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Alvarez,sport and leisure time 1.0.13
Alvarez, deporte y tiempo libre
Álvarez, sports and leisure tine is the top Spanish companyononline and catalogue sales of sports and leisure timegoods.Specialists in: hunting, golf, horse riding, fishing,diving,recreational boating, padel and much more. Install ÁLVAREZApp andenter instantly, from any place, to the greatest onlinestore ofgoods from these sports. With more than 50 years historyand morethan 1.000.000 customers, Álvarez is a benchmark on salesof sportsarticles. From the App you'll access to the greatestselection ofproducts of your favourite sport, and what's better,with thecommitment of the best price on the market. If you are ahunter,this is your App. Álvarez is the fisrt gunshop of Spain,leader inEurope. Here you'll find the greatest variety offirearms,riflescopes, binoculars, flashlights, articles for yourhound,knives, clothing and all kind of accessories for hunting. Ifyousport is golf, here you have all the products from firstbrands,with the best price. We are specialists in golf, we canadvise youin whatever you need. We have also the most varitey offishingtackle: all kind of rods and reels, no matter the fishingmodalityyou practice, in this app you'll find what you are lookingfor. Allriders have, of course, their space at Álvarez's. The horseridingstore offers the greatest variety of saddles, as well as allandeach one of the elements either rider or horse could need. Forthediver, we have products from the best manufacturers, onehundredper cent guaranteed and adjusted to any budget. Take a lookto theapp and surprise yourself with the quantity of products. Fansofsnow can enjoy also from Álvarez services, the skiing storethatgathers articles from the main brands: skis and bindings,skiclothing, ski boots, goggles... you'll find whatever you need.Butif you are really interested in yatching, Alvarez's boatingstorewill surprise you. Anything you are looking for your boat,will befound and with the security that you won't found it cheaperin anyother store. This app is also a for ''must''a padel player.Hereyou have the best padel rackets, padel bags and clothing toplaypadel in the most comfortable way. We are constantly renewingourproducts with new articles from each manufacturer, webringexclusive articles, and we are always fighting to get thebestprice for each one of our customers.
Barfastic - BARF Diet for dogs, cats and ferrets 1.2
Barfastic is an Android application created for help peopletofeedtheir pets following the BARF Diet (BiologicallyAppropriateRawFood). Fortunately, there are more and more owners ofdogs,catsand ferrets who choose to feed their animals onnaturaldiets,having complete control over what they eat. However,it isquitecommon to have doubts as to the proper amountsandproportions.This application allows you to manage all yourpets,and advisesyou a detailed menu based on the species, age,weightand otherparameters. It is a BARF calculator to obtaintheorientativeamount of food that your dogs, cats or ferretsshouldtake. Inaddition, it includes a complete directory ofsuitablefoods for araw diet, classified by family, with photos ofeach foodso thatyou can identify them when you go to buy from themarket.Features:- Manage all the animals of the family, whetherdogs, catsorferrets. The data remains stored on your device for youtoconsultwhenever you want. - Obtain the recommended amount offoodbased onthe species, weight, condition and activity. - Consultatany timethe calculations made in an intuitive interactivetable,filter bythe type of food. - Update or delete the data ofyouranimals whenyou consider it. - The application takes intoaccountspecialcases, such as sterilization, work or sportdogs,greyhounds,outside cats, etc. - Find out which foods areacceptedin a rawnatural diet, classified by family and with photosof eachone. -Intuitive navigation and use, following thedesignstandardsrecommended by Google. This application has beencreatedto helppeople interested in a truly natural and adequatefood fortheiranimals. In this way, you can improve the health ofyour dog,cator ferret through healthy nutrition. Therecommendedcalculationshave been prepared by experts in animalnutrition.Barfastic is inconstant development, and suggestions arewelcome.You can leaveyour ideas and feature requestathttp://feedback.barfastic.com.