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Call Recorder 5.7.1
This call recorder app is a free version without restrictions.Doyouhave difficulty clicking the record button when talking onthephone?Try using the call recording manager app. You can putnotesso youcan easily save what currency it is. Keep a note on thecalland useit like a personal call center. It will help yourbusiness.Importantcall recordings can be moved to the importantlibrary forlong-termstorage. The advantages of the Automatic CallRecorderapplicationare as follows. Call recording application canplay therecordedfile.
AutoCallRecorder 1.0.10c
Roman G
A very lightweight application whichwillsilently record all the calls to auto_call_recorder directoryonyour SD card.Please be kind, on some phones the recording feature doesnotwork, and it's a problem in Android or the phone.Note that the application does not access the internet - youcanbe sure no data about you or your recordings are collectedbyAutoCallRecorder!Please send problems to email, so i can do my best to help.Keywords: call, record, sound, auto, automatic, recording.