49 Похожие Машқи ақлу мантиқ (Ребусҳо -2018)

Not Not - A Brain-Buster 4.3.0
Ready to push the limits of your Brain? Not Not puzzle game istheultimate brain-busting challenge based on logic andorientation.Follow the written instructions to swipe your charactertowards thecorrect direction (up, down, left or right) and victory.As youreach higher levels in the game, increasingly complex andvariedinstructions will require use of both your logic anddexterity foryou to succeed. And sorry (not really) for any mentalinconveniencethis may cause :) Two game modes are available: - inthe classicmode, discover a new concept on each level! - in thechallengemode, go as far as possible following more and morecomplexinstructions * NotNot last version includes a colorblindaccessibility mode.
Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzles 5.5.7G
Rottz Games
Einstein Challenge is a logic puzzles game to challenge yourbrain.This type of logic puzzle doesnt have an official name, it isknownas Logic Problems, Logic Elimination, Logic Games, DellPuzzle,Inspector Parker, Zebra Puzzle, Sherlock Holmes Puzzle, TickandCross Logic Grids, Logic Grid Puzzles or Logic Puzzle Grid.•Hundreds of Riddles: 4000 logic puzzles, all free! No packs tobuy.• Daily Challenges: 15 free unique daily challenges. •IncreasingDifficulty: Several grid sizes, from 4x4 to 15x9 - thebigger theharder. • Filters for Experts: Filters to help you findhintsrelated to the elements you want. • Mobile Riddle: Fullyadapted tomobile interface: no clumsy triangular grid as the paperversion.This logic puzzles game presents some logic problems thatgives youseveral clues describing a scenario involving a number ofpeople.Each person has a certain job, owns a different pet, likessomekind of sport, among other attributes. Your role in thislogicelimination game is to do a massive intelligence work: byusingpure logic thinking and elimination, to uniquely deduce thewholeriddle based on only a few initial clues. How to Playvideo:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w62vqmvUSIw Clues on thelogicpuzzle follow these lines: "The English wears the SherlockCap. TheAmerican likes Wine. The one that owns a Fox doesn't drinkBeer..."If you like pure logic problems and other logic games, dontmissthis one! Contact us: einstein.and@rottzgames.comorhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/288035414684910/
ch.appilis.brain.android android-41
appilis LLC
Challenge your brain with memory, logic, math and focus games!Keyfeatures: ● Free brain games for adults and kids! ● Trainyourbrain with several game modes ● 3 difficulty levels for eachgame ●No need to create an account ● Play offline ● Simple gameplay●Track your performance over time ● And more!
Pegs 'n Holes 1.6
Jordan Naftolin
Pegs 'n Holes is a fun and addictive logic puzzle game that'sgreatfor all ages. The goal is to determine the correct sequenceofplaying a board's pegs such that all of the board's holesarefilled.You can choose different board sizes to challengeyourselfoffline, or play online to see how you rank against otherplayersfrom around the world.If you enjoy fun challenges, give it atry!
Slitherlink Puzzles: Loop the loop 1.1.6
Slitherlink also known as Loop The Loop is a logical puzzleplayedon a rectangular board of dots. Some of the squares formed bythedots have numbers inside them. To solve the puzzle,connecthorizontally and vertically adjacent dots so that the linesform asingle loop with no loose ends. In addition, the numberinside asquare represents how many of its four sides are segmentsin theloop. In your final loop each cell must be enclosed withspecifiednumber. Read more about this puzzle gamefromhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slitherlink This game is alsoknownas Loopy, Loop The Loop, Fences, Takegaki, Suriza andDottyDilemma. -----------------------------------------------Features:- Multiple grid sizes. - Multiple difficulty levels. -Hundreds ofdifferent puzzles for different grid size and difficultylevel -Offline game play - Zoom in/undo/redo support - Skip levelsupport- Auto Game Save option
Where Logic? 1.50
Active Mobile Applications, LLC
The most popular trivia game on the Play Store in 6 countries!Nostress, just solid fun that makes you think. Play 3 separatetriviagames with dozens of levels for each. * What is missing inthispicture? * What do these 3 pictures have in common? * Who arethe 2people whose faces are combined in this picture? Play forfree!
Logic Master 2 - Tricky & Odd 1.0.54
Weez Beez
A brilliant and creative logical game with the most unusual&tricky questions. Looking for a game that is brilliant,creativeand strange at the same time? Now you can become a logicmastermindby solving the most unusual and tricky questions that youhave everseen! The game contains brilliant questions thatincorporate use ofmemory, logic, attention, and the ability tothink inunconventional ways. Logic master is the second version ofabrilliant and unusual puzzle game that tests your attentionandability to think outside the box. What’s New in thisversion----------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THEBOX:brilliant and at the same time unusual tricky questions and itevengets crazier as you becoming the mastermind of the gameSUPERBWHILE ODD: guaranteed fun and giggle because you will neverseecrazier logical questions than this TRICKY QUESTIONS: withraiseddifficulty level you will have to pay attention, use yourcreativemind and brilliance to solve the odd and strange questionsIF YOURBRILLIANCE IS NOT ENOUGH: then you can always use some hintsforall the tricky questions EVEN MORE HINTS: if the question istoostrange or unconventional for you, then the video solutionswillhelp BRILLIANT QUESTIONS: become a mastermind and solve120creative and unusual questions in 30 vibrant levels KEEPYOURSCORES: via Google Play and see who is the most brilliantlogicmaster SHOW YOUR BRILLIANCE: by unlocking superb achievementsBE AMASTERMIND: choose from 3 difficulty levels of trickyquestionsQUOTES FROM EINSTEIN: it does not get crazier than this:)How toPlay? -------------------------------------------- Each levelhas 4to 5 sequential questions. The wrong answer takes you back tothebeginning of the sequence. Completion of one level unlocks thenextone which will be crazier. Your scores are stored on theGooglePlay servers so you can compete against your rivals orfriends andsee who will become the ultimate logic master. There arevariousachievements in the game such as collecting stars,completinglevels. Each accomplishment gives you extra points. YouCANNOT finda crazier puzzle game! Challenging puzzles for yourbrain! ◆ Dozensof brain busting tricky puzzles, with more beingadded all the time◆ Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, try to findthe best solution◆ Share your solutions and compare with yourfriends You have achance to purchase the game to remove all ads andunlock all hints,or use reward ads to gain more hints. Very fun andaddictive gamethat you will completely enjoy. If you like thisgame, please rateit and leave a comme Do you want to test yourmemory skills andgive your brain an exercise? Play this fun basedmemory game toimprove your memory, attention, speed and flexiblethinking skills.This is a funny and tricky logical game which givesa good test toyour brain. This logical game is designed for all agegroups as itis a skill test game. To add to playing a logical gameand trainingyour brain, you also have a lot of fun with the game.It is packedwith different kind of tests that improve yourcognitive skills andpuzzle solving abilities. You will: ✓Improveyour memory ✓Trainyour reflexes ✓Improve your attention ✓Findalternative solutionsand improve flexible thinking skills ✓Increaseyour puzzle solvingspeed ✓Improve spatial and visual processingskills Each leveltests your logical skills and problem solvingabilities to theirpeak. After each level, your results are rankedbetween 1 and 3Stars. Using a brain, you can retry from the currentround, pass around or pass a level with 3 stars. Every level isdesigned to helpyou improve your skills, memory to sharpen yourmind with thisaddictive game. So, are you ready to be Logic Master?Feel free tocontact us with your feedback or suggestionsatweezbeezgames@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/WeezBeezGamesPlease leave a review if youlike our app. Thanks! Have Fun!
100 Free Mind Games. Match Play Photo 2.0.3
MatchPlayPhoto is the only puzzle game in which you will have tousethe ASSOCIATIVE LOGIC as well as your visual acuity to solveeachlevel.★ !MORE THAN 100 LEVELS!Each block is designed for acertaindifficulty. And the application calculates yourmultiplepossibilities: colors, shapes, concepts, numbers, similartheme,country ...★ NEW VERSIONMore intuitive and easier than ever,withhelp, tips and advice for each level. You just have to dragthephotos to the correct position. Simple as that, simple?★ PLAYANDLEARNIn each level you will find curiosities related tophotosabout history, science, culture ... ¿WHY ARE THE LOGIC GAMESWITHPHOTOS SO MUCH FUN?★ HUNDREDS OF PUZZLES WITHPHOTOSMatchPlayPhotohas infinite levels. We continuously add morelevels so that thefun never ends!It has more than 450 puzzles forall difficultylevels. It’s fit for children and adults. ★ IT’S ONEOF THE BESTTHINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING GAMESIt’s not just aclassic quiz orbrain game. It makes you think creatively fromdifferentperspectives. You have to have an open mind to findsolutions inthis addictive game!★ TRAIN YOUR MIND WITH THISJIGSAWFrom thefirst moment you will have to stretch your mind inorder to solvethe puzzle. You will gain mental agility! ★ DISCOVERYOUR MENTALABILITIES AND WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OFTake up thechallenge and testyour intelligence with this collection of logicjigsaws. ★ ¿WHAT ISTHE SOLUTION?You will have to use logic thinkingto associateelements such as numbers, colors, shapes and concepts.That is whyMatchPlayPhoto is different!This app will make youexercisedifferent functions of your brain: reasoning, memory,concentrationand attention, as well as problem solving skills. ★PLAY FOR FREEAT ALL LEVELSYou can download this intellectual gameat no chargein a flash. ★ IT’S AN EASY AND ADDICTIVE GAMEThat ishow theplayers with the best users’ scores classify it.Join inourcommunity and share points and prizes with your friends! Ifyouneed guidelines or clues, contact us by posting on oursocialnetworks profiles:◆ Don’ t forget to follow usonhttps://twitter.com/matchplayphoto◆ Give us your “like”onhttps://www.facebook.com/matchplayphoto The game is availablefordownload in English and Spanish.If you like our game, pleaserateit and leave a comment. We will compensate your support withnewintelligence jigsaws for your enjoyment!
Puzzles Scania P Series Mixer 1.0
In our application Logic Puzzles Scania P Series Mixer arewaitingfor you beautiful and powerful trucks! This app will appealtoanyone who likes trucks, special equipment, big and powerfulcarsfor the transport of goods and clearance of goods as well asotherspecial vehicles.Our game works perfectly with mostsmartphones andtablets running the Android OS, supports all thescreenresolutions. No matter what your phone is new or old, youwill getpleasure from the game on any device! The game interface isverysimple, control can handle even a child! Install theapplication ontablets and smartphones, develop thinking and logic!Be sure toplace your rating of our game, it is completely free andcontainsno in-app purchases!
AngL 1.4
AngL (a.k.a. Angle) Test your logic and problem solving skillsinthis relaxing and minimal puzzle game! Features: ▶️ 85+handdesigned levels with many more to come! ▶️ Infinite numberofcomputer-generated levels! ▶️ Hardcore mode: You need to findthebest path, touching every triangle at least once! Your goalissimple: the balls must reach the diamonds! Use the trianglestochange the AngLe of the ball's trajectory!
Ulol - Tagalog Logic & Trivia 3.11.6z
Enjoy the logic questions that will test your green mind.Playitwith friends to see who got funny answers to tricky questionsandfun trivia.Do you have a clever mind or a green mind?Let'sfindout. WARNING: The beta testers of this game had gone mad andcrazy.
Where is the logic? 1.0.6
Mobile version of the famous game "Where is logic?". Youaregiven 3 photos that have something in common with each other.Whatis common between an airplane and a bird? ... Only here youneed toenable logic and unravel the connection between thesephotos. Newgame "A mixture of concepts," try to guess!Clever clues.
100 doors World Of History 2.13
OAS developer
We would like to introduce challenging logic puzzle game 100Doorsworld of History. 100 Doors world of History is one of thebestgames of the genre, the game of 100 Doors, 100 Floors orEscapefrom the Rooms category Each level is a separate logic puzzlegame.In short, it is a collection of games containing logicgames,mini-games, puzzles, quests, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinkinggames,logic games and games for children and adults. They are thegamesfor the whole family. In addition to interesting levels, thegamecreators have designed beautiful graphics – you will enjoytheadventure to different countries. You will discover AncientEgypt,China, Japan, France, whole Europe and Medieval world.Beautifulmusic and nice graphics will plunge you into thehistorical timesand cheer you up. Expand your mind completing logictasks andgripping quests. Playing you can relax and have a greatand usefultime! So how does the game work? Your task is simple –find the wayout in any situation! Open the door no matter how mucheffort ittakes! In 100 Doors World of History game you need tocrack apassword, find the solution to a problem or figure out howacomplicated vehicle works. So the main purpose of the game istounlock the door to get out of the room and reach the next floor!Tocomplete the task you need to find hidden objects on the stageorto look for hidden clues, or shake the gadget to makesomethingfall down, or move your gadget carefully – anyway you needto useyour brain to solve a logic task. In some cases you need tosolve aclassical task known for a long time, for exampletic-tac-toe, theLucas Tower, matches puzzle, chess puzzle orgetting a certainamount of water with two reservoirs. As you canassume your brain,attention, wit and agility will not remain idle.There are lots ofinteresting tasks and this game is called the gamecollection notfor nothing. It really contains 100 unique levels –100 grippinglogic games (mini-games). Do not worry if you fail tocomplete somedifficult level or quest and all the other levelswillremain inaccessible as YOU CAN SKIP ANY LEVEL and get backtoit later! Or if you really want to find out how to solve thetaskwe are here to help you! Subscribe to our groups in socialnetworksand we will be happy to help you!vkontakte -http://vk.com/oasdev ,facebook -https://www.facebook.com/oasdev Google+-https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105173702504075834203Youdon’t have Wi-Fi? It is not a problem as it is an offline game!All100 Doors World of History game can be played offline, withouttheInternet. Who is this game for? Family puzzle games collectedinthis fascinating game are interesting to be played by yourfamilyor by the good company of friends. Everyone will try to bethefirst who completes the task. You are guaranteed to get agoodcompetition and good mood all rolled into one. This game is foranyage group; even your grandparents will enjoy playing thegameleaving aside their crosswords! Download the game and seeforyourself! Characteristics Gripping puzzles! Interestingquests.Beautiful graphics! Hidden Objects game elements! The gamecontains100 levels. Gripping puzzles. Skip difficult levels forFREE! Thegame is FREE! All the 100 levels of the game offline!Gametutorial. The small size of the game: there are 100 doors and100levels in the game of 33 MB size.
Best IQ Test 2.5
bubble quiz games
How Many Brain Teasers Can You Solve? Play The Best IQ Test ToFindOut If You're A Genius! Run your imagination and find alogicalexplanation for the mysterious puzzles! Find the solution,open theCryptex and see what awaits you in the next stage! "IQ Test-Cryptex Challenge" is entertaining mental free game consistingof60 unique riddles, divided into 5 levels of varying difficulty!Thefirst level can solve 90% of the population. The last is only5%!How many of puzzles can you solve? This is real goodmemorytrainer! Exercise your brain with the most addicting IQ testever!♥ More than 2 500 000 downloads around the world! Thank you!♥Features: ★ 60 unique puzzles! ★ 5 levels of varying difficulty★120 hints! ★ IQ measurement (like the IQ test) ★detailedstatistics Best game for all fans of puzzles, word games,brainthinking, mind games, logic puzzles and riddles withanswers!During the game will be measured your IQ, which will allowyou toknow the strength of their own mind. Each riddle has 2hints.Remember, however, that their use would reduce the value ofthe iq.Open Cryptex! Maybe you're agenius!_________________________________ “Imagination is moreimportantthan knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we nowknow andunderstand, while imagination embraces the entire world,and allthere ever will be to know and understand.” Albert EinsteinIQ offamous people: - Leonardo da Vinci IQ 220 - Garry Kasparov IQ190 -Wolfgang Mozart IQ 165 - Albert Einstein IQ 160 - Bill GatesIQ 160_________________________________ Cryptex ChallengeFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/cryptexchallenge Have fun!
Logic Pic Lite Picture Puzzle 1.12.1
Tapps Games
Logic Pic Lite is a puzzle game where you use logic to colortheblocks in a grid and reveal hidden pictures. Also knownasNonogram, Hanjie, Picross or Griddlers, this is a logicchallengethat will please puzzle fans of all ages with endlesshours of funand entertainment. Get started!Thematic level packswill add evenmore to the classic gameplay of this addictive puzzlegame. Solvethe puzzles to discover awesome colorful pixelartillustrations.NEW DAILY PUZZLESDiscover and play new levelseveryday!HIGHLIGHTS• Auto-save feature: come back and play anylevelfrom where you left• Comprehensive tutorial for beginners•200handmade and thematic puzzle levels• Challenging puzzlesforbeginners and experienced players alike• Great andresponsiveinterface• Easy to learn and hard to master puzzlegameEnjoy LogicPic Lite! The free Nonogram picture logic puzzlewith atwist!Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentioned in the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.
That Level Again 3 1.11
LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT JUMP JUMP TLA and TLA2 continued. Thistimeit’s not levels, but a story (and a few separate levels). A lotoflogic brain teasers and interesting solutions. Read themessages,use your brains and have fun!
River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games
In this fun and challenging game, you will find acompletecollection of all known river crossing logic problems, plussomecompletely new riddles that you will not find anywhere else. Ifyouwant brain teasers to improve your IQ while you have fun,you’vecome to the right place. Chances are that you’ve heard abouttheancient river crossing riddles, but do you know them all? Youmayhave heard about the farmer who must take a wolf, a goat, andsomecabbage across a river, or a version featuring a fox, a goose,anda bag of beans. Maybe you know the problem of thethreemissionaries and three cannibals, or the “jealoushusbands”variation. Those are the classic river crossing puzzles.They arepopular and well known, and they are all included in thisgame,along with many more new levels involving chess pieces, afarmerwith cows and special levels designed only for geniuses.Rivercrossing problems date back to at least the ninth century, maybebefore the chess was invented, with the earliest knownexamplesoccurring in the Latin manuscript Propositiones ad AcuendosJuvenes(“Problems to Sharpen the Young”). River crossing puzzlesand theirmany variants represent ways of dressing uprelativelystraightforward mathematical problems. They inviteattempts at asolution that range from trial and error to extensivemathematicalanalysis. These puzzles are frequently used in jobinterviews. Theyare also taught to children in schools along withchess to boosttheir IQs and improve their critical thinking,mathematicalproblem-solving, and strategy development. Your goal inevery levelis to move all of the characters across the river whileobservingcertain rules and restrictions. Once you have completed alevel,you will receive one star for level completion. You canobtain anadditional star if you finish the level in the minimumnumber ofmoves, and another if you finish the level in a set timethatvaries from level to level. Try your best, work as quickly asyoucan, and keep your number of moves low to earn more stars.Yourtotal number of stars will help you access more advancedlevels. Ifyou like playing chess and solving logic puzzles, thenyou are allset for new challenges. But unlike chess, you can playthis gamealone and have a lot of fun. Download the game now andunlock yourbrain’s abilities!
That level again 2 1.6
That Level Again Part 2 A small logic game where all levels arethesame but ways to win are not. The character just want to leavethehouse. Sounds easy, isnt't? p.s. If you have cool ideas fornewlevel! You can send it to my mail iamtagir@gmail.com - 64levels- 1small easter egg - FIN
Logical Reasoning 3.3.2
Learn To Success - LTS
In recruitment process of most of companies, logical reasoningisone of important parts which every qualify candidates havetoprepared for. So, what is logical reasoning? Logical reasoning isakind of using precondition or premises to arrive atvalidconclusions. When you have bad premises, you will getbadconclusions. However, if you have no idea about it or don’tknowhow to enhance your logical thinking skills. Don’t worry,ourLogical Reasoning application is definitely what you need.Withvarious systematic series of logical questions, lots ofusefultips and tricks, lots of practice tests from all levels whichbecarefully prepared for giving more effective and easier inbothstudying and thinking; will guide you to archive yourpassionatecareer in future. These general critical thinking testwill expandyour analyzing thinking, improve solving problemsabilities andhelp preparing yourself for competitive exams likeCAT, RRB, SSC,MBA, IBPS , CSAT, SBI, SSC, AIPMT, GMAT, SAT,MAT,etc…Additionally, this testing experience is very helpful foryourcareer tests, interviews, IQ competition or any brainchallenges infuture. Logical Reasoning’s major features: * Thereare 4 principalcategories : Logical, Verbal, Aptitude and Test(online test, dailytest, etc…). * We offer huge collection oflogical practice testswith more than 80 topics (+3200 logicalreasoning question, 760aptitude logical questions, +3200 verbalability questions). * Tipsand tricks for each categories within-app formulae list. * Theanswers are explained immediately afteryou make a choice of eachrelated question. * Getting better resultswith in-app answerutility(fifty-fifty). Can even be able to see theright answer withexplanations if you have not any idea. * You canalso bookmark yourquestions to enable quick access in future. *Many kind of testssuch as online test, daily test, etc…Particularstatistics at theend of tests will be described clearly yourperformance, therefore,totally revealing your strength andweakness. * Free for everyone.* Friendly graphical user interfaces.* You will find the darktheme toggle switch by going to Settingsand just enable dark modefeature to make it work. * No internetconnection required. Thisapp supports difference topic LogicalReasoning: + Alphabetreasoning + Alphabet series + Alphabet tests +Analogy + Antonyms +Arithmetic signs + Arithmetical reasoning +Artificial language +Blood relation + Calendar + Coding anddecoding + Decision making +Essential parts + Find the odd + Letterand symbol series + Letterseries + Logical reasoning + Logicalsequence of words  +Number sequence + Number Series + Oddletter group + Odd man out +Odd numeral + Odd numeral pair/group +Odd pair of words + Odd word+ Ranking Quiz + Sentence completion +Sequence of words + Seriescompletion + Situation reaction + Verbalability + Verification oftruth + Word formation + Brain trainingThis app supportsdifference topic Aptitude: + Ages + Area +Averages + Banker'sDiscount + Boats & Streams + Calendar +Clock + CompoundInterest + HCF/LCM + Height & Distance +Logarithms + Mixtures+ Numbers + Partnerships + Percentages +Permutations + Pipes +Probability + Profit & Loss + Races &Games + Ratio &Proportion + Simple Interest + Stocks &Shares + Time &Distance + Time & Work + Trains + TrueDiscount + Volume &Surface This app supports difference topicVerbal Ability: +Antonyms + Change of Voice + Closet Test +Complete Statement +Comprehension + Idioms & Phrases + OrderSentences + OrderingWords + Paragraph Formation + Selecting Words +Sentence Correction+ Sentence Formation + Sentence Improvement +Spellings + SpotErrors + Substitute + Synonyms + Verbal Analogies
Smart Logic Simulator 6.3.2
Create amazing logic circuits consisting of logic gates,flip-flopsand hardware sensors of your smartphone. There is avariety ofdifferent input and outputs, except simple ones like onscreen bulbyou can use the physical flashlight or vibration engine.There arealso different sensors like proximity sensor, light sensorand muchmore. All of that gives you an opportunity to build thecircuitsthat can, for example, turn the flashlight on when there isdark inthe room. Smart Logic Simulator makes designing circuitseasy byits intuitive interface. You can scale your projects quicklybyusing an integrated circuit feature, which allows you topackadvanced circuits into single reusable components and importthemas many times as you want. Our dependencies manager will helpyoukeep all of the integrated circuits inside just one file so youcaneasily share your work with your friends. List ofavailablecomponents: AND Gate BUFFER Gate NAND Gate NOR Gate NOTGate ORGate XOR Gate XNOR Gate Proximity Sensor - Measures theproximityof an object relative to the view screen of a device.ChargerDetector - Returns a high signal when a device is chargingLightSensor - Measures the ambient light level. Magnetic FieldSensor -Measures the ambient geomagnetic field. Seven SegmentDisplay SevenSegment Display Decoder 5X7 Led Matrix Display LightBulbFlashlight Speaker - generates sound with givenfrequency.Vibration - makes your device vibrate when an inputsignal is high.Clock (0.2Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz) PulseButton ToggleButton High Constant Low Constant NotificationComponent - createsa notification with a given color. SR Flip-FlopJK Flip-Flop TFlip-Flop D Flip-Flop SR Latch Are you a blogger?We'd love for youto tell your readers about Smart Logic Simulator.You can downloadimages and resources athttp://resources.smartlogicsimulator.com orcontact us atmediaSmartLogicSimulator@gmail.com for any otherinformation youmight need.
Sudoku 1.1.18
Minimalistic, Small, Offline, Addictive puzzle. SudokubyHumbleLogicGamesSudoku (originally called Number Place) isalogic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle.With ourSudokuapp, you’ll have access to the world’s most friendly andcompletemobile Sudoku learning system.FEATURES:• 5 differentdifficultiesselected has a unique solution > Picnic, Easy,Medium, Hard,Expert(Insane)• Intelligent Hint system that you canlearn skillsfrom• Unlimited undo/redo• Phones and tablets support•Online oroffline • Small APK size• Automatic Save and Resume•CompletelyFREENOTES• This app contains banner, interstitialads.E-MAIL•humblelogicgames@gmail.com
Puzzles Scania P Series Tipper 1.0
In our application Logic Puzzles Scania P Series Tipper arewaitingfor you beautiful and powerful trucks! This app will appealtoanyone who likes trucks, special equipment, big and powerfulcarsfor the transport of goods and clearance of goods as well asotherspecial vehicles.Our game works perfectly with mostsmartphones andtablets running the Android OS, supports all thescreenresolutions. No matter what your phone is new or old, youwill getpleasure from the game on any device! The game interface isverysimple, control can handle even a child! Install theapplication ontablets and smartphones, develop thinking and logic!Be sure toplace your rating of our game, it is completely free andcontainsno in-app purchases!
Logic Square - Picross 1.224
The best Picross(nonogram) puzzle game. -It'sFREE!-------------------------------------------- Logic Square,Picross,Nonogram, illust Logic,Fun!-------------------------------------------- Easy and FunThousandsof puzzles Download new puzzles every day LeaderboardSystem OnlineSave Big Puzzles Contact Mail:devsquare.com@gmail.com----------------------------------------------Logic Square-Picrosshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devsquare.logicsquare7Blocks!- BlockPuzzlehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devsquare.sevenblocks----------------------------------------------
Coding Planets 1.0
Min Thura Zaw
Do you want to improve your Coding logic skill?Coding PlanetsisEducational, Brain training and puzzle game. In this game, youhaveto give instructions for a robot to solve the puzzles. Everyagescan play the game.Nowadays, Programming is very essential.Andevery country developing the applications for learningprogrammingso we developed this for local.It is exactly bring toyou theamazing things.Special thanks to developer team- Chan MyaeAung-Thwin Htoo Aung- Thura Zaw
net.rention.mind.skillz 5.1.0
App Holdings
Want to test your memory skills or give your brain an exercise?Trythis fun memory game to improve your memory, speed, getbetteraccuracy, distinguish between colors and much more. This is afunlogical game that gives a good test to your brain. With thisbraingame, you can help players to learn to distinguishbetweendifferent colors and improve their skills. The playerssharpentheir minds while having fun playing this game. This logicalgameis a skill test game. Also, you can test your reflexes. Therearesome fun game puzzles in the game of different kinds. Youscorepoints and advance levels. Very fun and addictive game thatyouwill completely enjoy. *********************** APPHIGHLIGHTS*********************** To add to playing a logical gameandtraining your brain, you also have a lot of fun with the game.Itis packed with different kind of tests that improve your skillsandabilities. Here is how – ✓Improve your memory ✓Train yourreflexes✓Increase your accuracy ✓Prove your touch ability ✓Increaseyourspeed ✓Learn color coordination Each level tests your skillsandabilities to their peak. After each level, your results arerankedbetween 1 and 5 Stars and you will be rewarded with a numberofBrains. For every Star earned you will be rewarded with oneBrain.Using a brain, you can retry from the current round, pass aroundor pass a level with 5 stars. Every level is designed to helpyouimprove your skills, memory to sharpen your mind withthisaddictive game. So, are you ready to take up a brain challengenow?Download this free app – “Skillz Logical Brain Game” now togetstarted. The logical game is introducing a Multiplayerfeature.Here is how it goes – - Play with your friends or withrandomplayers - Start a game with minimum 2 players. Max limit is4. - Ifyou finish the game in Multiplayer mode on the 1st place,you earna "Win" and 5 Brains. If you finish the game but on the 2ndplace,you earn just 3 Brains and no "Win" - Your MultiplayerRankingdepends on the "Wins" - Play in Multiplayer mode andunlockAchievements You will love the feature, so start sharing withyourfriends.
Cut the Buttons Logic Puzzle
The buttons are sewn. Help me to cut them ! Play Cut theButtonLogic Puzzle for FREE! In Cut the Button Logic Puzzle youhave tomove the position of a color button to line it with 2buttons withsimilar color. Align all the buttons to clear thefabric and winthe level. If you’re brainy and you love brainexercise, you’lllove our line puzzle. There are over 600 levels inthis colorfulbutton game so you’ll have plenty of challenges totrain your brainwhile having fun. What do you do when you’re bored?Do you love tochallenge yourself with brainy color puzzle or linepuzzle as brainexercise? We challenge you to play our colorfulbutton game whereyou have to stay focused and strategize to win.Our challenge is tomove the color button and align it vertically,horizontally, anddiagonally with other buttons with the same color.After they arealigned, they will be cut off with scissors from thedenim. Thelevel is done once you clear the denim in this colorpuzzle. ***New animals theme! ***==========================================TOP FEATURES OF CUT THEBUTTON LOGIC PUZZLE:========================================== ➢Play this excitingcolorlines button game for FREE. ➢ Enjoy thiscolor game with itsbeautiful game design and animation. ➢ Cutethemes such as:Classic, Halloween, and Animals with beautiful denimbackground. ➢Simple game rules but can be challenging to solve. ➢Over 50challenging color line puzzles to play and train your brain.➢ Over600 levels to provide you with stimulating brain exercise. ➢Playas Beginner or as Master when you can stay focused and solveharderpuzzles. ➢ No time limit. Take your time to clear the boardandfinish our color lines puzzle. ➢ Made a wrong move? Just useour“Undo” button. ➢ Use “Retry” button when you’re stuck in thislinepuzzle. ➢ Save and Restore the board so you can return to yourgameanytime. ➢ Earn up to 100.000 EXP for your Google Play account.➢.. and more! Wait for our next update for more fun andbrainychallenges. On Halloween theme, the buttons will be replacedbypumpkins and other Halloween related icons. Tips and tricks ofhowto play this color game: Remember that a button cannot be movedtoskip another button. Once the 3 colorful buttons create acolorline, they will be cut off from the denim quilt automatically.Thiswill present a problem when there’s one or two buttons withthatcolor left on the fabric. This is why you need to think beforeyoumake any move. One thing about playing this color game: don’tmovethe color buttons too quickly. We don’t have timer so you cantakeyour time to stay focused and think of the best strategy tosolvethis colorlines puzzle. Use “Undo” if you think you’ve madethewrong move. If you’re really stuck, just use “Retry” buttontoclear the fabric and try again. Do you need help ? If you’rereallystuck on a color puzzle, you can contact us and we’ll giveyou ourspecial and magical laser shaft to finish the level. Loveour colorgame? Have any suggestion? We love to hear from you abouthow toimprove our game. Write to us if you have any issue and we’llsolveit as soon as possible. Please leave us a rating and reviewtosupport us. Follow us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/AtikaGames
air.com.bartbonte.red 1.8
Bart Bonte
The sequel to my 'yellow' game is here! Can you make the screenredin 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. Do you need help?Usethe light bulb button that will appear after a while in thetopright of each level to get a hint. There are multiple hintsforeach level. With the premium unlock in-app you will not getadsbefore the hints. A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.
V3CK: logic brain teaser 2.5
Dark Eye
** Find the color of each line! **Based on a system of colorandshape, V3CK is a puzzle game that put your sense of logic tothetest, like in sudoku.Each brain teaser is a true painting,offeringa unique logic reflection method with color.To achieveV3ck, youmust complete each brain teaser by finding the color ofeach line,helping you with the numbers located on the tops. Thenumbersrepresent lines starting from the tops, and their color! Thelogicis easy to understand but the level difficulty will increaseineach level!Oxo, the new mascot of V3ck, is here to help you,whenhe is motivated! The rest of the time he has a pig character ^^Andbe careful with its multiple personalities!Features:- V3ck isahighly addictive logic brain teaser!- A puzzle game closetosudoku- Play with no limit!- Many brain teaser (over 100freelevels)- Increasing difficulty that will give you V3cklogicreflection- Two successful methods for perfectionists- Simpleandcomprehensive interface- Regularly new update with evenmorepuzzles!- Designers listening to your comments and criticisms^^
Zeroes - Logic puzzle game 1.21
Petr Marek
Your goal is simple. Make zero on each dot! How to prove it?Byplacing blocks between dots with numbers. There are severaltypesof blocks to use. Blocks with plus, minus, multiplicationordivision, horizontal, vertical and diagonal, shorter or longer.Youhave to use them all to solve every puzzle. But you have touseespecially your intelligence to succeed in this logic game!✔Placeblocks between dots✔ Calculate zeros✔ Solve 60 puzzles•PowersandRoots•Powers and Roots is new free update, which brings 20newlevels to Zeroes. Discover powers and roots, and use them tosolvepuzzles!•Modulo•Modulo is free update, which adds new worldwith 20levels and blocks with modulo operation. Are you smartenough tosolve them all?
Logical Reasoning Test : Practice, Tips & Tricks 2.22
Do you want to master in 'Logical Reasoning '? Here is the rightappfor you: Logical Reasoning Test: Practice, Tips & Tricks.ThisLogical Reasoning (LR) app is designed as a preparation toolfor theaspirants who want to crack the various 'competitive exams'withflying colors. Reasoning 'tips and tricks' app helps thecandidateswho want to start preparing for various competitiveexams and guidethe people to solve LR questions with reasoningtricks and tips whoeven don’t have the idea of solving logicalreasoning questions.Aptitude and Logical reasoning skills andTricks are mandatory foreveryone to be placed in reputedorganizations. So this aptitude andlogical reasoning offline appsplays an important role in primarystage of short listing thecandidates for all kinds of recruitmentsin both private and publicsectors. Through this critical reasoningapp you can easily improveyour analyzing skills, critical thinkingskills, and Logicalthinking skills in person to excel in yourpassionate career. Thisreasoning tricks for competitive exam appplays a major role in allthe competitive exams, bank exams andother entrance test ofvarious institutions because logicalreasoning reveals a person’sanalyzing ability and to make thedecision based on the givenconditions. This Logical reasoning Testpreparation tool will beuseful for various competitive exams suchas 👍 Bank exams (Bank PO,SBI PO, RBI, Bank Clerical Exams) 👍Company interview knowledgetest for campus placement of engineeringstudents. 👍 MBA, SSC 👍RRB, Railways recruitment Features: 📕 Theavailable features in ourlogical reasoning offline app, make you tobe the best in problemsolving skills. 📕 Download Logical ReasoningApp at free of cost. 📕You can access our Pocket Logical Reasoningapp in offline mode. 📕Share this app with your friends and let themget skilled inreasoning and analyzing. 📕 You can easily switchbetweencategories. 📕 Various topics are explained with answers. 📕Veryeasy User Interface. 📕 3000+ logical questions from 30+topicsThere are 6 main categories of Logical Reasoning! ✅ SolvedProblems✅ Tips and Tricks ✅ Practice ✅ Test ✅ Daily Test ✅ OnlineTest 📕You can bookmark your choice of questions. 📕 As time factoris veryimportant in all, Our app greatly helps you in timemanagement incompetitive exams by availing ✅ Free daily test ✅Online test ✅Even you can practice with timer in Test Category 📕Summary of yourperformance at the end of every test. Thisapplication has hugecollection of logical reasoning aptitudepuzzles under differentcategories such as: 1 Alphabet Reasoning 2Alphabet Series 3Alphabet Test 4 Analogy 5 Antonyms 6 ArithmeticSigns 7Arithmetical Reasoning 8 Artificial Language 9 BloodRelation 10Calendar 11 Coding And Decoding 12 Decision Making 13EssentialPart 14 Find The Odd 15 Letter And Symbol Series 16 LetterSeries17 Logical Reasoning 18 Logical Sequence Of Words 19NumberSequence 20 Number Series 21 Odd Letter Group 22 Odd Man Out23 OddNumeral 24 Odd Numeral Pair/Group 25 Odd Pair Of Words 26 OddWord27 Ranking Quiz 28 Sentence Completion 29 Sequence Of Words30Series Completion 31 Situation Reaction 32 Verbal Ability33Verification Of Truth 34 Word Formation
Hard Logic 2.0
One Man Band
Hard Logic is game with unusual addictive playing mechanics,stylishgraphics and simple rules, just move the magnets on themarkedfields. 120 levels with increasing difficulty will spend youa lotof hours in the game, you will return to it again and again.
Numbers - logic game 1.06
Numbers - is a logic game about moving tiles of numbers. the goalofthe game is to get to the highest number. you move yourfingerup,down, left,right and the tiles will move. everytimes thenumbersare same, they will merge into their sum. its very addictivelogicpuzzles game, great brain food. the game has one puzzlebasically.this logic game is very good for training your brain andlogicalthinking. you can get in this logic puzzles to very highnumberlike 64000. we have other logic games, so check out thedeveloperspage for more logic puzzles games.
Take Ten: Puzzle with numbers. Pairs of digits 1.8.10
One of the best time killer ever! Warning: Take Ten causesanaddiction! Take Ten! is a logic puzzle game for kids andadultsalso known as Numbers, Digits, Sunflower seeds, Seeds, ColumnorTen. Rules are very simple: your main goal is to remove alldigitsfrom the game field by deleting pairs of equal digits orpairs ofdigits that add up to ten. If no more moves are possibleallremaining digits will be rewritten from the last cell. There isanillustrated and more detailed guide in the application. TakeTen!also makes kids to count and improve some basic math ornumeracyskills. For adults it is a funny and addictive number gameto trainthe brain. A good alternative for sudoku, number puzzlesorcrossword puzzles. Want to play Take Ten on your nativelanguage?Help us to translate it! Write to shadowbizgame@gmail.comA casual,addictive, puzzle game for everybody. Now explore deepchallengefor you mind and enjoy this number game! Be smart! Thereare a lotof ways to solve this puzzle! Good luck and have fun!Features: -Hints, undo, save game - Day and night mode - 3 gamemodes:Classic, Random and Chaotic! Tired of action games? Try toplayTake Ten! Personal data collection: Our app may useyourIP-address, Device ID or your Android advertising IDforadvertising purposes. We DO NOT STORE your personal data.
Open 100 Doors - Puzzle
Bonbeart Games
You like interesting logic tasks, rather than template puzzles,thenyou're in the right place. Open 100 Doors - a free collectionof newamazing and fun puzzles that will boost your mood! Composemusic,find objects, dress this penguin, finally! ⛄ Who knows whatisbehind the next door? Continuation of the famous series ofpuzzles -100 Doors Seasons, more than 10 Million downloads inGoogle Play.All the same difficult and exciting brainteaser, butin a cozyatmosphere and bright colors of the holiday. This gamewas createdin the best style of genres: «Escape» and «100 Doors»,it puzzle forkids and adults! Think for yourself and play withfriends to solvepuzzles and open all 100 Doors. Escape the room!Like challenge! Itis more challenging than it looks! GAMEFEATURES: - Puzzle Games -Thought-provoking fun - Find items -Find hidden objects - New YearPuzzles - set the mood forChristmas! - Tips to beginners for getescape - Every new room hasamazing and fun game graphics - Use allfeatures of your device -shake, rotate it! - Ability to skipdifficult rooms - ChallengingPuzzles for kids and for adults, forfamily - Family games - Thegame is absolutely Free. Yes, it's alllevels! - Offline games -Without Internet and without WiFi Bonbeart- we make interestinggames!_____________________________________________ Couldn't solvethepuzzle? - GET HINT FOR ESCAPE! • Facebook:facebook.com/Bonbeart •VKontakte: vk.com/bonbeart • Twitter:twitter.com/Bonbeart •Google+:plus.google.com/105759392365274188372 Are you ready to Open100Doors? Solve all the Puzzles! 🎉
Logic puzzles 4 1.09
Move the cube to the red hole. there are many logic puzzles toplay.starting from easy logic puzzles, to hard puzzles. you canskipbrain teasers that are too hard, this way you can never getstuck.best riddles to activate your brain! we have several otherlogicpuzzles games, so check the developer page.
Markoshiki – logic puzzle game 1.1.1
Marco Barisione
Markoshiki is a logic puzzle game, similar to Sudoku orFutoshiki.InMarkoshiki you are presented with a board, split infour quadrants,with some numbers already in it. Your goal is tofill the missingnumbers using the existing ones as hints.The rulesare simple:-Numbers grow in a clockwise direction following thearrows.-Consecutive numbers are in the same row or column as thepreviousnumber, but in different quadrants.- The numbers that arealready inthe board when you start the game cannot be modified.
Jigsaw Puzzles with Bmw 6 1.0
In this great puzzle fun game you will find manypowerful,beautiful, athletic and stylish, expensive and veryexpensivemachines and vehicles. The app created specifically forcar fanscar fans! Include thinking, and collect interestingpuzzles, savethe collected pictures on your phone and tablet, sharewith friendsand family via the Internet. Enjoy and leave yourreview and ratingour free app!
Unblock 2018 1.1
UNI Studio
Unblock 2018 is a brain logic puzzle game.The goal is to get theredblock out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of theway.How to solved the unblock puzzle Firstly , let me introducewhat theunblock puzzle is. When game play, you will see many woodblocks.There are many types of block :- Locked wood block : Youcan't slideto move the block.- Regular wood block : Slide to moveit. There ismaybe a path on this block to roll the ball throughit.- Red block:This is goal block, make the ball roll to it andyou will finishthe puzzle.Now, to solve the puzzle you have to :-Slide thenon-locked wood block.- Create a path to roll the ball toredblock.Go ahead ! slide , unblock, and make the ball roll togoal.Challenge yourself with 1000+ levels of game.
Emotional Intelligence – Free Education 2.8.4
Up Studio Apps
Are you into self-care and mental health? Do you want to knowmoreabout personality, empathy or body language? Then try out ourapp –Emotional Intelligence - Free Education – where you may aswellchat anonymously with strangers via your avatar in ouranonymouschat, read mind-boggling articles with topics on healthpsychology,personal care, empathy, etc. Psych yourself up andengage in a newkind of education discovery. Because whether you aregoing to anacademy or not, you can think of this app as an“academy” ofself-care, empathy, mental health and personality. Ifyou want to,say, know more about how to manipulate or psych others,you cane.g. learn how to manipulate someone or show someone withapsychological disorder the way to his/her mental health. Here isalist of benefits which this app offers you: ★ Learnaboutself-care, health psychology, body language andpsychologicaldisorder(s) in the “Learn” section ★ Test your ownpersonality inour various skill-tests ★ Find interesting articlesin our “News”section and take the road of education discovery:learn how tomanipulate, how to improve your personal care andmental health,and learn how to read body language ★ Chatanonymously via youravatar with strangers who have similarinterests as you in ouronline anonymous chat ★ Test your knowledgeand take fun quizzes inthe “Quiz” section This app provides analternative kind ofeducation discovery. To sum up, with EmotionalIntelligence you canstudy about health psychology (like on anacademy), chat withstrangers anonymously via your avatar in ouranonymous chat, readinteresting articles on personal care, bodylanguage, and variousother topics, and you may as well help someonewho has some kind ofpsychological disorder. So, install EmotionalIntelligence andpsych it out!
Dr. Link 1.12
SUD Inc.
Dr. Link is a simple logic puzzle involving finding paths toconnectdots in a grid. Link all the matching dots on the grid withsinglecontinuous lines. SUD Inc.
Puzzle Blocks 2.6.3935
Yo App
Easy to get started and pleasurable block puzzle game for allage.Blitz through endless levels of logic puzzles, making suretoconnect or pattern the jigsaw correctly. Give it a shoot, youwilllove it! How to play: - Simply drag the blocks to fill theemptyspace - Blocks cannot be rotated ,only one correct solutioneachpuzzle - No time limit - Don't worry, free hints offered helpyouwith tricky stuff Features: - Thousands of free puzzles totrainyour brain - Support Puzzle and Arcade game modes -Addictive,simple and logical - Compete with your family and friendsinleaderboard - Infinite challenge - 5 Difficulties rangingfromNovice, Regular, Advanced to Expert. - Perfect for adults andkids!Get hooked on this brain exercise for free before NOW!!
Sudoku Fun 1.17.40
Smoote Mobile
Sudoku is the most popular logic-based numbers game. The aim ofthegame is to place 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each numbercanonly appear once in each row, each column and each mini-grid.Thisis a simply easy-to-use sudoku game, with fresh and coolinterface,very acceptable difficult levels, suitable for sudokubeginner tosudoku expert. Features: 5 levels: beginner, easy,medium,difficult and expert Pencil marks Hints to help you completehardones Auto-save More puzzles will be comming soom!
Machinery - Physics Puzzle 1.0.79
Machinery is a physics game where there is no single solutionforpassing the level. In any level you are invited to find youruniquesolution. If You like classical logic games here is one youwerelooking for. In this physical puzzle there are only twobasicshapes, a rectangle and a circle. But the possibility ofscaling,rotating and combining them together makes it possible tocreateany mechanism or apparatus. The early levels will teach youhow toplay the game and go through some basic concepts. If you needa caror some machine to solve a level you can build it! Just useyoubrain! :) Hinges or motors are used to connect shapes. The gameisdesigned in a 2D world and have accurate and realisticphysics.Zoom in and out by pinching the screen and pan the viewusing a twofinger drag. The game also has a "Sandbox" and "LevelEditor". It'stime to remember the laws of classical mechanics!Check your brainfor creativity and ingenuity!
Kakuro (Cross Sums) KK-2.1.17
Pink Pointer
Kakuro (originally called Cross Sums) is a logic-based, mathpuzzle.The objective of the puzzle is to insert a digit from 1 to9inclusive into each white cell such that the sum of the numbersineach entry matches the clue associated with it and that no digitisduplicated in any entry. FEATURES: - modern layout - fivedifferentdifficulties - hundreds of puzzles for each difficulty -auto-saveyour progress for each puzzle - unlimited undo/redo -color inputsystem for experts - clean interface and smoothcontrols - googleplay games achievements - phones and tabletssupport HELPFULFEATURES (optional): - selection modes: selectfirst or number first- pencil modes: automatic or manual -keyboard configuration: auto,three rows, two rows, one row -direction highlight: vertical andhorizontal highlight - ruleviolations: game rule warnings highlight- sum errors: calculate ifthe sum is correct or not - sumcombinations: show all possiblecombinations - multiple color input(advanced): use differentcolors to place numbers - automatic errordetection: show errorsautomatically - bigger numbers: large fontfor better visualization
Unblock - Logic puzzles 1.04
Unblock - logic puzzles. in this logic game you need to movetheblue block to the blue hole. you need to move the otherblocks.each level has a special way to solve it. you can also skiplogiclevels that are too hard in the game. its amazing thinkinggame.there are 46 riddles to activate your brain and increase yourIQ.we have more logic games so check them out.
Calcudoku · Math Logic Puzzles 1.20
Razzle Puzzles
Enjoy Calcudoku, a free puzzle game that tests your math andlogic!If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Calcudoku!AboutCalcudoku math puzzles: Every Calcudoku has a single solutionthatcan be reached logically. Like Sudoku, fill in the grid suchthatno two digits repeat in any column or row. Use the shapes inthegrid as your guide. Each shape contains a number equalingtheproduct of the shapes' digits. For example a shape with threecellscontaining the number 6 may have cell values 1, 2 and 3, as 1× 2 ×3 = 6. Challenge yourself further with larger grids forexperts, upto 9x9 size! Calcudoku offers thousands of free mathpuzzles withfeatures to help you solve each puzzle. Enjoy anunlimited numberof hints and checks in case you get stuck. Use thecalculator toolto help with multiplication and division againstlarge numbers. Andrest assured that all puzzle games areautomatically saved andrestored letting you stop and restart gameswith ease. Track yourbest and average solve times over history withour stats tracker.Calcudoku, a popular Sudoku variant, wasoriginally invented in2004 by Japanese math teacher TetsuyaMiyamoto. You can playCalcudoku by Razzle Puzzles on your phone andtablet. EnjoyCalcudoku online or in offline mode! For supportplease contact usat support@razzlepuzzles.com or visitRazzlePuzzles.com
Andrea Sabbatini
Train your brain with more puzzle games from "100 Logic Games":More Tents and Skyscrapers, variants and bonus CityPlanner---------------- Can't stand Sudoku ? Or actually, maybe youloveit, but you’re looking for a change ? These puzzle games are alotmore entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar mentalexercise.Choose among increasingly difficult and big puzzle levels,saveyour progress, undo, restart and take advantage of the hintstokeep going when stuck. An ideal companion for spare time,withenough variety you’re sure to find at least one game you’lllove.Features: • 900 puzzle levels • Auto-save game and quickresuming •In-game rules and solved example • Timed Hints •Note-taking forcomplex puzzles • Single game progress in list •Pinch Zoom for bigpuzzles Have fun !__________________________________Puzzle,logic,games,Sudoku,kakuro,futoshiki,hitori,nurikabe,battleships,skyscrapers,abc,magnets,lightsup,brain,training,solitaire,masyu,numberlink,fillomino,slitherlink,mosaic,hidato,linesweeper,calcudoku,binary,galaxies,sudoku, kakuro, logic games, 100 logic games, 100 logicgames - timekillers, time killers, brain, training, trainer, braintraining,brain trainer, brain exercises, logic, logic game, logicgames,logic thinking, thinking, lateral, lateral thinking,criticalthinking, brain teasers, riddle, logic questions, lateralquestions,logic games, logic games free, logic puzzles, logicpuzzles free,logic, logic free, mind games, brain, brain games,brain quizz,brain puzzle, logica, puzzle, logic game, free game,thinking, mind,brain, memory, ingenuity, IQ.
Tic Tac Toe Logic 1.23
Solve over 300 free singleplayer logic puzzles withvaryingdifficulty and gamemodes! Main features: **Play intraditionalgamemode, where you have to fill a grid with Xs and Osso there areno more than 2 of either in a row or column and sothere's the samenumber of both in every row and column **Play inexperimentalgamemode, which adds new wrapping and diagonalsrules!**Interactive tutorial for each gamemode **New free puzzleseveryday! **Battery saving mode to keep you going for hours
Slider Block 3.1
Slide the block through the board to reach the star. This isanamazing puzzle that will test your logic and squeeze yourbrain.Once the block is sliding it won't stop until it hits anotheritem,try to find the right path to the star and use special itemstojump, turn in corners and more...You won't be able to stopuntilyou finish all the puzzles and boards available. Do youlikepuzzles and logic games? Then you'll love Slider Block. 144puzzlesand levels to have fun and test your brain.