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The best free application to translate text from english toTurkishand Turkish to english. Türkçe İngilizce Çevirmen You cantranslatewords and sentences instantly. Can be used offline withthefavorites menu. Features of the application - Translation ofwordsand sentences - Voice input, you can speak and translateinstantly- Voice output with accent to hear the translated text -Share thetranslation by message or send by mail - Favorites menu tobookmarkand see the translations offline - Can be used as adictionary withfavorites mode - Translations can be copied in theclipboard -Perfect application to learn Turkish and englishlanguages - Bestapplication if you want to travel and communicate

информация о приложении Turkish - English Translator

  • Имя приложения
    Turkish - English Translator
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    November 28, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Le portail des friteries francophones surAndroid! Découvrez toutes les informations des friteries proches dechez vous. Chaque établissement possède une fiche descriptiveregroupant l'ensemble de ses informations, et peut être noté parles utilisateurs. Possibilité de géolocaliser les friteries lesplus proches de votre position, les situer sur une carte et lancerle GPS du téléphone pour s'y rendre. Le classement des friteriesregroupe les établissements classés selon les votes desinternautes.The portal Francophonefriteries on Android! Discover all the information food stall nearyou. Each institution has a fact sheet containing all of itsinformation, and can be rated by users. Ability to geotag yournearest food stall position, locate them on a map and launch thephone's GPS to get there. Ranking friteries includes establishmentsclassified by the votes of surfers.
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This Free Currency Converter can convert Indian Rupees and U.A.EDirhams currencies. The exchange rates are daily updated. Ouruser-friendly converter allows you to do unlimited conversions. .You can use the application offline, internet is only required forthe exchange rates update.
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Thanks to this application, paper is no more needed to manage yourshopping lists ! You can create and manage as many lists as youwant, and add it unlimited quantities of items Your voice can beused to add items Once your lists are ready, you will only need totake your phone in the store and check the different items
Stations Carburant et Prix Essence 2.3.5 APK
Ne concerne que les stations situées en France. La Belgique, laSuisse et les autres pays ne sont pas gérés. Trouver le carburantle moins cher et la station service la plus proche grâce àl'application. Les prix des carburants sont mis à jourquotidiennement, et la stations la plus proche et moins chère seradirectement affichée selon les options. Stations carburant vouspermettra de faire des économies sur chaque plein et sera un atoutindéniable de votre quotidien. Liste des fonctionnalités: - Trouverles stations situées sur un itinéraire - Trouver les stations lesmoins chères selon la position et le carburant - Géolocalisation dela stations la plus proche - Accès à une liste de stationsfavorites - Affichage d'une carte affichant les stations services -Pour chaque station il y a fiche descriptive indiquant le prix desstations et services proposés, ainsi que la possibilité de lancerla navigation vers cet itinéraire - Nombreux paramètresparamétrables: carburant, distributeurs favoris, rayon de rechercheet prix par défaut Liste des carburants disponibles: - Gazole /Diesel - SP98 / Sans plomb 98 - SP95 / Sans plomb 95 - E85 - E10 -GPLc / Gaz de Pétrole Liquéfié carburant Only concerns stations inFrance. Belgium, Switzerland and other countries are not managed.Find the cheapest and closest gas station fuel through theapplication. Fuel prices are updated daily, and the neareststations and cheaper will be directly displayed as options. Fuelstations will allow you to save money on every fill and will be adefinite asset to your daily life. Features list:  - Searchfor stations on a route  - Find the cheapest stationsdepending on the position and fuel  - Geolocation of thenearest stations  - Access to a favorite stations list  -Displaying a map showing gas stations  - For each stationthere descriptive card indicating the price of the proposedstations and services, as well as the opportunity to startnavigation to this route  - Many configurable parameters: fueldistributors favorites, search radius and default price List ofavailable fuels:  - Gas / Diesel  - SP98 / Unleaded 98 - SP95 / Unleaded 95  - E85  - E10  - LPG /fuel Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Helium Voice Changer 1.0.3 APK
Free application to record and add Helium effect to your voice andany sound. With helium effect, your voice will be unrecognizableand make you laugh! - You can save your record and play it againwhen you want - Share you funny sound with your friend by sendingit by mail or message - You can record as many sound as you want,it is unlimited and free !! Enjoy and have fun with thisapplication!
Brocantes et Vide-greniers 1.0.4 APK
Application permettant de trouver les différentes brocantes etvide-greniers francophones. Possibilité de faire des recherches pargéolocalisation ou de trouver les brocantes selon leursemplacements. Chaque événement dispose d'une fichespécifique.Application for finding various flea markets and garagesales francophones. Ability to search by geolocation or find fleamarkets according to their locations. Each event has a specificplug.
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Free application to convert Mb (Megabytes) and Gb (Gigabytes). Youjust have to select the type of value you want to convert and fillthe field. The megabyte (unit symbol MB) is a multiple of the unitbyte for digital information. One megabyte is one million bytes ofinformation. The gigabyte (unit symbol GB) is a multiple of theunit byte for digital information. One megabyte is 1000 millionbytes of information. Other free converters available: VolumeConverter: - meter cubique - yard cubique - foot cubique -centimeter cubique - Millilitres(ml) - Litres(L) - Pints(pt) -Gallons(gal) Area Converter: - Hectares - Square Inches - SquareFeet - Square Yards - Square Miles - Acres - Square Millimetres /Millimeters - Square Centimetres / Centimeters - Square Metres /Meters - Square Kilometres / Kilometers - Bigha - Marla - Biswa -Unit - Land - Are - Cent Speed Converter: - Kph / Kilometres PerHour - Mph / Miles Per Hour Length Converter: - Inches(in) - Foot /Feet(ft) - Yards(yd) - Miles(mi) - Millimetres / Milimeters(mm) -Centimetres / Centimeters(cm) - Metres / Meters(m) - Kilometres /Kilometers(km) Weight Converter: - Tonnes(t) - Ounces(oz) -Pounds(lb) - Stones(st) - Tons - Carat(Ct) - Ratti - Tola -Milligrams(mg) - Grams(g) - Kilograms(kg) Temperature Converter: -Kelvin - Celsius - Fahrenheit Pressure Converter: - kilopascals(Kpa) - pounds/square inch (Psi) - Torr - atmospheres (Atm) -Pascal - Bar Computing converter: - Byte - Kilobyte(Kb) -Megabyte(Mb) - Gigabyte(Gb) - Binary - Octal - Hexadecimal PowerConverter - Watt - HorsePower(hp)
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Application to convert distances in Miles and Kilometers. The mileis an English unit of length of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet,or 1,760 yards, and standardised as exactly 1,609.344 metres. It isused in: - United States - United Kingdom - Liberia - MyanmarKilometer unit is used in most of countries in the world. Otherfree converters available: Volume Converter: - meter cubique - yardcubique - foot cubique - centimeter cubique - Millilitres(ml) -Litres(L) - Pints(pt) - Gallons(gal) Area Converter: - Hectares -Square Inches - Square Feet - Square Yards - Square Miles - Acres -Square Millimetres / Millimeters - Square Centimetres / Centimeters- Square Metres / Meters - Square Kilometres / Kilometers - Bigha -Marla - Biswa - Unit - Land - Are - Cent Speed Converter: - Kph /Kilometres Per Hour - Mph / Miles Per Hour Length Converter: -Inches(in) - Foot / Feet(ft) - Yards(yd) - Miles(mi) - Millimetres/ Milimeters(mm) - Centimetres / Centimeters(cm) - Metres /Meters(m) - Kilometres / Kilometers(km) Weight Converter: -Tonnes(t) - Ounces(oz) - Pounds(lb) - Stones(st) - Tons - Carat(Ct)- Ratti - Tola - Milligrams(mg) - Grams(g) - Kilograms(kg)Temperature Converter: - Kelvin - Celsius - Fahrenheit PressureConverter: - kilopascals (Kpa) - pounds/square inch (Psi) - Torr -atmospheres (Atm) - Pascal - Bar Computing converter: - Byte -Kilobyte(Kb) - Megabyte(Mb) - Gigabyte(Gb) - Binary - Octal -Hexadecimal Power Converter - Watt - HorsePower(hp)