islamiyat -----Holy Quran-----Islam basic knowledge-----Khulfa E Rashideen -----The life ofHoly Prophet (S.W.A)-----Wives of Holy Prophet(S.W.A) Any feedbackwill be appreciated.thank you. contact developer:helloiasoft@gmail.com
JobsAlert - Pakistan Jobs 3.5.2
JobsAlert will provide you the high quality jobs in Pakistanfromall Pakistan Newspapers of Express, Dawn, The News, TheNation,Nawaiwaqt and Jang. Best part is that you will getjobsnotifications of Army, NTS, PPSC, FPSC, Government, Federal,Navy,Air Force, Private, Wapda, Police and lots more. Also you willgetjobs by cities, which are mostly famous Lahore, Karachi,Islamabad,Peshawar and other cities as well.Features:✔ Lightweightjobs app.✔Daily updates.✔ Download & save job images to yourmobile.✔Shortlist jobs (Using my bookmark/favorite function).✔PushNotifications when new jobs posted.✔ Find Jobs by Cities✔ FindJobsby Organizations✔ Find Jobs by Professions✔ Search Jobsappdirectly using the Search icon in the app.✔ Offline Jobs - Openajob and save it under my favorite. Read it offline later.✔ReadComments.✔ Related Jobs will show at the bottom.✔ Jobs Adsoffollowing newspaper jobs have been added (Express, Dawn, TheNews,The Nation, Nawaiwaqt, Jang and Others)If you like our app,pleaseshare it with your friends/family. Also please rate our appusingthe Rate on the Play Store feature in "Settings"section.Forfeedback, improvements and features request, pleasecontact ususing the app or you can write to us at info@jobsalert.pk
PPSC Exam 2.03
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Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Quiz Exampreparationapplication for PPSC - selection of civil servants inPunjabGovernment jobs. Totally more than 10,000 questions,properlycategorized in multiple sections ! - Coverage of questionscoveringwide variety of subjects - Focusing on India, Worldevents,Science, Day-to-day GK all for competitive exams &generalawareness. - Fast UI, Best in class user-interface presentedinAndroid app Quiz format - App designed to work for all screens-Phones & Tablets - Review your answers against right answers-Learn fast - Detail reports on your performance of allquizattended - No limits on quiz, retry any number of timesSubjectscovered: - General knowledge - Awareness Including, Sports,Places,Events, etc - Indian Polity (Political system) - Basiceconomics& commerce - Indian Freedom movement - Indian History- IndianGeography We guarantee SUCCESS if you could practiceallquestion-answers given in this app ..!!
PPSC Past Papers NTS PMS FPSC CSS Test Preparation 1.6
It is suitable for NTS PPSC PMS PCS FPSC PTS CSS exams. IQtestpreparation is specially added for army forces test and tobuildyour general ability. It provides free online PPSC Past Papersandsubject category MCQ. Year wise PPSC Past papers are givene.g2016,2017,2018 Categories: Department Wise PPSC Past PapersSubjectCategory Wise PPSC Past Paper MCQ Post Category Wise PPSCPastPapers Subjects: General Knowledge,English,Urdu,ComputerScience(Basic),Computer Science,Islamic Studies,GeneralScience,PakStudies,Geography,Mathematics ,CurrentAffairs,IQ(IntelligenceQuotient),Accounting AndEconomics,Library,India Pak History,LawAnd Ordinance The givensubjects are suitable for NTS PPSC PMS CSSFPSC and all other typesof Job Preparation. Past Papers: PMS PastPapers,PPSC Past Papersand NTS Past Papers are available and thismaterial is also suitablefor Army Initiative test and all othertypes of jobs. Features -Material Design Support - Completely free- Easy to use - Categorywise selection -Complete 100 MCQ WisePapers -MCQ Sharing in socialmedia and messaging
Rajasthan Police Exam 1.3
This app contains MCQ questions with solution, One Linearquestions,Practice Quiz, Mock Test. It contains more than 1000important OneLinear questions. This app is usefull for RajasthanPoliceEXAM-SI,Constable,ASI and Inspector Posts.The App coverstopics:1.General Intelligence&ReasoningAnalogiesAnalysisDifferencesJudgementObservationSimilaritiesVisualmemoryProblem-SolvingDiscriminationDecisionMakingRelationshipConceptsSpace VisualizationArithmeticalReasoningArithmeticalNumber SeriesVerbal and FigureClassification2. General KnowledgeofRajasthanIndustriesMineralsRajasthanPolityRajasthanEconomyGeography – RajasthanHistory –RajasthanNaturalResourcesRajasthan AgricultureRajasthan – Culture&HeritageCurrent Affairs – Rajasthan3. GeneralStudiesIndianPolityIndian EconomyIndian GeographyGeneralScienceIndianConstitutionScience & TechnologyEnvironmentalIssuesHistory –India & WorldIndian Culture &HeritageCurrent Affairs –National & InternationalRajasthanPolice EXAM Questions,Rajasthan Police EXAM Questions and Answers,Rajasthan Police MCQ,Rajasthan Police Quiz, Rajasthan Police MockTestDISCLAIMER: TheQuestions and Answers are collected from variousCompetitiveExaminations. In this App, if you found any informationthat isowned by you or any content that violates yourintellectualproperty rights, please email us atrakeshkumar800575@gmail.com
Culture Générale Pour Concours 1.0
CULTURE GÉNÉRALE POUR CONCOURS Optimiser vos chances de réussiteenculture générale grâce à cette nouvelle application auxnombreuxthèmes suivants : Histoire Géographie Les institutions:Institutions françaises, Institutions européennes,Institutionsinternationales Organisation administrative de laFrance Economieet société Arts, sciences et techniques Inventionset nouvellestechnologies Littérature Peinture, Architecture MusiqueCinémaPeinture Mythologie Thèmes sanitaires... ... CULTUREGENERALCONTEST Optimize your chances of success in generaleducationthrough this new application with many themes: HistoryGeographyThe institutions : French Institutions Europeaninstitutionsinternational institutions Administrative OrganizationFranceEconomy and Society Arts, Science and Technology Inventionsand NewTechnologies Literature Painting, Architecture MusicCinemaPainting Mythology Health Topics ... ...
Javascript Tests and Quizzes 3.5.42
- Test your JavaScript skills and knowledge with our extensivebaseof programming tests and questions - save your favoriteJavaScripttests to your favorite list - Create your own JavaScriptquizzeswith technical questions that are in our database - Learnandimprove your JavaScript skills and knowledge byreadingexplanations assigned to each question to help youunderstand theconcept - become an author and add your ownJavaScript questionsand tests and help other to improve theircoding skills - extendyour programming knowledge by reading ourarticles about JavaScripttopics You can find programming questionsrelated to: - JavaScript- ECMAScript 6 (ECMAScript 2015) - CSS -HTML - React - Angular -AngularJS - TypeScript - MongoDB - Git -Java - PHP Questions andanswers are divided by the level: beginner,intermediate andadvanced. This application can be useful to: -prepare for theprogramming exam - fill knowledge gaps aboutprogramming - preparefor the technical job interview - practiceyour coding skillsExample subjects: - JavaScript - variables anddata types,operator, conditions and loops, arrays, functions,objects, scope,this, hoisting, arguments, NaN, regular expressions,null,undefined, closure, apply/call/bind, new and prototype,iife,strict and non-strict mode, delete operator, type ofoperator,WebSockets, Fetch API, cookies, XHR and Ajax - ES6 -promises,let/const, template strings, arrow function, rest andspread,classes, modules, default parameter values, symbol,generators,array/object destructuring - CSS - selectors,specificity, pseudoclasses and pseudo elements, box model,shorthand properties,stacking context, margin collapsing, floating,positioning, units,gradients - HTML - links, lists, elements,tables, forms, images,audio and video tag, iframes, globalattributes, doctype and DTD -TypeScript - enums, types, interfaces,generics - Angular -binding, components, pipes, modules,template-driven forms, AngularCLI, services, routing,@Input/@Output, reactive forms, guards,lifecycle - React -components and props, JSX, handling events,state
com.gktalk.rp_exam RP.8.0
Rajasthan Police constable exam app (RP Exam App) forRajasthanPolice Recruitment 2019. Rajasthan Police Bharti haswritten examin rajsthan police recruitment process also. SoonRajasthan Policeadvertisement will be published for rajasthanpolice vacancy 2019.This app can play important role in selectionin Rajasthan Police.This RP Exam App is according Rajasthan PoliceSyllabus. In app youmay find details of Rajasthan Policerecruitment process likeRajasthan Police Physical requirements andRajasthan ConstableSyllabus as well useful for Rajasthan Police SIexam. In RP ExamApp rajasthan police exam paper in hindi alsoprovided. RP Exam Appwill update you about Rajasthan PoliceConstable and SI exam dateas soon as Rajasthan Police Recruitmentboard declares the RP Examdates. Features: 1. App is created byAppGuru Imran Khan to supportstudents 2. Best Questions areprovided in the app. 3. In app playway method is being used. 4.Overall merit system is given. 5.Morethan 100 RP Exam test papersare provided in app 6. Daily newquestions are added in Current GK7. Simple Google Sign In Feature.In Rajasthan Police ConstableRecruitment Examination app (RP ExamApp), practice test papers infollowing subjects are given- 1.Current Affairs 2. RajasthanGeneral Knowledge 3. Constitution andPolitics 4. General Science 5.Reasoning 6. History 7. Geography Apjannaa chahte ki rajasthanpolice ki bharti kab hai,bharti ke baaremein jankari,bharti date,kab khulegi, prakriya, yogyata, tayari,daud, age, bharti kab hai toyah app apke liye upyogi hai.
OCP - Java Test SE8 1Z0–809 2.4.2
Magic Bytes Soft
This application is your comprehensive companion for preparingforExam 1Z0–809 as well as upgrade Exam 1Z0–810 and Exam 1Z0–813.Withfull coverage of 100% of exam objectives, this invaluableguidereinforces what you know, teaches you what you don′t know,andgives you the hands–on practice you need to boost yourskills.You′ll review the basics of object–oriented programming,understandfunctional programming, apply your knowledge to databasework, andmuch more. From the basic to the advanced, thisapplication walksyou through everything you need to know toconfidently take the OCP1Z0–809 Exam and upgrade exams 1Z0–810 and1Z0–813.
CSA+ - CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst. Exam CS0-001 2.4.0
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This application provides 100% coverage of all exam objectivesforthe new CSA+ certification. The CSA+ certification validatesacandidate′s skills to configure and use threat detectiontools,perform data analysis, identify vulnerabilities with a goalofsecuring and protecting organisations systems. You will getaccessto: - test simulation option, where you can test yourknowledge ina close to real exam session environment; - practicequestions,where you can get the feedback for any question rightaway - flashcards which will help you remember the key points oftheoreticalaspect of the exam. Key exam topics include: ThreatmanagementVulnerability management Cyber incident responseSecurityarchitecture and toolsets
MCSA 70-697 Wind. 10 Configuring Devices 2.4.2
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This application is your ultimate preparation resource for thenewWindows 10 certification. Fully updated to align with thelatestversion of the exam. With complete coverage of all examtopics,this invaluable application walks you through deviceplanning,deployment, and management; network and storageconfiguration;access, data, app, and recovery management, and muchmore to helpyou master the exam material. You get access to theinteractivelearning environment, featuring electronic flashcardsand practicequestions. In addition you can simulate a realcertificationsession at end of which you will see the results. Testyourself,find out the pitfalls in your knowledge and fix that withcompleteexplanation of every question.
ISTQB Mock Exams 2.07
SuperMyDroid Apps
ISTQB Mock Exams is an application where you can put yourdeepknowledge about software testing in to test. If you have a plantosit for ISTQB exam and you are preparing to for it, you canusethis application to measure your knowledge. Thisapplicationcontains more than 500+ updated questions and simpleuserinterface. The application has two sections Mock exam andGuessAnswers. In Mock exam section, you will get 40 questions1-hourmock exam and questions are randomly selected. In GuessAnswersection you will get randomly selected questions andafterselecting the answer, the app will show the correct answer.Thesequestions are selected from ISTQB Foundation levelsyllabus.Features - Simple UI - 500+ Questions - Notifications -Chapterbased questions
OCA - Java Test SE8 1Z0-808 questions
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This application offer an easy way to prepare for OCA JavaSE8examination . For every question there is an explanation oftheright answer, in this way you can train and learn at the sametime.The application have a test simulation mode, where you cansimulatea real test session, with a built-in timer and questionsthat aresimilar to real one. If you want to practice respondingtoquestions and get the feedback right away - then for you isapractice mode available. And just to train your memory, thereareavailable a few hundreds of flashcards with questions andanswers.Tests questions are created by experts and have been askedinprevious OCA exam.
Test Prep. Comptia Security+ SY0-501 2.4.3
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This application is the ultimate preparation resource forExamSY0-501. Fully updated to cover 100% of the latest exam, itispacked with essential information on critical securityconceptsincluding architecture and design, attacks andvulnerabilities,identity and access management, cryptography andPKI, riskmanagement, and more. Real-world examples allow you topracticeyour skills and apply your knowledge in situations you'llencounteron the job, while insights from a security expert providewisdombased on years of experience. The learning environment allowsyouto study anytime, anywhere, with access to glossary of keyterms,flashcards, and more. Take the test session simulation tomoreefficiently focus your study time, and gauge your progressalongthe way with hundreds of practice questions that show you whattoexpect on the exam. The CompTIA Security+ certification isyourfirst step toward a highly in-demand skillset. This guidecontainseverything you need for complete and comprehensivepreparation. -Master 100% of the objectives for the new ExamSY0-501 - Apply yourknowledge to examples based on real-worldscenarios - Understandthreats, vulnerabilities, cryptography,system security, and more -Access a personal preparation toolkit soyou can study on the go ACompTIA Security+ certification says thatyou have the knowledgeand skills to secure applications, networks,and devices; analyzeand respond to threats; participate in riskmitigation, and muchmore. Employers are desperately searching forpeople like you, andthe demand will only continue to grow. Thisapplication gives youthe thorough preparation you need to clear theexam and get on withyour career.
MARROW - Gold standard for NEET PG 5.10.4
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An evidence-based online platform for NEET PG with QBank,Testseries and Video Lessons. Marrow for NEET PG: #QBank Edition3.0 »26,500 new pattern MCQs arranged topic wise. » Only repeat&high yield MCQs. » Over 60% strike rate in recent exams.#Videolessons » 700 videos covering all subjects.  » OnlyIndia’stop medical teachers. » In-depth teaching with focus onconcepts.#Test series » Largest pan-India test series. » LiveAll-India rank& results. » 12/20 NEET PG Rankers had rankswithin Top 20 inMarrow Mock. *************************** India’sbiggest facultyline-up for NEET PG - Exclusively on Marrow Edition3.0! Anatomy -Dr. Ravi Raj, M.D. Physiology - Dr. Krishna Kumar,M.D.Biochemistry - Dr. Rebecca James, M.D. Microbiology - Dr.ShivikaSethi, M.D. Pharmacology - Dr. Ranjan Kumar Patel, M.D.Pathology -Dr. Ila Jain Khandelwal, D.N.B., M.N.A.M.S., F.I.P.ForensicMedicine - Dr. Akhilesh Raj Jhamad, M.D. Comm. Medicine -Dr.Mukhmohit Singh, M.D. Ophthalmology - Dr. RajarathnaThangavel,M.S., D.N.B., F.I.C.O. ENT - Dr. Manisha Sinha Budhiraja,M.S.,D.N.B. Psychiatry - Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar, D.P.M. Anesthesia -Dr.Rama Krishna Chaitanya, D.A., D.N.B. Radiology - Dr. MayurArunKulkarni, M.D., D.N.B. Dermatology - Dr. Malcolm Pinto,M.D.Medicine - Dr. Rakesh S Nair, M.D., D.M. Orthopedics - Dr.AbbasAli, M.S., D.N.B. Surgery - Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, M.S.,M.R.C.S.,F.I.B.D. OBG - Dr. Sakshi Arora, D.G.O. Pediatrics - Dr.Singaram,M.D. *************************** What makes Marrowspecial? »Concept-based learning. Focus on high yield and repeattopics andMCQs. » Solve MCQs rather than just reading them. » Makesyou examready. » Error-free & evidence-based. » Retain 30% moreof whatyou read. » Be part of the largest Pan - India NEET PG &SStest series. » Prepared by India’s most loved medicalteachers& top rank holders. » Learn using the most popular andtrustedQBank for NEET PG. » Create your own MCQ set using CustomModules.
Linux+ LX0-103 & LX0-104
MagicBytes Soft
This application is your comprehensive study guide for theLinux+Powered by LPI certification exams. With complete coverage of100%of the objectives on both Exam LX0-103 and Exam LX0-104. Linuxisviewed by many companies and organizations as anexcellent,low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operatingsystems such asMicrosoft Windows. The CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPIexams test acandidate's understanding and familiarity with theLinux Kernel. -Review the basic system architecture, installation,and management- Understand commands, devices, and file systems -Utilize shells,scripting, and data management techniques - Navigateuserinterfaces, desktops, and essential system services With thehelpof this application you will get access to best questionswhichstress all modules of knowledge about linux management, inorder toprepare for the exam. You will get access to interactivelearningenvironment which offers practice on questions andelectronicflashcards. You can simulate a real test session withfeedback atthe end of the test, or just practice on questions andget thefeedback right away - it's up to you.
OCP Test SE8 1Z0–809. PRO version 2.4.2
MagicBytes Soft
This application is your comprehensive companion for preparingforExam 1Z0–809 as well as upgrade Exam 1Z0–810 and Exam 1Z0–813.Withfull coverage of 100% of exam objectives, this invaluableguidereinforces what you know, teaches you what you don′t know,andgives you the hands–on practice you need to boost yourskills.You′ll review the basics of object–oriented programming,understandfunctional programming, apply your knowledge to databasework, andmuch more. From the basic to the advanced, thisapplication walksyou through everything you need to know toconfidently take the OCP1Z0–809 Exam and upgrade exams 1Z0–810 and1Z0–813. PRO Versionfeatures: - 500+ questions to practice - Doublethe number of flashcards in comparation with usual app version -Choose your favouritefont, from 15+ fonts available - Glossary tosearch any termrelated to the test - No ads
MCSA 70-742 - Identity with Wind. Server 2016 2.2.6
Magic Bytes Soft
This application is the ultimate preparation resource for thethirdand final MCSA exam. Tightly focused and highly relevant,thiscompanion provides everything you need to go into the examfullyprepared; expert coverage of all exam objectives helpsensurecomprehensive understanding, and hundreds of practicequestionshelp you track your progress and prioritize areas most inneed ofreview. Access to offline study aids allows you to study onthe go,with electronic flashcards, practice tests, and a glossaryto helpyou get the most out of your preparation plan. Study 100percent ofExam 70-742 objectives, updated for Windows Server 2016Practiceyour skills with real-world hands-on exercises Review fromanywherewith access to offline study aids Assess your readinesswithchallenging practice exams Windows Server 2016includesenhancements to Hyper-V, Storage Spaces, and ActiveDirectory,along with many brand new and updated features—all ofwhich arereflected in the latest exam. To ensure complete readinessandavoid exam-day surprises, it is critical that your studyresourcesbe up-to-date and comprehensive in scope; This applicationcoverseverything you need to know, with a practical approachthatpromotes true understanding.
Test prep. Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACP 2.4.2
Magic Bytes Soft
This companion is an all-in-one package for comprehensiveexampreparation. This up-to-date guide is fully aligned with thelatestversion of the exam, featuring coverage of 100 percent of theexamdomains. Expanded coverage of AGILE includes the basicprinciples,value-driven delivery, stakeholder engagement, teamperformance,adaptive planning, problem detection and resolution,and continuousimprovement to align with the A Guide to the ProjectManagementBody of Knowledge (PMBOK® 6th Edition) and its increasedemphasison agile, adaptive and iterative practices. It providesawell-rounded review of essential exam concepts,containingsimulation test, chapter tests, practice questions, andstudy aidsto help you ensure complete preparation for the big day.Master 100percent of the exam objectives, including expanded AGILEcoverageReinforce critical concepts with hands-on practice andreal-worldscenarios Test your knowledge with challenging sectionreviewquestions Project management is one of the most in-demandskills intoday's job market, making more and more employers turn toAGILEmethodologies to enhance delivery and results. ThePMI-ACPcertification shows employers that you have demonstratedmastery ofessential project management skills and a practicalunderstandingof adaptive, iterative processes; this validation putsyou amongthe ranks of qualified project management professionalsemployersare desperately seeking, and this application is yourone-stopresource for exam success.
DHBT - DİKAB - İHL 3.2.3
İnci Bilişim
Yüzlerce soru, kısa soru-cevaplar, özet bilgiler,dualar hepsibuuygulamada ve tamamen ücretsiz. *Siz değerli kullanıcılarımıziçinçalışmaya devam edeceğiz.Yeni güncellemelerle yenisorular,özetler, kısa bilgiler eklenmeye devam edecektir. Hundredsofquestions, short questions-answers, summary information,prayersall in this application and completely free. * We willcontinue towork for our valued users.
NREMT Test Prep 3.0.4
NREMT MCQ EXAM Prep Key Features of this APP: • At practice modeyoucan see the explanation describing the correct answer. • Realexamstyle full mock exam with timed interface • Ability to createownquick mock by choosing the number of MCQ’s. • You can createyourprofile and see your result history with just one click. •This appcontains large number of question set that covers allsyllabus area.Emergency Medical Technicians provide out ofhospital emergencymedical care and transportation for critical andemergent patientswho access the emergency medical services (EMS)system. EMTs havethe basic knowledge and skills necessary tostabilize and safelytransport patients ranging from non-emergencyand routine medicaltransports to life threatening emergencies.Emergency MedicalTechnicians function as part of a comprehensiveEMS response system,under medical oversight. Emergency MedicalTechnicians performinterventions with the basic equipmenttypically found on anambulance. Emergency Medical Technicians area critical link betweenthe scene of an emergency and the healthcare system. The NREMT isaccredited by the National Commission forCertifying Agencies(NCCA), the accreditation body of the Institutefor CredentialingExcellence. Disclaimer: This applications is anexcellent tool forself study and exam preparation. It's notaffiliated with orendorsed by any testing organisation,certificate, test name ortrademark.
CSA+. Cybersecurity Analyst. Exam CS0-001. PRO 2.4.0
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This application provides 100% coverage of all exam objectivesforthe new CSA+ certification. The CSA+ certification validatesacandidate′s skills to configure and use threat detectiontools,perform data analysis, identify vulnerabilities with a goalofsecuring and protecting organisations systems. You will getaccessto: - test simulation option, where you can test yourknowledge ina close to real exam session environment; - practicequestions,where you can get the feedback for any question rightaway - flashcards which will help you remember the key points oftheoreticalaspect of the exam. Key exam topics include: ThreatmanagementVulnerability management Cyber incident responseSecurityarchitecture and tool sets PRO Version features: - 1000+questionsto practice (10x the number in regular version ) - Doublethenumber of flash cards in comparation with usual app version-Choose your favourite font, from 15+ fonts available - Glossarytosearch any term related to the test - No ads
IT Interview questions and answers 1.2
Covered Most frequently asked interview questions and answerfromtopIT organisations. This application includes set of400+questions,which are frequently asked in interviews. Italsoincluded H.R.Interview Questions with best answers. Allquestionsare veryimportant for both fresher and experiencedITprofessionals.With thehelp of this application you caneasilyclear interviews. Also youcan prepare for aptitude test.-----Features ------ Completelyoffline application.- Around 40MostImportant IT Interview Questions& Answers covered foreachtechnology- 12 leading subjects arecovered.- quickly testyouraptitude skills.Covered Topics:JavaASP.Netc#User Interface /UserExperienceOOPSsoftwareengineeringSoftwareTestingSqlServerAndroidOracleDBMSHRAptitudetestUser can call ourapp as: ITInterview Preparation APPITDeveloper InterviewAPPInterviewpreparation for Fresher andexperiencedInterviewpreparation forDot Net developerInterviewpreparation for Javadeveloper.Interviewpreparation for technicaland HR round
PHR Pocket Prep 4.7.0
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Now updated to the new August 1, 2018, PHR exam blueprint! TheHRCertification Institute, or HRCI®, is a certifying organizationforthose in the Human Resources profession. More than 70,000worldwideHR professionals have taken the Professional in HumanResources(PHR) exam. Pocket Prep’s Professional in Human Resourcespracticetest app is a powerful exam simulator that allows you tocreatecustomized practice tests with detailed answer explanationsforevery question. View your results and exam history with just afewtaps. Study anywhere, anytime without Internet. The apputilizesthe “spacing effect” to enhance your learning capability.You’llspace out your studying into shorter, more productivestudysessions which allow your brain to retain more information.Simplytell the app how many questions you want to take, enable thetimer,and filter exam content to create the perfect studyexperience. PHRExam Prep Features: • Two practice modes: Simulationand Study •Automatic test saving and retrieval • Detailed historicresultsanalysis • Optimized for phones & tablets • In-appmessaging toour experts • Question of the Day • Study reminders •Exam daycountdown PHR Knowledge Areas: We take each exam and breakit downinto knowledge areas so that you can filter your studysessionsbased on your needs. - Business Management - Employee andLaborRelations - Learning and Development - Talent PlanningandAcquisition - Total Rewards Why study with Pocket Prep? Our teamofwriters and editors meticulously craft practice questionsanddetailed answer explanations with you in mind. Your success isoursuccess. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best content thatwillhelp you achieve more. Our app is updated with the latestexamstandards and is ready for 2018 testing. Free With Download -50free practice questions - 30 free bonus questions throughsocialmedia - 14 days of free Question of the Day Premium Upgrade -985total practice questions with Premium upgrade - Priorityemailsupport - The Premium upgrade is a one-time purchase and notasubscription! Since 2011, Pocket Prep has been the leader inmobiletest prep and has helped over five million studentsandprofessionals achieve more. You’re destined for success.PocketPrep will help you get there. Disclaimer: Pocket Prep, Inc.is notaffiliated with or endorsed by the HRCI®. Accordingly, HRCImakesno representations regarding the content of Pocket Prep,Inc.materials. All organizational and test names are trademarksoftheir respective owners.
NSW Driver Test - 10 Languages 1.0
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Features: * Support 10 Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese,Korean,Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Vietnamese, Spanish, Turkish. *Friendlyinterface, easy to use. * Practice All Questions mode: gothroughall the questions of Driver Knowledge Test from Roads andTrafficAuthority of NSW. * Simulate A Real Test: practice on mocktestswith random questions that have the same format as real tests.*Practice By Category: review questions by 12 differentcategories.* Allow users to review wrong answers after or duringevery test.
PA Motorcycle Practice Test 3
NIC Inc.
Use this PennDOT app for a realistic representation of theactualmotorcycle knowledge test. Download the app for practicequestionsthat will help you prepare for your PennDOT motorcycleknowledgetest, or refresh your knowledge and become a better rider!Theapplication will also host valuable information for licensedridersto stay safe, informed and compliant on the roads. Whenyou’redone, you can share your scores with your friends and familyviaFacebook, Twitter or email.
Australian Driving Test 1.06
VZ Inc.
Latest questions derived from the official materials areavailablefor practice. This free Australian Driver Knowledge Testapp istargeted for all Australian drivers to practice all thelatestquestions and pass their test with flying colors. We haveover fewhundreds of questions in numerous question sets availableforstudy, review, and practice. All the question sets willincreaseyour knowledge in the following areas: . Rules of the road. Roadand traffic signs The following simple but powerful appfeatureswill help you pass your official knowledge test with ease:- TESTMODE Use this mode to test your knowledge before taking theactualtest or study the questions and answers will greatly improveyouroverall chance of passing. - STARRED If some questionsareparticularly troublesome for you, use this feature tosave/bookmarkthem for easy review later on. - CRAMMING Use thisfeature toquickly review all the question-answer combos when theactual testday is almost here. Keywords: Australia, Australian,DriverKnowledge Test, Driving Theory Test, Study Guide, Learner'sPermit,free, Learner Licence, Provisional Licence
BC Motorcycle Test 5.0
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~100% Pass Guarantee~We guarantee you will pass yourwrittenknowledge test if you do all the questions on this app. Ifyou failyour written knowledge test, we will refund your fullamount.Do youwant to spend only a few hours studying and still passyour ICBCMotorcycle Test on the first try? This is the one and onlyappprofessionally designed specifically for the BC MotorcycleTest.All the practice questions are based on the ICBC's “Learn toridesmart” handbook. 3 test modes are available to suiteyourindividual learning style. Study for your ICBC Class 6 or8knowledge test right on your Android Phone and Tablet!Features:-Over 270 ICBC motorcycle practice test questions- Thelatest 2017ICBC motorcycle knowledge test questions are availablein this app-The questions are divided into 16 different topics,includingPersonal Strategies, Riding Conditions, Sharing the Road,etc-Questions are generated randomly- You can choose from 3options(Random Questions, Incorrectly Answered Questions, andNotattempted Questions)- You can now track how many questions youhavedone correctly, incorrectly, and not attempted- Option toreviewall the ICBC knowledge test questions if you don't want totake thequiz- Easiest way to get started on your ICBCmotorcyclelicenseTest Result- View your test results- Find out whatquestionsyou've done wrong after taking the test- Displays the timeused foreach question, answer chosen and correct answerTrack yourprogress-Right and wrong counter built into the test*Disclaimer:This app isfor general information only. Nothing in this app isintended toprovide legal advice or to be relied on as binding inany dispute,claim, action, demand or proceeding.
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit 1.9.0
The ONLY OFFICIAL Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) appforthe Car Theory and Hazard Perception test. Written by DVSA –thepeople who set the tests. Contains ALL the information you needtopass your car theory test first time. ONLY £4.99. Far cheaperthanthe cost of retaking your test! Over 1 million happy peoplehavepassed using our apps. Fully compatible with Android versions4.4onwards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 REASONS TO DOWNLOADIT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. The only official theory testkitapp – it’s from DVSA, the people who set the tests 2.Containsevery car theory test revision question 3. Includes a copyof TheOfficial Highway Code, with all the latest rules and roadsigns 4.Features 20 interactive hazard perception video clips inCGIformat, just like the ones in the real test 5. Study, practiceandtest yourself with unlimited mock tests 6. Track your progresssoyou know when you’re ready to pass 7. Yours for as long as youneedit, so you can revise at your own speed Helping you throughalifetime of safe driving. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pleasenote:1. There are 20 hazard perception clips in this app, to getyoustarted quickly the first installation contains two clips.Whenyou’re ready you can then download the other 18 clips in twoeasyinstalments. Simply click on one of the greyed out clips tostartthe download process. The clips can also be removed later tofreeup space on your device 2. You can choose to download thevoiceoverseparately. This will read out all the theory testrevisionquestions, answers and explanations for you, but it willrequireadditional storage space. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
NTS GURU is an MCQS app for competitive exams like SST, CT, PET,DM,AT and TT.It contains all types of mcqs i,e general science,pedagogy mcqs and general knowledge mcqs and Islamait MCQS. Itisuseful for primary school teacher, subject specialist,physicaleducation teacher, Drawing master and arabic teacher tests.
ACT Practice Test 2019 Edition 1.9.5
CoCo E-Learning
Do you want to pass the ACT Exam on your first attempt? TheACT(American College Testing) is a standardized test for highschoolachievement and college admissions in the United Statesproduced byACT, Inc. It was first administered by Everett FranklinLindquistas a competitor to the College Board's Scholastic AptitudeTest,now the SAT Reasoning Test. The ACT has historically consistedoffour tests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and ScienceReasoning.In February 2005, an optional Writing test was added tothe ACT,mirroring changes to the SAT that took place later in Marchof thesame year. ACT Practice Test provides many training questionsforpeople who want to take a test and pass ACT Exam. We take eachexamand break it down into knowledge areas so that you can filteryourstudy sessions based on your needs. - English - Mathematics-Reading - Science FEATURES: - Realistic: Just like the actualtest,our practice tests are based on the official test. -Detailedexplanations: When you make a mistake, the app tells youright awayif your answer is wrong and why. You understand andremember everywrong answer. - Personalized Challenge Bank: a testthat'sautomatically made up of your missed questions from allyourpractice tests - New questions every time: To keep you focused,werandomize questions and answers each time you start apracticetest. - No registration required - Practice reminders -Track andmonitor your progress. Analyse your performance and findout whenyou have reached test standard. We'd love to hear from you.Pleasesend your feedback to coco.elearning@gmail.com
Study Buddy (Instrument)
Sporty's Study Buddy will prepare you for the FAA written testlikeno other study tool available, with three modes of operation-learning mode, simulated tests and flashcards. Learning Modeallowsyou to create custom review sessions by selecting exactlywhichcategories you want to review. Each session randomly generatesthequestion order, and provides instant feedback based on youranswerselection. Each question also provides a detailed descriptionas towhy each answer is right or wrong. These explanationsweredeveloped by Sporty’s team of Master CFIs, based ontheirexperience preparing students for the Instrument Rating.Flashcardmode tests your knowledge by allowing you to only see thequestionwithout the answer choices. After answering the questionmentally,you can then select to show the correct answer, andself-grade yourprogress along the way. This is a great feature thatkeeps you frombeing distracted by incorrect answers! Test moderandomly generatesa 60-question session from the entire database ofpublished FAAtest questions, simulating the real Instrument Ratingtest. Afteranswering all the questions, you’ll be given instantresults, andhave the option to review either all the questions, orjust missedquestions. Included in the review session are the samedetailedexplanations for why each answer is right or wrong.
IBPS RRB Office Assistant Preparation 2018
Indori Apps
This app is useful for the students preparing for RRBOfficeAssistant Exam 2018. The topics covered in this app coversCompleteRRB Assistant 2018 syllabus. This app contains Studymaterial aswell as Practice Tests for RRB Office Assistant exampreparation.The questions provided in practice tests are based onthe basis ofprevious year question paper of all RRB bank Exams heldall overIndia. This app provides the unique approach towards examwhichhelps students get the selection in exam. The competition inBankexam is very tough. RRB Bank has announced new Recruitment in2018with 12000+ Clerk vacancies Coming soon. Students are advisedtopractice a lot of Mock Tests for giving best in competitiveexam.Examination pattern of RRB Office Assistant 2018 is asfollows: Rrbconducts the Assistant exam in 2 Phases Phase-I :PreliminaryExamination: Preliminary Examination consisting ofObjectiveTests for 80 marks will be conducted online. This testwould be of45 Minutes duration consisting of 2 Sections as followswith : 1Reasoning Hindi/English 40 Ques 2 Numerical AbilityHindi/English40 Ques Phase – II: Main Examination : The structureof mainexamination (online objective type) would be as followswithcomposite time 2 hours : 1 Reasoning Hindi/English 40 50CompositeTime of 2 hours 2 Numerical Ability Hindi/English 40 Ques3 GeneralAwareness Hindi/English 40 Ques 4 a. English LanguageEnglish 40Ques 4 b. Hindi Language Hindi 40 Ques 5 ComputerKnowledgeHindi/English 40 Ques This app contains following studymaterial:-- English Vocabulary - 3583 Words -- Static BankingAwareness - 47Topics -- Static Financial Awareness - 49 Topics --QuantitativeAptitude - 53 Chapters -- Reasoning Ability - 29Chapters -- MathsTricks - 103 Tricks -- General Knowledge - 89Topics -- EnglishGrammar - 130 Topics -- Economy GK - 34 Chapters-- ComputerKnowledge - 10 Chapters -- Banking Terms - 267 terms --BankingAbbrivations - 626 items Following practice test areprovided inthis app: -- Computer Awareness - 12 Practice Sets --QuantitativeAptitude I - 40 Practice Sets -- Quantitative AptitudeII - 68Practice Sets -- Reasoning Ability I - 85 Practice Sets--Reasoning Ability II - 41 Practice Sets -- General Knowledge -65Practice Sets -- Computer Knowledge - 8 Practice Sets --EnglishLanguage - 35 Practice Sets All the best for the Exam.
Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 2019 Kit Free 1.3.2
Now is the time to begin your Theory Test revision! DownloadDVSArevision materials and exclusive learner content for the2019Theory Test. Driving Test Success, the creators of the UK’sNo.1Theory Test app, have helped over 12 million learners preparefortheir test, so whether you're preparing for your Car, MotorcycleorTrainee ADI Theory Test you’re in safe hands! 🚗 🏍 🚙 Getstartedwith your Theory Test revision with our FREE 4 in 1 TheoryTest App📱: ✓🚦 THEORY TEST APP: Work your way through 2019 DVSArevisionquestions, answers and explanations ✓ 🔊 ENGLISH VOICEOVER:BrandNEW English voiceover to read aloud ALL Theory Testrevisionquestions, explanations and answers, to help users withreadingdifficulties or dyslexia ✓ 👀 HAZARD PERCEPTION APP: Revise8interactive clips, including DVSA CGI clips and cheatdetectionsoftware just like the official test! ✓ 📚 HIGHWAY CODEAPP: Ahelpful tool to reference for the Theory Test and beyond!Learn 10important sections of the UK Highway Code, with an advancedsearchfeature ✓ ⛔ ROAD SIGNS APP: Exclusive content you won’t findin anyother app! Learn UK road signs visually usingillustrations,descriptions and photos ✓ 🏆 TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Onceyou’ve workedyour way through this introductory app, feel confidentto upgradeto our best-selling 4 in 1 Theory Test Kit The app doesnot requirean internet connection once downloaded so you can reviseanytime,anywhere without worrying about your data. If youexperience anyissues while downloading please contact at usatsupport@drivingtestsuccess.com - For use only with device thatshipwith Google Play pre-installed. Crown Copyright materialreproducedunder licence from the Driver and Vehicle StandardsAgency whichdoes not accept any responsibility for the accuracy ofthereproduction. *Data gathered from a 2017 survey conductedbyDriving Test Success sampling 345 of their app users. Of the272users that had taken their Theory Test, 245 (90.07%) passedusingthe Driving Test Success 4 in 1 app.
FPSC MCQs Jobs: Test Preparation 2019 3.0.2
FPSC MCQS Jobs App is the best app for FPSC, KPPSC, AJKPSC,BPSC,SPSC exam test preparation and Jobs 2019. It provides FPSCfreeonline MCQs, Quiz, Notes, papers sample guide and past papers.FPSC(Federal Public Service Commission) exams test contains morethan30 categories of FPSC questions and answers. Now no need tobuyFPSC books for preparation. After you see FPSC advertisement,examschedule, recruitment process, apply online and pay thebankchallan fee, you are all set. Now see the test date andsyllabusand start preparing test for INSPECTOR FIA, ASST.DIRECTOR,CIVILIAN ASST. SECURITY OFFICER, CIVILIAN LABOUR OFFICER,DISTTFOOD CONTROLLER, SUB INSPECTOR, AUDITOR, TRAINED GRADUATETEACHER,VICE PRINCIPAL, LECTURER (BPS-17), CENTRAL JAIL STAFF,MEDICALTECHNOLOGIST, RESEARCH ASSISTANT, NATIONAL SAVING OFFICER,ASST.AUDIT OFFICER, CIVIL SUPPLY OFFICER, INCOME TAX OFFICER,ASIPolice, fpsc asf, fpsc gilgit, doctor jobs, bps 17,balochistanjobs. You will get good fpsc results. This FPSC testpreparationBook is best solution for interviews as well. FPSC MCQSCategoriesGeneral MCQS General Knowledge, Current Affairs, PakistanStudies,Islamiat (Islamic Studies), English, Urdu MCQs ScienceSubjectsEveryday Science, Basic Computer Studies, BasicMathematics,Physics, Chemistry, Biology Education Pedagogy,Psychology mcqs,Geology, Socialogy Engineering Subjects AlliedHealth SubjectsFEATURES: - Good UI & Animations - Easy tonavigate and use -Different Categories - Right/Wrong AnswerStatistics
K53 Questions & Answers Tests 1.0
Red Appz
K53 South Africa is a FREE Learner’s license app, helps youpreparefor the K53 Learner’s License test and pass it, the firsttime!TheK53 South Africa is a fast and quick app for learning andtestinghow ready you are for the Learners License Test in SouthAfrica.*Created using the latest avaliable questions and tests.*QuestionsVery similar to the official K53 test.* Several topics:rules ofthe road, vehicle controls road signs and more.* LightMotor, HeavyMotor and Road Signs questions, answers andtests.Content of theK53 SA Learner’s License test APP:MotorcycleTest questionsLightMotor vehicle Test questionsHeavy Motor vehicleTest questionsRoadSigns Test questions
General knowledge of pakistan 1.7
General knowledge of Pakistan app is an app that containmultiplechoice questions for your test.One correct answer from 4options isthere.When you unable to give the correct answers noTensionjustclick on show answer.very easy and interestingapplication forPakistan lovers, special for students GeneralKnowledge MCQSPakStudies MCQSCurrent affairsEnglishUrduMathand muchmore
TOPIK ONE - Intermediate 5.4
- TOPIK II: 7 previous tests (35회 to 37회, 41회, 47회, 52회 plussampletest)- Intermediate Level: 18 previous tests within the oldformat(17회 to 34회).- Thousands of questions with answers.-Englishembedded dictionary: click on the word to see its meaning.-Checkyour test score following the real exam rules.열공!
Bee Toeic® LC I - Toeic Listening Part 1 Test 1.2.1
The first part of TOEIC (Test Of English forInternationalCommunication) consists of listening exercises withphotographs. Inthis app you will find 460 photographs with 460questions. You willlearn many English phrases that you may comeacross in variousreal-life situations. With the detailed ResultSummary, you canfind out which questions you answered correctly andincorrectly andthen review them.
IBPS PO 2018 4.0
Indori Apps
This app is useful for the students preparing for IBPS PO Exam2018.The topics covered in this app covers Complete IBPS PO2018syllabus. This app contains Study material as well asPracticeTests for IBPS PO exam preparation. The questions providedinpractice tests are based on the basis of previous yearquestionpaper of all IBPS Exams held all over India. This appprovides theunique approach towards exam which helps students getthe selectionin exam. The competition in Bank exam is very tough.IBPS Bank hasannounced new Recruitment in 2018 with 8000 POvacancies. Studentsare advised to practice a lot of questions forgiving best incompetitive exam. Examination pattern of IBPS PO 2018is asfollows: IBPS conducts the PO exam in 2 Phases Phase-I:Preliminary Examination: Preliminary Examination consistingofObjective Tests for 100 marks will be conducted online. Thistestwould be of 1 hour duration consisting of 3 Sections asfollowswith : 1. English Language - 30 Ques 2. Numerical Ability -35 Ques3. Reasoning Ability  - 35 Ques Phase – II: MainExamination :The structure of main examination (online objectivetype) would beas follows with composite time 3 hours : 1 Reasoning& ComputerAptitude 45 Ques 60 minutes 2 General/ Economy/Banking Awareness40 Ques 35 minutes 3 English Language 35 Ques 40minutes 4 DataAnalysis & Interpretation 35 Ques 45 minutesEnglish Language(Letter Writing & Essay) 2 Ques 30 minutes Thisapp containsfollowing study material: -- Static Banking Awareness -BankingAwareness 2018 -- Static Financial Awareness - FinancialAwareness2018 -- Quantitative Aptitude - 53 Chapters -- ReasoningAbility -29 Chapters -- General Knowledge - GK Topics -- EnglishGrammar -130 Topics -- English Vocabulary - Important Word List --EconomyGK - In-Depth Economy Topics -- Banking Abbrivations -ImportantList -- Banking Terms - Terms used in Banking and Economy--Computer Knowledge - 10 Chapters Following practice testareprovided in this app: -- Reasoning Ability I - 55 Practice Sets--Reasoning Ability II - 62 Practice Sets -- English Language -19Practice Sets -- Computer Knowledge - 11 Practice Sets--Quantitative Aptitude I - 80 Practice Sets -- QuantitativeAptitudeII - 92 Practice Sets -- General Knowledge - 68 PracticeSets --Computer Aptitude - 7 Practice Sets All the best for theExam.
ATI® TEAS 6 Practice Test 2019 Edition 1.9.5
CoCo E-Learning
Do you want to pass the ATI TEAS Exam on your first attempt?ATITEAS Practice Test prep 2018 is a free Teas exam prep app forTestof Essential Academic Skills for nurses. Made bynursingprofessionals for nursing students, we are here for you ateachstep of your educational journey to becoming a nurse--whetheryoutake an LPN or RN path or pursue an FNP. With this practicetestapp, you can take multiple customized practice tests withdetailedanswer and explanation to each question. Categories: -English -Reading Comprehension - Math - Science Features: -Realistic: Justlike the actual test, our practice tests are basedon the officialtest. - Detailed explanations: When you make amistake, the apptells you right away if your answer is wrong andwhy. Youunderstand and remember every wrong answer. -PersonalizedChallenge Bank: a test that's automatically made up ofyour missedquestions from all your practice tests - New questionsevery time:To keep you focused, we randomize questions and answerseach timeyou start a practice test. - No registration required -Practicereminders - Track and monitor your progress. Analyseyourperformance and find out when you have reached test standard.We'dlove to hear from you. Please send your feedbacktococo.elearning@gmail.com Disclaimer: This app is not dedicatedforany kind of professional certifications, it's just a tool toassiststudents & professionals to expand their knowledge&in-depth their expertise. The publisher of this app isnotaffiliated with or endorsed by any testing organization.Allorganizational and test names are trademarks of theirrespectiveowners