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Welcome to a new era of Army missile truckparking games. You are a skilled US army trucker and been assigneda critical mission to divesafe epic military vehicle and parkMissile army vehicle to a safe location. Avoid obstacles and Behurry, become a responsible trained army truck driver by showingyour xtreme skills in this US army missile parking truckgame.
Getting tired of boring lorry parking and Humvee parking games…??Try this new free US Military missile parkinggame. It’s not likeany other Truck duty or cargo truck game where your mission iscargo delivery in cargo truck. Here you have been assigned acritical mission to drive safe 6x6 missile launcher because it iscarrying very important Missile for army. Be aware of enemylocation, if mission is failed, enemy’s army may attack you withbombs and missile because enemy wants to wage a war to destroy ourdefence system.
US Army missile parking game offers you more than you wish for.Modern Military Missileparking truck simulator takes you to a wholenew level of epicenes in army truck simulation games. Army missile3d game offers you extreme control, steering and handling is verysmooth. Avoid touching sideway obstacles that work like a bombs anddetonators. You will lose game is Scud Launcher is destroyed.
Hurry! But don’t become a fanatic crazy army truck driver. Useyour3d truck parking military training to drive this beautifularmed scud launcher to transport missles. High precision isextremely important to drive safe Army Missile Truck in this modernarmy basecamp. It’s not like any other army cargo transport game.It’s a true war truck parking game where people will die if you arefailed in mission. Army truck drive pushes your driving skills toextreme in this army truck game.
So Buckle up seat belt and Drive epic missile launcher with extremecare. Troops along the border wants Missile support along withbombs and ballistics in frontline.You are recruited as a trainedmilitary truck driver in Armed forces because of your expertise intruck driving skills.
Enemies want to destroy your parking scud launcher using rocketsand missiles. Don’t be a fanatic 3d lorry driver. Accelerate 3dvehicle in this military truck parking game, tapspeed and drivecarefully because you don’t want to crash army missile launcherinto obstacles because then it will go kaboom…!!! There aremultiple missions in this epic army parking truck game. Enjoymultiple levels of marvellous fun of 6x6 military truck parking.Drive carefully to win this apic game and show us your extremeparking skills.
Driving vehicle with Precision is extremely important. 6x6 Militarytruck simulation gives you a realistic experience of army trucker3d in this US Army missile parking game. Other truck driving gamesdon’t give you this realistic 3d experience to drive a missilelauncher vehicle. Army truck simulator lets you drive scud launcherto complete armee mission. Here in armeen you are an army lorrydriver whose task to park the scud launcher carefully to destroyand kaboom the enemies. Be aware that enemies are armed withballistics and missiles. Keep an eye on their location.
Be a bravo trucker and pass hurdles to proof that you are not afanatic soldier but a bravo commando that is well aware of armedenemies and hurdles on the asphalt roads. Drivesafe army truck andbe aware of enemy location who is trying to wage a deadly war fordestruction.
So what are you waiting for…??? Download US Army missile parkingnow…!!!

информация о приложении Us Army Missile Parking

  • Имя приложения
    Us Army Missile Parking
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    February 5, 2017
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
    Desire PK
  • Количество установок
    50,000 - 100,000
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Who does not love the dogs. Play as thefamouscorgi character to collect coins and shoot the bad ones.Thisis anaction packed adventure game with very smooth gameplayandgraphics. Run through different levels collect all the coins,dodgethe missiles and shoot the bad guys to complete the level withthehighest score. You can also jump over some enemies to killthem.The physics of this game is very good. It have manydifferentinteresting levels & it is very easy to play. Infuture morelevels and power ups will be added. It is available forboth mobileand tablets.HOW TO PLAY:To move tap on Left and right button.To Fire Up side tap Up button.To fire down press down button.To fly tap jetpack button.To fire the enemies press fire button.Features:Platforming Actions: Jumping, Wall Sliding, Flying,Hovering,TwitchingRun through different levels. Each level have its ownuniqueenvironment and design.Very easy to play.Climb up the stairs.You can also fly and shoot.Special power up to slow down the game to kill strongenemieseasily.Special power up to supercharge your weapon.
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