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11pets: Pet care 5.004.006
No matter if you are a family with pets, a professionalgroomerormember of an animal welfare organization, 11pets has aversionforyou! Free and without internet connection beingnecessary.Caringfor the needs and health of our pets can getcomplicatedsometimes.At 11pets, we are a big family of animalenthusiasts andhavedeveloped the best digital platform to help youbetter careforyour pets. 11pets has 3 versions and you can selectthe onethatbest fits you: •  11pets: Pet Care for families withpets• 11pets: Groomer for professional groomers •  11pets:Adoptforshelters and animal welfare organizations 11pets:PetCarehttps://www.11pets.com/en/pet-care-app It is themostcompletedigital pet-care platform. It offers everything youmightneed tobetter care for your pets including reminders for allcaretasks,medical history and data sharing. The platform has50+featuresspecifically designed to help you with everything:• Vaccinationand deworming reminders •  Complete medical history• Sharing yourpet’s data with your veterinarian or pet-sitter• Reminders formedications and food •  Copy of your data tothe11pets: Cloud • Photo gallery Caring for your pet has never beensoeasy. Join themore than 500.000 families that are already usingthe11pets app tocare for their pets.11pets:Groomerhttps://www.11pets.com/en/groomer It has beendesigned bygroomersfor groomers and will help you save time andimprove yourcustomerservice. It is the most complete groomingapplicationavailable inthe market with more than 40 features tohelp you withyour day today. Among others, 11pets: Groomer offers:•  Automaticappointmentreminders •  Communication with thecustomers • Electronicappointments •  Pet and customer records • Detailedgroomingrecords •  Management of invoicing and electronicreceiptsWith11pets: Groomer you will significantly improveyourcustomerservice, save time and work with convenience. The appwillhandleall overheads and let you focus on what you reallyenjoy.11pets:Adopt https://www.11pets.com/en/shelter-manager Ifyoucollaboratewith an animal welfare organization, 11pets: Adoptisfor you. Itis the most advanced shelter managementsoftwareavailable today.With more than 60 features for themanagement ofyour shelter, youwill be able to increase theadoptions, save timeand organizebetter. Among others, 11pets: Adoptallows you to: • Keep detailedinformation about the animals,volunteers and adopters•  Maintaincomplete medical and veterinaryrecords •  Keep thewhereabouts andlegal situation of the animals • Have automaticallygeneratedadoption contracts •  Get reminded forevery task • Haveautomatically handled web presence •  Havedetailed statisticsWith11pets: Adopt you can manage all the detailsof yourorganization:animals, volunteers, adoptions and webpresence. Theautomaticscheduling and reminders for everything willhelp you getbetterorganized and save time. You can collaborate withthedifferentmembers of your organization and access your databothfrom yourmobile device or from the web.
Dog Health
Luca Biasotto
Put the health of our 4-legged friends inthefirst place.Dog Health is a completely free application that helps you tofollowthe best health of your dogs, memorizing their historyandremembering any visits, administrations andscheduledmedication.With this application you can:- Store your dog's personal data such as name, weight, dateofbirth, chip.- Keep track of all previous and future visits.- Keep track of vaccinations.- Remember appointment and visits- Store all medication administration done or to be done.- Find and contact the nearest veterinarian- Manages multiple dogs- Backup/RestoreEnable the pro version for more features:- Storage the trend of the dog's weight over time- Storage the trend of the dog's height over time- Choosing units of measure (grams/pounds and m/inches)- Many more coming soon ...Dog Health with useful reminders helps you to rememberappointmentand visits .What are you waiting, download Dog Health and take care ofyourpuppies.(Dog Health is constantly evolving, please do not hesitate ifyouhave any reports or advice from us)
Dog Assistant Life - Activity Log + Potty Training
Amarok Technologies Inc.
Welcome to Dog Assistant Life! Dog Assistant Life isanenhancedversion of our current best selling app Dog Assistant.Itis yoursolution to staying on top of your dog’s dailyactivities,leadingto a more organized life for both dog and owner.DogAssistant Lifeallows you and your pack to stay updated on whatyourdog is up to,whether sleeping, walking, peeing, pooping,oranything else youwish to track. Features such as our ActivityLog,Reminders, andChat function coupled with our newly addedMedicationandVaccination tracker, Pattern Charts, Journal, WeightTracker,andeasily exportable data will allow family, friends, anddogwalkersto work together to manage your dog’s day todayactivities.FEATURES • Add family, friends, and dog walkers toyourdog’s packto work together • All members of your pack getnotifiedof yourdog’s activities, allowing for efficient planning •Log yourdog’sdaily activities and see patterns over time • UseourPatternCharts to identify trends • Keep track ofmedicationsandvaccinations • Journal your dog's adventures andupload photostoshare with your pack • Track your dog’s weight •Easilyswitchbetween multiple dogs • Chat with your pack •Createcustomreminders for important dog events • Share your dog’sdatabyexporting it as a CSV Dog Assistant Life’s goal is tomakethelives of all dogs happier. And happy dogs mean ahappierworld!————————————————————PrivacyPolicy:https://www.dog-assistant.com/privacy-policy TermsandConditions:https://www.dog-assistant.com/terms-and-conditionsSupport:support@amarok.xyz
Rundogo - track dog's workouts 4.4.2
TappyTaps s.r.o.
Choose any dog activity from dog running,canicross,mushing,bikejoring, skijoring, sled dog to a quickevening walk.Track andanalyze both your and your dogs'performances, and keepall dogactivities in one place. Rundogo isdeveloped togetherwithprofessional canicross, mushing, sled dog,skijoring andbikejoringathletes as well as regular dog runninglovers to providethe bestperformance tracker for all dog sportsenthusiasts. TRACKAND RUNChoose from a variety of dog activitiessuch as dogrunning,canicross, mushing, bikejoring, skijoring, sleddog or dogwalking,get ready and track your workout. Performance canbeanalyzed foreach runner separately, including performances ofyourdogs. RUNWITH YOUR DOGS OR ON YOUR OWN All workouts are kept inoneplace,yet you can still check the performance separately foryouand yourdog buddies. No need for other apps. FOCUSED ON DOGSYoucan createa complete profile for each of your dogs, includingthekey datasuch as weight, age or breed. DASHBOARD Checkyour(personal)progress and activity level of all your dogs, analyzethetrack,pace and splits. FEED Get social, find and followyourfriends,like & comment their workouts and get inspiredbytracks ofprofessional athletes. TEMPERATURE Threetemperaturelevels helpyou to analyze the perfect weather for yourdogs to beactive.GARMIN CONNECT Use your Garmin watch to track yourworkoutsandimport the data into Rundogo app after you finishtheworkout.PRIVATE & PUBLIC WORKOUTS Choose a track you wanttoshare withyour followers and which you'd like to keep privateeachworkout.MAIN DOG ACTIVITIES - Dog walking: For anyone whojustwants to goout walking with their dog and have an overview ofhowmuch they'vewalked together - Dog running: You don't need to beaprofessionalin canicross but still enjoy running with your dog-Canicross:Form of a dog activity that includes running with thedogusingnecessary gear instead of a simple leash - Bikejoring: Forallthefans of cycling that own a dog and like to combinethesetwopassions - Skijoring: You can replace a bike withskisandbikejoring with skijoring for an entertaining activitywithyourdog in winter - Sled dog: Another winter mushing activityforyouand your dog is sled dog See more information at Rundogoappweb:http://www.rundogo.com We are looking for afeedbackfromeverybody, that works out with their dog and do anyformofmushing! Please write us on support@tappytaps.com if youhaveanyidea what to improve in Rundogo.
Time To Pet
Time To Pet
The Time To Pet mobile application isacompanion app for pet sitting and dog walking companiesregisteredwith Time To Pet. The app can be used by both staffmembers andclients to supplement their pet sitting software.Staff members can use the app to quickly review theirscheduledevents, complete services and send updates toclients.Clients can use the app to view and send messages, updatetheirprofile, review and request services and view andpayinvoices.Companies must already be registered and have an active accountonTime To Pet in order for their staff members and clients to beableto use the app.
TapGroom Pet Grooming Salon 5.3.3
TapStyle Pty Ltd
Shift to the new STYLISH way,,,, TapGroom makes yourpetgroomingsalon business more efficient and stylish. TapStyleoffersall themust have features for pet grooming salon / groomer inonepackage.Features - Booking / Schedule management -Customermanagement -Service Record Log (with photo) - POS (Point ofsales)/ GiftVoucher / Receipt / Credit Card Reader integration-InventoryManagement - Catalog - Business Analysis /GraphicalStatistics -Booking Reminder / Confirmation message -Direct MailMarketing -Visualized customer referral relations -Accounting(profit review,book keeping, expense management, flexibletax rate)- Staffcommission management - Reporting - Automatic databackup -Datasynchronisation among multiple devices - Online booking-CustomerLoyalty Program Let's make your grooming salon STYLISH!
Dog Walk - Track your dogs! 1.2.3
Track the daily walks with your beloved dog! Recordtheroute,distance and the duration of each walk to see alltheexercise yourpuppy gets each day. Take photos of your walksandshare your greatexperiences with friends and family. You canalsolog where yourpuppy made a pee or a poo. Based on that peemarkeryou can seewhere your dog usually goes potty :). The Dog WalkAppis a greatway to create lasting memories! Also a very helpfulifyou are adog walker and want to record the activities fortheowner. ***Easy interface *** Simply tap on the start button andyouare readyto track your walk. Dog Walk takes care of the rest:Itshows youthe exact distance, the duration of your walk andyourcurrentposition on the map. With a single click of a button youcanadd apee or a poo. In case you have more than one dog,simplyselect thedog (or dogs) that made a poo or a pee. *** Takepictures*** Doyou like taking pictures? The Dog Walk app enablesyou tocaptureyour dog's best moments while enjoying the outdoors.Take agreatpicture of your pet and share it with friends andfamily! ***Pee& Poo *** See exactly where your pet goes potty.You canseethe pees & poos on the map. *** Share *** You canalwaysshareyour completed walks with your friends to let them knowwheretheycan find a nice dog walk route. As a dog walker you mayalsobeinterested in sharing the walks with the dog owner. ***Stayfit*** Walking your dog keeps you fit. With the Dog Walk Appyoucansee if your walks are getting longer or shorter, whichisusuallyan indication of your own fitness as well. Whether you areadogwalker or just want to save your precious moments withyourpuppy,dog walk is the right app for you. (Continued use of GPSinthebackground can reduce battery life dramatically.)
Play-Dogs Discover new walks with your dog 4.2.4
Do you always go for the same walks with your dog? Do youwanttodiscover new walks but specifically adapted to dogs? Theideaof​​Play Dogs is to help and inform dog owners invariousways.Thanks to Play-Dogs you can easily find: - Newwalks,parks,beaches or dog wash for your dog - Dog related eventsnot farfromyour home - Groups of walks to spend and socialize yourdog-Promotions on services and products related to dogs Allmembersofthe community can add walks, events, groups. In additiontobeingfree, Play-Dogs does not contain advertising and only asksyoufora minimum of personal information. What interests us isnotyou,but your dog :-) Play-Dogs can, thanks to notificationswarnitsusers precisely about events, groups of walks orpromotionsonservices not far from your home! Play-Dogs is anapplicationmadefor the community, and to help dog owners findandreceiveimportant information in a simple way.
DogDecoder 1.3.0
Jill Breitner
Do you know how to read your dog’sbodylanguage? Do you understand when he tries to tell youhe’sstressed, or submissive, or ready for fun-time? Can you tellthedifference between excitement and fear, or between aggressionandthe need to play?Dog language can be confusing, but with the help of DogDecoder,you’ll understand your dog’s signals like a pro.Dog Decoder will teach you everything you need to know abouthowyour dog communicates, so you can not only avoid bites, butsharein a more satisfying, healthy, and loving relationship.=== MEET “DIAMOND” ===Diamond is your tour guide and trainer. He will show you howhelooks when he’s afraid, when he’s stressed, when he’s just abouttobite, and when he wants to play.=== DOG POSTURES ===There are about SIXTY different poses on display in DogDecoder.Each pose is beautifully and expressively illustrated byone of theworld’s top dog artists.Each pose comes with a diagram, pointing out where onDiamond’sbody he’s indicating how he’s feeling. For example, in theposesfor “fear,” the diagram will point out Diamond’s tucked tail,hisears pulled back, etc. We won’t just show you a picture of ascareddog — we’ll teach you what to look for, the signs offear.Each pose also comes with a helpful description of thecontext.This is where you will learn about some commonmisconceptions, orwhat kinds of situations will cause your dog toassume eachposture.=== TEST YOURSELF! ===The best way to see how much you’ve learned is to take thequiz!Some of the quiz questions are pretty challenging. Diamondwants tomake sure you don’t get fooled next time he’s hiding underthecoffee table or drooling – will you recognize the earlywarningsigns of stress? Will you be able to warn your children whenyourdog is clearly done playing?
Petdoption - Adopt a rescue animal 2.0.0
Soba Apps
Petdoption allows you to search over 250,000 adoptablepetsfromanimal shelters and adoption organizations acrosstheUnitedStates. • Filter animals by location, breed, gender,size,and ageto find a pet that match your needs • Viewin-depthdescription andshelter contact info for each pet • Saveyourfavorites for laterviewing • Contact local shelters andrescuegroups to adopt youranimal • Learn about hundreds of dog andcatbreeds in thecomprehensive breeds guide • Powered byPetfinderAPI(http://www.petfinder.com) Why adopt a pet? 1. You'llsave alife.Every year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats areeuthanizedinshelters due to overcrowding. By adopting an animal,you'regivinghim or her a new life in a loving home and freeing upshelterspacefor others. 2. You'll help fight the puppy and kittenmillsthatsupply the pet stores. Animals from thesefactory-stylebreedingfacilities are housed in appallingly poorconditionswithout propermedical care. The females are often kept incageswithoutcompanionship and forced to produce litter afterlitteruntildiscarded. Adopting a pet means not giving a dime tothesecrueloperations. 3. You'll pay less. When you adopt a pet, thecostofspay/neuter, first vaccinations, and sometimesevenmicrochippingis included in the adoption price. Depending ontheanimal, you mayalso save on housebreaking and training expenses.
Sniffspot 2.12.5
Sniffspot Inc.
With Sniffspot you can rent safe and private dog parkshostedbylocals for the best experiences and fun for you and yourdog.Ourdog parks are designed for the ultimate safe dogexercise-distraction free dog time, off leash enrichment andsafeplaydates.Whether you are looking for fields, indoor dog parks,dogfriendlyswimming or just a yard to rent for your dog, Sniffspothasthemall. Browse thousands of unique spots, easily filterandsearchusing a map to find and book the perfect spot for youandyour dog.
RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker
The Royal Veterinary College
The Royal Veterinary College’s free pet epilepsy tracker app isanewand interactive way to manage your pet’s epilepsy.Keyfeaturesinclude: • Seizure log: allowing you to record thedetailsof yourpet’s seizures, including what they look like, whathappensduringand after them, and how often they have them •Medicationlog:allowing you to record details of all of yourpet’smedications,their doses and how often they should be given•Medicationreminders: allowing you to set up a reminder alarmforwhen youshould give your pet their medication, allowingforseparate alarmsfor each medication prescribed • My Pet:allowingyou to recordyour pet’s details, including informationabout theirepilepsydiagnosis and tests carried out, a notesfunction to recordanyquestions you want to ask your vet, and acontacts log tosavedetails of relevant professionals to have quickaccess to •Exportfunction: allowing you to package and send yourpet’sseizurediary, medication diary and medical history by email toyourvet orany other email account • Sharing function: for youtoanonymouslyshare your pet’s medical history, seizure andmedicationdiarieswith the RVC to contribute to future research intocanineepilepsy• Educational material: a wealth of information isincludedin theapp, from the basics of what epilepsy is, how it isdiagnosedandidentifying different seizure types, to practicaladvice on whattodo when a seizure strikes and good medicationpractice. Free,nosubscription fees. Every effort is made to ensurethatallinformation is correct within the app. Please notethatinformationis intended primarily for a UK audience and maychangeafterpublishing of the app. This information is not asubstituteforadvice from your own vets. RVC is not responsible foranyactionstaken as a result of using thisinformation.www.rvc.ac.ukhttps://www.facebook.com/rvccanineepilepsyresearch
Laika - La tienda de tu mascota 2.3.33
Proyecto E SAS
Somos Laika, el app #1 para las mascotas, encuentras elmejorUniverso Peludo: el alimento de tu mascota para hacer feliz asupancita con sus marcas favoritas, los snacks que tanto legustanpara que lo sigas premiando mientras lo educas, todo paracuidar dela salud de tu mejor amigo cuando esté enfermo ymantenerlo al díacon sus vacunas y su desparasitación. Y comosabemos que su outfitdebe estar de pelos, también encuentras losaccesorios más trendy,las camas más cómodas para que sigan roncandofelices, arenerospara su espacio ideal y hasta juguetesdivertidísimos para queacompañes su hora favorita y lo sigashaciendo feliz. Conocenuestros héroes veterinarios, quienes en vezde capa llevan bata.Amorosos y cuidadores expertos que se asegurande que tu amigopeludo esté sano. Nuestros veterinarios estrellasllegan hasta tucasa para que no tengas que moverte mientras cuidasde tu mascota.En todo momento pensamos en tu facilidad y bienestar,en Laikapuedes pagar en línea o contra entrega con efectivo otarjeta. Comotú prefieras y cuándo tú lo necesites, pues puedesescoger entrenuestras 3 rutas diarias de entrega que se acomodarána ti y a tupeludito. Y lo mejor de todo es que puedes tener lamembresía yvolverte un LAIKAMEMBER para que consientas como rey atu mascota.Lo más cool que para que tu mascota, con un solo pagoanual tengatodo lo que necesita y hasta más con 15% de descuentopermanente entoda nuestra tienda. Esperamos darte la bienvenida ati y tumascota a nuestra familia. Porque queremos que pases másmomentoscon tu amigo peludo, del resto nos encargamos nosotros.Laika…¡Pormás momentos peludos! Para perros: -Alimento -Snacks-Farmapet-Cuidado e Higiene -Juguetes -Accesorios Para gatos:-Alimento-Arenas -Snacks -Farmapet -Cuidado e Higiene -Juguetes-Accesorios
Petfinder - Adopt a Pet 2.43.0
Ready to find your fur-ever? Petfinder makes it easy to adopt adog,adopt a cat, or find other furry or scaly friends. Searchdogs,cats, puppies and kittens for adoption from thousands ofsheltersand rescue groups. Filter based on location, breed, age,size andgender. And find the perfect pet for you. Petfinder ishome tohundreds of thousands of adoption and foster organizationsacrossthe country, including cat and dog rescue groups focused onspecificbreeds like Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, FrenchBulldogs,and Beagles, just to name a few. New! Find a pet fromphotos. Ournew visual search feature allows you to upload a photoof a pet andsearch for similar-looking dogs or cats across thecountry. Includesresources that no other app has to help find thebest pet for you.Learn more about hypoallergenic dogs, small dogbreeds, hairlessdogs, and the best dogs for kids. View the mostcommon cat breedsand find articles about hairless cats,hypoallergenic cats, cutestcat breeds, and the best cat breeds forfamilies. - Browse one ofthe largest sources for adoptable cats,dogs, rabbits, birds,horses, fish and more - Filter based on petcharacteristics andlifestyle preferences to find the right pet foryou - View photosand videos of adoptable dogs and cats - Shareadoptable pet profileswith friends or poll your family on whichpet to adopt - See detailson how you might match up with a pet -Contact shelters quickly andeasily to start the adoption processFor feedback, issues, orquestions please reach out tolianna.shepard@purina.nestle.com
What.pet: Dog & Cat Breed ID, Ancestry, Quiz Game 0.5.0
JOAN Systems, LLC.
Once upon a time, a child asked her father, "Why do somepeoplehateanimals so much and want to hurt them?" The fatherwondered iftherewas something he could do to help everyone betterunderstandthecats and dogs around us so that we will love andcherish them.Heasked a few friends for help. "We should help peoplelearn whatisthe breed ancestry of their cat or dog," said onefriend."Let'shelp everyone find out more about potential healthproblemsthattheir cat or dog might develop," said another. "We'llhelpeveryoneunderstand their pets and connect with other petlovers,"said athird. The friends worked hard and found a fewthousandotherfriends to help them test and develop an app. Andwhat.petwasborn. 🔬Ever wondered what breed is my dog? Or what kindof catdo Ihave? 🔬Did you know that the breed ancestry of your dogor catcanbe associated with hereditary health risks that canaffectmanypets? 🔬What.Pet is the only dog and cat app with allofthesefeatures: virtual DNA, customized genetic healthrisks,smartdocument repository, social network with AI-matchedneighbors,anddaily quiz games! 👉Get the what.pet app now anddiscover thebreedancestry of your pet companion with our uniquelypersonalizedbreedand health reports for your dog or cat! ✔️Easilyupload photosofyour cat 🐈 or dog 🐕 and our advanced AI engine willdo therest.✔️See extensive history and origin information forhundreds ofdog🐕 and cat 🐈 breeds. ✔️Learn about crucial healthrisks for yourpetbased on breed predispositions. ✔️Convenientlystore andretrieveimportant document(s) such as vaccine records,healthinsurancecards and more! ✔️Meet other dogs and cats just likeyourswith ouradvanced matching algorithms! ✔️Post something funnyorcool, ask aquestion, follow other pets with our new feeds!✔️Guesswhat breedthat pet is with our daily quiz game featuringreal petsfrom otherwhat.pet users! Download now and get a freevirtualancestry reportand everything you need to discover your pettoday!FREE features:✔️Extensive A.I. cat 🐈 and dog 🐕 breedidentifiersfor hundreds ofbreeds, including purebreds and mixedbreeds;✔️Library of dog 🐕and cat 🐈 breed information for mostbreeds;✔️Personalizedhereditary health risk informationanalyzer(ifapplicable)specially calculated by our A.I for your pet;✔️PDFdocumentarchive to store an important record for your dog 🐕 orcat🐈.✔️Neighbors to meet dogs 🐕 or cats 🐈 just like yours!✔️Dailyquizgame with real pets from other users! PREMIUM features:✔️Evenmorepersonalized health risk information(if applicable)tailoredtoyour pet; ✔️Unlimited PDF creator and archive foryourpet'srecords such as health insurance card andvaccinationrecords;✔️Extended neighbor pets to meet even more petsjust likeyours!Who knows, they may even be related! ✔️Extra quizgameentries toquickly scale our leaderboard! Please read thisbeforedownloading!- Any info we provide is strictly forgeneralinformationalpurposes only and not meant as medical advice.Alwaysconsult yourvet with any questions! - Our results might besimilarto what youwould see on a DNA test for your pets; but thesearen'ttruegenetic tests and shouldn't be used as such.-Puppy/Kittenowners:breed determination is based on being able todetect thephysicalcharacteristics that define a particular breed.In youngpets,these characteristic are often not fully developed.Our AIwill doits best, but please do not expect an accurateresult.🐾What.Petwas handcrafted with love for pet-lovers (likeyou!) bypet-loversin Miami (USA), Chicago (USA), Teresina (Brazil),andAlexandria(Egypt). Thank you/Obrigada/Shukran for downloadingandusing ourcat and dog app!🐾
Animal and pet care diary
Whisper Arts
Do you have a dog or a cat? Or maybe you have a parrot, a rabbitorahamster? You love your pets, and they loves you in return.Whenyouvisit a veterinarian, he asks what the pet ate, how oftenheate, howoften did you go for walks? At this point the diary ofthepet comesto the rescue. Thanks to this application you willhave arecord ofall important events on your phone. If your dogisplanning ahaircut, then our diary will notify you about it.Yourcat haskittens, you can write it down. Record the number, dateandtime.Maybe you need to change the water in the fishaquarium?Diary isuseful for every kind of pet. Keep bright momentsfromyour pets’life! Create and save variety of information aboutyourpets! You cansave photos of your pets, their toys, food andmuchmore in theapplication. Take notes, post photos and watchyourpets grow up.Pet’s diary - handy and simple app which willhelpyou in care ofyour lovely pets. In the app you can setremindersabout allimportant events and write a diary of your pets.Mainfeatures of theapp: - handy notifications - pet’s life history-grouping events fordifferent categories(health care,washing,walking, etc.) - add yourown categories Found a mistake inourlanguage translation? Help usfixit:https://whisperarts.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/project/134215Doyouwant to receive the latest news about theapplication?Subscribe toour news group athttps://www.facebook.com/WhisperArts
myPets - Pet Manager 2.2.4
myPets is a great tool for keeping track of all the activities&costs related to your pets. myPets offers great features tohelp youbuild a day-to-day diary of your pets lives! New Feature!Clouddatabase option. Copy your on-device data to the cloud &accessit from any device running myPets. (subscription feature)FEATURES:- Add details about each pet. - Track events in your petslife -like walks, injuries, weights, training, etc. - Printsummaries ofevents, health, appointments, weight, training &costs. - Createa photo album for each pet. - Record & chartyour pets weightover time. - Keep track of appointments by settingreminders. - Loghealth events. - Set repeats for multiple eventslike medications& set reminders. - Instantly see upcomingreminders for the nextday / week / month / year. - Add trainingevents & log scores& successes. - Add a cost to each eventto keep track of whatyou're spending on your pets. - Display acost summary chart &list for each pet. - Save backups to thecloud (subscriptionfeature). - Add contacts & then call, emailor visit theirwebsite directly from the list. - Create customicons. - Clouddatabase option (subscription feature). - Cloudbackup & restore(subscription feature). Note: myPets is freeto use for up to 4pets. It has no ads & is fully functional(except for clouddatabase, sorting & cloud backup/restore),however if you wantto add more than 4 pets, we ask that you takeout a subscription.Subscriptions are managed through your GooglePlay account & canbe monthly, half yearly or annual. We alsohave a lifetime licensewhich can be purchased with a on-offpayment. Subscriptions areactivated via in-app purchases & canbe canceled at any time.Details & costs can be found bytapping on the "Subscribe" menuoption in the app. Icons created byFreepik
Pupford: Dog & Puppy Training 1.12.1
Pupford LLC
100% FREE ONLINE DOG TRAINING COURSE - This 30-day videocourse(free forever) was created by Youtube's #1 dog trainer, ZakGeorge.He used his decades of experience training dogs withpositivereinforcement techniques to guide you day by day through 30days oftraining your dog or puppy. TRACK & RATE YOUR DOG’SPROGRESS-Mark specific behaviors (and class days) as completed tokeeptrack of your dog's progress! When you mark each day, you canrateand keep track of your dog’s progress with their training.TRAINDAY TO DAY OR BY BEHAVIOR - If you've got a specific challengeorproblem you're dealing with, you can also train by behavior.Thesevideos are the fastest way to find a solution to what'stroublingyou. PUPFORD ACADEMY (up to 33% off) -Go in-depth on over75behaviors & tricks with the help of a PupfordAcademymembership. Overcome problem behaviors like barking,pottytraining, leash walking, impulse control, and more. Multipleplansallow you to access over 10 full-length courses taught bydogtrainers and pet experts! PRIVATE SUPPORT COMMUNITY - Thecoursecomes with a free private community (on Facebook) where youcan askquestions, get advice and talk with other pup parents, justlikeyou! EBOOK SUPPORT - Would you rather read and view imagesaboutthe training program? Check out the free ebook that outlinesthecourse as well! It's located in the settings section. TOPDOGPRODUCTS -If you have the right dog training tools, you willhave abetter experience! We offer a full range of dog trainingtreats,dog chews, leashes, enrichment toys and so much more!
Sound Proof Puppy Training 1.0.5
Have you ever wondered why some dogs aresocalm around noisy environments, while others look nervousandstressed? There are many loud, new and unusual sounds a dogmustget used to as a domestic pet or working dog.Training our dogs to be comfortable with sound is essentialtohaving a calm, well-adjusted dog. As new puppy owners you canstartthis training from 8 weeks of age. As a breeder you can startthisfrom 3 weeks of age.After teaching puppy class for several years I needed a waytoassist clients to get their puppies comfortablearoundenvironmental noise. So I wrote this app.
BringFido - Pet Friendly Hotels 1.2.0
Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dogpark,trail or beach? BringFido is the #1 trusted resource for dogownerslooking for the lowdown on the best hotels, attractions,andrestaurants that welcome pets. Our app brings the best ofthewebsite to your phone, giving you free on-the-go accesstopet-friendly information worldwide. Our new app makes bookingapet-friendly hotel easier than ever. Search hotels near you,andsort by distance, popularity, rating and price. Traveling withalarge dog or more than one pet? Use our filters to find hotelsthatwelcome big dogs and multiple pets. You can even narrow resultstobrowse hotels that don't charge a pet fee! With theBringFido.comBest Rate Guarantee, our customers are assured offinding thelowest prices on pet-friendly hotels. Get instantconfirmation ofyour reservation booking, and, if you have aquestion, you canalways call or email our team of Pet TravelExperts. Find nearbyattractions, upcoming dog events, and localresources such as dogwalkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, andpet supply stores.Don't see your favorite place listed? Use our appto post a newpet-friendly location and share a photo of your dogenjoying hisfavorite spot. Browse our dog photo section and sharepics withyour dog-loving friends on Facebook and Twitter. You caneven leavereviews of your favorite pet-friendly attractions.Download theBringFido app today and use the coupon code FIDOAPP tosave $5 onyour next booking.
Dog breeds 1.0.12
Dog breeds The free application "Dog breeds" is very friendly,ithasa beautiful and simple interface. The best choice forapocketdictionary that is always at hand. From which you can learnalotof new and interesting things, for example,that:StandardSchnauzer The Standard Schnauzer (Mittelschnauzer) isa dogbreedthat originated in Germany from at least 14th-15thcentury,ofSchnauzer breed type and progenitor of the GiantSchnauzerandMiniature Schnauzer. Initially it was calledWire-HairedPinscher,while Schnauzer was adopted in 1879. Theliteraltranslation is"snouter" from the German word for "snout" andmeanscolloquially"moustache", or "whiskered snout", because ofthedog'sdistinctively bearded snout. Havanese dog Havanese isthenationaldog of Cuba, developed from the now extinct Blanquito delaHabana.The Blanquito descended from the also now-extinctBichónTenerife.It is believed that the Blanquito waseventuallycross-bred withother Bichon types, including the Poodle,to createwhat is nowknown as the Havanese. Sometimes referred to as"HavanaSilk Dogs",this was originally another name for theBlanquito de laHabana.Norwegian Elkhound The Norwegian Elkhound isone of theNorthernSpitz-type breed of dog and is the National Dogof Norway.TheElkhound has served as a hunter, guardian, herder, anddefender.Itis known for its courage in tracking and hunting mooseandotherlarge game, such as bears or wolves. The NorwegianElkhoundwasfirst presented at a dog exhibition in Norway in 1877.Features:•The dictionary works offline - you do not needaninternetconnection. Access to articles (descriptions)offline,without anInternet connection (except for photographs); •Veryquick searchfor descriptions. Equipped with a quick dynamicsearchfunction -the dictionary will start searching for wordsduringinput; •Unlimited number of notes (favorites); • Bookmark -you canadddescriptions to your favorites list by clicking ontheasteriskicon; • Manage bookmark lists - you can edit yourbookmarklists orclear them; • Search History; • Voice search; •Compatiblewithmodern versions of Android devices; • Very efficient,fast andgoodperformance; • An easy way to share with friends; •Theapplicationis very easy to use, fast and with extensive content;•Automaticfree updates every time new terms are added; •Thedirectory "Dogbreeds" is designed to occupy as little memoryaspossible.Features Premium: ✓ no ads; ✓ photos, images ofaccessoffline; ✓Clear browsing history.
Prepear - Meal Planner, Grocery List, & Recipes 21.9.1
SAVE AND ORGANIZE RECIPES Collect your favorite recipesfromanywhere, and sort them into Cookbooks for super simplemealplanning. Share with friends and build Cookbooks together.Neverlose another recipe. MEAL PLANNING Organize your entiremealprocess with our intuitive Meal Planner. Tap to drop recipesintoyour week or Quick-Add a meal idea. Customize and rearrangeyourplan in seconds. AUTOMATIC GROCERY LISTS & GROCERYDELIVERYShop with Smart Grocery Lists that match your plan.Ingredientssort into categories for efficient, satisfying shopping.Check offitems as you go, or get groceries delivered or ready forcurbsidepickup. PERSONALIZED MEAL IDEAS Get recipe suggestionsyou’ll lovebased on what you’ve cooked before and who you follow.EASY COOKINGCook with our clear recipe screen that lets you seeingredients anddirections together. Check off steps while you cookso you don’tlose your place. Your phone stays on while you cook.Here’s whatour users are saying: “Just a big THANKS! I so neededthis in mylife!” “This tool is amazing for me!” “A list of what'sin mypantry… what! what! Love this feature so much!!” “I’mfreakingOBSESSED with this concept.” “LOVE IT!!!!!!!” “Thank youSOOO muchfor creating this. I think it will be a game-changer in mylife!”“This is SO well thought out.” “Love it, it has cut mymealplanning/prep time in half.” “The more I use it, the more Ilikeit... Really easy to use.” Get Prepear to stay connected toyourfavorite recipes and your most important goals. Learn moreaboutPrepear at www.prepear.com
VitusVet: Pet Health Care App 3.35
When it comes to managing your pet’s health, it’s important tostayinformed and organized. The VitusVet™ App makes keeping trackofyour pet’s health a breeze by putting all of theirnecessaryinformation in one place. It’s a great tool for anyonewith asingle pet, multiple pets, anyone who travels with pets, andthosewith multiple pet care providers including veterinarians,groomers,walkers, sitters, and more. Features: Monitor your pet’shealthManage your pet’s weight, keep track of their medications,logmicrochip and pet insurance details, plus note any allergiesormedical alerts for quick reference. Access your pet’sinformationanytime Get access to your pet’s medical records on yourphonewherever you are! Need a vaccine record for your landlord, thedogpark or a dog-friendly restaurant? Breathe a sigh of reliefknowingthat their information is just a few clicks away. It’s easytoshare with other care providers while taking the best care ofyourpet. It’s the to do list for pet health management Setreminders oneverything your pet needs –– from giving your petmedication toscheduling appointments to buying food and more.RequestAppointments and Prescription Refills If your veterinarypracticepartners with us, you can easily request appointments,medicationrefills, and products directly through the app. DownloadVitusVetto keep your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, snake, or whoever yourfriendis, healthy and safe.
My Guinea Pigs: Reliable Pet Health Care Advice 4.9.1
Validated by exotic vets and rescues My Guinea Pigs App helpsyouby:- knowing what kind of food your guinea pigs can and can'teatandhow frequent - understand what each noise means - giving youatoolto create a meal plan based on the vegetables youhaveavailable -enabling you to keep track of your guineapigs'weights, vet visits,and other details - providing tips andadviceto help new owners andexperienced ones understand more abouttheirguinea pigs and know howto tell if the guinea pig is happyorupset - connecting you with acommunity of guinea pig lovers
My Animals - Salud y cuidado de mascotas 2.2.3
Grupo MContigo
My Animals es una de las publicaciones digitales sobre saluddemascotas y reino animal más completa del mundo en español.Ennuestra app de mascotas y cuidado de animalesdomésticosencontrarás los mejores artículos sobre alimentación decachorros,cuidar mascotas, tipos de animales, adiestramiento deperros,gatos, y todo tipo de animales y mascotas, desde los máscomunescomo los perros y los gatos hasta las mascotas más exóticas.MyAnimals es una revista digital y app de cuidar mascotas ycuidadode animales en la que encontrarás los mejores consejos paracuidara tus mascotas, ya sean gatos, perros, cachorros u otrosanimales;además de tips de salud y alimentación e información sobreanimalessalvajes, adiestramiento de perros y gatos, animales degranja yanimales exóticos y cualquier clase de mascotas o animales.🐾Descubre desde nuestra app de cuidar mascotas múltiplesartículossobre salud, cuidado, alimentación y adiestramiento deperros ygatos y salud de tus mascotas, desde que son cachorroshasta laedad adulta, además de información sobre todo tipo deanimalesexóticos. Explora nuestras categorías para conocer a tusmascotas ycuidar animales: ADIESTRAMIENTO Adiestrar o educar a tusmascotascuando son cachorros es una tarea difícil, pero noimposible. Enesta sección de nuestra app de cuidar mascotas yanimales podrásencontrar todo lo relacionado con la salud,educación yadiestramiento de perros y otros animales, con elobjetivo decapacitar a algunos perros, gatos u otros animalesexóticos a hacerdiversas cosas ya desde que son cachorros.ALIMENTACIÓN Sabiendo laimportancia de la alimentación de nuestrasmascotas, debemos cuidarnuestros animales y alimentarlos según susnecesidades. Conocedesde esta app de cuidar mascotas y cuidado deanimales domésticosqué pueden comer tus mascotas y la alimentaciónque debes evitarpara cuidar la salud de tus perros, gatos ocualquiera que sean tusmascotas. ¡Con una correcta alimentación tusmascotas y tusanimales crecerán fuertes, sanos y llenos de salud!SALUD La saludde nuestras mascotas siempre es de vital importancia,por ello enesta sección de la app de cuidar mascotas hablaremossobre lasenfermedades más comunes de nuestros animales paraprofundizar enel cuidado de animales y mascotas, los tratamientos ylos cuidadosnecesarios para cuidarlos de la mejor manera posible yque seencuentren siempre en el mejor estado de salud. Así,nuestrasmascotas crecerán fuertes con la ayuda de nuestros consejossobrecuidado de animales y adiestramiento de mascotas. RAZAS Esmuyimportante conocer cada raza para poder ofrecer a tus mascotastodolo que necesitan en cuanto a alimentación, adiestramiento deperroso gatos, etc. Por eso, en esta sección de la app de cuidarmascotasnos dedicamos a dos animales concretamente, a las distintasrazasde gatos y perros, que son las mascotas por excelencia.🐱🐶ANIMALESEsta sección de cuidar mascotas se encarga de los animalesmásconocidos como caballos, cerdos y aves como así también deanimalesexóticos y salvajes como leones, ballenas y monos.ACTUALIDADConoce las últimas noticias sobre cuidar animales ymascotas. Enesta sección encontrarás novedades para cuidarmascotas, que secentra en la crianza, alimentación, salud,adopción, adiestramientode perros y gatos, y otros animales. Noimporta si tus mascotas sonperros, gatos o conejos, en Mis Animalesencontrarás toda lainformación que necesitas para cuidar a tusmascotas y los mejorestips de mascotas y adiestramiento. Si tegustan los animales detodo tipo: animales salvajes, animalesexóticos, animales degranja; podrás encontrar mucha informaciónsobre ellos y datoscuriosos de tu mascotas que te encantarán desdenuestra app decuidar mascotas y cuidado de animales domésticos.Contacto:Escríbenos a: developers@mcontigo.com Visítanos en nuestrapáginaweb: https://myanimals.com/es/
WoofTrax - Walk for a Dog 5.21.0401
WoofTrax, Inc.
Turn your dog walking routine into a chance to earn supportforyourlocal animal shelter or rescue. WoofTrax maps yourdogwalkingroutes. Enter each of your dogs into the app totrackwalksactivity together or individually. View past walks andsharethemon social media. Create fitness goals for both you andyourdog,and help other animals along the way! Join a WoofTraxchallengetowin an additional instant donation to your favoriteanimalshelteror rescue and some great prizes for yourself aswell.Over50,000,000 walks (and counting) have been taken forover7,000animal shelters in all 50 U.S States. How much wedonateisdetermined by the number of people actively dog walkingforyourselected animal charity and by being chosen as awinningwalker, soplease spread the word, and share the app. Formoredetails, pleasevisit WoofTrax.com/faq. Create weekly walkinggoalsJoin challengesto earn additional benefits. Share walks onsocialmedia to getyour friends involved.
Nipto: Split Household Chores 2.4.1
Nipto organizes a game in your couple, your family oryourroommateto better divide the household chores. By doingthesehouseholdchores and home cleaning tasks, playersaccumulatepointsthroughout the week. The winner is chosen everySundayevening andcan get a reward. The counters are then reset anda newweek ofcompetition begins. Nipto also involves yourchildren,whoseaccounts you can manage and customize the pointsgoal.Competitionfor some, teamwork for others, Nipto makessharinghousehold choresand home cleaning fun and friendly. No moredebatesabout who doesthe most housework! You will also be able to :-Personalizehousehold chores, - Choose your favourite gamemode,competition orpersonal goal, - See the participation ofeachplayer, - Reward thewinners, - Add reminders forimportanthousehold chores, - Offeringa bonus of points as a thankyou.
Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder
Never lose your dog or cat again with Tractive GPS. Seewhereyourpet is at all times with the app and your Tractive GPS dogorcattracker.😻 🌍 Keep them fit and healthy with activitytracking.🐕🏃‍♀️Don\'t have a Tractive GPS tracker yet? Getoneathttps://tractive.com Main features: ☆ Track your dog orcatinreal-time with unlimited range ☆ Monitor activity, keepyourpetfit, and compete with other furry friends ☆ Seeyourpet\'slocation history ☆ Set safe areas - like your garden -withvirtualfences, and get a notification if your pet leaves one☆Sharelocation - let friends and family track your pet,andsharereal-time location with others ☆ Works in over 150countriesGetthe free Tractive GPS app. Get your pet tracker.Thenstartenjoying these features. Unlimited Range Tractive GPStrackersarethe ideal pet accessory to track movement and keep aneye onyourpet\'s location. Activity Monitoring Keep your dog or catfitwithTractive GPS. Set activity goals, see how yourfurryfriendcompares to others, and get active with friends.LIVETracking Needextra reassurance? Go into the app\'s LIVE modetofollow yourpet\'s every move in real-time, and get locationupdatesevery 2-3seconds. Virtual Fence (Safe Zone) Mark an area -likeyour garden- as safe for your dog or cat. Get a notificationassoon as theyleave it, and as soon as they\'re safely back init.You can set upseveral virtual fences, make them big or small,andmove themeasily across the map. Find Mode Pinpoint yourdog’slocation inclose range. The closer you get, the more circlesfillup on yourscreen. Perfect for indoor tracking and when GPSsignalis weak.Location History & Heatmap Find out yourpet\'sfavorite spots,where they\'ve been recently, and whatthey\'ve beenup to.Location Sharing Let friends, family and othersyou trust(likewalkers or pet-sitters) track location and activity.You canalsoshare real-time location with anyone with a single tap-veryuseful if your pet runs off and you need help bringingthembackhome. Interactive Map View the location of all yourpetswithtrackers at the same time, or zoom in on a single pet. Addallyourpets with GPS trackers in the Tractive app. Switchbetweenregularmap view or satellite view. Up to 5 days battery lifeAlwaysknowhow much power you have left on your Tractive GPSTracker. Theappwill remind you if you\'re running low. ☆ TheTractive GPSappworks with all Tractive GPS trackers. ☆
Petland 1.6.1
Petland, Inc.
The official Petland mobile application helps you find yournextpet,take better care of both your pet and your budget byofferingavariety of innovative features ranging from pet trainingtipstoexclusive in-app deals through push notificationsofferingin-storesavings. For over 50 years, Petland, Inc. has beentheretail petindustry leader in animal care with ongoingstafftrainingprograms, in-store animal husbandry systems, androbustcommunityservice programs. The Petland App connects savvypetowners likeyou with your local Petland store and providesreadyaccess to theinformation and services you need to keep yourpetsliving theirbest lives. Window Shop from Home: Browseavailablepuppies,kittens, birds, small animals, and other petsavailable atyourdesignated Petland store and keep tabs on cute newarrivals.Makecustomized wish lists of the animals that you want tojoinyourfamily. Learn about Pet Care Information : Although we donotsellsupplies online or list specific products on the PetlandApp,we dohighlight various supply categories for your pet careneeds.Thesewould specifically be behavioral, maintenance,environmental,andnutritional needs. Please browse these categoriesand head toyourlocal Petland for more information or to make petsupplypurchases.Keep it Local: The Petland App is customized to amorelocalexperience by allowing you to connect directly withthePetlandstore nearest you. Each store has its owninventory,promotions,and flavor, so stay posted on the pets inyourneighborhood.Financing: The App provides in-store financingoptionsto reviewwhat’s best for your budget. Passionate AboutPets:Overall, thePetland App is jam packed with helpfulresources,educationalarticles, store navigation assistance, androbustaccountmanagement features. Best of all, it keeps you in theloopon thelatest and greatest deals – customized to your petandyourneighborhood. It’s a must-have for every passionate petlover!
Wag! - 5-Star Dog Walking, Sitters & Pet Care 3.14.0
Wag Labs, Inc.
Wag! is the #1 app for pet parents -- offering 5-star dogwalking,pet sitting, vet care, and training services nationwide.Bookconvenient pet care in your neighborhood with the Wag! app.Whetheryou’re looking for daily walks, planning a trip, stuck atwork, orjust want your best friend to have some company - any day,anytimepet care is available through the app. Here when you needpet care.• On-demand and scheduled dog walks based on your and yourdog’sneeds. • Boarding and sitting overnight care in your home orthePet Caregiver’s. • Drop-in visits for dogs who don’t need awalk,but could use a potty break. • Veterinary consultations toansweryour pet health questions from the convenience of yourhome,available around the clock. • One-on-one personalized in-homeanddigital dog training sessions for puppies & adult dogs tolearntricks and basic commands. Safety is serious business. • EveryPetCaregiver with Wag! is vetted and must pass acomprehensivebackground check. • Wag! services are insured andcovered by $1M inhome liability insurance. • Support is standing byand available toyou and your pet 24/7. All about convenience. •GPS-tracked walksso you can follow along with your dog’s walk inreal-time. • In-appmessaging so you can easily communicate withyour Pet Caregiver. •Receive live pee/poop notifications and adetailed report card atthe end of your service. • Book and pay foryour services securelywithin the app. • Wag! lockboxes areavailable for simplified homeaccess. • Chat live with licensedveterinary professionals forexpert pet health advice. We’ve beenaround the block. • Ourcommunity of 150,000+ Pet Caregiversnationwide are dog people, andit shows. • Pet Caregivers with Wag!have a trusted record ofexperience with over 10 million pet careservices across 4,600+cities. • We’ve donated over 10 millionmeals! A portion of ourproceeds from the walks you book help tofeed shelter dogs in yourarea. • Making Pet Parents happy is whatwe do best -- 99% of Wag!services result in a 5-star review