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API Demos for Android 1.9.0
400+ searchable Demos!Includes the following API Demos for Android• Support Leanback Showcase Demos - Android TV• Mobile Vision Demos - Face Tracker, Multi-Tracker• Support Design Demos - Material: NavigationView, AppBar,Snackbar,FAB, TabLayout• Support Percent Demos - PercentFragment:PercentFrameLayout,PercentRelativeLayout• Support App Navigation - Activity, Action Bar, Notification• Support v4 Demos - Fragments, Loaders Accessibility etc.• Support v7 Demos - AppCompat, CardView, RecycleView, CastingwithMediaRouter• Support v13 Demos - Fragments, Pagers and Action Bar Tabs• API Demos - Graphics, Animations, Hardware, Views etc.Extra:• App Invite Demo - Invite others to test the app• "Cheesesquare" Demos new Material Design Library for Android,byChris Banes• Easter egg?Actions:• View - Lookup the source code on GitHub• Search - search over 400 executable demos• Issues? -There is no guarantee that all demos will work onyourdevice, if so there is an option to send a mail.• Rate - if you find the app helpful, please rate it here onGooglePlay
Libraries for developers 3.83
Desarrollo Droide
This application provides a collection of third party libraries,asadeveloper this application is essential for you. Youwillhaveinformation about the author, captures, license,description,linksof the library and you can try a working examplewithintheapplication. Most applications are listed on github,othersarefrom google code and bitbucket. From this application wewanttothank all the developers who publish their librariesforthebenefit of others. We hope that developers might find ituseful.
PDF417 Barcode Scan Demo App
PDF417.mobi is a demo application of 2Dbarcodescanning library (SDK) developed by Microblink team.This demo is intended primarily for developers and thoseinterestedin developing mobile barcode scanning apps, but also itcan beeasily used as any other PDF417 and QR scanning app.Features:* Barcode types: PDF417 (2D Barcode), QR code,Coder39,Code128* Flexibility: easy to integrate API* Working conditions: low and poor light conditions* Camera quality: low quality and low resolutionmobilecameras* Perspective: can shoot at an angle* Speed: 100-900 ms - depends on device and barcode size* Charset: unicodePDF417.mobi scanning library is ideal for different barcodereaderapps like: boarding pass, personal identifications, paymentslips,driver licences and other.If you like it, check for downloads, source code on GitHub,help,pricing and more information on our website:http://pdf417.mobi/
Material Design Demo 1.0
Sagar Viradiya
This is sample app created using design support library toshowhowto implement material design in app which iscompatiblewithpre-lollipop devices(till API Level 7). Appcoversfollowingmaterial design components 1) Navigation drawer2)Flexible spacewith image(Scrolling technique) 3) Floatingactionbutton 4)Floating labels for editing text 5) Snackbar (withandwithoutaction) 6) Tabs 7) CoordinatorLayout and floatingactionbutton 8)CoordinatorLayout and app bar(tool bar) Find sourcecodeongithubathttps://github.com/sagar-viradiya/android-design-support-lib-demo
Web API Demo 1.1
Crosswalk Project
The Crosswalk Project Web API Demo isacentralised place to demonstrate the Web Runtime and WebAPIfeatures (https://crosswalk-project.org/documentation/apis/web_apis.html)supported by the Crosswalk Project. Web application developerscaneasily see and learn how to use Crosswalk Project as a webruntimefor Web application development.Enjoy it and feel free to report any issues to theCrosswalkProject Jira (https://crosswalk-project.org) or thesupportmailing list (crosswalk-help@lists.crosswalk-project.org)Note: this application is packaged using the Crosswalksharedmode. If Crosswalk is not already installed in the device,you willbe asked to donwload it from the Google Play Store thefirst timethe application is launched.For more information on the Crosswalk Projectseewww.crosswalk-project.orgFEATURES* Runtime & Packaging: App URI* Multimedia & Graphics: Animation Transform, AudioPlay,Canvas, CSS Animation, CSS Style,CSS Style Attribute, FlexibleBox,Media Queries, SVG Transformation, Transitions,VideoPlay,WebRTC* Networking & Storage: FileReader, IndexedDB, SessionHistory,Web Database, Web Messaging,Web Speech, Web Storage* Performance & Optimization: Animation Timing, HighResolutionTime, Navigation Timing, Page Visibility, PerformanceTimeline,Resource Timing,Selectors, Typed Array, User Timing,Workers* Device & Hardware: Accelerometer, Battery Status,BrowserState, Camera, Camera via UserMedia, Full Screen, Forms,GamePad,HTML Template, Input, Location GPS,Notifications,ScreenOrientation, ShadowDom, Touch, Vibration, WebAudio,WebGL* Social: Contacts Manager* Experimental: Device Capabilities, Presentation, SIMD* Security: Sandbox* Third Party Framework: PDFjs* Scheme: SchemeContent, SchemesCheck* Manifest: ManifestDemo1-5The Web API Demo was created by the Crosswalk Project QAteamSource code available on https://github.com/crosswalk-project/demo-express
RecyclerViewAnimators 1.1.3
RecyclerViewAnimators is an Android library that allowsdevelopersto easily create RecyclerView with animationsThanks.https://twitter.com/wasabeef_jp