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It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about theindividual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classiclabels, and up-and-coming designers all together.- AlexanderMcQueenFinding the perfect evening gown is like holding kryptonitein your hands - the world stops and time seems to freeze as you runyour hands over that much coveted object, feeling the material withevery fiber of your being. In that one moment, you feel stirred andsoothed, strong and weak at the same time - it's as if all yourlife had been leading up to this moment when you come face to facewith your raison d'être! Ah... Sometimes, even exaggerations seemjustified. Anyway, coming back to evening gowns, it is not alwaysthat fate smiles upon you thus, and, most of the time, you are leftwith no option but to put together available resources to getsomething close to the original temptation.Pattern Styles andIdeasSweetheart necklineWhite gown with a sweetheart necklineTakethe top half of a heart at the bustline and you have the sexy andcute sweetheart neckline. Apple-shaped women can opt for a gownwhere the skirt draws attention. A billowing, flowy skirt is theperfect option to add fullness to the lower half of the body. Acoverup like a pashmina or silk wrap can be used if you areconscious of your upper body.Front and back view of a shocking pinkgown with a sweetheart neckline.A gown with a sweetheart necklineworks well for pear-shaped women with a small bosom.Opt for afitted bodice on top to flaunt your best features.For the lowerhalf of your body, go in for a dress that has an A-line skirt orone with straight cuts.A body-hugging dress is an ideal choice forwomen with an hourglass figure.A fitted dress will accentuate youcurves and highlight your best features.Wear a pretty belt over thedress, to further define your waist.MermaiWhite gown with a largemermaid flareAt a formal, social event, everyone would want todress to kill. How about you dress to mes-MER-ize? Enter themermaid gown. It is a great option for apple-shaped women as thelower half of the dress is the main focus. You can pick a gown withthick shoulder straps or even sleeves if you are not comfortablewith the strapless style.Salmon pink mermaid gown with an extensiveflareA mermaid gown that is not figure-hugging is your go-tooption.Look for a dress that has a straight cut to the mid-thighand then flares out.A silhouette of this kind will draw attentionto the flare below the knees, without making you conscious.Awell-fitted, body-hugging mermaid gown really complements womenwith an hourglass figure.A form fitting strapless version will hugyou in all the right places while also drawing attention to thedramatic flare below the knees.BacklessSexy, white, backlessgownMove over plunging neckline and high hemline; the sexy andsultry backless beauty is here. The best way to make yourapple-shaped body appear more curvaceous is to opt for a backlessgown with the open back in the shape of a triangle. This willprovide a slimming effect to the upper body. For the lower half youcan go in for a silhouette that adds more volume to theoutfit.Spaghetti-strap, backless green gown with a cross patternAbackless gown with an inverted triangle-shaped back is ideal for apear-shaped body.It is advisable to avoid a plunging backless dressas it will draw attention to the lower half of the body. Instead,opt for a gown that is glamorous on top.If you have an hourglassbody and dare to bare, you can go in for a plunging backlessdress.You can wear a dress that is body-hugging.A dress with fullsleeves and a simple front will enhance the backless aspect of yourgown.MulletDiscover Design Ideas Prom Dress Trends 2017 isHere!Tren Evening Gown 2017

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Simple Mehndi Design Ideas 1.0 APK
The origin of the art of tattooing can be traced back to theNeolithic times and has been practiced by people across the worldfor centuries. Though it was initially used for spiritual andidentification purposes, this art of tattooing expanded itshorizons and soon became identified as a form of cosmetic. Tattoosare made by injecting ink into the layers of the skin. Most of themare permanent, but some can be removed fully or partially throughlaser treatments. The permanent nature of tattoos was considered adrawback, as a particular tattoo has to be carried throughout life.This led to the exploration for temporary tattoos, which can beremoved or which fade away with time. Henna tattooing met thesestandards and became one of the most popular methods of tattooing.Henna TattooingHenna is a flowering plant, commonly found in thesemi-arid regions of the world. The leaves of the henna plant(Lawsonia inermis) contain a red dye molecule called lawsone, whichcan bond with protein. Hence, the paste of these leaves have beenused by people since time immemorial for dyeing fabrics andcoloring hair, skin and nails. Traditionally, henna was used todraw delicate patterns on the hands and feet. Gradually, peoplestarted using henna designs as a replacement for conventionaltattoos. Unlike other types of temporary tattoos, henna tattooscannot be made in a wide range of colors. The latter can come upwith shades of reds, browns and near blacks. But beware of somehenna products, which may contain harmful chemicals. Hence, it isalways better to use natural henna for tattoos and body art.Hennatattoos are made of henna paste, which is applied on the skin inthe desired pattern. It is left on the skin for several hours tofacilitate staining. The stain will last for around two weeks toone month, depending on the method of application and after-care.One of the reasons behind the popularity of henna tattoos is itstemporary nature. The tattoo will fade on its own and there is noneed of adopting tattoo removal. Even if you want to remove thesetattoos, it is very easy, as compared to conventional ones. Youdon't have to sport the same design for a whole lifetime. Anotherreason is the lack of pain associated with the conventionaltattoos, which need needles to etch the design. In case of hennatattoos, only henna paste is required. Henna Tattoo DesignsDesignsfor FeetDesigns for HandsOffbeat DesignsZodiac SignDesignsTraditional Henna Tattoo DesignsBasically, traditionaldesigns can be classified into African, Arabic and Indian. Othertypes include the Middle East style, which is inspired by theArabic style. The Indonesian or Southeast Asian styles are acombination of Indian and Middle Eastern designs with blocks ofcolor on the tips of fingers and toes. The North American stylemainly deals with geometric floral patterns. Let's look at thebasic types.African henna designs consists of very bold and bigdesigns, made of broad lines. Most of the designs resemblegeometric patterns, which are sometimes made of black henna.Arabichenna designs are characterized by floral designs, with thicklines. But as compared to the lines in the African designs, Arabicones are thinner.Indian henna designs usually cover the entirehands, forearms, feet and shins. The designs are intricate andconsist of paisley patterns, thin lines and teardrops. These areconsidered the most elaborate and delicate among henna designs andare very popular.Traditional Arabic henna tattoo designsTraditionalIndian henna tattoo designsTraditional African henna tattoodesignsAll these traditional henna designs are incorporated intothe art of tattooing. From small motifs, elaborate designs areetched on the skin. Apart from these designs, there are many modernones like Celtic designs, which are also in vogue. As far as hennatattoo designs are concerned, your imagination is the limit.Splurge your creativity and create your own designs.
Dog House Design 1.0 APK
Dogs have a metabolism that can keep them warm. Their natural bodyheat and furry body helps them stay clear of the winter cold, butonly up to a certain temperature. Areas with extreme temperaturescan be harmful for them. They need warmer kennels with protectionfrom cold and snow. It is generally assumed that dogs with a furrybody and long hair can stay warmer. However, that is not true.Long-haired dogs also need extra warmth. Their tolerance towardscold temperatures is the same. Leaving these faithful creatures outin the freezing temperatures can prove to be devastating for theirhealth.If you have a dog that is old, has been ill for a longperiod, or is recovering, a warm dog house is essential for itswell-being. If not provided with a warm environment, these dogs canget terminally ill, or become perpetually sad. Some dogs, afterlong exposure to cold temperatures, do not regain theirplayfulness. A warm kennel can go a long way to keep your pethealthy, happy, and playful in these cold temperatures. There arevarious methods that can help to keep your dog's house warm.VariousTypesHeater Box/Furnace BoxA heater or a furnace box is a metal boxthat is fixed inside the dog kennel from the top or back of thekennel. It is placed in a manner that will not take up your dog'ssleeping space. It is fitted from within with either a light bulb,or a ceramic plate that emits heat. This helps to heat up the doghouse. The light bulb models will light up the kennel at night,making it difficult for your dog to fall asleep. Dog house heaterscan cost anywhere between $65 to $120.Many models require you tobuy the basic product and then the required add-on. It is better todo your research online before doing any purchase. Many productsare also available for online purchase. Earlier, models were unsafeas they would heat up the metal box a lot and cause burn problems.Newer models are available, which are cool to touch from inside thekennel as well as from the outside. The heater box can increase thetemperature of the kennel by 40° F. If you require added heat foryour dog, extra accessories need to be purchased.Heated Kennel MatAheated kennel mat is a practical and easy approach to keep your petwarm in the winter. As the name suggests, it is a mat -- similar toa heating pad -- that can be placed inside the dog house. It is ahassle-free technique where all you need to do is lie the mat downon the foot of the kennel and it is ready to use. Most productshave a cord that can be easily taken out from the rear side of thekennel and plugged in. You may need to use an extension cord if youdo not have a plug switch nearby.Although they are cheap in cost($20 to $40), a few dog owners are hesitant to have mats in the doghouse. Many dogs have a chewing habit, and owners are scared oftheir dogs chewing up the mat, or the cord. A solution for that canalso be worked out. You can place the mat below the base of thekennel. This will keep the dog from chewing at it and yet keep itwarm. However, take care that the pad is encased in plastic, oranything that is moisture-proof to protect it from the ground. Forthe cord, you can run it through a plastic pipe. For betterprotection, you can even bury the pipe in the ground. These matsare a good option for dog houses that are made up of plastic, wood,or metal. Dog House Design
T shirt Design Cool 1.0 APK
Do you want to design a t-shirt for yourself? If yes, then you areat right spot. In this Buzzle article, we give you differentmethods that will help you design t-shirts with utmost ease andabsolutely no hard work on your part.Most of us buy our wardrobefrom retail stores, where there are the same clothes for sale indifferent shapes and sizes. Sooner or later this can cause you tohave a nightmarish day, when you reach your school or office tobump into your best friend or colleague wearing the exact clothesyou have donned. Plagued by comments like did you decide to wearthe same thing today and you guys look like twins the entire day isnot something anyone looks forward to. What better way to avoidthis than designing your own clothes. Okay, so maybe you don't havea degree in fashion designing, and hence, find the entire processcumbersome. But the fact is that, now you can design your ownclothes online without any effort on your part.Designing aT-ShirtYou don't have to know a lot about fabrics or fashion inorder to design a t-shirt. There are many websites that allow youto design clothing at home. All you need at your disposal is acomputer with an Internet connection. You can use these websites todesign other things like bags, mugs, caps, etc., without expendingany energy at all. These websites allow you to design a shirt forfree, and then, if you are happy with the results you can place anorder to buy the t-shirt.The process for such designing is veryeasy. All you need to do is, use the templates that these websiteshave, and follow the instructions. Once you log onto the site, youwill have an image of a t-shirt. You can choose the color in whichyou want your tee shirt, add images, create shapes, add text, havea distressed effect, etc; there are endless options that you canchoose from. Once you are happy with your final result, you candecide to place an order for these custom t-shirts. The images youcan use for the design, can be from the collection of clip artimages that these websites generally have or you can create yourown image and upload the same on the website. Give your creativityfree rein while you design your shirt. Making these novelty teeshirts can also be turned into a business by budding entrepreneurs,who can create tee shirts using these websites, and enter apartnership deal, if it suits their purpose. Remember to design alogo, if you do decide to venture out on your own. If you do notwant to use websites to create the t-shirts, you can use aparticular software that will enable you to create t-shirts.Thereare other methods that you can use to create tee shirts at home.These methods are cheaper, but perfect for those, who have acreative bent of mind. You can use plain shirts, and paint on themusing acrylic paints to create t-shirts that are unique andindividualistic in nature. You can also use tie and dye patterns tocreate several designs. You can also opt for the tee shirt transfermethod of ironing on artwork. For this, you will need a t-shirt,your artwork, software to create the artwork on, printer, transferpaper, iron, and a piece of fabric. Just print the artwork ontransfer paper. Before you print it out, it is important to flipthe image so that you print a mirror image on the transfer paper.You will then need to place the t-shirt on a flat surface, placethe artwork on it as you want to position it, and then place thehot iron on it. Peel the transfer paper when it is hot unless youare using one of the newer version of transfer paper that allowsyou to wait for the paper to cool before peeling it off. Theprocess is very easy to learn and hardly requires any effort.TakeThe Big Idea Design T-shirt HERE!T shirt Design Cool
Amazing Hair Color 1.0 APK
Choosing a hair color could be a confusing affair for women,knowing that there are so many exceptions and variations to it.First and foremost, choose a color that will complement your skintone; otherwise, it could look all wrong on you. Here are sometrendy options that olive or earthy skin-toned people could optfor, while coloring their hair.There are many options available forpeople with an olive skin tone. Colors like copper brown, black,and darker blonde will definitely enhance their look. Alwaysconsult a professional hairdresser for an opinion, because choosingthe right color has many elements factored in it, like the skintone, hair type, and eye color, and only an experienced stylist canmake the right judgment about your hair.Warm or Cool - WhichCategory Do You Belong To?Generally, people with an olive skin tonehave warmer undertones, i.e., their wrist vein color would have agreenish tint, but there are some whose skin tone is on the coolerside, i.e., their wrist vein color can have a blue tint. Colors,like copper and black look great on warm skin-toned people, whereasred and brown look very good on cool skin-toned people. There arenumerous shades to choose from, but dark colors always go well withan earthy skin tone.Colorful CopperCelebrity Inspiration: AlysonHanniganPeople with dark brown eyes and an olive skin tone shouldgo for shades, like dark copper, coffee, or golden copper. Eyecolor is an important factor that you should consider whilechoosing a hair color. You can also experiment with different hairaccessories or try vibrant highlights. Dark skin-toned people canopt for copper colors or shades, like burnt orange or autumn red.Shades, like dark copper, pale gold, honey, and red will alsocomplement their look.Bold BrunettesCelebrity Inspiration: SophiaBushThe term 'brunette' covers a variety of shades ranging fromdeep blacks to browns and blonds. Generally, people with brown hairare called brunettes. They are the lucky ones, who can try any haircolor and end up looking stunning, if they maintain it properly.Pick a shade of brown or black to get that classic, sensible, andcomfortable look.Today, undoubtedly men, too, are not far behind inchanging their look and adding a little excitement to their style.They look refreshing in colors, like black or shades of brown, suchas golden brown, honey brown, and chestnut brown. You can count onany of them, as olive skin-toned people look beautiful in deepblacks and browns.Mellow BlondesCelebrity Inspiration: JenniferLopezOlive skin-toned people look glamorous and stylish in shadesof blonde. Shades like golden blonde or strawberry blonde lookcharming on people with hazel or green eyes. These days, anincreasing number of men are coloring their hair. Blonde hair colorwith dark brown streaks is one of the best ideas suitable for menwith an olive skin tone. People, who carry this look well, alwaysbecome the center of attention.Fiery RedsCelebrity Inspiration:Marcia CrossIf you love to experiment and stand out in a crowd,then you should opt for this bright and brave hair color. If youwant a bolder look, then you can also try red or violet shades,drawing inspiration from famous celebrities, like Rihanna and KatyPerry. It will definitely make you look attractive, interesting,and radiant.Without a doubt, color is the simplest way to lookprettier, more lively, and simply your best. So, you see, peoplewith an earthy skin tone should opt for darker shades, as it reallysuits them, thereby making them look strikingly attractive. For thehair color to last longer, selecting the right kind of shampoo isimportant to limit fading (of color) and prevent any other kind ofdamage. Don't be afraid to experiment. Get up, go color your hairin vibrant colors, and flaunt your unique olive skin tone.FindInspiration For Your Fabulous Hair Color Here!Amazing Hair Color
Homemade Crafts 1.0 APK
Good at crafts, always itching to create something out of almostnothing and now ready to sell them. Does that sound like yourselfto you? Well then, read ahead for some ideas on what kinds ofcrafts you can make and sell easily!I have a friend who is a geniuswhen it comes to arts and crafts. She has a wonderful way with herhands. And anything she touches gets transformed into somethinggorgeous! Since we were kids, she never bought anyone birthdaygifts. She always MADE them! I always envied her, because her giftalways had a special personal touch to it. And needless to say, itmade the receiver extremely happy.Now she's a stay at home mom, andshe still makes these great craft articles. So, I decided to askher if she would be willing to make her awesome crafts and sellthem! She was skeptical at first, but now she's doing reallywell.If you too want to have your creativity and correspondingtalent earn you some money, then go ahead and make some easy craftsand sell them! You've already got the talent, why not use it?PaperLanternsIf you're a fan of lamp shades, you can use this interestto make some. Try some really creative ideas and you can sell somestunning pieces for sure! Keep some simple, some intricate, somecolorful, some plain and classy. Try out any kind of material thatyou want, and see what sells best. Paper, metal, glass, ceramic,etc. there are so many different kinds of things that you can trywith all of these.JewelryJewelry making is one of the best avenuesthat you can explore if you want to sell your crafts. You canexperiment with different types of necklaces like beaded, simplestrings, pearls, fancy stones and pendants like butterflies,angels, flowers, etc. For bracelets, you can try different hempbracelets, knotted wool bracelets, charm bracelets, glass beadjewelry, etc. you can also make a complete set using the abovementioned idea and pair them up with matching earrings!PictureFramesScrounge a flea market or a garage sale in your neighborhoodfor some old and discarded picture frames. Take the poor thingshome and use your imagination to transform them into sparkling newmasterpieces! Use shells, beads, sequins, sand, mirrors, printedfabric, ribbons, etc. to design picture frames with a personaltouch. Once they begin selling, you'll get a fair idea of what yourtarget clientele wants. Then, you can begin customizing the pictureframes as per their requests.DoiliesIf you're an expert at crochet,you can make doilies and sell them straight out of your home. Andif you're not too nifty with the needles, you can try out paperdoilies. Cut out a paper into a circular (or any other shape thatyou wish). Then, fold it to form a cone. Just below the curvededge, mark three spots and punch holes through them. Cut off acurve from either side of the cone and when you open up the paper,you'll have a beautifully patterned paper doily.BookmarksPapercrafts are always some of the best sellers. Even simple things sellfor their plain functionality. Too much heavy talk maybe, but youcannot deny that making and selling something as simple asbookmarks along with your other handicrafts is not only easy to do,but it will also get in that extra bit of cash. You can experimentwith different things like paper, cardboard, a combination of both,even some pretty printed fabric maybe. As far as shapes go, there'sno limit there either.CandlesIf you already know how to makecandles, make some pretty ones in different sizes, shapes, andcolors. Add fragrant aromas to some and package all of them inbeautiful sheer drawstring pouches (which you can also make athome). If you don't know how to make them, well, you can join aclass that teaches it, get the necessary material and begin makingyour own candles. There's no greater joy than seeing something youcreated unfold right in front of your eyes.Homemade CraftsGet GreatIdea to Make Crafts Here!
Home Design 1.0 APK
You need to be very careful while selecting colors for painting theexterior of your house, as they will decide what the house willlook like from the outside. You can take a look at the colors ofyour neighbors' houses and take suggestions from them to know howthey selected the color theme. Even a search on the Internet canhelp you know different types of color combinations that will suitthe exterior of your house. Take a look at the surrounding of yourhouse, and come up with a color scheme that will blend well withthe outdoor. When it comes to the color scheme, you need toconsider the color of all the outdoor elements, including windows,driveway, doors, walls, roof, and many more. See that none of theoutdoor elements looks left out due to a color that does notcomplement other colors. There are plenty of paint schemes for homeexterior, and choose the one that fulfills your needs. You shouldalso consider the color of your neighbor's house, as this will alsodecide the look of your house. Get color pallets or charts from anearby store, and mix and match different colors. These days,virtual painting makes it easy to decide the colors for exterior aswell as the interiors. Choosing the house paint is a very dauntingtask, and you should always consult an expert before finalizing thecolors.PaintingThere are several factors that need to be decidedbefore painting the exteriors. There are different types ofpainting techniques for different types of surfaces. Doors andwindows will require paints that are different from those requiredby walls. Many a time, it happens that the paint finishes even whena large portion of a wall is yet to be painted, while sometimes youare left with extra paint. The amount of paint required forpainting all the exterior surfaces should also be calculatedproperly, to make sure that it fits in your budget. If you areremodeling the exterior of your house, then it is necessary thatyou remove the previous paint properly from all the surfaces.Before starting the painting process, it is necessary that all thesurfaces are clean and smooth to make the paint adhere properly.Clean, right brushes and tools should be used for painting theexteriors. Weather affects the painting, hence it should be done inproper temperature.DesignVictorian, Colonial, and Traditionaldesigns are popular ideas for home exterior decorating. Victorianstyle houses are known for their detailed work with a broad arrayof colors used in them, while Colonial style represents the detailsof the homes in that era. Exterior designing also includesdriveways, doors, windows, patio, and park benches. Choose the doorfor your house that is of highest quality and will complement theoverall look. If you have a driveway, then pave it with the help ofpea gravel. If your outdoor is spacious and you have a garden, thenyou can include park benches.Home Design
DIY Nail Art 1.0 APK
A color adored by many, you can end your manicure with a gorgeousaddition to your fingernails. Buzzle gives you 17 easy and cutepink nail art design ideas that will appeal to every girl who lovesto look presentable.Did You Know?The darker the color of your nailpolish, the faster it will peel off as it has higher pigmentation.To keep it on for a longer time, use light strokes while applyingthe polish.Perfecting nail art may seem like a challenging task.However, with dedication and practice (and a little bit of helpfrom our side), you can easily learn to create a masterpieceanytime you want.Take a look at these pink nail art designs for achange. All these designs are easy to create, and look super cuteonce complete. So, what are you waiting for? Grab all the supplies,because we're going to have some fun girl time. 17 Designs to DieForDepending on the event, pick any of the following designs youlike. Also, it is essential that you have a nail art kit to createthe designs. Some of the designs given below require specifictools, such as a nail art brush, to get the perfect look.DIY PinkNail Art DesignsNow that you've gone through the designs, it's timeto go through the steps and get those nails painted. First andforemost, remove any existing polish off the nails. And secondly,grab your nail art kit, Q-tip, pink nail polish, and 2―3 polishesof your choice.Step 1 - First, apply a base coat and let it dryproperly; it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.Step 2 -Apply your favorite shade of pink polish over the base coat. If onecoat seems light, put on a second coat and let it drycompletely.Step 3 - Now, dip the thin nail art brush in blackpolish, and make two parallel lines from the corner of thenail.Step 4 - Once it dries, make two more parallel lines goingdiagonal to the previous lines. The second set of lines will beginfrom the other side of the nail.Step 5 - After the lines are dry,fill in the gaps with your favorite nail color. If the brush fromthe polish is thin, use it; or use a different thin brush to applythe polish.Step 6 - Dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover to wipe awayany polish that might have gone outside the nails.Step 7 - And oncethe design has dried completely, apply a top coat to keep it intactfor a longer time. Do try all of these designs for yourself, andsee how fabulous your nails look. If you can't get the designsright, don't fret―visit an experienced manicurist instead. Andwhile you're at it, paint those toenails as well. We don't want toleave them feeling lonely now, do we?!DIY Nail Art
Arabic Mehndi Hena Design 1.0 APK
There are various designs that one can use to draw on the hands,some can be artistic and others can be very casual. Many people aretruly fascinated by this art, thus coming up with various types ofthings to draw. Some of these cool things to draw on your hand canbe very random and funny. If you are creative, you can surely comeup with unique ideas.If you visit any Middle Eastern or South Asiancountries, the art of "Mehndi" or henna tattoos is very well-known.This art includes drawing beautiful and creative designs on thepalm with a mixture of henna and other ingredients, using "hennapens" or "cones". This color gets richer over a period of a fewweeks (because of body heat), and then gradually fades away. Inthis article you will find some cool things to draw, so take a lookand pick your favorite designs from those mentionedbelow.FlowersNature is always an inspiration for many designs thatare drawn, flowers being the most commonly chosen. Since there areso many varieties of flowers which exist in different colors,shapes, sizes, and patterns, they make beautiful designs if theyare drawn as a single flower or many together. The most commonlyused flower pictures are of roses, marigolds, periwinkle, etc. Thespecialty of these designs is that, they are easy to draw and lookgreat when combined with other designs like leaves, creepers, orbirds.Animals and BirdsThere are so many small and big animalswhich are very easy to draw on your hand. Animals and birds likeelephants, camels, tigers, horses, swallows, peacocks, swans,butterflies, etc. are great structures to be drawn. Their shapesare easy to make and they can be very uniquely designed with variedpatterns. These animals and birds are a common influence on hennatattoos because of their beautiful features and elegantpostures.Names and PhrasesIf you are fond of the "text look",writing a name or a phrase on your hand can also be a very coolidea. These words can be written in various languages as well asformats to give them a stylish and elegant look. You can also havethem written in unique styles (3D letters) or symbols and then addsome other designs, like the ones mentioned above to personifythem.Other IdeasThese are very random and fun things which you cansimply come up with when you are bored. These great things to drawcan be; cartoons, hearts, flags, teddy bears, trees, evil skulls,cars, Christmas decorations, cups and saucers, stars, the Moon,clouds, etc. You can add in some of your own ideas and make themartistic by combining various other designs.Arabic Mehndi HenaDesign